Tuesday, 18 December 2012


Several houses bring out Limited Editions at this time of the year...and a Ltd Edition is not normally part of the basic regular range, but is available for a set period of time.
Because its party season I have been on the look out for Shimmering Fragranced Body products and found these two great ones below:

The first "shimmer" product is from The Body Shop and is a body lotion with a fruity Cranberry scent - Cranberry Joy. I really enjoyed this festive scent and as with any body lotion the fragrance is slowly released as the body warms the lotion.  I found it to be a lightweight moisturiser,which is ideal for those warm summer evenings. The real feature of this product though is the " gold shimmer" and would look great on all colours of skin, but be warned that the shimmer is most definitely not subtle!
The main emphasis with this product is on the "shimmer and fragrance" and not so much on the moisturising aspect.
Also be aware that your hands, after application will have a  gold sparkle that isn't easy to remove, but who cares ?

This product offers good value for money at R99 and you can buy other Cranberry Joy fragranced items e.g.Soap,Body Butter,Bath Crystals and Hand Cream to name but a few!

250ml R99

The next product is from L'Occitane En Provence  and forms part of their Christmas range called "Marvellous Flowers". This Shimmering Oil can be used on the skin and also in the hair, and has a delicate aroma of sparkling red fruits, peony and rose. This oil adds nourishment and shine to the body and hair, plus soft golden highlights. 

This product differs from the previous one, as it provides more moisture to the skin with a subtle shimmer effect. Other products in this range include Hand Cream,Eau de Toilette,Soap 
and even a lipgloss.

A little pricey at R420 for 250 mls, but this product has the added bonus of being able to be used in the hair and remember it offers a fragrance,moisturiser and shimmer "all in one".

250ml R420

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