Friday, 14 December 2012


I have been looking for some fun Christmas gifts over the last couple of weeks and found these:

  • Squealing Pigs" in an array of colours.You just squeeze and it squeals like a real pig! Available from 100% at Gateway Theatre of Shopping & La Lucia R75

  • This magnetic tree photo/card holder is a cheery,useful gift. Available in pink and green from Woolworths R140


  • This one is for the guys...The TopGear "Stig" Body Wash 250ml R79.95 from Clicks.Other toiletry items are available in the range as well as keyrings, pens etc...

  • I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw this and couldn't resist bringing it to your attention...Tropitone SPF 30 Strawberry Daiquiri Shimmer Milk Spray. The price is R69.95 but includes a free SD Cocktail valued@R43 from any NewsCafe in South Africa. I have tried the product and does give the body a lovely shimmer and it smells fruity too,but I am not sure that it smells of a SD, however the concept is great and if it gets people to apply sunscreen, then I give a big thumbs up to Tropitone! Available from all Tropitone stockists and the promo redemption runs until the end of December only....

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