Friday, 5 April 2013


I have so, fallen in love, with many of the Rain products, that they are occupying this weeks Friday Finds post!

Home products are one of my many passions and its not because I have a "smelly" house or anything, but I just love every room to be fragranced and well...smell good! I dare not, tell you how many diffusers and candles I have in total, dotted around my home..I cannot divulge such information, as it isn't normal to have so many, I am sure.....

Rain have a wonderful range of home "smellies" and at great prices too....Here are some of my "besties" The incense sticks and cones are available in delicious fragrances like Ambered Vanilla, Sundried Lavender, Bergamot,and Jasmine,whilst the Room & Line Mist Spray is available in Savannah.
If you are looking to buy a gift or want to fragrance your own home, then visit a Rain store and you will be pleasantly surprised,just as I was, with their product assortment!

Enjoy shopping in Rain.........

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Linen & Room Mist R95

Incense Sticks R30

Incense Cone and Stand R75

Incense Cone Refill R49

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