31 March 2019


I doubt very much that Dior and elephant are ever mentioned in the same sentence,
but I have to initially mention the "Elephant in the Room" or should it be
 "Elephant on the blog",
and that is the price of the Dior Forever Glow Foundation, as it comes
in at a hefty R880.

I personally don't have any issue with parting with that kind of money, but it would be on a skincare product and not so much on make-up, for me skincare is priority and should always command the larger portion of any beauty budget.
If your beauty budget allows and your skincare regime is on point then lets look more into this new Forever Foundation from the deluxe French brand Dior.

Dior claims to take 24 hour complexion perfection to the next level with FOREVER.
Introducing the new Dior Forever Skin Glow foundation. With Dior's iconic long-wearing Forever foundation formula, now offered in a radiant finish, the complexion appears flawless and even and the pores tightened. 
A hydration booster, pansy extract helps protect the skin from drying.From morning to night, the perfect water-oil balance delivers a naturally vibrant, shine-free glow. 
Protective rose hip extract, which has been the star ingredient of Dior Forever for years, helps protect the quality of skin from exterior aggressors and reduce the appearance of dilated pores. 
 Instantly enhances the appearance of the skin and improves its quality day after day with a formula enriched in meticulously selected skincare ingredients.  The skin is protected from exterior aggressors and UVA and UVB rays with SPF 35 PA++ protection.
As you can see this foundation offers more skincare benefits than your average
 foundation some of which are cumulative,
(which obviously I can't vouch for after using only 4 times) 
 but personally I would prefer to rely on specific skincare products
to deal with issues of hydration and sun protection.

The Dior Forever Skin Glow has a fluid formula aimed for drier skins and offers a 
medium to full coverage, I would say it leans more to medium on me.
On a suitably prepped skin this foundation is super easy to apply, is buildable
and has a noticeable skincare feel about it.
With the promise of a flawless, long wearing, glowy complexion I was slightly
 disappointed on two of these points, firstly if you have an already flawless skin 
then this foundation will enhance that and look great, but lets be real here my skin
 passed the flawless stage many years ago, so I wasn't expecting any great 
improvement there.

On the "Long Wearing" front I found the foundation transferred easily, but I soon
remedied that by using the Urban Decay All Nighter Setting Spray.
With regards to the "Skin Glow" this is where I was the most disappointed,as I
didn't experience anything more than I could get from drugstore foundations and again
I remedied this on the one occasion by adding a couple of drops of a glow enhancer.
Even though I liked he foundation overall, I asked myself
"why would I part with R880 and then have to tweak it to give it some glow and stop
the transfer"

Dior Forever Skin Glow adapts to every skin tone and is available in 31 shades.
My shade was N3.

My recommendations:
If you are a Dior Devotee or have a flawless skin already and budget isn't an issue
 then you will no doubt love this foundation, so go for it.
If you have the cash to spend but your skincare is not up to par then without a doubt spend the R880 more wisely on skincare.
If this foundation doesn't fall into you budget at all, then don't worry there are plenty of good similar products out there that are more affordable.
This past week I have reviewed a great foundation from L'Oréal
L'Oréal Infaillible 24H Fresh Wear Foundation






27 March 2019


I'm starting off today's review with a important humorous
This was not a planned purchase, it was purchased in error.

Yes I stumbled upon this newer variant of my tried and tested 
 by accident, as I actually thought I was re-purchasing the same
and to be fair it's an easy error to make as the packaging is so similar.
I also wasn't aware that L'Oréal had launched a new Infallible foundation.

I reviewed the 24H Stay Fresh Foundation several years ago and its remained
one of my core foundations, along with around 4-5 others, and
depending on what I'm wanting from my foundation or my mood that day, determines 
which one I reach for, but generally I opt for the 24H Stay Fresh when full coverage
 is the order of the day.

Picture the scene back in January :
I'm standing in front of the L'Oréal stand in a Boots in the UK and faced with a 
3 for 2 promotion.
Excitement aside, I immediately picked up a back-up of their Unlimited Mascara,
one of my faves

and a bottle of the Glow Mon Amour Highlighting Drops 

which was on my shopping list and my third was a replacement Stay Fresh foundation.

Oblivious to my mistake, I did notice something different with the texture on application
and on further investigation I only then realised I had picked up the new, new to me, 

I could tell from the first application that this foundation was for me.
In my review of the 24H Stay Fresh I mentioned that I needed to moisturise extremely well before use,due to its matte finish, but that's not as necessary with the Fresh Wear, as it offers all the same long wearing, full coverage, but with a more dewy, hydrated and fresher finish.

In comparison to the formula of the new Fresh Wear is noticeably more liquid and has a truly weightless feeling on the skin, its smooth application is more forgiving when it comes to blending, yet it still offers that all important coverage.
Im happy to report that it doesn't look cakey and with wear I didn't experience any patchiness or separation and the colour stays true.

This formulation includes "Oxygen Technology" as denoted by the silver sticker, which happens to be the only difference on the packaging between the two variants. 

"Up to 24HR Fresh Wear Foundation provides medium-to-full buildable coverage 
that lasts all day and allows the skin to breathe. 
The formula's three oil absorbers resist sweat, water, and transfer. 
The ultra-thin liquid goes on smoothly to give a fresh, healthy-looking complexion that lasts. Colour stays true and blends in evenly, so your makeup looks fresh all day".

 Maybe with the exception of the 24H wear I personally cannot dispute any of the above brand claims, I can even back up the "Sweat Proof" claims, as living in a hot and humid climate it was certainly put to the test.
As I'm sure you can tell I'm loving this foundation and its definitely earned a place in my foundation collection and all at an affordable price.

There are only 16 shades available here in South Africa, as opposed to 31 internationally and my shade 
is 200 Golden Sand, which proved to be a good match for me.
 Non-comedogenic and formulated with an SPF 25, this foundation is suitable for all skin types. 

Let me know in the comments below if you have tried this foundation,
I'd love to hear your thoughts...


219.95 (Dischem)
239.00 (Clicks)
 Clicks are currently running a 3 for 2 promo
 until 4/4/19



25 March 2019


I've been hearing so much about the recently launched 
24H Wear Perfection Skin-Caring Foundation
from Dior and after being suitably colour matched, I'm shade 3N, 
I'll be trying out this sample for the week.
 Considering the full sized product carries a hefty price tag of R880 I'm expecting 
Great things from this 3ml sample.
(Interestingly my review on the L'Oréal Infaillible Stay Fresh foundation will be up on my 
blog on Wednesday and that carries an affordable price tag of R230)

So feel free to pop back on Sunday to read my honest opinion, as to whether 
I would purchase this foundation or not.

24 March 2019


 I have used an exfoliator/scrub/polisher/peel whatever you like to call it, 
religiously for the past 40 years.
 (Yes 40 years and that's longer than many of you reading this have been around.)

I was first introduced to the importance of this process of manually or chemically removing that surface layer of those drying, dulling dead cells early on in my beauty therapy training. It's a vital part of a good skincare regime and I just wished more people understood that.

It's one product that will instantly smooth and brighten the skin, whilst activating skin cell renewal and allowing for better penetration of any products that follow and all without too much effort. 

My first "proper" exfoliator was the Clarins Doux Peel that I started to use weekly way back when I was working part time in salon whilst also at training college and it's still a product I alternate with today. 
(However I have just realised that I've never written a review about the Clarins Doux Peel in all my nearly 7 years of blogging, so I will have to rectify that very soon)

As you can imagine I have tried so many exfoliators in my time and I'm always on the look out for new ones to trial.
Depending on the type of exfoliator and brand determines whether I use once or twice a week, but rule of thumb is to aim for once a week and you will be amazed at what a difference this one addition will make to your "Skincare Journey".

As I'm on a roll with Caudalie at the moment I had to include my thoughts and opinions 
on their Gyclolic Peel.
I've included this peel in my current skincare regime 2 times a week for the past month as per recommendation. 
Apply this facial mask twice a week to dry skin, avoiding the eye contour area.Leave on for 10 minutes then rinse with water.
Can be used on all skin types

This non-drying, creamy mask delivers a 10-minute instant home facial, that gentle buffs away dull, dead skin cells and brightens dark spots to reveal a brighter, smooth complexion. Natural, time-release glycolic—an alpha-hydroxyl acid (AHA)—gently exfoliates dead skin cells,revealing a softer, smoother skin.
 Viniferine® is a secret brightening ingredient that is clinically proven to lighten dark spots 62 times more than Vitamin C. The formula is enriched with papaya enzymes to invigorate and illuminate. Together, these powerful ingredients support natural cell turnover and collagen production. 
 Formulated with 85.7% natural origin ingredients, this quite luxurious, non-irritating and gentle mask was perhaps a little too gentle for me, however that being said I did find my skin, post use, to be significantly brighter, smoother and softer, but I find that with most good exfoliators, so it didn't do anything for my skin that was exceptional.

Overall I do like this mask and I'm enjoying using it, but I doubt that I will re-purchase in the future, as with time I've progressed onto more active peels etc.that I can do at home, but that being said I highly recommend this  gentle product as an intro to exfoliating products.
If you don't currently include an exfoliating type product in your regime then now it the time to start doing so...
as 10 minutes can make such a difference.
Dermatologically and ophtalmologically tested.
As with all Caudalie products it contains no parabens, phenoxyethanol, phthalates, mineral oils or animal-derived ingredients are used.

Glycolic Peel

Available at Skins Cosmetics Sandton
Unfortunately their website is still so I don't have a price
for you. 




20 March 2019


I declared that March would be Caudalie Month here on Beauty Shout box,
so here is another review...
The Intensive Moisture Rescue Cream 
was not on my "wish list" from Caudalie and its purchase came about by necessity, let's say.
After 2 weeks of my skin being exposed to the cold elements of the Northern Hemisphere's
winter, back in December, my skin was quite literally needing some rescuing.
After carefully considering my choice of products to take away with me, my day cream
choice was perhaps not ideal, hence the need for a richer more protective cream.
Towards the end of my trip the consultant in the Caudalie Boutique in Brugge Belgium very kindly gave me three generous sample sachets to try and try I did.
The key to the products function, is in its name, as the cream is intense and rich. 
It's formulated to nourish and rescue very dry skin, replenishing hydration levels and restoring comfort and using the contents of those samples night and day, did just that.

Now let's fast forward to a couple of weeks after my return from Europe and an unexpected trip was then planned for three weeks to the cold, wintry UK in January and I knew that I had to get my hands on the full size of this Caudalie Skin Saver.
The only stockist in South Africa is Skins Cosmetics in Sandton, Johannesburg and luckily my youngest "Kiddiewink" was nearby and managed to get hold of one for me. Armed with this "Skin Saving" cream my skin behaved beautifully, that's due to this product being packed full of super active natural ingredients:
 Grape Seed Oil (anti-oxidant and nourishing)
Olive Squalane (moisturising but non oily)
Shea Butter (super moisturising and softening)
Vinolevure (moisturising and deeply strengthening)
Polyphenols (anti-oxidant and anti-wrinkle)
The fast-absorbing buttery, yet lightweight texture restores and comforts the skin quickly without leaving a greasy finish.
Can be used over any serums and can be applied morning and evening.
Unfortunately this isn't a cream that I envisage my skin would need too often here in SA,as it is a rich and nourishing cream that soothes, repairs and protects very dry and dehydrated skin, but I'm sure it will be brought out in times of need.
And as with all Caudalie products, no parabens, phenoxyethanol, phthalates, mineral oils or animal-derived ingredients are used. Dermatologically tested. 
What makes this product an ideal travel companion in colder climes is the fact that it helps to restore that all important hydrolipidic layer and strengthen the skin's barrier function to lock in moisture and restore long-lasting hydration and I cannot recommend this product highly enough...

Intense Moisture Rescue Cream

Approx R585
Yet again Skins Cosmetics website is down and I can't give you an accurate




17 March 2019


Living Proof Restore Mask Treatment
has been under review now for the past 3 weeks, thanks to the generous 28ml size
that was included in the 2018 Marks & Spencer Beauty Advent Calendar. 
Living Proof is a USA Haircare brand that falls under the UNILEVER Prestige Division and one that we don't have in South Africa, 
but it's widely available through various retailers worldwide, including Sephora.
So who are Living Proof ?

"We solve the toughest beauty challenges with science and patented technology originating from MIT. Our founders are hair stylists who were fed up with the limitations of conventional products and biotech scientists who didn't have any preconceived notions of what could or couldn't be done in beauty. And together, they set out to create results you can see from across the room. Twenty patents, over 50 products and more than 150 awards later, we have countless love letters thanking us for changing lives in both big ways and small. We are the science. You are the Living Proof®."

Having always been one to invest in good hair care products,I also enjoy 
finding and trying new ones, especially hair masks, so even though I hadn't 
experienced anything from Living Proof previously I was aware of the brand.
On further investigation this hair care brand has an extensive product range
and I discovered some interesting ones, so if you're into "hair" then I highly
recommend that you check their website out.

Living Proof

Here is the overview of what Living Proof say about their 
Restore Mask Treatment.

"A deep conditioning mask treatment that repairs dry, damaged hair by nourishing strands, leaving hair visibly healthier, 20 times stronger, and shinier."
Tacuma Butter delivers long-term conditioning, Glycolic Acid smooths and softens hair, and Living Proof’s patented healthy hair molecule (OFPMA) restores damaged cuticles and moisture levels, strengthens hair, and protects from future damage". 
The result: hair looks and feels visibly healthier and 20 times stronger.

I'm being a sceptic here, but I'm always a little wary of hair products that claim to make the hair stronger and in the case of this mask, it claims to make it 20 times stronger.
I feel that these claims are often banded around by haircare companies, yet how would we honestly know if it makes our hair stronger.
Over the years of using several hair products that claim the same, I personally cannot
tell if they make my hair  any stronger or not, especially when my hair is highlighted regularly.


The Restore Mask forms part of a larger Restore Range of products
 and they can be used by dry damaged hair whether it be straight, wavy or curly
and on all hair textures thick, medium or fine.

First impressions were good as you are met with a divine light citrusy fragrance 
which apparently runs throughout all Living Proof products.
The packaging is simple yet appealing.
The texture was surprisingly lightweight for a deep treating hair mask and
 between your fingers it had a buttery silky texture.
The mask was easy to rinse out and left no oily residue on the hair.
Initially, post drying and styling, my hair felt as it normally would and to be honest I felt a little disappointed, but with 4 uses this mask is starting to come into its own
and I'm enjoying the way it makes my hair feel.
It doesn't feel overloaded with product and my hair does feels soft and smooth
but I can't say it looks noticeably shinier, maybe that will come with time.

The BSB jury is still "Out" when it comes to the hair strengthening claim, but when used
in conjunction with the other Restore products who knows!
This mask has definitely piqued my interest in the brand and I'm planning on 
checking it out some some.
I still have several more applications in my pot, so watch out for feedback
on this mask in a future "Friday Feedback" post.

Can be used 1-2 week after shampooing, apply generously roots to ends. 
Leave on for five minutes.

Colour safe and safe for chemically treated hair.

Paraben,Phthalate,Silicone,Oil and Cruelty Free

Living Proof
Hair Mask

Not Available in SA



14 March 2019


Every now and then I find myself being drawn to a beauty product that I wouldn't 
normally look at and its generally due to other bloggers/influencers raving about it. 

Maybelline Instant Anti-Age Eraser Concealer 
was one such product where the hype proceeded its appearance here in South Africa.
I've been hearing about this product for what seems like an age, so
I recently buckled under social media pressure and purchased one.
I feel duty bound here to inform you that all previous "pressure" purchases have 
not ended well and I hope this doesn't end up being featured in any upcoming
"Products I Regret Purchasing"  
"Products I Didn't Finish and Why".

Concealing products are a little like mascaras, as they're both "huge" business
for the cosmetic companies.
We as consumers are constantly replacing these two items, hence we're always being 
drawn in by the claims that X,Y,Z performs better than the one before etc. etc.

As you can imagine over a life long career in cosmetics and beauty I have
tried so many concealers and having gone through the cover spots and blemishes
phase, to pigmentation during pregnancy phase I'm now at a new cover and conceal phase.
I'm now looking for a product that will cover and conceal dark circles
 and shadows under my eyes and I have to say that
my favourite brand when it comes to concealing is
benefit as they have all of my concerns literally covered.

Lets see what the Maybelline Instant Anti Ageing Eraser has to offer.
Immediately I'm excited by the name choice, as who doesn't want to 
Instantly Erase signs of Ageing?
I know I do and this concealer is specifically for concealing dark circles and giving 
much needed radiance to the under eye area.

Let me first deal with the packaging, which I personally found highly irritating 
from the onset, as you have to keep clicking round the top plastic section in order 
to dispense the actual product onto the sponge applicator.
After saying that, the sponge applicator glides effortlessly over the skin and the
 product is easy to blend.
However with use the sponge applicator becomes, for the want of a better word,
*Maybelline do say that The Eraser Eye is protected with an anti-microbial system. 
Do not wet applicator. Wipe off excess eye concealer with dry tissue only.*
Seriously! what a "faff"

(I'll refrain from showing you pics of the sponge applicator after several weeks use)

What Maybelline have to say:

Instant Age Rewind® Eraser Dark Circles Treatment Concealer. 
"This concealer for dark circles and fine lines instantly creates a radiant,
refreshed looking eye area. Infused with goji berry and Haloxyl™.

I enjoyed the ease of using this product and the shade match (Fair) was good 
for my skin tone.
On the concealing front I thought it performed reasonably well and it did 
brighten the under eye area thanks to the perfecting coloured pigments,
but on me, I found that the concealer, with wear, settled into the
 fine lines under my eyes (not a good look),which doesn't 
generally happen with my other concealers, whether they be budget or high end.

   Based on this short coming and the awful condition of the sponge with use,
I personally wouldn't buy again, but I can understand why this concealer is popular.

I'm pleased to inform you that this product won't be included in any future posts namely :

"Products I Regret Buying" 
"Products I Didn't Finish and Why" 

6.8 mls


(Clicks currently have a 3 for 2 promo on)