Sunday, 15 July 2018


La Prairie is a Swiss skincare brand that I had the pleasure of working with for
 several years. La Prairie is pure Luxury and they have some outstanding
 products in their line-up.
During my years with La Prairie their worldwide clientele were not only extremely 
devoted and loyal to these luxurious and effective skincare products, but as you 
can imagine "beauty budgets" were not a constraint when it came to purchasing.

La Prairie's Cellular Hand Cream has a very impressive list 
of benefits and ingredients that focus on the 3 main areas 

moisture complex includes intensive hydrators and “locking” agents to help
 bind moisture to the skin and prevent moisture loss and shea butter 
helps seal in hydration.
Natural Moisturising Factors (NMF's) from a marine-derived complex 
including chlorella vulgaris and seawater, help maintain 
skin’s youthful look and feeling.

Marine-derived alpha hydroxy acids, including an algae extract ferment, 
exfoliate gently.

Antioxidants including vitamins C and E, green tea extract and grape seed 
extract provide powerful protection from environmental damage.
Green Algae helps protect and reinforce skin’s elasticity.
Vitamin C and extracts of grape, mulberry, liquorice and scutellaria 
help guard against discolouration and age spots.

This rich white cream has the typical La Prairie delicate fragrance
that can be found across all of their Cellular range of products.
I must say that this formula is neither a quick apply nor a quick absorb type 
of hand cream and I find it's best suited to being applied last thing at night
 to let the intensely moisturising ingredients work their "La Prairie" magic overnight. 
Apply a small amount and massage over your wrists, hands, fingers and cuticles. 

Having used this product previously it was a delight to revisit it, via this generous sized sample.
 It's all that I remember and more, as with time my ageing hands
now appreciate the level of nourishment and comfort it offers... even more. 
This product is so much more than just a "hand cream" its a specialised 
"Hand Treatment" in every sense of the word.

La Prairie 
Cellular Hand Cream




Wednesday, 11 July 2018


It's now the 11th July and not only is this post going up late, but this months 
selection of "Currently Under Review" products will be short
and hopefully sweet.
 I have so many reviews to write and catch up on, that I'm giving
myself a break this next month, so there will only be three products
under review and they're all products that are a quick turn around in terms 
of review time.
Next month should be back to normal...


Dove DermaSpa Summer Revived Body Lotion with Self Tanners 
will be put to the test this month to hopefully give me a natural looking bronze glow. 
I picked up the one for Fair to Medium skin...


I have looked at this L'Oréal Elvive Extraordinary Oil Low Shampoo
 Gentle Cleansing Cream for sometime now and I think it's 
actually been in my basket once and then out again. 
My hesitation re this type of product is that in the past I always feel 
that my hair isn't always so clean after use, but I'm not sure if it's a mental block 
that I have with the low foam and no sulphates concept,
 but I'm going to give this product a try and see if things have improved both 
with low shampoo type products and in my mind...


I was given these Hyalauronic eye masks, from the salon brand
 BT - Bio Therapeutic 
sometime ago and I think it's time I put them to work.
Loaded with Hyaluronic Acid I'm excited to try these

Let me know if you have tried any of the above, as I'd love to hear your feedback.

Tuesday, 10 July 2018


This weeks Sunday Sample is a pricey one, as it's from the Swiss skincare
brand La Prairie and a brand that I happen to know pretty well, as I worked
 for them for many years and yes... its expensive!

This Luxurious Cult beauty brand - La Prairie utilises the latest scientific
 breakthroughs to provide true excellence in skincare and it also happens to be 
one of my favourite brands of all time.

My hands, nails and cuticles over the coming days will be in bathed in the deeply moisturising
La Prairie Cellular Hand Cream and I will post my review
 and all the details on my blog this coming Sunday.

Sunday, 8 July 2018


I do use Caribbean Tanning products and have for several years, so when I need to get
me a quick fake tan I opt for their "Tan in a Can" option.
I'm not a huge Self Tan person, as living in Durban South Africa I tend to have a natural light tan
for most of the year, but there are times where I need to top up.

The Tanning Wipes from Caribbean Tan are ideal for maintaining your tan whilst travelling,
 using post shower at the gym or simply to just fill in any patches that you may have missed
when applying your main tan.
For me I used the tanning wipes just to maintain my summer glow.

These wipes are super handy as they're individually wrapped, and are suitable for all skin types 
and are ideal for use on your face and body.
They do have that distinctive self tan smell,which seems to be stronger on the wipe
than when applying out of the can.
Having three skin types A,B & C in their Tanning shade offering
(I switch between A & B) these wipes are suitable to use regardless of which skin type
 you normally use.

The wipes are easy to use, just remove from sachet and apply to skin lightly. 
These wipes are also suitable to use on the face and neck. 
I never use self tan on my face and in this instance I used one wipe on both of
my arms and whilst there was no drastic shade change on the top of my arms
(which happens to be the most tanned part of my body)
I could notice the shade change on the underneath of my arms which were quite
pale, especially as its winter now.
I was concerned that I wasn't wiping over all the areas of the arm, but once developed I
was quite impressed with the applications,as there were no patches or streaks.

*As with all self tans, wash your hands well with soap and water after application
 and also allow 8 hours for your tan to develop before showering or bathing*

The boxes contain 6 individually wrapped wipes and
if you are a 'Self Tan" regular then these wipes are a "must have" for travel or quick top up's.

Caribbean Tan

Tanning Wipes Gradual Tan

R 59.95

Available at Clicks and Dischem countrywide

Wednesday, 4 July 2018


For several years now the L'Oréal True Match liquid foundation has been on
continual rotation with a couple of my other favourite foundations.
The True Match Collection includes foundation, concealer, powders and blusher
and overseas it includes a couple of Glow Illuminator/Highlight options.
Currently this product is not available in South Africa and was part
of my UK haul that my London Kiddiewink recently brought over for me.

Not being a huge highlight and contouring type of person I do always
apply highlighter and I like both formats whether it be a powder or a liquid/cream.
What I do enjoy though, is any product that illuminates
and makes my skin look glowy, brighter and more radiant and it was this that
 drew me to this product.

There are two shades available of the True Match Illuminator
Golden Glow and Icy Glow (I chose the latter) 
and there are powder versions also available.
Icy Glow gives a subtle perlescent,radiant highlight to a light to medium
 toned skin whereas the Golden Glow gives a warm iridescent finish, suitable
 for the medium to dark skin tones.

This is a multi-use liquid highlighter that can be used as a primer for a radiant 
complexion or it can be blended with your foundation for an all over glow or it can be used to accentuate your features by applying to the areas where light naturally
hits your face. 
My personal preference is to mix a couple of dots in with my foundation
as well as use in the normal highlighting way.
Adapting the amount you use can take you from subtle highlighting
to full on highlighting.
It's easy to apply, lightweight, blendable and this glowy radiance boosting
product now forms an important part of my make-up routine.



N/A in SA


Tuesday, 3 July 2018


Despite using Caribbean Tan products for the past few years I've never tried their Tanning Wipes.
This box of 6 was given to me in a "goodie" bag recently and isn't technically a sample as they do normally retail in a box of 6, but I'm running with it for my upcoming Sunday's post.

Caribbean Tan do a host of tanning products and my "go to" is the "Tan in a Can" 

Tan in a Can Review

I'm looking forward to try the Tanning wipes, as they're not only ideal for travel, 
but they're great for touch ups.
This week I'm going to get my winter tan on and try these tanning wipes,
so check back on Sunday to see if I had success or not.
Let me know in the comments below if you have used tanning wipes and how you 
find them.

Sunday, 1 July 2018


It's "Monthly Favourites" time again, technically I do
a post highlighting my "faves" only every two months, as I want to bring
you my very best products that have been tried and tested.
My focus is predominantly skin care and as I've said, a zillion
times before, I always put serious treatment products to the test 
for a minimum of 3 months or until they've been completely finished,
in order for me to bring to you a more accurate and fair review of the product.
You will never find me writing a blogpost giving you the lowdown on 
 day/night creams ,serums or eye creams 
after a couple of weeks usage or worse still after a couple of days.
Hopefully that's my point of difference between Beauty Shout Box and many 
of the other beauty blogs out there.
If you are passionate about skincare then read on to find out what I feel 
is worth a spending your hard earned money on...



Toleriane Ultra 

Whether you suffer from a sensitised, allergy prone skin or not this is
a product that I can I highly recommend you have in your
"Skincare Wardrobe".
I always have on hand, and have for many years, a product that can be 
used day or night to either calm, and in my particular case rest my skin from a
 continual bombardment of active, anti-ageing products.
I don't have a sensitive skin, but on the odd occasion that a product
slightly irritates it, I like to reach for a fragrance free cream 
that just simply gives my skin some soothing balance and this
products fills that need perfectly.




Bonjour Nudista
Awakening Skin Tint

I had been in pursuit of this kind of "no make-up make-up" product
for literally years and after several disastrous attempts
I finally found the Bonjour Nudista from L'Oréal.



Smooth Sugars
Glow Scrub

Again I keep telling my readers that an exfoliator is a "non negotiable"
in a good skincare regime.
I have used one since my late teens and cannot stress enough the
 importance of using one and this new one from 
L'Oréal is both great and affordable.



Anti-Ageing Serum

This Anti-Ageing Serum from mineraline was my surprise product over the past
couple of months.
I'm enjoying both using this product and the way it makes my skin feel and best
of all the whole range is affordable and easily accessible 
from Dischems around the country.
I will be reviewing more products from this brand in the future and look forward to bringing my honest findings.