Monday, 28 March 2016


Over the years I have tried many products that haven't really impressed me, so hence they don't get a mention on my blog or any of BSB social media platforms. Plenty have been purchased by myself and several have been sent by companies for me to use and then hopefully review....

So I thought I would write a post on some of the products that have been disappointing. 
As with all of the posts that I put onto my blog the opinions are 100% my own and I totally understand that my views and experiences may differ from yours and that is what is so wonderful about the ever changing "world of beauty" we can all have differing opinions.

Some products we will love and some we just won't enjoy or our skin won't agree with, fast forward and products get re formulated and Hey Voila...with a second try we can fall in love with the once enemy.


These two mascara's were purchased out of desperation, as we went away sometime last year and I forgot to pack my usual tried n trusted mascaras. 

I know it was horror moment.. No mascara, but a quick dash to town and this is what led to the purchase of the MAYBELLINE Colossal Volume Express and the Falsies Volume Express both in the colour black.(Both R135)

Many many years ago I remember trying a MAYBELLINE mascara and it was one of those products that didn't agree with me, as it made my eyes itch, so that experience has meant that I have shied away from this brand for all these years. I'm aware this very popular brand is perhaps best known for their enormous range of mascaras.

For me a mascara wand must feel comfortable in my hand and unfortunately the packaging of both of these mascara's were chunky and I didn't feel comfortable when applying. 
My next issue, I found both mascaras had a very wet formula, which I normally enjoy, but for some reason this just resulted in plenty of clean ups after application, as it tended to smudge and leave splodges around my the lash area. For me they didn't really live up to what they claim on the packaging, as is often the case with many mascara marketing claims. 

Unfortunately there was no "Hey Voila" moment as mentioned in my intro and I doubt I will ever return to try another MAYBELLINE mascara.

These mascaras are what I am currently loving:




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