Friday, 16 August 2013


It has been a few weeks since I gave feedback about some of the products that I have
 continued to use post their review.


This isn't a product, but I cannot stress to you how wonderful the Clarins Reed Diffuser has been. It is still going strong and diffusing its fragrance into the air. It has about a tenth of the sap left and this will be its 23rd week. That equates to great value in my opinion and has to be the "best" diffuser  on the market!
To read my review click on the pink link below.


If you read my review on the L'Occitane Sublime BB Cream you may remember that I made the comment that I may "ditch" my foundation and my SPF cream, well that's exactly what I did. Being a daily foundation wearer for as long as I can remember, this wonderful BB cream now has pride of place on my face everyday. Combined with an SPF 30 this product has worked perfectly on my skin during the winter months. To read my review click on the pink link below.


After many weeks of lying around in the bathroom ( I had intentions of taking them back to Pick n Pay for a refund ) I finally tossed the Colgate toothpaste and mouthwash into the rubbish bin! If you didn't read my slating review then click on the pink link below.

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