28 May 2014


This a new series of silly posts for Wednesdays, hopefully it will help you get over "Hump Day".
Weirdness comes in all forms and remember one persons "Weirdness" 
could be another persons "Norm".

"Try your luck at your own risk"

Don't invade my umbrella space

Yikes No thanks!

Thumbs up for this memory stick

27 May 2014


Since booking my trip to England and France only two weeks ago and at that time thinking
"these next 2 weeks will fly by" Well guess what... they have!
As usual there is always a mad last minute rush, even though I am an organized person,there are just some things that can't be done till the last minute. 

Thank goodness I am flying Emirates from Durban and a 30kg luggage allowance is their norm, as opposed to 20kg on other airlines, which in my opinion is a huge plus for anyone considering overseas air travel. After pointing out this extra 10kgs of luggage allowance I must also point out on this trip that I am really a "poor" travel, so I am not quite sure what I will be using the extra weight for.....
(I am sure I will find something though)

The "hubby" and the "Kiddiewinks" are sorted with long lists of daily reminders,the fridge and freezer are bursting, work commitments fulfilled and my blog unfortunately will be the neglected one during my holiday, so I will keep you all updated on my adventures on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter and I will write posts when and where I can.
au revoir......

26 May 2014


I am not sure what happened with this weeks Sunday Sample as I remember some time back using this toner,but somehow it's back in my Sample jar...anyway here goes and I will report back on Sunday with my opinion on this generous sample of the Kiehl's Cucumber Herbal Alcohol-Free Toner.

25 May 2014


For those that read my blog outside of South Africa, here is a brief overview of the Comrades Marathon.
The Comrades Marathon is the world's oldest and largest ultra marathon run over a distance of approximately 90 km or 56.1 miles between the capital of the KwaZulu-Natal Province of South Africa, Pietermaritzburg, and the coastal city of Durban
The first Comrades Marathon took place on 24th May 1921, Empire Day, starting outside the City Hall in Pietermaritzburg with 34 runners. It has continued since then every year with the exception of the war years 1941-1945, with the direction alternating each year between Pietermaritzburg and Durban, the so called up & down runs.
The number of entrants today is around 18,000 and this year is being held on Sunday 1st June and is a "down" run and believe it or not I ran my first Comrades in 1991...yes you read correctly, I ran this iconic race in a time of 10 hours and 11 minutes and loved every minute of it.
So to all those that are running tomorrow...
Have a great run and enjoy every step.


Last year I did a series of posts called Sunday Sketches by the talented American illustrator Inslee Haynes, so here is another post showcasing some of her "long leg" sketches.

22 May 2014


Some time back I bought my first products from the Italian skincare brand BioNike after reading some good reviews.Their extensive range established in the 1960's focus's on providing relief to sensitive,allergic and reactive skins and is based on an "allergy free philosophy". Their products are free from preservatives, glutens, fragrance as well as being tested for nickel. 

My initial product choice was their Defence Gentle Milk Cleanser (for dry and very dry skins) and the Defence Toning Lotion (for sensitive and intolerant skins) , as I have been searching for more affordable yet effective cleansers and toners to review.You may have read my reviews on the Yves Rocher 3 Detoxifying Teas Velvety Cleansing Milk and Perfecting Toning Lotion that I discovered last year and have loved, but in the name of research I had to move on and BioNike was the brand I moved on to! 

I must point out that I do not and never have had a sensitive skin, but I prefer to use products that are as natural as possible and alcohol,fragrance and paraben free where ever and when ever possible. I used the toner first and was positively shocked that I experienced more than a tingle around my nose and on my cheek area. I understand that some active products can cause a slight tingle on the skin that subsides quickly, but this as I say,was more than a tingle. I tried the product a second and a third time over the next couple of days,but the sensation was the same after each application.... I didn't try the cleanser, as I wanted to be certain that it was the toner causing me the problem.

Even though I was recommended these two products by the BioNike consultant, I was intrigued as to why a product specially formulated for sensitive skins should cause me, a non sensitive skin, to have a problem.
Upon further investigation I discovered that the Defence Toning lotion contains no alcohol, but has a slightly acidic pH, which refreshes and tightens the skin whilst respecting its natural balance, thanks to the Witch Hazel Distilled Water. I suspect that this is what caused my issues and obviously was a little too acidic, refreshing and tightening for my skin.

I have since returned both the toner and the unopened cleanser to Dischem who are the exclusive stockists in South Africa and they happily refunded me.

I was left feeling disappointed and let down, as I really had high hopes for this Italian brand, but don't let my experience put you off checking out their range , but be warned, as their range is large and somewhat confusing, so seek the advice of a trained BioNike specialist and they do carry a large range of samples.

Defence Gentle Milk Cleanser 

Defence Refreshing Toning Lotion

BioNike Defence Gentle Milk Cleanser & Refreshing Toning Lotion

20 May 2014


Over the years I have jumped between Kerastaste, Redken and L'Oreal Professionnel hair products for home use. Recently I bought the L'Oreal Liss Ultime shampoo and Smoothing Masque, as I have had quite a lot of new hair growth recently and I wanted to smooth that
 new growth frizz.

This range is a 4 step regime specially formulated to smooth unmanageable hair and I wouldn't say that my hair was unruly, but a little smoothing would be nice, after all smooth hair always looks shinier and healthier.

The technology behind this range is AR POLYMAR which has a dual-action care of nourishing and protecting. Oil Incell technology features Olive and Argan oils, both nourishing and gives suppleness to the hair, and Auto-Reticular is a humidity protecting polymer. Whilst the shampoo is formulated to nourish,smooth and soothe the hair fibres, the masque has the added bonus of protecting the hair from humidity.The Polytensium Technology leaves hair with intense shine and softness and provides lasting, defined smoothness.

The fragrance of this shampoo is very appealing and its easy to lather and rinse off, as is the deep nourishing masque, but I began to notice that my hair was feeling less "squeaky" clean after each wash. After a period of a couple of months, I stopped using the shampoo and the masque, as the oils that are used to smooth and control the hair created a build up and my hair was feeling a little overloaded, creating an oily and lank look...not good.

I would image that if you hair was truly unmanageable then this 4 product range or even just the shampoo/masque combo would be great for "taming the mane", but unfortunately my hair didn't need that much control, 
so it wasn't for me.

Liss Ultime Shampoo & Masque

Shampoo 250ml R200 approx
Masque 200ml   R330 approx

18 May 2014


I have tried a couple of Kiehls products before, the one was a "hit" with me
 and the other unfortunately was a "miss".
 Kiehls adopt a great marketing strategy of "try before you buy" by the way of sampling, hence my review this Sunday is of the Creme de Corps (body cream) which I received when I bought my Epidermal Re-Texturizing
Micro-Dermabrasion last year. 
(Sampling allows you to smell,feel and experience the product in the comfort of your own home prior to buying. Often the one or two applications in a sample is sufficient for you to decide whether its compatible with your skin or not, especially if you have sensitivity issues, so with this in mind, it is unreasonable to expect to see great results after a couple of applications from a sample.You may have noticed that I never review a face skincare product from my Sunday Sample jar, as in my opinion a fair review can only be given after a minimum of a months usage)

The reason I am outlining the aim of sampling, is that it states on the back of the 
Creme de Corps sachet "with continued use for 10 days will provide a 
skin texture heretofore unattainable", 
so my review is only based on the 2 applications from the sample.

Kiehl's Creme de Corps 500ml 

Of all the body moisturizers that Kiehl's have on offer, the Kiehl's Creme de Corps is the most hydrating "all over" body moisturizer and they claim its enriched with the
 finest ingredients known to Kiehl's for a rich elegant skin texture.
It is therefore best suited for an extremely dry or flaking skin, 
which I have to admit I only suffer from very occasionally 
(thanks to my obsession with weekly exfoliation any flakiness is removed)

Immediately upon application of this yellow cream I noticed a lack of any fragrance, which I prefer.Also I was  pleasantly surprised that even though they claim it to be a rich cream, I didn't find it to be rich in texture like many body creams that I have tried, yet it was rich in its nourishing and moisturizing capabilities. Initially upon application it felt a little greasy,but that soon disappeared and left my skin soft, smooth and beautifully moisturised.

All things considered, for me... this is another "hit" from Kiehl's after only 2 applications.

This is a premium body cream and is available in 3 sizes
The 500ml size comes with the pump dispenser and works out to be the 
most economical size.
Available from Selected Edgars stores.

125ml R245
250ml R365
500ml R615

To read previous reviews

16 May 2014


This weeks Friday Find is a "foodie" one.
 I have been buying these imported Marks & Spencers Kentish Bramley Apple and Blackberry Pies from Woolworths, for sometime now and they are delicious!
 Not being much of a baker it's far easier to leave any fruit pie baking to the professionals.
 You will find this product in the frozen food section of the larger Woolworths and they are available online.It couldn't be any simpler to bake, just take straight from the freezer and you literally pop it into a 180 degree preheated oven and bake for 45-50 minutes and you will have yourself a fruit pie that is packed with chunks of Bramley Apple and whole blackberries in a shortcrust all butter pastry lattice.
 Just add custard, cream or ice cream and you have a "hit" dessert that all the family will love....
and it gets even better, as they retail for only R49.95...
serves 4 and is suitable for vegetarians.
Let me know your thoughts.

M&S Kentish Bramley Apple and Blackberry Pie

15 May 2014


Here is another video and tutorial from my "fave" make-up artist Wayne Goss. 
This time he is showing us a great tip on how to apply mascara and create curl on the lashes that lasts.
 I haven't tried this myself yet, but I haven't been let down by any of his other great tips 
so far to date...so Enjoy!

13 May 2014


Only 15 more big sleeps and I will be off for eighteen days to the UK and France and as you can imagine I can't wait....
My flights, car hire, trains and Paris accommodation is all booked and need I say it
 "it's costing me a fortune" due to the poor exchange rate that we get for our weak South African Rand.
"Poor" is what I will be, but I will hopefully return rich with memories....

I will be spending a few days in the UK, as I am attending a wedding and the rest of the time will be spent in France including a 3 day trip to Paris. I still have lots of family and friends in the UK and thankfully they are very understanding when their "£ poor" relative from South Africa comes to stay.

My older sister lives in France and the same applies there, as the € is not much better, but of all my regular visits over the years this will be my most expensive trip to date, so restraint will be the order of the holiday, as instructed by my hubby, who by the way stays at home to look after the Kiddiewinks as he doesn't "do" travel,
 he doesn't know what he is missing!

So during my holiday expect lots of French inspired photos, face book updates,tweets and blog posts....
à la prochaine.

12 May 2014


Its time for another dip into my sample jar in order for me to bring you a Sunday Sample 
review next week. 
I am looking forward to trying this!
Kiehl's Creme de Corps (Body Cream)

11 May 2014


High Tea at the Beverley Hills Hotel was the order of the day this past Thursday for a group of varied bloggers, courtesy of the online beauty website 27Pinkx.

Elements Cafe & Bar

Our table was stylishly laid in the chic Elements Cafe Bar overlooking the pool and beyond across the Indian Ocean and as always the food didn't disappoint. 
An assortment of High Tea goodies were irresistibly presented on
 3 tiered cake stands and were enjoyed by all...


The event was relaxed and casual and gave everyone time to mix n mingle, but unfortunately our hosts  didn't include any formal presentation about the website or the two owners Anjum and Khatija Ahmed, which I know the beauty bloggers amongst us were wanting to hear.

3 Drawer Perspex Storage System

An assortment of 27Pinkx products

However one thing I do know is that they have a wonderful range of Perspex cosmetic storage systems, make-up brushes, eye shadow and pigment palettes. The storage systems are great to both store and organise not only cosmetics, but would be great for jewellery, nail art goodies  and even crafting items, as everything is easily visible. 

Make Up Palettes

We got to test their make up palettes and the colours on application 
were true to their colour. 
Generously, we were gifted with a 10 piece make up brush set....in Pink, 
which for me, being slightly obsessed with all things pink...couldn't have been in a better colour.
Thank you 27Pinkx for a lovely gift and evening.

10 piece Brush Set

Today for Mothers Day 27Pinkx are giving a 
10% Discount on the 10 piece Make up brush set.
Offer valid until 10pm tonight.

Happy Mothers Day!

If you would like to know more about 27Pinkx product offering 
to order on line then visit their website.

8 May 2014


I know that I am posting this early, as it's still Thursday, but somewhere in the world it's Friday! Last week I popped into my "fave" MINI Boutique at SMG Rocks and discovered some new MINI branded "goodies" for this weeks "Friday Finds" post.

Boots R605

Lifestyle Weekender R855

R814 & R788

Coin Pouches R110

All available from SMG Rocks

5 May 2014


When my "Kiddiewinks" were younger they always looked forward to trundling behind mum around Woolworths Gateway, usually in the lead up to Christmas or Mothers Day, as this "follow" was always different to the others.On these two occasions it was not the normal follow mum story, as it was the time where I was instructed to walk around and touch the items on display that I would like to receive as a gift. The "Kiddiewinks" had to remember, not only where the gifts were in the store, but which gifts they were, allowing them to go back later with dad and decide which they should buy for me their mummy! 
(Occasionally they did get it wrong much to our amusement)
Now that these "Kiddiewinks" are all grown up, social media has moved this tradition along a little and I now showcase my desired gifts on my blog, so here is my Mothers Day Wish list for 2014, which by the way in South Africa is this Sunday 11th May.

 Fleece Boot Slippers 
Available at Woolworths countrywide

 Any chocolate slabs from The Drakensberg Chocolate Memories..Delish! 
Order online 

 Natural Soap Making book by Bev Missing (founder of rain)
Available in all rain stores around the country 
order online

 Nails inc. nail colour Brompton Place
 Available at selected Red Squares and Edgars.

4 May 2014


Emoyeni Guest Lodge and Conference Centre situated between Cato Ridge and Camperdown in KZN was but a dream of Brenda and Bryan Eaton 13 years ago. Today after much hard work, plus a few forced reinventions over the years, Brenda and Bryan are living their dream. Emoyeni is off the beaten track and the only reason I got to know about this hidden "foodie" gem is thanks to the BMW motorbike club. Emoyeni has some accommodation, a small conference centre,a grass airstrip and housing for about 15 microlights and light aircraft and a flying school, but it's the rustic pub & restaurant, The Holding Point, that I am keen to tell you about.

Every Sunday they lay on a "weigh n pay" Buffet between 12-2pm, however I do advise that you phone before hand and book. We got the chance to eat there on Easter Sunday and it was a glorious Day. Even though we requested to sit outside, the tables are all shaded by umbrellas, but there is plenty of seating under the cover of a veranda if it rains. The buffet options are chalked up on a blackboard and change weekly according to availability, as most of the veggies are organically home grown. The menu accommodates vegetarians as well as the carnivores,so I will get right to dishes that were on offer, by just saying, that every single item I tried was absolutely flavour some and delicious!
Out of our party of 6 people there was not one complaint about any of the food, 
only high praise....

We all agreed, that the meat dishes of Roulade of Chicken and the Stuffed Pork were both cooked to tender perfection and we are all big meat lovers! The Line fish is not a usual choice for me,but again it was tender, flakey and the rosa tomato and black olives was a great accompaniment. The veggie mix of roasted butternut, peppers and asparagus and the 3 potato dishes were all full of taste.

The "weigh and pay" system works for me, as I like to chose my own mix and quantity of food. the charge is R15 per 100grms and my plate as shown below worked out to be R65. They also operate the same system for the desserts, which sadly I missed out on as they had all finished by the time I got back there.

To add to the delightful setting and the casual laid back kinda atmosphere there is generally some type of live music playing.

We all left feeling very relaxed, content and headed home for a little afternoon zizz

The Tinkerers

View across the grass airstrip

Our Table awaits

Live Entertainment

Yummy Veg Spring Rolls with Sweet Chilli Sauce and Beetroot and Feta Salad

Hasselback Potatoes

Home grown Veggies

Linefish with Rosa Tomato and Black Olives 


The menu changes according to seasonal availability

3 May 2014


Today it was all happening at SMG Rocks in Umhlanga as it was launch of the All New MINI Hatch, so I popped down there to take a look. Much activity was on the go, which made it a little difficult to actually grab one of the sales team to explain in more detail, what was "new". 

(As you may or may not be aware..I am no "motor head", so this is my take on this new car mainly from a cosmetic viewpoint rather than a mechanical one!)

This is the 3rd Generation MINI since its relaunch in 2001 and despite initially looking same as its predecessors, on closer inspection there have been many subtle changes externally and internally more bold and obvious ones. 
The All New MINI Hatch is larger, and in my view looked a little "bloated", but in a nice way. The car is both longer, wider and fractionally taller, but the extra size wasn't really noticeable once you climbed into the car.
Externally the front grill is larger, as are the front lights and the tail lights are styled on the original MINI of the 1950's.

Internally reveals more of The New MINI...
It definitely has more of an upmarket interior feel, yet still remains bold and in your face, but that's a MINI. Some of the controls have been re positioned and generally made more user friendly, whilst there are some new inclusions making the retro interior even more appealing. One of new optional extras that is now available is the rear view camera and park assist, which after having one in my car for several years, to me is a "must" in terms of safety. Cosmetically there are more options to personalise your New MINI with bonnet stripes and contrasting black sunroof.
With regards to the engine specs and other important stuff...
it's best you visit the Website but there are several engine options and fuel economy has been improved on even more.

(Base price of around R287,000,00 for a MINI Cooper Hatch)

Unfortunately I didn't get to test drive this more "grown up" MINI, so no comment,
but in terms of everything else that I saw...



I have heard lots of good feedback over the past three or four years about this Italian restaurant up the North coast in Ballito and I finally got to try it out this past Sunday.
The owners pride themselves on serving real Italian food made with the freshest ingredients.
We arrived early evening and immediately you felt the holiday vibe, as we sat outside on a hot balmy summers night. The decor is very casual and typically Italian, as is the menu, with all the usual pizzas,pastas,fish and meat dishes.

Be warned their menu is vast and choices are somewhat difficult o make...

Grilled Cajun Calamari R50 starter

I ordered a starter of Cajun Calamari served with Foccacia bread (R50). It was grilled to perfection and I thoroughly enjoyed the fact it was served with a creamy sauce for a change. 
I would highly recommend this dish if you like something tasty and spicy, well worth another visit just for this!

Lucci - Ham & Pineapple R72

The "Kiddiewinks" and my hubby all ordered traditional Italian style pizzas cooked in a 
wood - fired oven and were all a huge hit. 
The only disappointment for me was the salad dressing on my Gorgonzola salad (R72) 
The salad itself was good size with plenty of cheese, avo and bacon plus all the other usual greenery, however it was served already dressed and unfortunately the dressing tasted like a ready made catering dressing rather than homemade, so I am not sure which it was.
 Next time  though I will ask for no dressing and rather do a balsamic vinegar and olive oil mix myself.

Mamma G's is a busy,vibey and friendly family Italian eatery and obviously very popular with both the locals and the holiday makers, so booking is advisable. 
I also noticed that they have many larger tables with bench seating, that are really great
 for larger family gatherings.
The service was good and under the watchful eye of the manager and
an enjoyable evening on all counts was had by all and we will be returning.
 It's just a pity it's not nearer to my home!

Mamma G's Restaurant

Shop H5, Ballito Junction Shopping Centre
Ballito Drive

 Telephone Booking

 Send Email