30 September 2013


Cue the music......the Sound of Music.... 
Here are a few of "My Favourite Things" for September.
Let me know if some of yours are amongst these.


The new Bridal Collection fragrance from Aura by Swarovski was launched last week and I have fallen in love with both the packaging and the fragrance.


My Pear and Gorgonzola salad with peanut brittle from Remo's in Umhlanga Rocks was the best salad I have eaten in a long time and as you know I eat out often and this is worthy of many more visits.


 I tested the Clarins Skin Illusion foundation out in September and this definitely makes it onto "My Favourite Things" list. There are now 10 shades to choose from.

29 September 2013

27 September 2013


Ok I don't hide it and I admit to it in many of my posts, on facebook and on twitter that I am a "Chocoholic". 
I love all things chocolate, the only exception being anything coffee flavoured, so maybe this rules me out of having a real problem, but either way I have a problem!
My favourite brand is Lindt and recently I noticed that they had added some new flavours to their
Creation range:

Heavenly Creme Brûlée 
Divine Hazelnut
Velvety Vanilla Almond
Sumptuous Orange

They all sound like they would be hits with me, as I love nuts and vanilla.
I will be trying a slab of each and you can be sure that I will report back on my thoughts, which will all be good I am sure!

26 September 2013


There are occasions when we gift money rather than an actual present.Gift vouchers are great, but money handed over in an envelope is not so great.
In order to inspire you I came across these extra special ways of presenting money as a gift....perfect for a 21st Birthday, Wedding, Graduation, Christmas or even Bar or Bat Mitzvah gift and they take very little effort, the only exception is the chocolate box gift, where you will need to eat the "Chocs" first...Shew that's a tough ask....
I am sure the way that you present the money will be remembered long after the money has gone.

Fill a balloon with confetti and rolled money,pop
the balloon and out falls a nice surprise

Eat the chocolates and replace them with either notes or coins.
Lid back on and wrap the box of money chocs.

Add a clear personalised baubble to the tree on
Christmas eve,but fill with bank notes to
make it special

Love this one replace the pizza with money

Put the folded bank notes into some tissue and box and wrap

25 September 2013


If you are not too sure how to use a concealer then watch this tutorial 
from Wayne Goss, as he gives you 5 different ways to apply.

24 September 2013


South Africans celebrate Heritage Day (public holiday) today the 24th of September by remembering the cultural heritage of the many cultures that make up the population of South Africa. Various events are staged throughout the country to commemorate this day. 
It also just happens to be the unofficial National Braai Day, so what better way to celebrate ones heritage than joining friends and family over the coals of a braai fire.
Enjoy your day today,
 which ever way you choose to celebrate your heritage...

23 September 2013


This week sees the launch of the new Limited Edition Aura by Swarovski Collection Mariage.
(Bridal Collection)

I have been very fortunate to have been wearing this Light Eau de toilette fragrance for some weeks now and what strikes you immediately is the beautiful soft pink outer packaging which houses a stunning bottle, that is only fully revealed once you remove the delicate pink crystal capped metal sleeve.
In keeping with the bridal theme the luminous bottle is enhanced by a veil of lace.


As you can gather I love the bottle, but what about the fragrance or the juice? 

As you would expect from a bridal collection fragrance its light, romantic and soft.
Sometimes however, I do favour the "quieter" kind of fragrance and for the past few weeks
 my fragrance mood has been just that ...and Aura suited me perfectly.
If you are looking to make a "statement" with your perfume, most probably, this is not for you!

I agree totally with its classification of a sparkling floral fragrance.
The sparkling aspect is thanks to the lychee fruit,
 which is a signature ingredient of Aura by Swarovski fragrances.
The floral elements are Peony, Lotus and White Musk.

This floral bouquet is easy to wear either during the day or night and especially when "delicate"
 is the order of the day. 

 Eau de Toilette 50ml

Available from the 23rd September at all Swarovski stockists.


I came across these vintage perfume ads from the 50's and 60's on Pinterest and I have to admit that I find it quite refreshing to see the simplicity of these magazine and newspaper advertisements. 

What do you think?

22 September 2013


As you have most probably gathered I like all things pink....
Here are some nails painted in several pretty shades and adorned with embellishments.
I love the LV set and the pink phone pouch.

21 September 2013


The 5* Beverley Hills Hotel seems to have been a fixture on the Umhlanga horizon forever. My family first stayed in the hotel back in 1974, on our first visit to South Africa and even back then it was "the" hotel in Durban to stay at. Although many years have passed it still holds fond memories of Christmas's spent swimming and tanning by the pool. (Even at fourteen I was desperate to go back to the cold UK winter with the best tan possible...there was nothing better than having your bronzed skin highlight the pale white skin of your classmates)

Considering the hotel is on my doorstep, I haven't been inside to eat or drink for a couple of years, that was until yesterday, when I was invited to my friends 50th Birthday Breakfast. We sat on the terrace which has five star views across the sparkling pool, past the Umhlanga Rocks Lighthouse and out across the Indian Ocean.

The semi buffet style breakfast is laid out in the Sugar Club dining room and you can choose between Continental at R175 or the full cooked breakfast option for R210. Whilst the buffet comprised of all the usual cereal, fruit and fresh juice and pastry assortment, I was impressed with the continental cold meats, salami and the cheese selection, which I thoroughly enjoyed.

Fresh honey anyone?

Hot breakfasts are ordered and served at the table from the breakfast menu,which includes the normal egg options, bacon, sausage etc etc, but smoked salmon scrambled eggs, various omelettes, minute steak and Scottish kippers are also on offer. The hotels signature breakfast dish is the popular Eggs Benedict, which I must say looked absolutely "delish", as did the smoked salmon scrambled eggs.

The hotel setting, facilities and the food at the Beverly Hills is what you would expect from a hotel that has been awarded five stars year after year, but the staff are the true stars, several of which I am sure have been around since my days of holidaying there. Nothing was too much trouble or effort and what I like is when a waitron anticipates or reads from your body language, what you are needing next.The GM even came to wish the "birthday girl" a Happy Birthday, to me these little touches make all the difference.

I have to admit I love the 5* Oyster Box Hotel next door, but strangely enough I felt a little guilty yesterday as I was sitting overlooking the pool. I have far more memories of my time spent at the Beverly Hills  than at the Oyster Box, yet I have neglected to rekindle those happy memories in favour of making new ones next door. 
As a result, I will be back to visit the Beverly Hills soon and I will take time to "chillax" and reminisce...and try a Strawberry Daiquiri or two. 
Just a thought...could you imagine, if the Beverly Hills SD was to topple the Oyster Boxes SD from its number 1 spot on my Strawberry Daiquiri charts! Now there's a thought....
I will definitely give you feedback as to how it rates..

19 September 2013


Remo’s was born in May 2007 in memory of the late Remo Giuseppe Scribante. His brothers, “Fratelli”, Franco and Renzo Scribante opened their first café in Mount Edgecombe, Durban.

Renzo had a passion for food and cafes his whole life. He spent time from an early age cooking with his mother in the kitchen and cleaning the tables at Sunday lunches. What started out as a small café with a limited menu has now turned into an established company fuelled by passion. 

The Remo’s Originale (Mount Edgecombe Store) is now a bustling restaurant and bar very well known for its quality of food. 
In 2012 Remo’s expanded and the much anticipated Villaggio store was opened in Umhlanga Village.
 This charming,upmarket and exciting venue is open 7 days a week for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

I must make mention here of the Italian Panetteria (bakery) which is adjoining the restaurant and is very cute little shop, but I will blog about this on another occasion.

This is only the second time I have eaten at the Remo's in Umhlanga due to the fact, that they are always fully booked in the evenings,so I highly recommend booking a table in advance.

Be aware that the menu is extensive and it really does take some time to read through it, as always when I am confronted with a huge variety of dishes, I found myself chopping and changing my mind, many times.
I finally ordered a Pear and Gorgonzola Salad,which was absolutely delicious, but the key ingredient for me were the broken pieces of peanut brittle scattered over the salad, which elevated this dish into a new realm of  salad deliciousness. The sweetness of the brittle just complimented the cheese and the pear, so well.

Pear and Gorgonzola Salad R75

My hubby and the "Kiddiewinks" all ordered pizzas, which have recently been voted the best in Durban 2013 by the "I love Durban" Online community and again the family all enjoyed theirs. The pizza menu offers some interesting and different topping options. The thin based pizzas are rectangle in shape and are served on a wooden board and have to be the most expensive Pizzas around Durban ranging from
 R72 for a basic Funghi to R140 for the GiGi seafood pizza.

Carne Pizza R98

We all opted for "puds" and Chocolate Brownies with ice cream were the most popular choice and I ordered a Creme Brûlée. The Choc brownies were rich and a hit, whilst my Creme Brûlée on the other hand, was a disaster. It arrived with a sugar spun creation on top and looked promising....but that's where it ended! The management dealt with my complaint immediately and efficiently. 
Maybe next time I will also opt the the rich Choc "overload" pud below!

Decadantly rich Chocolate Brownie R35

Creme Brulee

Remo's is proud of its wine list and obviously includes several Italian wines, but my fave cocktail a Strawberry Daiquiri was not on the cocktail menu, so sad face....I did venture out of my "cocktail" box and I tried a long cocktail called
 Aperol Spritz R52
 (Aperol, Prosecco and Orange Juice)
 My SD still remains my first and only true cocktail love.

 Taking into account the decor, the vibe, the service and the great Italian food, the whole dinning experience at Remo's is memorable and I cannot wait to return for another Pear and Gorgonzola Salad or maybe one of the many home made pasta dishes, or a pizza or even one of their special dishes...
Oh! see I am already undecided about what to order on my next visit,which means many more visits are on the cards..

For those of you living outside of KZN, the brothers do have plans to expand into Johannesburg and possibly Cape Town.

Shop 2/3, Protea Mall
Cnr Lighthouse and Chartwell Drive
031 561 7143

17 September 2013


Yesterday evening I went along to the regional dermalogica offices in KZN to hear all about their soon to be launched 
"we are dermalogica" consumer campaign.

Cheeses, pestos, fruit, nuts and wonderful breads

If you are not too "au fait" with its products or of its history, be warned this is about to change with their largest campaign to date. They are literally hitting the roads of South Africa to introduce the public to the dermalogica brand. Expect to see advertisements in several major magazines, on billboards and even outdoor placements at airports. The most important tool in this campaign however, is the branded FJ Cruiser and the mobile D-rig pop up station, which will embark on a journey around SA to "Face Mapp" the nation. 
(Face Mapping is Dermalogica’s unique skin analysis, a Dermalogica professional skin therapist will decode your skin – zone by zone – and equip you with the real advice and results-driven regimen only available from a trained professional)

The dermalogica branded FJ Cruiser

The well stocked D-rig pop up station

Lauren, Heloise, Sonette and Cherie the passionate team

Over the next few months this D-rig will be popping up, not only outside shopping centres,
 but also at various high profile events:

Nedbank Golf Challenge
Momentum 94.7 Cycle
Professional Beauty Wellness Show
Nike Run Jozi
Taste of Joburg

The dermalogica team cannot wait to find new skins to change and they want the whole country to know that dermalogica takes skin care very seriously and so should you!
Watch out for the "we are dermalogica" cruiser and D-rig travelling on our roads and pay them a visit if you see it at any of the major shopping centres or at any of the above events.

Follow the whereabouts of the D-rig on 


15 September 2013


Inslee Haynes is so talented and here are some more of her wonderful 
sketches to enjoy!


We have a 2nd winner for my Beauty Shout Box 1st Birthday Givaway.

The winner is



You have won these wonderful L'Occitane products


Please email me hazel@beautyshoutbox.co.za with your delivery details