31 October 2015


I don't even want to think about how many brands I've used and how much money I've handed over in the last 30 odd years, all in pursuit of achieving longer, fuller, stronger, super curled and darker lashes.
I could go on and on with a "Wish-list" that both women and men (yes some men have discovered the marvels of mascara) expect from a small cylindrical tube, filled with a pigmented liquid and sometimes an odd looking brush! 
We truly expect a mascara to do it all.
Ask women and most will tell you that mascara would be their no.1 cosmetic choice to take to a desert island and like me, they just can't live without it .... "sans" mascara is a look I just don't do!
There are literally hundreds of mascara's on the market, so how do you find the correct one that meets all your wish-list needs and is easy to apply, goes the distance and is removed with very little effort at the end of an exhausted day? 
Mascara's are a very personal choice and in my opinion it's a case of trial and error until you find the "One"...it's as simple as that. On many occasions I had thought I had found the "Best" mascara, but it was soon knocked off its pedestal, as up pops the next best brush, new formula,lengthening fibers and on it goes.
For me the brush is important, as it must be on the short side, precise and well balanced in my fingers. The formula should be moist, but not too wet that it creates those irritating splodges, however the real test is unique to only "Moi", as I have 5 or 6 lashes on my one upper eyelid that without fail, clump together when I apply most mascaras. 

benefit Roller Lash Mascara R295

Luckily for me and many other delighted fans, benefit cosmetics returned to South Africa this past July. I had heard about the recently launched Roller Lash Mascara, as it has received high praise from beauty guru's around the world.. but was it really worthy of all the hype, I decided to put it to my "clump free" test. 

The wand does look slightly different due to the Hook ‘n’ Roll™ brush which not only grabs, lifts, curls but successfully separates the lashes - even my clump! 

I found it extremely easy to remove and I was happy to read that it contains Provitamin B5 and Serin, ingredients both known for their lash-conditioning benefits. I haven't yet put it to the "cry test" , but it's water-resistant. 
Over all the result was a "clump" free, more curled and lifted lashes, that in turn gave my eyes a more open look and was it worthy of all the "hype"?...
Most Definitely!

If you are looking for Super,Super curl and length, benefit recommend you to apply Roller Lash first to curl & lift your lashes then layer "they're real!" lenghtening mascara over the top.
I do have both, so I will be sure to give this combo a try and report back to you all...

If like me you are always looking for the next best mascara...
Good Luck! 
I think for now I could have just found mine...

You can also find yours at selected Red Squares and Edgars or online

Order online Red Square

28 October 2015


Sorry for the delay with announcing the 5 winners of my little L'Occitane giveaway, but my computer decided to go on strike for 2 days, not sure if its trying to tell me something!
Thank you to all those that entered.


Naidene Cooper

Inge Loker

Fathima Mahomed

Meg Interupted

Sumoni Singh

Your names have been drawn and you will receive a L'Occitane Pouch containing a 15ml Velvet Balm. Please send your postal addresses to

25 October 2015


As I am sure you know by now that Inslee Haynes is my favourite illustrator and it's been a little while since I have dedicated a post to only her sketches....In the below collection she captures that feeling... 
that Summer Is On Its Way.

21 October 2015


It's no secret that I love the French brand L'Occitane and I am really fortunate to have visited, on several occasions, the birth place of these wonderful products, Provence in the South of France. 
When a new product or range is launched I can't stop my mind and thoughts wandering back to that beautiful part of France, particularly so this month, as they have added (just in time summer) 2 new Youthful Body products to their already successful Almond Body range.

L'Occitane Almond Velvet Balm and Serum

If you haven't heard about or used their top selling almond body product - Almond Shower Oil, then you really must read my review, as it's a great product to acquaint yourself with the wonders of the humble "Almond".
*In celebration of the launch of these two new Almond body products I will be giving away 5 gifts, so be sure and read down to the bottom of this post where the Rafflecopter awaits your entry*

Here's a little history to this tree and its fruit.
The almond tree is actually native to the Middle East and over the centuries it became a prominent feature on the Provencal landscape. Unfortunately around the 1930's the fields of Almond trees almost disappeared as they made way for more lucrative crops, but thanks to L'Occitanes commitment to purchase the almonds from the producers, the pretty pinkish white flowers that herald the arrival of Spring will once again become a feature of the region.
The Valensole plateau in the "Haute Provence" region is where you will find the orchards of almond trees.
I have seen these beautiful Almond trees in all their glory and a pretty pink sight it truly is...... 

The beauty benefits of the amazing almond nut dates back to Ancient times, so it's not a new discovery, but L'Occitane have, in my opinion, created the most comprehensive and effective body range utilizing the stimulating bud, the fruit and its shell. The nut releases a creamy oil rich in vitamins A and E, renowned for deeply penetrating the skin to intensively moisturise, soften and firm. The shells can be finely ground for inclusion in gentle body or face exfoliators. The Almond nut not only packs a powerful source of nutrients when eaten, but has great antioxidant benefits for the skin and body.

 All of this "goodness" has been captured in the latest 2 additions to the Almond range. However all is not what it seems as L'Occitane have discovered a new exclusive regenerating complex. 
At the end of winter the native cells of the almond tree trigger the bud renewal process and drawing upon the regenerating power of these Native Cells the L'Occitane laboratory have created a new youth complex to help renew and revitalize epidermal cells. Good news as there are 3 Patents pending in France, which gives you an indication of what a discovery this is.
These new additions in conjunction with the smoothing proteins will act on the 5 signs of body ageing :
Skin Slackening
Loss of firmness
Fine lines
Skin irregularities
I am very familiar with all the products in the Almond range, so I am really excited to bring you my feedback on these "newbies" after a month or so of use 
(you know me - I have to test all products thoroughly) 
What I will reveal now, is that I have only been using these Youth Therapy products for 2 weeks and already I can feel a softness and an increase in hydration of my skin that has impressed me thus far. 
Until I post my full reviews , here is a brief overview of the Velvet Balm and the Velvet Serum. 
However I would suggest that you pop into your nearest L'Occitane Boutique to feel the texture of these two products, as they are amazing!

The Velvet Balm offers an immediate rich comfort to the skin. Apply twice a day on the entire body, massaging into the skin with circular upward motions.

Youthful Body Velvet Balm

Key Ingredients:
Almond native cells extract
Sweet almond oil
Almond proteins
Almond bud and rose extract
Shea Butter 

200 mls

The Velvet Serum differs from the Balm as it includes a Vitamin C derivative, which will even out the skin and  targets any sun induced sun spots.
Apply twice a day to the whole body, especially areas exposed to external aggressions i.e. neckline and the arms. Use alone or before the Velvet Balm for greater effectiveness. 

Youthful Body Velvet Serum

Key Ingredients:
Almond native cells extract
Vitamin C derivative
Sweet almond oil
Almond proteins
Almond bud and rose extract 

100 mls

Available now at L'Occitane Boutiques around the country and online.

I have 5 gifts to give away...

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Just so you know:

1. This draw is only open to those of you that reside in South Africa..sorry.
2. The random draw will take place on Tuesday 27th October.
3. The lucky winners will be contacted & announcements made on my social media platforms,
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4. Rafflecopter decision is final.

Good Luck!

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20 October 2015


"Oh no...not another Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water review" 
I hear you say...
I'm afraid so, but before you leave my page, this review is written by
a fifty year old beauty blogger. 

Garnier Skin Naturals Micellar Cleansing Water

Since launching several months ago in South Africa social media has been 
bombarded with very positive reviews and comments about both the 
Pure Active Micellar CleansingWater 
(combination /oily and sensitive skin)
and the one that I obviously tried, for dry and sensitive skin (pink lid)

The Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water is a multi purpose product, 
as it removes make-up, cleanses the face,eyes and lips, 
all without having to remove or rinse off. 
How can one product achieve so much...Well it's all down to the Garnier Micellar technology in this all-in-one cleanser. 
The cleansing agents attract and capture the make-up and impurities lifting 
them away from skin, leaving it perfectly cleansed and refreshed.

I'm somewhat sceptical about products that claim to "do it all", however after
 the first use I was convinced that this product does "do it all" and convincingly so! 
I have been using this efficient cleansing water now for several weeks, both as my cleanser in the morning and as part of a double cleanse in the evening
 and I have no complaints. 
It couldn't be easier to use-just apply to a cotton pad and wipe over the 
entire face including eyes and lips, leaving my skin feeling cleansed 
and soothed.

I also enjoy that its:
 Fragrance free
Ophthalmologically tested.

I wasn't one of the many lucky beauty bloggers to receive this product as a 
freebie from Garnier, but at R79.99 for a generous 400ml bottle 
I'm not complaining, as it's worth every cent. 
Garnier have a winner on their hands with this product, as we really don't have
 in South Africa, the Micellar Water selection to choose from and those that
 we can buy are far more expensive for far less quantity.

I said earlier that I had no complaints, but I do have one!
 Garnier claim that 400mls of this product will equal 200 uses, but for those that know me, I have a gripe with the size of the dispensing hole in many of the 
L'Oreal and Garnier liquids, as the hole is just too large and in my 
opinion encourages wastage. 

It is difficult to control the amount that you dispense onto the cotton pad, so just be aware otherwise your bottle wont last for any where near 200 uses.
My youngest "Kiddiewink" unbeknown to him will be using the combination 
version soon, so I am curious to see how it works on a typical teenagers skin. 

Available from Clicks countrywide and Dischem

17 October 2015


Its arrived!
This stunning Estée Lauder Blockbuster 2015 is now available in South Africa. 

Estee Lauder Blockbuster 2015

As always stocks are limited and it retails for R1,600 if you order online and there is no qualifying purchase, however if you buy it from a store it retails for R1,195 with a purchase of a 50ml or larger fragrance so don't delay to nab yourself this wonderful offer.
By far the biggest Blockbuster to date, this beautiful collection includes three full-size lipsticks, Repair Serum and so much more, all in a deluxe travel case.

- Deluxe Eye Palette
- Two Pure Color Blushes 
- Limited Edition All Over Shimmer Compact
- Three Full-Size Pure Color Lipsticks
- Two Pure Color Glosses 
- Sumptuous Extreme Mascara 
- Gentle Eye Makeup Remover
- Advanced Night Repair Synchronized Recovery Complex II (7ml)
- Revitalizing Supreme Creme (15ml)
- Modern Muse Eau De Parfum (4ml)
- Red Patent Travel Case
- Red Cosmetic Bag 

Every year I write a post about the Estee Lauder Blockbuster, as I've been a loyal fan ever since I got my first one more than 35 years ago! 
There isn't one colour in the eyeshadow or blusher palettes that I wouldn't use and the lipstick selection is pretty good to. 
The Estée Lauder Blockbuster 2015 is personally my favourite to date and who wouldn't love to receive this "all you need" make up collection as a gift this festive season!
Available at Estee Lauder outlets countrywide

12 October 2015


Dermaceutic is most probably a new name to many of you, as it was with me, up until last year.
Here is some background to this cosmeceutical brand.

Dermatologists and surgeons specialising in facial rejuvenation wanted to offer technologically advanced skin care products for their patients, to accompany general medical and cosmetic procedures. Their research led to the development of Dermaceutic – a range of cosmeceuticals to prepare, optimise and maintain the results of all medical and cosmetic procedures.
 Hence you won't find this brand in any mainstream stores or beauty salons.

Dermaceutic Laboratoire is the partner of choice for over 30,000 aesthetic dermatology specialists throughout the world. Dermaceutic stockists are carefully selected and it is imperative that they fill very strict criteria, that criteria being there is an associated doctor within every Dermaceutic Clinic. 

The Dermaceutic home care range focuses on the three essential areas of skin rejuvenation: 


It was created to address most skin types’ needs - from pigmentation to fine lines to acne - and contains a unique combination of active ingredients.

Interestingly Dermaceutics is one of the first cosmeceutical companies to develop products using wonderful ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, stabilized vitamin C, and glycolic acid. 

Now that you know a little of the history of the brand, lets get down to the "nitty-gritty". 

Dermaceutic Advanced Cleanser 150mls R380

I was recently sent their newly launched Advanced Cleanser,which comes in a foam format and is recommended for all skin types, including sensitive and dehydrated skin.
Having been a cleansing milk type of person for many years, it really has taken me some time to come around to the idea of using a rinseable liquid type cleanser.
I have really enjoyed a couple over the last few years and, you could say that I am becoming somewhat of a convert!

The transparent container that the foam comes in, fitted comfortably into my palm and is really easy to use with one hand and a bonus - you are able to see exactly how product much you are using.
Just a word of warning - you really don't need very much of this fragrance free cleanser, so don't be tempted to pump out too much of the product!
Application is easy just apply the foam onto a wet skin, massage thoroughly then rinse with water.
(On my first usage I dispensed enough to cleanse my whole body)

I found this foam cleanser effectively removed my heavy make-up and left my skin feeling clean, fresh and surprisingly hydrated and balanced, as opposed to leaving a feeling of tightness.
All this thanks to a unique hydrating complex that helps keep skin soft, supple and comfortable.
(I can see how these benefits would feel wonderful if used on a post peel skin)

High performance active ingredients include :

  • XYLITOL: Promotes skin hydration and smoothness
  • ZINC: Removes excess sebum
  • UREA: Removes scales from the skin's surface
  • GLYCERIN: Provides a hydrating and protective film

 Another aspect that I enjoyed about this foam cleanser - its Paraben free and packaged in an airless bottle to ensure optimum hygiene and a minimal concentration of preservatives.

I'm so enjoying my Dermaceutic Advanced Cleanser, which goes to prove that I have transitioned from
 "becoming a convert" to "converted".

To find out more about the Dermaceutic range and stockist locations visit

11 October 2015

8 October 2015


Worldwide October is Breast Cancer awareness month and I came across these pics showing you some cute ideas on how to show your support via your nails. 
Whether you do your own nail art or not, you can always ask your manicurist to recreate or if  you are like me and can only perform a straight forward paint,
 then there is only one nail colour to wear this month...it has to be 

To become more aware of breast cancer please visit CANSA’s website as their purpose is to lead the fight against cancer in South Africa. Its mission is to be the preferred non-profit organisation that enables research,educates the public and provides support to all people affected by cancer.

5 October 2015


I have a couple of products that I have just recently finished, so will they 
"Move In" or "Move On"?

First up is a product that I love, but unfortunately it will be moving on.
The L'Occitane Lavender Relaxing Roll-On is such a great idea, as its an "on the go", apply anytime,anywhere,calming, relaxing fragranced roll on, but after now giving two roll-ons a try I am having to give up on this one, as I simply cannot afford to keep buying a product that evaporates so quickly.
Being an oil it will always find a way to ooze out of the bottle and lid, despite me being careful to thread the cap carefully back on.
It's a pity as the product was my little bottle of calm, but for me it's a packaging #fail.

The Body Shop Cranberry Joy Shimmer Lotion is a Christmas Edition and mine has sadly just finished. This fruity lotion gives the body a lovely golden shimmer and
thankfully Christmas is just around the corner, so this is temporarily moving on, but will be hopefully be moving back in soon.
Until next time....

4 October 2015


I was recently given a selection of hair care samples from L'Occitane and
in case you weren't aware they have, for some years now, created quite an extensive collection of hair care ranges to deal with most issues including: 

Colour Protection 
Body & Strength

Having used several of their hair products over the years, they originally consisted of 3 Essential Oils (Essential Oils are at the heart of all L'Occitane products and deliver a higher concentration of the plants specific benefits)
 However their newer hair care product offerings now have the inclusion of 2 more creating a combination of 5 Essential Oils.

I tried the nourishing Radiance and Colour Care Mask sample, which is aimed to help enhance and preserve the brilliance of colour-treated hair. Hair colour fade is a problem experienced by many and I feel particularly more so in summer, especially here in South Africa or any other sunny clime.

All the formula's combine 5 protective essential oils (geranium, rosemary, cedar, palmarosa and bergamot) with a protective grape seed extract to help prevent colour from fading while preserving its radiance. Its claimed that hair is left smoother, softer, shinier and easier to manage without being weighed down.

 Having always used serums and masks to counteract the damaging effects of many years of highlighting and colouring my hair, I recently put my hair on a "Detox", so I am particularly interested to see if this mask leaves my hair feeling weighed down or not.

(Unfortunately from the use of a sample only I will not be able to report on any long term colour fade protection)

I left the slightly fragranced, white, rich, creamy mask on my hair for the required 10 minutes post shampooing. Often it's at the rinse stage where I can usually feel whether the product is going to weigh my hair down or not, as for me it's all in the ease of rinsing and this mask was relatively quick and easy to rinse off.
After combing through I followed my usual routine of blow drying and straightened my hair, at this point I was wondering what was I going to report about, that was any different to many other hair masks that I have tried.
Once I had finished my styling all was revealed, as my hair felt not only smoother and hence softer, but had a radiance and shine that I can't say I have experienced before.
Another benefit was the volume that my hair had, which I can only put down to the fact that the individual shafts of the hair are not coated with the smoothing ingredients, as with many products out there that claim to smooth, soften and give shine.
Above all my hair didn't feel weighed down at all, so for me this was a success!

I recently did a review, which did weigh my hair down all in the pursuit of smoothness.

Expert Liss Ultime Review 

Despite being a little pricey at R450 but its a huge 200ml jar of Hair Mask, 
which would last me a long, long time.
This range does have a matching Shampoo and Conditioner, but check out more of the L'Occitane Hair Care products online


Let me know if you have tried any of the L'Occitane hair products.

2 October 2015


I can't believe we are entering the last quarter of the year and here are a couple of my standout "faves" from September.



I am still really enjoying this MAC lipstick for its staying power and I've plans to try other MAC products really soon.



This CND VINYLUX Weekly Top Coat has become a firm part of my home mani sessions.

CND VINYLUX Weekly Top Coat