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Situated in the Gateway Theatre of Shopping is MO-ZAM-BIK restaurant, which opened late in 2012. There are several branches in the Johannesburg, Pretoria and KZN regions and Gateway is the first franchise restaurant.
Mozambik is about a dream... a dream that two guys share, Ryan Stewart and Brett Michielin. It’s a dream about building family restaurants where they are able to share their passion for food and cooking with you. A family restaurant to take you away, without a need to board a plane to experience Mozambique. A destination where no passports are required. Our family restaurant, Mozambik is based on the authentic Mozambique “Barraca” which in English means “Hut”. In Mozambique eating and drinking, in a home or on the street, is a way of life - that is what is captured in our Barraca.

After hearing many good reports I recently paid them a visit with a friend,as I felt I was possible missing out on some seriously good food!
We didn't book a table, and even though is was full, we were soon seated and our drinks order taken...I ordered the obligatory Strawberry Daiquiri which was good, but alas, as all too was garnish free! 

The brown paper table cloths are an indicator that its a casual family restaurant.
The waitress came and threw a brown, triangular paper parcel onto the table,(a little too casual for me) my friend and I looked at each other, before gingerly opening the one end only to reveal some roasted nuts to nibble on!

On to the food....
The menu is extensive and comprises of many typical dishes from Mozambique. Here are just a few of the dishes on offer.


CHICKEN LIVERS - Grilled to perfection! Fresh garlic, lime and bay leaves. Tantalize your taste buds with optional piri-piri mild or hot. R46

CHOURICO SAUSAGE - Scrumptious Portuguese sausage sliced and grilled. Full Portion R50 Half Portion R27
GIBLETS - Cooked slowly in our delicious Mozambikan tomato and red wine sauce with just a hint of paprika and bay leaf. Piri-piri optional R 41
STARTER PLATTER - Chicken Livers, 2 Prawn Rissoles, 2 Chicken Rissoles, Chourico Sliced, Green Olives & Calamari. Served 4 people. R170

PRAWNS - They are grilled and served with a piri-piri or garlic, lemon & herb range from R130 to R230
SEAFOOD PLATTER - Linefish, Calamari, 4 Queen Prawns and & Mussels. R 240
TRICHADO MAIN - Tender steak strips done in our own style with a dash of garlic and a creamy white wine sauce.Rump R 95 Fillet R 125
ESPETADA BEEF - 300gr Rump cubes skewered and marinated in olive oil, fresh garlic, coarse salt and bay leaf. R 94
CHICKEN AND PRAWN - 3 cubes of marinated chicken breast fillet, 3 queen prawns flame grilled and skewered with onion and green pepper. R105
 They also have a chalk board advertising several specials of the day.
I opted for a Steak Prego roll with fries, thinking that I can't go too wrong with this popular dish...
Oh! How wrong I was! When the dish arrived the first thing I noticed, was the thin anemic looking piece of meat, in fact I thought they had brought me a chicken Prego, by mistake. I also expected to see a lovely floury Portugese type roll and some tasty sauce smothering the meat.As you can see in my photo the dish looked far from appetizing. The meat was tough and the taste was very bland and sadly it was a huge disappointment. 

A 150gr Prego steak pan-fried in a secret red wine, cream and bay leaf sauce in a Portuguese roll served with a starch of your choice. R 60

My friend ordered a Special off the board (R105) which she enjoyed.

Would I go back again? I don't give bad, average or mediocre eating places a second chance!
Generally I found MO-ZAM-BIK to be average on all accounts.

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