Monday, 17 April 2017


Here are my Quickie Product Reviews (QPR'S) for April, unfortunately my scoring ranges from an 8 to a zero...yes a zero!

LUSH The Comforter Shower Cream

Brand : LUSH
Product : Comforter Shower Cream (100mls)
Price : R95


I bought this product hoping that I would love it and it would fill the gap left by the Snow Fairy, but alas the opposite happened. However if you love to smell like a huge sweet blackcurrant then you will just love "The Comforter".
In the Lush store, I just had a whiff of the product from the bottle and not being opposed to a fruity fragrance I bought the 100ml size. Thank goodness I did, as this was as its name suggests... of no "comfort" to me, as it was overpowering and had a really unpleasant overriding petroleum smell and it was the worst fragrance in a shower cream I have ever tried.That being said if you enjoy a strong and intense fruity fragrance from your shower products, then I highly recommend. I personally like the Lush Shower Creams but my dislike for the fragrance distracted from the usual products benefits.



Oxygen Moisture Shampoo & Oxygen Moisture Conditioner

Brand : DOVE
Product : Oxygen Moisture Shampoo (250mls) & Oxygen Moisture Conditioner (250mls)
Price : R85 each


Over the past 30 years I have always bought & used Professional salon ranges of hair products and I have "yo yo'd", over the years, between Redken, Kerastase and L'Oreal Professional, which I have always been very happy with and I've never had any negative reactions.
Several weeks ago my shampoo was running out and I stupidly broke from tradition and bought a pharmacy range shampoo and conditioner from the Dove collection.
My scalp unbeknown to me instantly took a reactive dislike to either the Oxygen Moisture Shampoo or the Conditioner or both.
From the first wash my scalp felt itchy, which I put down to possible sunburn along my parting, which I have had before. However the itching continued for several weeks (just on the day of washing and conditioning my hair), but no scalp flakiness appeared and I soon connected the dots to realise it was a reaction to the products.
The Oxygen range claims to
 "breath life into fine, flat hair leaving it beautifully bouncy and moisturised and full of natural volume".
Despite the obvious reason for the zero rating my hair, whilst feeling clean, didn't feel or look particularly great. (Personally I think my hair went into a state of "Shock") I'm sure there are lots of happy users out there but I'm not one of them.
What I've  learnt from this - I won't stray off my salon hair products in a hurry again and in my opinion they're well worth the extra money. 



rain Natural Castile Olive Wash (Lavender)

Brand : rain
Product : Natural Castile Olive Wash Lavender (400mls)
Price : R85


Being a huge fan of all things rain, my "go to" liquid hand wash for a couple of years now has been the generous 400mls (lasts so long) of the Natural Castile Olive Wash.
Having a dual purpose as a "wash" it can be used by the basin or in the bath.
There are 4 subtle fragrances to chose from; Lavender, Amber, Passion and Forest plus a fragrance free option.(I haven't yet tried the Amber or the fragrance free, but I can vouch for the other 3 scents)
These washes contain over 50% olive oil meaning that your hands and body are left feeling moisturised in a non greasy way. 



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