Monday, 1 April 2013


One ingredient that always grabs my attention whether it be in a perfume, hand wash or in a cake , is Vanilla! I adore its comforting, calming aroma, so you can imagine my delight when I was given a slab of Lindt Excellence A Touch of Vanilla white was a 100 grams of my two weaknesses.. Lindt Chocolate and Vanilla...Madagascan Vanilla to be precise.

As with all Lindt chocolate, it was deliciously smooth and creamy, it was not "sickly sweet" and certainly didn't have that synthetic taste, that some of the cheaper white chocolates often have.
The 100 grams didn't last long with myself and three males in my fact five minutes would be an accurate timing, as it really was delicious and very addictive.
Price R31.95 from all Lindt stockists.

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  1. I just ate a whole slab of that last night! Very delicious :)

  2. We may have the same problem am a real Chocoholic! Always have to finish the slab.