28 August 2018


Lipsticks and Lip glosses are my most purchased cosmetic items 
and I honestly didn't need to buy anymore, but I did!
Like a magpie, I'm drawn to them and I was truly like a kid in a candy store 
when the latest URBAN DECAY store opened its doors in Gateway recently. 

They seemed to have zillions of eye catching shades and formula's on display, 
just a slight excited exaggeration I know, but in fact they do have an 
extensive selection.
 From bold brights to Dark, sexy shades and super-versatile neutrals their lipstick
 shade range seems to have it all, as there's something for everyone.

Their infamous Vice Lipstick comes in a massive lineup of over 100 shades 
and in six finishes.
so here's a quick run down of what's on offer regarding their formula's :

 super-intense matte

 our creamiest matte

 the original: creamy, badass luxury

 cream with a high level of pearl

 a punch of colour with a sheer, shiny finish

 slightly transparent finish with floating pearl and a smooth texture

I decided to go for a trusted Cream formula in the shade VIOLATE
 and having never used an
UD Lipstick before I wasn't too sure what to expect.

This Cream formula has a super-creamy texture, which I enjoy and is packed
with nourishing ingredients, leaving the lips soft and conditioned and never dry.
 Aloe vera, jojoba, avocado and babassu oils nourish and soften lips. 
Illipe butter (derived from Malaysian illipe trees) provides long-lasting moisture.
 Whilst Vitamin C and vitamin E provide a hit of antioxidants.

You will be pleased to know that just one swipe provides 
an unbelievable lay down of colour and it stayed longer than many 
other cream lipsticks of a similar price that I own.

The pigment load in all of the Vice Lipstick is insane 
and the Cream formula applied smoothly (without dragging or skipping)
 and to be honest, it feels amazing on the lips. 

After the first application I was in love and could only then fully understand
 all the buzz around the URBAN DECAY Vice Lipsticks, not only do they
deliver, have beautiful packaging, but they're also
slightly very addictive, which I wasn't expecting!

This is my 2nd review that I've posted Posts about 
and so far I'm loving what this brand has to offer and it only goes to 
confirm my tweak to their logo

Beauty With An Edge
(For All Ages)

Urban Decay
Vice Cream Lipstick




26 August 2018


Cleansing is the first important step in your twice daily beauty routine. 
It's vital to start with a clean canvas before applying any treatment creams.
Even though I'm more of a Cleansing milk/lotion kinda a girl and always have been
 I don't mind slotting a cleansing cream or balm, as my second cleanse
 into my skincare routine every now and then.

I've been using the 
L'Occitane Immortelle Divine Foaming Cleansing Cream
 twice a day (am & pm) for this past week and whilst this is not a full 
long term review, I felt it was enough time for me to form an opinion 
and straight off its like no other
cleansing product that I've ever tried, as it's a cream in foam texture.

This Foaming Cleansing Cream has been formulated for all skin types,
to be used following the Divine Cleansing Balm, as the second cleanse in the
Divine routine.
(I used this product 2 ways, as a second cleanse post using another cleanser
 and several times on its own)

 This rich luxurious cream transforms into a dense, generous foam on contact 
with water to cleanse the face without drying the skin, 
it gently rids the skin of impurities, traces of make-up and pollution, 
which it does with relative ease.
After a minute or so of massaging it's easy to rinse or you can remove with 
a wet face cloth and yes it does leaves the skin looking
 and feeling both clean, fresh and above all soft and Divine...

Being a lover of the all of the products in the 
L'Occitane Immortelle Divine Range, 
this foaming cleansing cream contains the same anti-ageing 
immortelle essential oil, as the other products in the range 
along with Vitamin E and all of its antioxidant benefits, whilst
 95% of its ingredients are from natural origins.

This cleanser doesn't come cheap and whilst it forms an important part of the
 Divine regime and when it comes to high end brands and let's face it, 
the Divine range is high end, I always advocate that you buy and use 
the prescribed products in the range to ensure the best results.

I really enjoyed my weeks trial with the Divine Foaming Cleansing Cream 
and even though the product is DIVINE sadly it hasn't converted me.
I'm just not a huge fan of these types of cleansing products, so personally 
I can't justify the price.

Immortelle Divine Foaming Cleansing Cream




23 August 2018


Launched in South Africa last year 
Urban Decay is popping up literally everywhere on social media, 
especially with their recent spate of successful eyeshadow palette launches 
from their Naked Heat to their latest Born to Run palette which, 
as the name suggests, saw people around world "running" 
to buy this latest UD addition. 
In between these and in my opinion the prettiest of eyeshadow and face 
palettes was launched... 


I've had my eye on this since its launch and if there was ever a palette that 
seemed to tick all my personal preference boxes, it was this one.
It was inspired by the Vice Lipstick shade of the same name, 
which I also have a review on coming up soon.
Like two palettes in one, this travel-ready case holds eight nude-mauve, soft berry 
and muted rose eyeshadow shades on one side 
and four coordinating shades of blush and highlighter on the other.
and more importantly there all very wearable and universally flattering on
 most skin tones.
The double-sided, removable mirror acts as a divider between the eyeshadow 
shades and the blush and highlighter shades and
even though it did add to the weight of the palette it was handy.

With all the hype surrounding the Urban Decay eyeshadow palettes,
 from way back when they launched their first Naked Palette, 
I was expecting great things from my R860 investment, as that what it would be 
for me an investment.
I've been looking for this kind of combo "go to" palette, that has all the 
eyeshadows and cheek colours that I need in one package,
 for what seems like forever...
You'll be glad to know, that even though I can be a hard critic
my pretty, eye pleasing purchase has not let me down 
and it's all that I've been looking for.

Besides looking "good" it also performs "good".
The pigments of all 12 colours in the palette are both rich and velvety 
and easy to blend with a good true colour payoff.
(I must mention here that good make-up brushes are important tools with 
any make-up application.)
The longevity of the shadows is impressive and even more so when used in 
conjunction with their Eyeshadow Primer Potion.
(I have a full review coming up next month on this product)

Overall this palette didn't disappoint and I find that I'm using
every colour on offer, which is a huge bonus, so non of those unusable
wasted shades in this collection.
Definitely it's a good useful mix of both matte and shimmer finishes, 
which I personally found to be very flattering and not ageing for the eyes
like some glittery and shimmery shadows can be.

Now for the bad news, after me raving about how great BACKTALK is
 unfortunately this little beauty was a Limited Edition and we all know 
what that means YES it's sold out Online
and it seems to be also sold out in all of their boutiques in SA.
To make matters even worse you can't buy the individual colours that 
make up this palette.

Whilst I understand that this isn't very useful to you,
if you do happen to find one around, either in SA or overseas
(I believe Sephora still has them on their website) 
my advice would be to grab it quickly.

However it has made me realise just how good the UD palettes and pigments
 are and I have more reviews on products from this edgy brand 
coming soon.
A piece of advice,when you see something newly launched from UD
and you take a shine to it, don't procrastinate too long
 otherwise like all good things...

It will be UD Gone...


(Sold out in SA)

(Still available on UD UK Website and in Debenhams and Selfridges)

(Exclusive to SEPHORA and still available)

UD is formulated is 100% Cruelty-free and free from Parabens 

21 August 2018


It's my favourite time of the year, as I love doing research for my, now annual,
 series of posts on what Beauty Advent Calendars will be on offer 
for 2018.

Each year seems to bring an even bigger and better selection than the year before
and some of the cosmetic houses are launching as early as the end of August
which is fast approaching.

Alas we get very few of these exciting advent calendars here in South Africa,
but I just love compiling these posts and it could be handy if you are planning
 a trip to the UK over the next 3 months or so.
I also have many readers of my blog in the UK, so hopefully you'll find
my upcoming posts helpful. 
I will be writing a blogpost each month letting you know what to expect 
the following month from just a few of the cosmetic houses .

To get the Beauty Advent Calendar ball rolling, here's what you can
expect to see hitting the stores at the end of 
August and September 2018


As always L'Occitane offer a choice of two advent calendars,
 a Classic (above) and a Luxury.
Despite loving this Provencal brand their Advent Calendar contents
are often very predictable and there has been criticism that the assortment
 contained too many hand creams, despite L'Occitane undoubtedly
being the Hand Cream experts.
 Hopefully this year they've stepped their content game up a little.
(L'Occitane normally have both of their Advent Calendars
available in South Africa)


21st September 2018


Always a fun,popular and affordable choice the Soap and Glory 
contains 24 mini products including many of their tried and 
trusted classics.


17th September 2018


Beauty Advent Calendars are a great way to experience the best sellers
of what a brand has to offer.
This 12 day selection from the well respected skincare guru Liz Earle
 would be perfect for me, as I've sadly never tried any of her products.


End of September 2018


If you are serious about skincare then this beauty calendar filled with 24
 miniature products from the French brand Decléor is for you.
I can see from the above pic that it contains a great assortment of some
of their iconic best sellers.


September 2018

Source of pricing and availability info and photo credits
Marie Claire Magazine

20 August 2018


As I'm sure you're all aware I'm a huge fan of the French brand
and especially of the Divine Anti-Ageing collection of skincare products. 
This range has grown considerably over the years from one product,
 and my absolute fave - The Divine Cream.

Earlier this year the
Immortelle Divine Foaming Cleansing Cream 
was added to this Luxury range 
and I've got a weeks worth of samples to try out, so check back on Sunday 
to see how I got on... 

Here are my previous reviews on some of the Divine products.

19 August 2018


As part of Doves recently launched DermaSpa Collection
everything about this product the 
Dove DermaSpa Summer Revived Body Lotion 
sounded great on paper, as it's a

 " body lotion with self tanners for a natural bronzed glow"

Combining Doves skin care expertise with natural tanners, I thought it would be 
a great way to get that sun kissed look throughout winter or better still, 
as the name suggests,revive any remains of my summer tan.

It combines gentle, natural tanners and Dove Cell-Moisturisers® 
(key moisturising actives made from natural seed oils), 
which work at the heart of your skin cells*. This helps to keep your skin soft 
and smooth and makes that tan look even better.
This golden, quite luxurious feeling cream, did absorb easily into my skin 
leaving it feeling nourished, comfortable and non oily.
The idea is that this type of product can be used daily over the body
to moisturise the skin and to give a natural on going, buildable
bronzed glow.
I must also make mention that this product does have that fake tan smell,
which I personally am not a fan of.
As with all gradual or fake tans you do need to wash your hands thoroughly 
after application to avoid staining and remember that these type products 
generally do not have any SPF included so you will still need to use a
 separate one to prevent burning.

Admittedly I was slightly hesitant to purchase, as it seems that despite being 
available internationally in two options, Fair to Medium and Medium to Dark,
 it appears that we only have the Fair to Medium here in SA.
 Unfortunately I went against my all important "gut feeling" and bought a tube, 
despite have those niggling doubts that it wouldn't be the correct one 
for my skin tone.
I was correct,as it didn't really do much to give me a healthy bronzed glow 
and I feel that the Medium-Dark would have been a far better option.
 Another problem for me and one that I really couldn't handle, was
 that typical pungent chemical smell of fake tans,which unfortunately
lingers on the skin.
So on paper this product sounded great, but sadly in practise it wasn't so great.
If you have a very fair skin and don't mind the smell too much, then this easy to
apply gradual tanning body lotion could be one for you.


Body Lotion Summer Revive  


(Current special price at Clicks)

(Current Special price at Superdrug)

14 August 2018


I normally post my "Currently Under Review" posts right at the beginning 
of a new month, but after being "woman down" with flu 
I'm running rather late with this one.

This month I have a couple of Urban Decay lip products to try and as promised 
another product from BioNike. 
I also have a product from a brand, Dr Gobac and having never tried anything from 
this brand before, so I'm looking forward to experiencing something totally new.


I recently went to the launch of the Urban Decay store in Gateway 
and I picked up several of their products including one of their
 infamous Vice Lipstick and a HI-FI Shine Lipgloss,
 so I'm going to give these two lip products a try and as always I will let you 
know whether they're worth parting with your hard earned cash or not.


To Read my Full Review Urban Decay Vice Lipstick


BioNike is an affordable Italian face and body care range that's available
 exclusively at Dischem. I have reviewed several of their products and I was super impressed with their 15fruIT XSENSE Multi Sensorial Oil, that it even made it
onto my Top 3 Body Products List for 2017.
It's a brand that I've wanted to explore further and I've been kindly sent their 
DEFENCE HYDRA5 OPTHYDRA Nourishing Moisturising Cream
 to put to the test.


Dr Gobac is a South African Cosmeceutical skincare brand based mainly
 on botanical ingredients and I have to admit that I know very little about, 
so I'll need to do some research on this brand whilst trying out their Cleanser.

*Now posted*