30 September 2014


I started my blog two years ago in September, so this month has been hectic as I ran two super giveaway competitions sponsored by a couple of the brands that I love, L'Occitane and rain.After my "August Monthly Favourites" only featuring foodie items, this month contains no food, which is a first for me....
Here are my "faves" that I tried in September.


Caribbean "Tan In A Can"
I am really enjoying both the colour and the ease of using this Caribbean tan.


If you are looking for a tinted SPF for summer then you may want to read my review on the
Bioderma Photoderm Max SPF 50 Tinted, which made my "fave" list in September.


My next "fave" is a drink, but not just any drink, it's Rekorderlig Swedish Cider, 
which I first tasted at the Pick n Pay Taste Of Durban some weeks back and it was love at first taste.

28 September 2014


I have been posting a series of posts over the past 2 years called "Sunday Sketches", which has always featured my favourite illustrator American Inslee Haynes, but I recently came across Kanako Kuno,a Japenese born artist that moved to Paris to make a name for herself as an artist. 
Her illustrations reflect her "tongue in cheek" view of Parisiennes and her escapades in Paris. 
Kanako who arrived in Paris nearly a decade ago, not knowing a word of French or any French people for that matter, has certainly made a name for herself, with her artwork appearing on billboards, in exhibitions and more importantly she is the illustrator behind the hugely popular website 


27 September 2014


VB 36,Dover St,Mayfair,London

Even though I remember the Spice Girls era well..mention the name Victoria Beckham and fashion designer immediately springs to my mind, before the "all girl" band of the 90's. 
I love her style and hence I adore her fashion and accessories (especially her leather bags).
On the 25th September 2014 saw Victoria Beckham open her first store in Mayfair London. 
The 6,000 square foot shop is spread over 3 floors and by all accounts it's simply stunning. 
It reflects her modern and contemporary style perfectly and allows her designs to truly take centre stage in the minimalistic boutique.Some have even described the retail space as having an exhibition feel. 
As you can imagine the queues were forming long before opening and those tills were "ringing" non stop 
(actually Victoria thinks tills and cash registers are ugly,so all sales are rung up on sleek iPads)
I for one will make a point of visiting 36 Dover Street on my next trip to London, which just happens to be next door to Jimmy Choo, but as usual being Rand poor means 
I will have to adopt the attitude of 

"it's better to have been and seen, than never been at all"

(I have it on good authority that the cheapest item in the shop is an embossed key ring 
£165 approx R3,009)
Here are some photos...


VB leather goods are positioned at the entrance to the boutique

Pieces of Fashion Artwork displayed in exhibition style

Contemporary and minimalistic 

To read previous VB posts:

24 September 2014


To coincide with the 2nd Anniversary of Beauty Shout Box and the 1st Birthday of the rain shop in Gateway, the franchisees Ryan and Yusuf kindly sponsored this wonderful prize,
 a signed copy of "The rain book of natural soap making" written by the founder of rain Bev Missing and I thank them all for their support.

Ryan & Yusuf

The wondeful prize!

You can contact Ryan or Yusuf 
031 566 2140 


better still visit their friendly store 

Shop F238 (1st Floor near iStore)
Gateway Theatre of Shopping

21 September 2014


I was busy the other day on Pinterest, which I am slightly addicted to, and came across these great Vintage magazine and newspaper ads. They obviously caught my eye as they are all pertaining to beauty.I thought I would share them with you as it really just goes to show that even though lots has changed over the past 50 years, not much has changed at all!

This was a Revlon Lipstick magazine print ad from 1959. The names may change,but the colours stay the same and all of these colours are right on trend for this summer.

Dr.G.Payot now known as Payot, make-up ad from 1960

Pink was certainly an "attention grabber" back in the day 
and guess what... it still is today.

I have to say...I love this shade of pink from Arden (before they added the Elizabeth)

17 September 2014


In life I am not normally a procrastinator, but when it comes to "spray on tans" I have deliberated for the past 3 years, yes you read correctly... 3 years! I had good intentions of doing some research into spray tans offered at salons, but guess what...I didn't get around to it, so hence this post!

With the salon route being out of the picture for the moment I turned to the "off the shelf" options available from Clicks. My list of "wants" was primarily no orange shade, easy to apply, no streaking and no chemical smell.Despite being in the beauty business the variety on display daunted me. I found myself having to read the info on each brands box, which was not only time consuming,but also caught the attention of the security who then decided to stand along side me and keep me company during this decision process, which only added to my irritation.

I finally opted for the Caribbean Tan In A Can Instant which is a fine tanning spray with instant colour and 360 degree spray technology. It promised to deliver a deep, even, seamless tan. It gives an immediate bronze that develops over 8 hours and dries within 10 minutes.
Originally formulated for salon application only.. in 2007 they expanded the brand to include products to use at home. 
This award winning range now includes the following products:

 Self Tan 


My colour choice was made a little easier as Caribbean Tan offer a colour chart on the side of the box that you can match to your own colouring. I decided that I really didn't want the dark look, but rather a subtle body colour change to take me from winter pale to summer bronze, so I opted for the "safe" shade A Fair/White.

Caribbean Tan is an innovative concept in the application of Sunless Tanning. Their State of the Art Delivery System virtually eliminates all problems associated with Sunless Tanning Creams, which means no streaks,no concentration of dark colour around elbows and knees and no "tell tale" fake tan smell. The innovative Sun Protection products also offer UVA and UVB protection.Their products also contain tan enhancing ingredients that make your skin tan faster and so lessen the time you need to spend in the sun working on your tan. This product seemed to answer my list of "wants".

As with most Sunless products on the market you will find an assortment of "Add Ons" to buy, in order to smooth and moisturise the skin for preparation and products to apply to extend the tan. I used my usual exfoliator and a neutral body moisturiser, as it is important to prep your skin before application to ensure that all important "natural look".

How does Caribbean tan work?

Caribbean Tan products contain specially formulated active ingredients. One of these ingredients is DHA (Dihydroxyacetone - natural sugar cane derivative). When applied to the skin, DHA causes a chemical reaction with the skin to produce a tan much like the sun, but without the UVA and UVB damage to the skin.

 (Stained hands after application can be problematic and I advise that you  not only work speedily but wash your hands often during the application to ensure no staining. As with most fake tans you do need to allow to dry completely before applying clothes.If however you do stain clothing normally washing will remove)

How long does it last?
Caribbean Tan lasts between 4 to 10 days, depending on your skin type and how well you maintain it.
(I found that a light application every 4-5 days just kept the colour constant and was really no extra effort)

Caribbean Tan is available in selected beauty and tanning salons around SA for those that feel a little anxious about doing your own home spray on tan, but I found the whole home process very easy and I enjoyed the subtle colour change it gave my skin. I also think for the price of around R90 it offers affordable value for money...
Now that I'm on a roll with the "Tan in a Can" concept expect some more reviews from other brands. 

If you have a favourite brand please let me know in the comment box, so I can consider for my next review.

Just one last question pour "Moi"....Why did I procrastinate for so long??

For more info on products and stockists

15 September 2014


For the next week I am running another easy to enter 
Giveaway to coincide with both the


 Beauty Shout Box




One Lucky Winner (randomly drawn by Rafflecopter) will be sent this beautiful book

 "the rain book of natural soap making" 
(written by the founder of rain Bev Missing)

valued at R220 

and it could easily be you...

This competition is open to everyone and not just those living in SA,
so just follow the simple instructions below..

Good Luck!

The basics of soap making, explained with step-by-step instructions and illustrated with colour photographs.
Soap making is a rewarding and creative pastime – both therapeutic and challenging. In this book the process is simplified, with loads of ideas to help you formulate your own recipes through a very basic understanding of the chemistry of soap. This will set you on the creative path with colour guides, fragrance formulations and practical how-to information on moulds, trimming, curing and packaging, with extensive details for crafters who wish to make some extra money from their hobby available from the RAIN website.A comprehensive guide to producing cold-process soap, the book offers detailed information on all the ingredients required. The basics of soap making, explained with step-by-step instructions and illustrated with colour photographs, are followed by special projects. A trouble-shooting section resulting from lessons learnt, helps you fathom out what went wrong, and tips throughout the text help you avoid problems. Detailed information on rebatching suggests what to do with offcuts and flops to keep wastage to a minimum. There is also a glossary of soap-making terms as well as suppliers’ details. 
Lavishly illustrated with magnificent photographs commissioned for the book, it teaches and inspires, encouraging a gentle approach, using eco-friendly ingredients that are lovely to use and not harmful to the environment.

a Rafflecopter giveaway


For the past week I have been running a fantastic giveaway to celebrate 2 years of Beauty Shout Box!

One lucky follower winner has won this L'Occitane Divine Gift Box containing two Divine products:

200ml Divine Lotion
30ml Divine Eyes
Valued at R1530

That lucky winner is:


(Pls DM me your delivery details)

I have another Giveaway for this week, so check it out...later today!

14 September 2014


I started my blog, Beauty Shout Box two years ago this month and during this time I have been introduced to one of my absolute "fave" brands

Several branches can be found around South Africa and they are now even "raining" around the world. Last year September saw the first branch to open in Kwa Zulu Natal at the Gateway Theatre of Shopping, which luckily for me, is right on my doorstop.

The franchisees of this store are Ryan Waters & Yusuf Sheik, who despite having no previous cosmetic retail experience have taken to this beauty business like "soap to water". 
(sorry couldn't help myself there) 
However they did bring plenty of enthusiasm, eagerness to learn and energy. 
Their respective backgrounds in marketing and finance have certainly helped, 
along with a daily dose of vitamins!

 I asked them both recently to answer just one question 
"If you knew then what you know now, what would you do differently" 
and without hesitation they both replied "done it all sooner" and having been involved in the beauty business for 35yrs I can see that they both, now have that passion for the
 "beauty" industry in their blood!

I wish both of them continued success and enjoyment for many years to come and in celebration of both my 2nd and their 1st Birthday, we have a super giveaway...
We will be offering one lucky reader (from anywhere in the world) a signed copy of 
"the rain book of natural soap making" 
written by the founder of rain, the creative,hardworking and inspiring Bev Missing.

This book is a "must have" for anyone interested in soap making, as you will be reading advice and learning some tips from one of the best!
keep checking my blog for more details regarding this giveaway...
Good Luck!

The rain book of natural soap making

Personally autographed by founder Bev Missing

To read some of my rain product reviews

Shop F238
Gateway Shopping Centre
031 5662140

11 September 2014


I am so excited..as I have found a new alcoholic drink (4% Alcohol) that I really like
 (a long story - Click here to find out more
Rekorderlig is "Beautifully Swedish" and was introduced to the public of Durbs during the Pick n Pay Taste of Durban back in July 2014 and I can't wait for it to
 appear on the bottle store shelves 
(which is supposed to be sometime during September in Durban). 
Already popular around the world I have no doubts that this fruity, refreshing, alcoholic beverage will be a huge success and will blend easily into our sunny outdoor lifestyle.

I hope this truck is on its way to Durbs

Now I am not a cider lover and guess what this drink is? it's a cider, but it's made from pears and not from apples, as is with most ciders, so that's where the difference for me lies... 

Just a bit of background to this drink...
The Swedish name Rekorderlig' (pronounced Re-kor-deer-lee') in English means reliable, trustworthy and down-to-earth'. Established in 1999 and produced in a fourth-generation brewery in Vimmerby, Sweden; Rekorderlig is made using the purest spring water and finest quality fruit.

I understand there will only be 3 of the 9 flavours initially available in SA and lucky for me two of those contain my favourite fruits, Strawberry and Berries. 
I was able to sample all 3 at the Pick n Pay Taste of Durban recently.

Wild Berries
Strawberry & Lime

Rekorderlig Stand at Pick n Pay Taste of Durban

As you can imagine it was my "base" for this food n drinks event. Not only were their bright red bean bags comfy, but it also meant that I could recharge, refresh and sample yet another flavour.

3 Refreshing,cool, long cider drinks

The drink itself is best served as a long drink over ice and garnished with appropriate fruit,
but I particularly enjoyed it just served well chilled in a wine glass, preferably a large one! Rekorderlig is in my opinion a beautiful, easy drinking, fragrant, smooth and delicious drink and the quality of both the Spring water and the real fruit definitely comes through in the taste and has left me literally craving for more.

The price is anticipated to be higher than other similar type ciders, but one thing to 
consider is the bottle holds 500mls.
I was kindly given some bottles to take home and I am hooked on this "Beautifully Swedish" drink, so "roll on" with the national "roll out" , as I for one is waiting patiently in sunny Durbs!

My "Fave" Wild Berries

To find out more visit

7 September 2014


In celebration of both myself and Beauty Shout Box surviving two hectic, yet exciting years I have a couple of wonderful giveaways this month. 
I am starting off with two skincare products from one of my "fave" French houses L'Occitane en Provence.
Earlier this year I reviewed their new Divine Anti Ageing range both on my blog and on my YouTube channel and I have two of those great products up for grabs.

One lucky winner (chosen by the lovely Rafflecopter) will receive 
a Divine gift box containing a 200ml Divine Lotion and a 15ml Divine Eyes 
valued at R1530

Just follow the easy entry via the Rafflecopter below.
This Give-Away will end next Sunday 14th September 2014 at midnight.
The winner will be announced on Monday 15th September 2014.
Unfortunately this Give-Away is only open to SA Residents

Good Luck!

If you would like to read my review on these products or watch my video then click on the links below.

L'Occitane Divine Lotion

L'Occitane Divine Eyes

5 September 2014


I must apologise for having neglected to share with you some of my feedback on products or services in my "Friday Feedback" post. Unfortunately this post comprises of a couple of "foodie" disappointments that I have previously recommended on my blog.

Vovo telo is a national chain of bakeries/coffee shops and the Umhlanga branch opened last year in August. Having visited several times, I always seemed to miss out on trying
 one of their Strawberry Tarts.
I enjoyed the tart with my only complaint being the lack of strawberries!
I enjoy the food at Vovotelo and frequent the Umhlanga branch often and just recently I ordered, you've guessed it, a "Strawberry Tart"!
I couldn't believe my eyes, as they are now using even less strawberries than they were last year......I did air my dissapointment only to be told "that's the way we do it now".
You decide for yourself by looking at the pictures below....

Vovo Telo Strawberry Tart last year

Vovotelo Strawberry Tart recently

A standard Strawberry Tart in France

To read my previous posts on Vovo Telo

My next "foodie" moan is about La Maison coffee shop in Durban North. 
I have been a couple of times with my BFF and we both really enjoyed their 
toasted sandwiches especially the chicken mayo and they also make the most divine 
Yoghurt and Lemon drizzle cake ( the cakes on offer change daily). 
On our weekly catch up last week we were both so dissapointed with the "Sarmie" the filling and their bread were different and to be honest it wasn't nice. 
The owner wasn't around for us to query with her, but we did find out that their had been a complete change of staff recently, so there lies the problem...
hopefully this little Durban North gem will be back on track soon.

3 September 2014


I started my Beauty blog two years ago and how both "it" and "myself" have grown! 
Beauty Shout Box was a platform or box in my case, to stand on and shout out about beauty and all things beauty related. 

However my love of food and all things strawberry and chocolate have also taken my blog down a "foodie" path, which I am thoroughly enjoying...despite gaining 5kgs over these past two years. 
I have met some wonderful fellow bloggers and built up some great relationships with some of my favourite brands. 

My blog now has its own  Facebook page, Twitter & Instagram accounts and my "best" of them all, a Pinterest account, which I have to say I have become slightly addicted to! 
So feel free to follow me on any of them.

It even has its own youtube channel with only 2 videos on, but more are planned so, literally stay tuned!
I have got a couple of super competitions coming up this month to say thanks to all those that read and follow, as without you there would be no one to hear my "shouts".

2 September 2014


Louboutin Rouge

Christian Louboutin has launched 30 more stilettos, not of the shoe kind, but the nail colour kind. 
Hot on the heels...(excuse the pun, I couldn't resist) of the hugely successful Louboutin Rouge comes the slightly shorter heeled bottle in 30 more shades, which fall into 3 groups of 10 polishes, The Pops, The Noirs, and The Nudes. You are now able to colour coordinate your nails with whichever Louboutins you are lucky to own...
However if a pair of Louboutins shoes are out of your budget, then the next best thing could be a pair of polishes...these can be ordered online and retail for $50 each.

The Pops

The Noirs

The Nudes

My fave colour is this stunning Pink Pluminette from the Pop collection 
and I wish these were my nails, but alas they are not.
Dream on.....Beauty Shout Box.


1 September 2014


My monthly favourites for August are all foodie "faves", which considering my blog is primarily a beauty blog, is a little worrying.....


House Restaurant and Deli in Ballito recently opened by the Delish Sister
 was a "Delish" fave of mine in August.


The annual foodie event, The Pick n Pay Taste of Durban was also a highlight in August and I will be there next year without doubt...


A few weeks ago I wrote about a Marks & Spencers frozen fruit pie, which is available from Woolworths, but guess what it's no longer available, so my "Distinct" list is growing longer!