Thursday, 23 February 2017


I have  several more products that don't warrant a full product review on my blog, so they only get a mention in the QPR's 
(Quickie Product Reviews)
All of these came out of the 2016 Essence Beauty Advent Calendar.
Essence is a budget pharmacy/drug store range.

essence Gel Nail Polish Sweet as Candy 8mls

Brand : essence
Product : The Gel Nail Polish (02 Sweet as Candy)
Price : R29.95


Needs several coats to achieve the true colour.
Dries quickly and lasts several days before chips appear and even then the chips are not too noticeable.
Easy lovely colour to wear and is very forgiving with painting errors. 
Its been one of my "Go To" Summer shades.  


essence Balmy Kiss Moisturising Lip Care with Almond Oil

Brand : essence
Product : Balmy Kiss Moisturising Lip Care with Almond Oil (02 Beauty On The Go)
Price : R29.95


I was pleasantly surprised with this moisturising Lip Balm.
Creamy and comforting on the lips.
 Pale pink frosted colour, which can be applied over another lip colour.


essence I Love Extreme Volume Mascara 12mls

Brand : essence
Product : I Love Extreme Volume Mascara (Ultra Black)
Price : R59.95


Mascaras are very much a personal and sometimes "hit or miss" affair, but this has to be one of the worst mascaras that I have ever tried.
The brush is way too large for my shorter lashes.
Very difficult to coat the lashes and when I did it just smudged everywhere.
This mascara is perhaps more suitable for longer lashes that are requiring more volume and don't mind the fibres.


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