Monday, 18 February 2013


Its "Fashion Week" time...London, Paris and New York, but not only do they provide us with both weird and wonderful fashions, they never fail to deliver some videos, of models taking a tumble of two!
As embarrassing as it maybe for these models, it always makes me giggle! My best video has to be the model in the 2007 Vivienne Westwood fashion show a couple of years ago, the one carrying the watering can! If you didn't see, then do yourself a favour and Click here to have a good giggle!

I do sympathise with these models, who often are required to wear the most ridiculously high heels and walk on shiny, slippery ramps, a sure recipe for a few wobbles! it's also amazing how the one model in particular,the one in the orange, managed to not break her ankle!

I suppose it's one of the hazards of the job....check out this compilation video of some of the funniest tumbles ever....

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