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Jean Paul Gaultier is a French haute couture and Pret-a-Porter fashion designer. Best known for his dramatic  sculptured costume designs, the most recognizable creation being the famous cone bra, that he created for Madonna's Blond Ambition tour 23 years ago and we must not forget his "man skirt" collection. 
Often courting controversy with his creations and choice of models, he has been hailed as a brilliant designer!

Its often a natural and lucrative progression for  fashion designers to crossover into producing their own fragrance collections, which he did in collaboration with the Puig Company back in 1990. 
The latest addition to  the JPG male assortment is "Le Beau Male" which translated means 
"The Beautiful Male"
 is what comes to mind, 
with regard to the hunk in the ad campaign!


Eyes away from the BORING poster and back to reading my review please!

The fragrance is initially a burst of freshness thanks to the mint and absinthe, which tricks you into thinking this fragrance is light and cool.
Then comes the calming Lavender, mixed with clary sage and orange blossom and the base notes are a sensual and seductive concoction of musks.
This fragrance offers a unique mix of hot and ice-cold notes.

To quote Jean Paul Gaultier himself:

"This is the scent of freshness which makes men hot.The new fragrance Le Beau Male is created to accentuate erotic potential of each man and to stimulate all sense".

The bottle is shaped like all previous editions of the Le Male collection. The Man' torso is colored in ice blue with light blue, metallic stripes over his chest. Ice cold white color accentuates juiciness and freshness, while blue metallic stripes restrain strength and energy.

 is exactly what this fragrance is!
Luckily both my hubby and I enjoy the Le Male original and in my opinion it's still one of the "sexiest" fragrances around...and I love it!
Unfortunately, over the years the sailors torso lost its place in my hubbys fragrance wardrobe.
However combine the original with this new intense freshness and I am in love all over again...
Whilst retaining some of the powerful facets of the original,
 be warned....
don't expect the same sexy and sensual linger from Le Beau Male.

Sizes & Prices:

75ml Edt R685
125ml Edt R845
200ml Shower Gel R550
75g Deo Stick R385

Available from JPG stockists nationally

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