Sunday, 21 May 2017


Part 1

Skin Republic Foot Peel is a luxurious at-home treatment that peels your feet to remove dead skin cells and calluses.The specially designed booties contain 15 plant extracts (including ginko biloba and green tea) that soak into the skin removing calluses and dead skin cells and is also rich in vitamin E to leave your feet smooth and silky. 
Alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs) remove dead skin cells leaving you with soft, crack-free skin.
   Each foot peel mask contains 2 booties for one application and is Dermatologically tested.

Having heard and read a mixed bag of reviews and knowing that "peel" booties have to be on my feet for 90-120 minutes and that my skin may peel and shed like a snake during the week post application... has put me off somewhat. 
Seeing that the weather has changed here in South Africa and open shoes now make way for closed I've decided to now put this Foot Peel to the test.

Application is super easy, but you do need to allow the suggested time in order for the AHA's do their job. I left my booties on for 120 minutes. Also be aware that it's not easy to walk around with the booties on as your feet are squishing around in a wet, jelly type solution, so it truly is a case of "put you feet up" for the hour n a half to two hours.

Directions for use: 

After washing and drying your feet, open the pouch and take out all-in-one bootie.
Cut open bootie along the cutline and place feet inside bootie. 
Wear booties for 90-120 minutes, then remove feet from booties, wash thoroughly. 
After using the foot peel mask, dead skin cells will naturally peel off within a week. To be used only once every 6 weeks. 
For best results on extremely rough callused heels we recommend that this product be used with an exfoliating file. 
The foot peel mask contains a high concentration of AHAs that may cause skin irritation. To ensure skin compatibility, it is advisable to test a small area of your foot before use. 
Use booties immediately after opening to prevent the essence from drying out.

Part 2

It's now 8 days since applying and I have nothing to really report back to you other than my feet did feel slightly softer for a couple of days after application, but
I've had no peeling of any skin whatsoever and it's not the result that I was expecting.
I'm not sure why nothing has happened, but it's a huge disappointment.
Maybe my feet are too well cared for and perhaps the product only has the desired affect if used on very neglected feet.


Available from Clicks, Dischems and selected Pharmacies countrywide

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