Monday, 7 December 2015


Straight hair or curly hair? 
Typical answer from most of us would be the opposite to what you naturally have,as those that have the curls and the waves often want the sleek straight hair and vice versa, which is and always has been the case with me until very recently.

Warning this blog contains images of a curly nature

Moi as a toddler with curls

My corkscrew curls as a young child were positively awful....however if I saw a child with this mop of frizz today, I would think it was cute, but cute on me it ain't! 
As I got older and the hair got longer it became less curly and more wavey, but still frizzy.

Fast forward a quite few years and I was then able to straighten my hair with a hair dryer and apply products to control the frizz...Happy Days! 
Thankfully pour Moi and millions of others, the GHD straightening iron came into our lives and all things hair got even better, as everyday I had that sleeker, straighter look that I had always longed for.

So why would I ever want to review a curling wand you maybe wondering! 
Early this year I was approached by Glampalm to trial the Glampalm Magic Iron and my initial thought was to turn the offer down, as I was and had been perfectly happy with my faithful GHD for 8 years or more,so why would I want to think of changing?
After much research I agreed and enter my new Glampalm and the rest is history.

Several weeks ago I was approached again by the "beautiful hair" people at Glampalm 
(I do imagine that they all have beautifully styled hair) 
to see if I would like to review their Magic Curling Wand and as I read the e.mail a feeling if dread came over me...why would I ever want curls again?

On the verge of declining I then thought about it and my hair is NOW straight (thanks to the Glampalm iron), smooth (thanks to Kerastase) and all one length (thanks to Joyce my hairdresser of 20+years) why would I think about changing a good "hair" thing, as it's taken me until my 50's to finally get it right!

Again I did a little research and thinking and if the Glampalm Magic Curling Wand could put some curl back into my hair then it would be worth telling you about. 
Not knowing anything about the dreaded curl other than my childhood horror experiences, you can imagine I knew nothing about curling wands, let alone how to use one!

When it arrived all beautifully packaged that feeling of dread made way for a feeling if panic. 
The glove was the culprit.... What had I done...accepting the offer to review a curling wand?

To Be Continued.....

Glampalm  Magic Curling Wand

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