30 December 2018


After a somewhat shaky beauty start to the world of EVE LOM,
 this past week I have been trying out their iconic award winning cream cleanser 
and my opinions have changed considerably.

The EVE LOM Cleanser claims to have changed the face of cleansing with this
Multi Tasking product. 
Its been carefully formulated for all skin types it deep cleanses without
 drying or stripping 
the skin and removes even the most stubborn of waterproof make-up. 
Thorough cleansing and gentle exfoliation enables skin cells to regenerate quickly and 
provides a base for beauty products to work at their best. 
It decongests,exfoliates, tones and improves circulation when combined 
with the Muslin Cloth. 
Softens and conditions the skin whilst leaving it glowing,
radiant skin with a smoother, more refined texture.

It was surprising how many cleanses I managed to do with the contents of the
 5ml sample that I received, which by the way also contained a muslin cloth.

The texture of this cleanser is a heavy dense balm and a little is all
you need to perform a good cleanse.
Warm a small amount in the palms of your hands and then apply to a dry skin 
and massage over the face, eyes, lips and neck area
(concentrating on where the make-up is heaviest)
and as you work with the product it becomes more emollient and melts
 the make-up easily.This can be used in the morning, but its
best to use in the evening to cleanse away all traces of make-up along with
 the dirt and grime of the day.
You're also aware of the exfoliating granules when massaging, 
but it's nothing too harsh.

The following active ingredients work together to dissolve even the heaviest
of make-up.
Clove Oil (has antiseptic properties to encourage clear skin),
Eucalyptus Oil (helps drain away toxins), Hops Oil (tones),
Egyptian Chamomile Oil (softens and soothes),
Cocoa Butter (conditions)

Once you've spent a couple of minutes working the product into the skin
you then take the rinsed muslin cloth that has been soaked in warm water 
and remove the cleanser.
(It's preferable to remove any eye make-up and mascara last)

It's also best to fold the cloth into quarters, so you use the cloths surface area to its max.
The warm water helps to release the essential oils and I'm happy to say
the fragrance of this EVE LOM Cleanser is very pleasant 
(unlike the recent Radiance Transforming Mask sample I tried)

My skin felt super clean, radiant, smooth and not stripped of natural oils,
 which so many cleansers can do.
I enjoyed using the textured muslin cloth, as it not only helps with the product removal process, but it also stimulates and exfoliates the skin.
In my opinion the cleanser and cloth combo is what makes this product so effective.

The product comes packaged with the Muslin cloths and you receive one 
with the 100ml and two with the 200ml size and they can also be bought
separately in packs of 3.
(These cloths do need to be washed daily, as they do get dirty and stained
 especially with mascara)

I've never been a fan of cleansing balms, as I personally have always preferred 
(as you know) a cleansing milk/cream type of product, but the Eve Lom claims to be the
"Original Cleansing Balm" 
as it's been around for over 30 years and I'm happy to announce that this has
 been the one to convert me into a "believer".
Every claim that they make above, about this product, is 100% accurate
 and I wasn't left feeling short changed on promises.

After the disappointment with the mask I was sceptical about all the hype and
praise that this brand had been given by beauty editors and gurus around the world,
 but how wrong I was, as I absolutely loved this cleanser.
I would actually go as far to say that its the "Best" Cleanser I've ever used and after
being in this business for over 35 years that's a BIG claim.

There is no denying that this cleanser is on the high end where prices are
 concerned, but if your budget stretches then don't overlook this product
especially if you do wear heavy make-up daily.

I have inserted a short video that will show you the easy application 
and removal process



There is only one stockist of EVE LOM in SA



27 December 2018


This is my last "Recent Beauty Empties" post for 2018 and I have just 3 products
that I have completely finished, two of which have already been repurchased
and that's always a good sign especially considering the amount of products
I try during the year.


Christophe Robin hair care products from France are not so familiar to us
here in South Africa unless you are a regular shopper in SkinsCosmetics
Sandton Shopping Centre, Johannesburg, as they're the only stockist of this
range, that I'm aware off.
A few months ago I tried the Christophe Robin Cleansing Volumising Paste 
and fell in love with this rather pricey product.
I've finished every last drop of this lets say "Unique" product and I've taken
the plunge and purchased the largest sized product.
To find out what's unique about this hair product then click on the link below


This next empty product is no surprise, as it has appeared on a Recent Empties
post previously.
The Avène Eau Thermale Spring Water spray has been a permanent fixture
in my daily skincare regime for what seems like forever.
I have repurchased this product so many times and the reason I've included
it in the post is to let you all know that it's still one of my "fave"
beauty products and not many have have stuck with me for so many years.
Again click on the link below to find out what makes this product a winner.

To read my full review


Next up is a budget cleansing milk that I was using for several months during 2018.
The L'Oréal Fine Flowers Cleansing milk is as "cheap as chips" and for the
price does a good job of removing make-up and cleansing the skin.
I won't be re-purchasing as I have other cleansers to review

26 December 2018


The last Sunday Sample that I put to the test for a week was from a skincare brand 
that I had been looking forward to trying for so long and that was Eve Lom,
but sadly the product (a mask) was like no other that I had ever tried before 
and it just was not for me or my skin.

Whilst I was in London recently I popped into SpaceNK I was given 
two Eve Lom samples with my purchases, one was the 
above said mask, which was a failure and the other was a sample of their 
iconic Eve Lom Cleanser.
The sample was super fancy and contained not only a 5ml sachet of the cleanser to try,
but also a cloth to remove.
Not deterred by my last experience I'm hoping for a much better "Beauty" result
 with this sample, so check back on Sunday to find out if it was a 
"hit or another miss".

23 December 2018


Due to me being away for two weeks during November & December
I purposely didn't review too many products, but I did post my final review
on a skincare product that I have been using for the past few months and its
made it onto my "Monthly Favourites" post.
Please click on the Pink Links below to find out more info etc.


I really do enjoy finding brands or products that turn up little gems and this is 
one such product.
Bionike is an Italian cosmetics brand that you will only find in Dischem
and it's a brand that I highly recommend you check out next time you're in there.
My daily moisturiser for over the past 3 months has been the
DEFENCE HYDRA 5 OPTHYDRA Nourishing Moisturiser and it
"seriously impressed me" 
and we all know how it has to be something special for me to use that expression.


During 2018 I have tried several Urban Decay products and loved every single one
including this HI-FI SHINE Lip gloss, which I have been reaching for daily.
To find out why, please read my full review.


PAYOT is another skincare brand that is most probably not familiar to many
of you unless you are over a certain age.
This highly respected French brand has been around for many, many years
and I'm so happy to see it being stocked in selected Dischem around SA.
I spotted this Cleansing Duo and considering the price I just couldn't leave it on 
the shelf and I'm so glad I didn't.

To read my full review

19 December 2018


The DEFENSE HYDRA OPTHYDRA Nourishing Moisturising Cream from the 
Italian skincare and cosmetics brand BioNike has been
part of my morning and evening beauty regime for the past few months.

As I'm sure you are aware by now, I always like to use certain skincare products
 i.e.serums, moisturisers and eye treatments for at least 3 months (and often longer) before I post my personal experiences and opinions.

BioNike is a brand that I have become more acquainted with over recent months
and like many of you its been a brand that I've often overlooked in favour of more
well known and mainstream brands.
However I love it when I discover a brand or a product
 that really adds some value to my beauty life.

Below are the full reviews on a couple of such products from BioNike

    BioNike has been a savour skincare brand for many when it comes to Sensitive skin and even more so when it comes to make-up products.(BioNike is free from all the usual allergens and irritants) I don't have a Sensitive skin per say, but there are times when my skin becomes less tolerant and I have several products formulated for Sensitive skin in my skincare arsenal and knowing my skin as well as I do (obviously) I know exactly when to switch out certain products. As I've said on my blog a trillion times any skin type can use Sensitive Skin care ranges.
    Formulated to moisturise and protect the skin it also contains one of my favourite ingredients Shea Butter and the key active complex is 
    which is based on a combination of detoxifying vegetable active ingredients and hyaluronic acid in 5 different molecular forms to moisturise skin intensely and strengthen its natural defence mechanisms against daily oxidative stress. 

    The texture of the cream leans more towards being rich, but not as rich as 
    many products formulated for Dry, Very Dry Skins that I have tried over the years.
    Rich also doesn't always mean heavy and this cream isn't heavy at all, in fact 
    it melts and absorbs easily and quickly into the skin leaving it feeling comforted
    and nourished.

    The Hydra5 can be used both morning and evening after cleansing, 
    either alone or on top of a serum and BioNike do have a matching serum in the form of the 
    which will intensively moisturise the skin before applying the cream.

    Overall I have really enjoyed my time using the Hydra5 OPTHYDRA Moisturiser,
     but as always I have to move onto review my next skincare product.

    I found this pretty pink jar, to be one of those easy, non fussy
     "grab,apply and go" 
    type of products that offered my skin the moisturisation, protection and comfort 
    that it needs on a daily basis.

    What I haven't mentioned yet, is the affordable price of the BioNike range of products.
    They really do offer good value for money for what I feel are very effective
    imported skincare products.

    The products that I've experienced have a qualitative feel about them, similar to many high end brands (that I've paid three times the price for) in terms of their packaging
    and product formulation.

    Exclusively available at Dischem this is a brand that's well worth 
    further investigation, especially if you are looking to either change brands,
    have a sensitive or intolerant skin, 
    or you're just watching the all important "beauty budget" during 2019.

    Nourishing Moisturising Cream




    16 December 2018


    I've been reviewing products on my blog now for over 6 years and that's after spending my working life in the beauty business and this Eve Lom Radiance Transforming Mask has left me in somewhat of a quandary. 
    Before I jump straight into to my thoughts and opinions lets just get up to speed 
    with the Eve Lom brand.

    This former Czechoslavkian herbalist and facialist created her own line of
     products back in 1985.  
    The skin care collection by EVE LOM has quickly achieved worldwide cult status.
    It is the must-have range of beauty editors and journalists, make-up artists, and of course...celebrities. 
    They claim that it's much more than just a typical skin care range - each product is a unique tool, a luxurious beauty ritual that transforms the condition of the skin.

    Whilst having never used anything from Eve Lom previously, I have been very aware of its now cult status product - Eve Lom Cleansing Balm which has been given the prestige tittle as being the best cleanser ever by many beauty editors and gurus. 
    (I also received a sample of this product from SpaceNk whilst overseas so expect to 
    see it on a Sunday Sample post soon)
    I was excited to try this Radiance Transforming Mask, in fact I was excited to try 
    anything, from this high end skincare brand.

    The sample I received was a generous 3ml size and allowed my to use the mask twice, now 3mls may not sound a lot but due to its texture and formulation qualities
    a little really did go a long way.

    Recently launched the Radiance Transforming Mask claims to reawaken the skin with a megadose of Antioxidant rich botanicals and I've decided to list the main actives as
    there are a couple that I've never seen used in skincare before, which makes
    for an interesting mask.

    The Active ingredients include:

    A natural form of AHA, rich in organic acids, including citric acid. Provides a gentle yet effective exfoliation as it stimulates the natural process of cell turnover for a smooth, brighter complexion.

    Rich in essential fatty acids to moisturise the skin without being greasy with antioxidant properties.

    Naturally present in the waters of Europe, North America and Asia, this multi-functioning algae is enriched with marine water nutrients and provides antioxidant and anti-microbial defence. Oxygenation of the skin is improved, as it firms, hydrates and regenerates the skin.

     A plant derived fatty acid linked with an amino acid to combat wrinkles, moisturizes and smooths skin whilst scavenging free radicals

     Responsible for providing the skin with environmental protection. Designed by nature in extreme conditions as a stress-protection molecule.

     Boosts the immediate availability of oxygen to the skin which stimulates cell metabolism. Protects the dermis from glycation and oxidative stress.

     Conditions the skin leaving a smooth and supple look. Also helps to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

    a powerful antioxidant leaving skin feeling soothed, smoothed and well-conditioned.

    This above combo of ingredients claim to reveal skin that looks renewed, supple and radiant immediately after us.

    How to use:
    Apply and massage a generous layer to cleansed, dry skin, avoiding the eye area. 
    Leave on for a minimum of 30 minutes, and remove with warm water.
     Can also be used as overnight mask for optimal radiance. 
    Use 1-2 times a week.

    However here are a couple of personal issues I experienced with this product.
    The consistency of this mask is very thick and feels like
    heavy "Vaseline", which I personally didn't like.
     Once applied and massaged into the skin for a few seconds, the warmth from your 
    skin does make the mask melt and it becomes more emollient and less heavy.

    My next issue was a "biggie" for me and that was the smell, I found the
    Botanical smell too awful and there was one ingredient in particular that I
    just couldn't tolerate and I can't tell you which one it was, but it proved to be a
    real problem for me, so much so, that I struggled to keep the mask on for the
    suggested 30mins and I could never leave it on overnight as they also suggest, 
    as the smell would just be too much and the greasy texture would be a 
    nightmare for my hair and pillowcases.

    To be honest I have never experienced a product like this in my 40 year career
     and even though my skin did feel softer and perhaps looked a little more radiant 
    I just couldn't get over the smell or the feel, so for me, this mask that promised
    so much of what I was looking for left me not a fan...

    Since trying the product I have read many reviews, all of which bestow high praise
    onto this mask, but there were several that also complained about both the smell 
    and the thick and greasy formulation, which I must say made me feel somewhat better
    about disliking this product so much 

    I will try the sample of the Cleansing Cream, even though I have my reservations,
     as it will most likely contain the same core active ingredients that I dislike so much.


    Eve Lom is available at 
    Unfortunately I don't see this product on their website




    13 December 2018


    or Dr.Payot as it was know for many years, has been around for as long as 
    I can remember and has always been a well respected French brand, 
    where serious skincare is concerned.
    Over the years it has dipped in n out of popularity, but I recently picked up this cleanser and toner combo in Dischem who stock the brand in their larger stores, 
    which I'm happy to see.

    Having never tried any products from PAYOT I seized the opportunity 
    to try a good French Cleansing Milk and Toning Lotion, which I do love.

    Lait Micellaire Démaquillant
     Soothing Cleansing Moisturising Milk 
    with Raspberry Extracts 

    sounds delicious and after a 35 year career in beauty
     I can instantly tell the difference between a budget and a luxury cleanser,
     so I hope this one doesn't disappoint.

    Ooh là là...
    This cleanser was all I expected it to be, it was rich, creamy, luxurious and left my 
    skin feeling comforted and hydrated. 
    With a double cleanse my make-up was easily and gently removed.
    Formulated to be used by all skin types it can be used with or without cotton wool 
    both morning and evening followed by the Radiance Toning Lotion.

    Lotion Tonique Rèveil
    Radiance Boosting Perfecting Lotion
    With Raspberry Extracts

    The toning lotion completes the make-up removal and cleansing process perfectly.
    This revitalising, cooling alcohol free toner not only smells "raspberry" fresh, but it prepares the 
    skin for any further treatments.

    This duo offers great value for money as they're both 400mls in size and when you work
    out the cost per millilitre it actually comes in cheaper than many drugstore, mass marketed 
    cleansing and toning products.
     An added bonus is, they both come packaged in the easy to control pump dispensers 
    which I personally love.

    Comforting Cleansing Duo


    Available a selected Dischems countrywide or online

    11 December 2018


    I'm back home in South Africa and back into the swing of blogging and
    I have to admit I did go a little crazy on the beauty shopping front, but along with those purchases came several free samples and this weeks trail product is a good one.

    I was lucky enough to be given a couple of samples from the prestige brand
    EVE LOM with my purchases from SpaceNK in London.

    The Eve Lom RadianceTransforming Mask, which was launched during 2018, 
    is first up and I'm excited to give this a try, as I've heard lots of great things about 
    several of their now Iconic skincare products. 

    My skin has been longing for some TLC since my return, so this Radiance Transforming Mask will be a much needed intensive treatment that claims to reawaken the skin with a megadose of Antioxidant rich botanicals.

    So pop back on Sunday to find out if my slightly stressed post holiday skin has been "Transformed"...