Friday, 13 May 2016


Quite recently I did my first ever "Disappointing Products" post and low and behold here is another one. However some of you may disagree with me, so here goes.....

All In One Concealer - The Body Shop 

I hate to say this..."I am not a Body Shop fan", don't get me wrong...I really want to be a fan and I have tried on several occasions over the years, but I have now finally resigned myself to the fact that The Body Shop and I just don't gel. 
The window displays and in-store visuals are always enticing and they draw me into the store and I always have a good squiz around but very little ever grabs my attention.
I was lucky enough to receive a Body Shop gift voucher at Christmas and in early January off I went to track down something good. I really didn't have any product in mind and after much sniffing and testing I ended up walking away with the 

All In One Concealer.

I know what you are most probably thinking, but I realised that I did need a new concealer, especially for the under eye are and to conceal redness around my nose.

The Body Shop claim :

1. It's an easy to blend concealer - which it is...thanks to it's formula including Vitamin E and Marula Oil. It felt much more moisturizing than some concealers which can feel dry and leave a cakey look on the skin.

2. Effectively covers imperfections and dark shadows - I don't have a huge concern with dark shadows under my eyes, yet on me it didn't cover too well.

3. The lightweight, but high-coverage formula stays in place for hours - Yes the concealer is lightweight, but I have to disagree on the next claim, as I didn't find that it lasted for hours. I found that I was needing to touch up under my eyes during the day and that's something I never need to do with any of my other tried n tested concealers.

Whilst the colour shade was a good match and the stylo pen applicator was easy to use, I have never finished a concealer so soon after buying. This could have been due to the gram content being less than usual, but I believe it was due to me having to use so much more product to effectively conceal my under eye area and other imperfections. 

Overall I found the All In One Concealer to be annoyingly disappointing and quite expensive considering its short life span.

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