17 July 2012


And I hope you will join me for every step!


Oh My! 
What Have I Started?
I have been in the beauty industry for many years and have always said that "one day I would write a book" so I guess that my blog will be as close as I will ever get.Over the years I have worked for many of the international known brand names in the cosmetic,fragrance and skincare industry and  what an industry it is!

What brought me to this point today all started when a student from the Abraham Moss College near Manchester UK visited my school to give an educational talk on becoming a Hairdresser or Beauty Therapist.I remember thinking that sounds glamorous and fun and so when I left school in 1977 I embarked upon a 3 years City & Guilds Diploma in Hairdressing & Beauty Therapy. I graduated three years later armed with my Diploma's and ready to take on the world! Straight away I opened a salon with my best college friend Angela...with hindsight it was not a good idea.
In 1983 I emigrated to deepest darkest Africa...well Durban South Africa actually!
This is where my "real" beauty experiences began...some good and some not so good...but throughout it all I have remained honest, passionate and 100% committed to whatever I do and the things that I believe in.
Beauty Shout Box will mainly be about beauty but will also include some of my other passions...eating out, food, chocolate and Strawberry Daiquiris which I feel I am an expert on...lol..Shout Box is a perfect name as I am not a quiet person and many times I could have done with a Box to stand on...So here I go............thanks for reading and hopefully you will join me on my Beauty Shout Box journey...because without you I won't have any one to hear me "Shout"...