25 May 2016


My two favourite salon treatments are a back and shoulder massage and of course a pedicure, if you follow my blog you will know that I am continually in "Persuit of the Perfect Pedi"and if you missed the posts then click on the links below to catch up.

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I was recently sent an e.mail by the Nicolette, the owner of Tranquility Health & Beauty in Westville  offering me the chance to experience a Tranquility Back, Neck and Shoulder Massage and it was an offer I couldn't turn down.

 After several relocations due to expansion Nicolette has hopefully found her ideal, tranquil space in a peaceful residential area in Westville near Durban.
I  have to say that I was expecting the usual salon type fluffy/light Swedish back massage, which she is more than happy to do, but her forte lies with sports massage and knowing I have more than my fair share of tight tension knots the Swedish was quickly abandoned for a deeper more specific tension releasing massage. 
Nicolette's passion for massage and her knowledge of anatomy soon became evident, as it didn't take her too long to identify my problem areas, most of which are due to poor posture, especially whilst working on the computer, which I'm sure many readers can identify with. 

Any good massage therapist will adapt the pressure to your preference, but I knew that a firm massage was needed and that's just what I got.... Nicolette's hands, whilst being firm, had a positive energy and she also had good placement and contact with the body and in my many years experience, not everyone is blessed with that. Interestingly she also enquired about a couple of issues that no one else had ever picked up on, so as you can imagine I was impressed.
After the massage I felt temporarily drained and lethargic, so I knew that her hands had worked some magic.

Tranquility offer most of the obligatory salon treatments from facials, waxing, mani and pedicures, but if you are needing some specific massage work whether sports related or not then contact Nicolette via her 

or on


  1. This is fantastic news! I've been desperately searching for someone who offers that kind of sports massage/deep tissue type massage, and who can actually do it right.

    I'm going to book an appointment asap!

    Siobhan - Sugar and Spice

  2. Great let me know how it goes....