Wednesday, 17 April 2013


Have you got an important interview, meeting or just an event coming up, where you really want to make a good impression?
If so then read on, as choosing the colour of your outfit is just as important as the clothing you select.
Colour does subliminally say something to us and definitely arouses different emotional feelings.
Check the list below and next time you pull an outfit out of your wardrobe think about the appropriateness of the colour!


BLACK is the colour of authority and power. It's a popular choice as it also makes us appear slimmer. It also is timeless and classic. Don't wear all black as this can appear unapproachable.

GREY is one of the most popular choices for an interview, as it can give the impression of sophistication and confidence. Also can be less distracting therefore the focus will be on what you say.

WHITE is light and a popular choice as it goes with everything. It also projects cleanliness, neutrality and simplicity.

RED is the most emotionally charged and aggressive colour. Red is the colour of love and passion and will certainly get you noticed. Red also can make the wearer appear heavier. Not recommended for that all important interview.

YELLOW is a bright, sunny, happy and an energizing colour. Its an attention getting colour and can be overpowering if too much is used. It's also the colour of concentration.

GREEN is the colour of nature and is the easiest on the eye. It's calming and
refreshing. Dark green signifies wealth and masculinity.

BLUE is the recommended colour to wear for an interview as it symbolizes loyalty and control. Tranquil and peaceful it produces calming chemicals in the body and is easy on the eye.

PURPLE is the colour of royalty, luxury, sophistication wealth. Perhaps not ideal for an interview as it is also viewed as being feminine and romantic.

BROWN is solid and reliable colour and abundant in nature.Light brown suggest genuineness whilst dark brown implies reliability and a good communicator.

Source - HiredMyWay

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