Friday, 18 January 2013


Several weeks ago I attended the launch of the revamped and enlarged Woolworths, at the Gateway Theater of Shopping and received a lovely bag of goodies...
In the bag was one of their own branded Aroma Essence "Live" Body Scrubs in a Juniper Berry and Lemon fragrance. To be truthful I had forgotten about it, as I have so many body scrubs on the go at the moment...for your obsession with exfoliation does include the body,hands and feet, so how could I resist not giving this a try, as I could be missing out on a wonderful body scrub!

Firstly the aroma is not my "cup of fragrance" the Juniper Berry fragrance was more prominent and the Lemon fragrance too subtle....I would have preferred it to be the other way around, as citrus fragrances are more associated with energizing and invigorating.

I was able to exfoliate my whole body without adding any water to the product due to the exfoliating granules,which are quite large,being suspended in a very moisturizing creamy oil. I rinsed under the shower and luckily that saw the fragrance disappear. It left my body well moisturized and smooth. I personally was impressed with the exfoliating factor of this product, as I enjoy a scrub that you can feel, so if you have a delicate skin or enjoy a light body polish, then maybe you would not enjoy this one!

The best part of this product though is the price R59.95 for 200 mls which is excellent value.I have used many body scrubs that have been 6 times more expensive than this and have only delivered the same results. For me... It's a pity about about the fragrance , but it is well worth considering if you are looking for a very affordable and effective weekly body scrub....

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