28 September 2015


I need to do some Sunday Sample posts to reduce the amount of samples in my burgeoning sample jar, as it's literally overflowing.
This coming Sunday I will bring you my opinions on this Radiance and Colour Care Mask from L'Occitane. This mask forms part of a range of hair products containing 5 Essential Oils that help to preserve and enhance the radiance of colour treated hair.
Until then Enjoy your week.

L'Occitane Radiance & Colour Care Mask

27 September 2015


If you are considering buying a new handbag or if you are like me and many other women, just have a weakness for bags, then why not pay Woolworths a visit, as they are currently running a 20% off promotion with an extra 10% if you are a Rewards member on selected women's bags until 
4th October.
There is nothing nicer than the smell of a new genuine leather bag and with some regular nourishing a good classic styled leather bag will last you for many years. 
I have a preference for a larger bag to accommodate lots of essentials and unfortunately lots of non essential "junk" and black or beige are my go to colours.
So whether it's a Tote, Satchel, Hobo or Backpack Woolworths have a cool selection and as if this promo wasn't good enough already it also includes several bags from the Australian brands 
Mimco, Trenery, Country Road and Witchery and here are a few of my current "faves".


Juniper Satchel

100% Leather

R 1,599.00

Less 20%  R1,279.20  

WRewards less extra 10% = R1,151.28

This 100% leather is so adaptable and useful to have in your wardrobe.

Juniper Satchel


Tamara Sling

R 1,399.00

Less 20%  R 1,119.20 

WRewards Less extra 10% = R1007.28 

A practical soft 100% leather crossbody bag.I have a similar bag to this in black also from COUNTRY ROAD that I bought several years ago and it's still looking good.With age the original soft leather has become even softer. The adjustable strap enables you to wear this bag across your body at a comfortable height.This is my overseas sightseeing bag as I can keep it securely and comfortably against my body for extra security.

Tamara Sling also avaialble in black


Kimberley Backpack

R 2,499.00

Less 20% = R1,999.20  

WRewards Less 10% = R1799.28

This backpack has a slouchy foldover design and an adjustable strap that can be worn on either shoulder. Its clean, modern profile is a perfect way to add a chic point of difference to everyday winter dressing. 100% Leather.

Kimberley Backpack


Milla Hobo

R 1,999.00

Less 20% = R 1,599.20  

WRewards Less 10% = R1439.28

This has to be my "fave" hobo bag, crafted in soft premium leather. 100% Leather.

Hobo Bag

22 September 2015


The new Dior Addict Lipstick concentrates fashion and innovation taking shine, pleasure and colour audacity a step further thanks to its exclusive CD hydra-gel core.
Whilst the lipstick and colours look wonderful, I'm actually more taken with the awesome video itself, its PINK, so how could I not LOVE it....,

I may just need to investigate more of these Dior Addict Pink shades....

21 September 2015


MAC are the pros when it comes to all make up and as I have recently discovered they have an exciting selection of lip products ranging from lip primers, lip pencils,conditioners and an array of different formula lipsticks to suit every taste (excuse the pun).
I feel rather embarrassed to say, that this is the first MAC lipstick that I have tried..
Shame on Me!

MAC Pro Longwear Lipcreme

I was recently given several lip products and this Pro Longwear Lipcreme was amongst them. Initially I was hesitant about the colour "So Very Good", as it wouldn't have been my normal choice, but how wrong I was. 
It really is a "wear with anything" shade and after several flattering comments from my friends who, unbeknown to me, all seem to have several MAC "Lippies" in their handbags.
 It was then that I realised, maybe I should have ventured over to, not only the darker side of lipsticks, but also MAC ....
long ago!

There isn't just one reason as to why I really enjoy wearing my new found lipstick friend, but many.
I found the MAC Pro Longwear Lipcreme to tick all of my "lipstick" boxes:

  • It's a lightweight cream lipstick that you hardly know you are wearing and it doesn't need to have a top coat, but I'm a lip balm user throughout the day and often apply over my lipstick and what was so nice , I could still do this without lipstick reapplication, as the colour just didn't budge.
  • This has to be the longest lasting lipstick on the planet, that's just my opinion, but MAC say for up to 12 hours and I agree.
  • Something that I didn't expect to experience was the the even and true colour that this lipstick offers throughout the day.
  • Despite being a Creme lipstick it gives a more matte finish than I am used to, yet it felt comfortable on my lips and I didn't experience any dehydrating sensation, which can be a problem with many long lasting lipsticks.
  • For any mature ladies out there like myself and if you suffer from lipstick bleed or feathering, which does unfortunately become worse with age, I am happy to report that it just doesn't happen with the MAC Pro Longwear Lipcreme.
  • My last box to be ticked and it's a "biggie" for me..no more lipstick transfer, whether it be on a coffee cup or someones cheek..success - no more embarrising wipes of the recipients cheek.

The Pro Longwear Lipcreme retails for 
and its worth every "Lippie" cent.

I have very kindly decided to share my findings with you 
(unlike my "so called friends" who kept the MAC lipsticks a secret from me)  
I highly recommend that you check out the MAC lip products at your nearest MAC store
To find out more about stockists or order online visit

17 September 2015


Being a mature blogger the focus of my blog is primarily about Skincare especially Anti-Ageing, which I always take very seriously, so much so that you will never read a review based on a couple of days or even a months usage of the specific product under review. 
I normally test my skincare products for a minimum of 3 months and sometimes even longer. 

Kiehl's Midnight Recovery Eye 15ml R450

Thankfully for the Kiehl's Midnight Recovery Eye - I did just that.
Initially I was very underwhelmed with this eye product and seriously wondered what all the fuss was about! 
Was this eye product just "piggy backing" on the success of its more famous companion  Midnight Recovery Concentrate.      

I have used an eye product since my early twenties and I dread to think how many tubes and jars filled with the promise of younger looking eyes, I've gone through. 
The Midnight Recovery Eye is specifically formulated to help improve the skins appearance around the delicate eye area in order to achieve fresher, younger looking eyes by reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.
Nothing new here....as all eye creams basically claim the same, however after an unimpressive slow start, I began to notice a softening off the fine lines and a marked smoothness of the skin around the eye area. 
I always believe in the concept of "Less is More" and most of us are culprits of applying too much product in the hope that it will miraculously work quicker or better. 
For several weeks I used this nightly eye cream sparingly and found it to under nourish and really not be of any benefit to me at all, that was until I stepped up the amount that I dispensed from the handy needle point nozzle. Even though I adopted a "More is More" attitude, which is contrary to what I normally advocate, in this instance it achieved results.

I was ready to write this product off, but with a little tweaking and patience I am now writing a more positive review. I would recommend for a younger person who is looking for a preventative eye cream but unfortunately I need the bigger "Guns" where eye creams are concerned.

Formulated with Butcher’s Broom, Squalane, Evening Primrose and Lavender this product is also Paraben-free, fragrance-free and mineral oil-free. I was also surprised as to how long the 15ml tube of Midnight Recovery Eye lasted and I believe that the controllabilty that you have with a needle point nozzle aids this, as there is little or no wastage.

"Is the Midnight Recovery Eye "piggy backing"?
No I don't think so, as it can stand quite well on its own merit!

Retail Price R450 

Available at selected Edgars

14 September 2015


These two products have just finished and it's decision time, will they 

"Move On" or "Move In"?

Body Shop Frosted Cranberry Bath Jelly & Rain Biologie Manketti + Starflower Body Scrub

If you read my blog regularly you will know which one one will be most definitely moving on. 
I bought the Body Shop Frosted Cranberry Bath Jelly in the sale in January and it's taken me all this time to finish, so now prizes for guessing...
it's moving on even at R50

Frosted Cranberry Bath Jelly

As for the Rain Biologie Manketti & Starflower Body Scrub, well that's a keeper, having purchased several jars of this body scrub, it moved in permanently over a year ago and I have no intentions of it moving on, in the near or distant future, as I love it.

Rain Biologie Manketti + Starflower Body Scrub

13 September 2015


CNDVinylux Weekly Top Coat

I cannot tell you how many polishes, base and top coats I must have purchased and used over the years, a small fortunes worth I'm sure.Never without polish on my hands and feet I am always on the lookout for anything new that will prolong the life of my home mani.

CND VINYLUX is a popular brand choice in many salons and nail bars across South Africa and have a rather intriguing named product - Weekly Top Coat. Upon further investigation this top coat is best used in conjunction with their range of VINYLUX® Weekly Polishes, which is a breakthrough polish that endures a week of perfection,without the need for a base coat. Exposure to natural light activates the patent-pending ProLight Technology™ to deliver week-long wear. While ordinary polishes break down over time,VINYLUX® Weekly Polish actually becomes more durable!

On several occasions I have had both the CND VINYLUX weekly polish and the weekly top coat applied during my salon pedi's and I can vouch that the two used together offer a no chip, long lasting, high shine paint job, but then again the real test is how long does it last on hardworking  finger nails.
I change the my nail colour about every 3-4 days usually due to an odd chip or two, but sometimes I just become bored with the colour.
I must point out that I applied this weekly top coat over another brands polish. 
I chose to wear Chinchilly from Essie, as its a dark colour that I love, but tends to show the chips quicker than any of my other colours. 

Mani with the Weekly Top Coat

I used a CRISNAIL base coat, 2 coats of Chinchilly and 1 coat of the CND VINYLUX Weekly Top Coat, which claims to Last 7 days without chipping and makes polish more durable over time, through innovative technology CND VINYLUX Weekly Top Coat create long-lasting wear and durability with exposure to natural light over time.

Easy to apply it gives a high sheen, which I like and whilst it didn't go the full 7 days, 
my mani was still looking good after 4 days, but I needed to remove early 
on the 6th day, which for "Moi" is a success.

Mani after 4 days

8 September 2015


I was lucky enough to be given a limited edition Shimmer Body Oil from the Clarins Splendours Summer Make-up Collection. I have always enjoyed and preferred using a Shimmer body oil rather than a shimmer lotion or cream. In my opinion an oil somehow enhances your tan or natural colour so much better and this Clarins oil promises to give your décolleté, arms, legs and body a shimmery radiance, all thanks to the tiny gold flecks.

Hazelnut oil nourishes,softens and smoothes the skin while protecting it from dehydration, yet will never feel oily.The light summer fragrance is a mix of essential oils of tangerine, grapefruit,ylangylng and tonka bean.

The first thing that caught my attention was the shimmer in the bottle, as it is very evident and I was a little concerned that it would be too shimmery, but upon application you immediately see that it's a subtle shimmer, that enhances any skin tone/colour beautifully.
The nourishing oils are light and most definitely do not give your skin an oily feel.
The fragrance is light, fresh and slightly fruity and would suit everyone, as its a hint of summer and after all who doesn't like summer?
Remember - that this product is a limited edition, therefore once stocks have sold through
its NO longer available...and that's a pity. 
Available now from selected retailers
RRSP: R460, 100ml

7 September 2015


Over the years I have had many pedicures, some good, some bad and some that have left me physically injured!
To me a pedicure is one of the most enjoyable and relaxing of all the beauty treatments you can have. I have decided to do a series of posts on my experiences with pedicures and rate them accordingly.
***** are up for grabs in the seven scoring areas.

I'm really not expecting to find a perfect pedi on my quest, as I believe its quite a tall ask, but I will bring you my personal findings on the day of each pedicure I experience.

Onwards in my quest:

This next pedi in my series of posts is from MEG Skin & Body Experts, which can be found on my doorstep in the Gateway area and has been operating now for around 10 years and in their own words: 

"MEG Skin & Body Experts is not a salon and we are definitely not a spa. We don’t believe in complicated treatment menus with hundreds of treatment options. We cater for the modern executive who has time constraints and requires a practical approach to their grooming needs".

MEG originally stood for Mens' Executive Grooming, when it originally opened, but today both men and women feel totally comfortable and at ease enjoying a wide variety of face and body treatments.
A point of difference at MEG is the strong emphasis on Sports Massage.

There are a couple of Pedicure options with additional "add ons" if required.
I opted for the Full House.

Express Pedi 30 mins R198
Full House Pedi 60 mins R275

1. Booking Process: ****

I walk past MEG several times a week, as I go for my daily Hot Choc fix from iwantmycoffee, just a couple of doors away and have never popped in to see what lies behind the tinted MEG windows, shocking I know, so the other day I ventured in to enquire if they had any available bookings for a pedicure later that day and I was in luck. 
Whilst I was a walk-in and not a phone in, my booking was still handled both in a professional and friendly manner by Sarah. They do however send an sms confirming all telephonic bookings.

Reception Area MEG Skin an Body Experts

2. Bonjour: ****

Often the way in which you are greeted upon arrival for your treatment can set the tone for your overall salon experience. I was greeted and welcomed warmly off the street with my Hot Choc in hand and I could immediately sense the professionalism from the front staff, therapists and from the all important "present" owner Shana and by present I mean "hands on". I was asked to take a seat in one of the comfortable large brown leather chairs and offered a glass of fruit infused water. After being asked the obligatory medical details I was introduced to Nana who would be my therapist for the next hour.

3. Ambiance:***

The ambiance at MEG is one of calm and you get the feeling that you are there for serious therapy treatments with no superfluous non essentials. The clean simple lines of the decor lends itself perfectly to appeal to both the male and female clientele.


4. Product : ***

I was asked to select my nail colour from a small selection of Essie and Morgan Taylor polishes. I'm always happy to see Essie nail products and for me MEG had a good selection of Pink,Corals and reds, but I opted for an Essie colour, Madison Avenue - Hue.
MEG offer a choice of Dermalogica and Optiphi face and body treatments and also retail the products for home maintenance.They also use in their pedi's and retail the Spalicious range of fruity products.

Nail Polish Selection

5. Treatment: ****

Pedicures are offered in one of the private treatment rooms and I was able to lie back on the bed (which I prefer to sitting) whilst my 'tootsie" and feet were really pampered and treated. What I enjoyed about this particular pedi was the focus on cuticle work and massage, which unfortunately can sometimes be lacking in a pedi. Spalicious fragrant scrubs and massage creams were used and I am happy to report that the exfoliation and massage are performed up to the knee. On an unhappy note and my only complaint, was the lack of a relaxing foot soak. Your feet are cleaned and the exfoliator is removed with warm, wet cloths, but I'm afraid it doesn't really do it for me, call me old fashioned, but I really enjoy the effects of a warm, softening soak and with all my pedi's that I have had over my many years, I can only recall once where this step was omitted. 
My nails were beautifully painted and I thoroughly enjoyed being in the capable and firm hands of the knowledgeable and passionate Nana, so much so, that I will be returning soon for one of her magical back and shoulder massages.

6. Au Revoir: ****

My payment was handled efficiently and I was asked if I would like to re book.

They do offer a Loyalty program and I was explained that they have two types:

Treatment Rewards : All Service categories (Massage therapy, Skin Treatments and Waxing/ Mani/Pedicures) are rewarded for your loyal patronage. 

Retail Rewards : When you purchase any 12 Dermalogica or Optiphi Retail Products, you receive R400 off your next skin treatment.

To activate this rewards program, simply book your first treatment and you will automatically qualify. Its as simple as that!
*T & C’s this program is valid for a period of 12 months


7. Was it a perfect pedi?

It was a "great" pedi and the whole experience was one of enjoyment, however I can't help thinking how much closer to a Perfect Pedi it could have been with a warm, relaxing bubbly foot soak.

Overall ****


MEG Skin & Body Experts
4, Mayfair on the Lake, 
5 Park Ln, 
South Africa


031 821 0018
084 810 3540


General: info@m-e-g.co.za
You can also follow on facebook
Trading Hours
  » 8am - 6pm Mon-Wed
  » 8am - 7pm Thursday
  » 8am - 5.30pm Friday
  » 8am - 4pm Satur

6 September 2015


I just love my Sunday Sketches post and I hope you do to. 
This week "It's all In The Bag" and with the exception of the first bag that contains the baby bottle and toys, I would love to have any of the other bags and their contents.

4 September 2015


Over the past few months I have unfortunately neglected my Friday Finds post so here goes...

Today I found in a local chemist (Sunningdale Pharmacy) a range of Aroma Soothz products that really appealed to me and only when I did some research did I discover that they are based in Durban North, a couple of km's away from "Moi".

I excitedly purchased the Aroma Soothz Soothing Foot Bathz R25 and a Soothing Neckz Lavender infused wheat bag R220 and here is some background to my new found goodies:

was founded in November 2005 by Heidi and Tina with a mission of providing quality Health and Beauty products to soothe the body, mind and soul. The innovative pair shares an interest in alternative remedies and while travelling abroad stumbled on the idea of aroma infused wheat bags. New developments and ideas in the holistic world appealed to them and so they set up an aromatherapy company selling holistic products to consumers in South Africa. The idea of ‘well-being’ as an interdependence of spirituality and mental relaxation balanced with soothing aching muscles and joints led them to the concept of Aroma Soothz. The pair is dedicated to researching and developing new products which are created, manufactured and packaged in South Africa. This means they are a Proudly South African supplier to the Health and Beauty Industry and are able to uplift and improve the lives of fellow South Africans. Quality assurance with high quality ingredients, fabrics and essential oils are top of their priorities.

Aroma Soothz Soothing Foot Bathz R25

I have had a similar foot soak at a couple of salons around the country as part of a pedicure, so I was happy to see that I could now buy for home use. The process of soaking those tired aching feet involves two steps Step 1 - Caviar Gel Step 2 - Crystals. I hope to bring you a review soon.

Soothing Neckz Lavender (infused wheat bag) R220

I have been looking for a new wheat bag for some time as my mysteriously disappeared.
This Aroma Soothz caught my eye, as it's infused with Lavender Essential Oils, so not only does the heat ease aches and pains, but the inhalation of the Lavender helps to relax and calm.
Review to follow soon.

3 September 2015


It's the 3rd of September already and I nearly forgot to bring you my 3 "faves" from August.



This Tinted Lipbalm range from L'Occitane was launched recently in South Africa
and to find out what I thought, then read my review.

L'Occitane Tinted Lip Balm



I stayed at the African Pride 5*  15 On Orange Hotel in July, but only posted my review in August and I am already 
scheming how I can return for more of the luxurious same...soon I hope!



I know I had my "Kiddiewinks" many years ago,but this Sip n See at the Oyster Box Hotel 
is such a wonderful idea.
Curious to know what it's all about? 
Then read more..