29 March 2018


I spotted this L'Oréal Fine Flowers cleansing and toning duo in the UK 
last year and the only reason
 I didn't buy them then, was the size and weight, as they're both 400mls 
of product.

I then spotted them again in Duty Free at OR Tambo Airport (JHB) in November last
year on our way to Mauritius and having no weight issues with my luggage,
 I bought them both.
We don't have this range in South Africa and considering the price point 
I don't know why not, as it's so affordable, in fact in duty free they were 
both dirt cheap (or should I say clean cheap)
They retailed for R65 each, yes you read correctly...
I don't think I have ever reviewed such an inexpensive Cleanser and Toner
before and they're both generous 400mls in size.
At first I thought they were priced wrongly, but the price in the UK
is around £3.99 - R5.99 depending if they're on a special promo or not
so that equates to the correct pricing considering it was duty free.

Now we are not talking any high end cleanser and toner here and
I'm one to advocate that if your budget is under strain, then rather down
budget on your cleanser and toner and invest in your skin serums and creams.
So considering the price how good or bad were they...

I was impressed with both, as they adequately did they're job, 
especially considering their price point as
they're both as "cheap as chips".

Formulated with soothing and comforting extracts of Rose and nourishing
extracts of Jasmine this combination works well. 
The creamy textured make-up removing milk leaves the skin feeling soft, 
comfortable and fresh.
Whilst the toner completes the cleansing routine it also leaves the skin 
feeling refreshed and free from any traces of impurities.

These two products are quite strongly fragranced with Rose & Jasmine
 and may not suit those that don't tolerate floral scents.
(I personally enjoyed the fragrance)
Despite this range being targeted at a Dry/Sensitive skin it surprisingly
 contains Alcohol in the toner and combined with the strong fragrance
I'm personally not too sure about how well tolerated this duo would be
if you have a sensitive to very sensitive skin.

I do love the packaging of the cleanser as it comes in an easy
to operate pump dispenser.
However the flip toner lid has my "pet peeve" a large hole, so if you're not
 careful the toner pours out and floods your cotton pad.
There are other products available in this range i.e Cleansing Wipes,
Cleansing Wash and Cleansing Cream.

This cleanser and toner are pretty basic and simple, but for the
price I quite enjoyed using both of these products.
It's a pity about the Alcohol content and for this reason I wouldn't personally
buy again, however if this isn't an issue for you and budget IS,
then you can't go wrong.

L'Oréal Fine Flowers Milk and Toner for Dry Sensitive Skins

Not available in SA


27 March 2018


I'm pretty excited to give this weeks sample a try, as it's from a brand 
that I've heard so much about and unfortunately we don't get here in South Africa. 
This Bare Minerals Foundation sample came in one of the magazines my son 
brought over from the UK last week and whilst the sample isn't the largest
 I'm hoping that from the one application I can get a good idea as to whether
 it's worth adding to my ever growing list of products to buy in the UK.
As always check back on Sunday to see what I have to say about the 
Bare Minerals Performance Wear Foundation.

25 March 2018


The last time I had my eyebrows tinted must have been back at beauty college 
and that's yonks ago. I'm not one to tint my brows, but over the past 
few years I find that I'm using far more brow products and
my faves have to be the brow "goodies" from benefit.

As I've aged I've also discovered that grey hairs not only confined to your head
 but they love to appear in your eyebrows and thankfully it's easily 
remedied with an eyebrow pencil. 
It's not that I'm wanting to go much darker with my natural brow colour, 
but I'm wanting to cover up the grey hairs and make the colour of my brows
 more uniform and hopefully become a little less reliant on the daily brow tools
Eyebrow tinting seemed like the best option and always one to promote 
the services of a "professional" at a beauty salon, 
this time I'm going against my own advice and I'm going it alone.

My reasoning behind this is simple, I wanted to be in control of my eyebrow colour 
and not reliant on what someone else thinks that my colour should be. 
I didn't want the shade or depth of colour to be in the hands of anyone else, 
but moi...hence the DIY.

RefectoCil is a professional range of Austrian Lash & Brow tinting products 
that I remember from beauty college and subsequently the range 
I used in my own beauty salon. 
It's been reliably tinting brows and lashes around the world
 for over 70 years and is now available 
for retail through Clicks, Dischem and Takealot.

Back in the day RefectoCil had a very small range of products, today they have
 a much wider range of both tints and tinting accessories. 
I opted for the NEW Sensitive Tint range, as opposed to their Original Tints.

The completely NEW 2 step tinting system allows you to tint 
eyebrows and eyelashes in only 3 minutes with colours based on plant extracts 
and is perfect for sensitive skin and eyes.

Step 1:

The tint is applied carefully with the white applicator to clean, 
dry eyebrows and leave for 2 minutes and then remove with a dry cotton pad.

Step 2:

Wait for 3-5 minutes before applying The Developer Gel over the brows 
with the silver applicator and then the gel is removed within 3 minutes.
(Remember the longer you leave the developer on the more intense the colour
because I was using Black on my brows I left on for only about 60 secs) 

Lasts up to 6 weeks and is smudge and waterproof.
(I enjoyed the fact that I covered those pesky odd grey hairs and
achieved a more even colour and to redo only every 6 weeks is a pleasure)

RefectoCil Sensitive is the first eyelash/brow tint that works based on 
plant extracts, 
with yarrow, horse extract, juniper, goldenrod, nettle, blueberry, 
chaste berry, red wine extract.
Its also not tested on animals.

Dermatologically and Opthalmologically tested.
(I opted for the Sensitive Tint to play it safe and I found there to be no
irritation at all)

Available in 4 colours - Black, Light Brown, Medium Brown, Dark Brown.
(I could have used Dark Brown, but I wanted to also use on my lashes, 
so opted for black.Even though my hair is highlighted blonde my
natural hair colour is quite dark)

I was completely blown away by how gentle and easy this duo was to use and the 
result was exactly what I was looking for.

*I do advise* 
that before you "tint your own" you pay a visit 
to the

to gen yourself up re the preparation, the application and loads
of other tips and advice plus tutorial videos and as always, 
fully read the enclosed leaflets prior to using.

If you have been considering tinting your own brows or lashes then the 
tried and tested RefectoCil products are the ones to opt for 
and brows are the easiest to start with.

Let me know in the comments section below if you tint your own
brows and lashes...

RefectoCil Sensitive 
Eyelash & Brow Tints


RefectoCil Sensitive 
Developer Gel


Takealot currently have a combo pack available which include the 
Sensitive Tint and the Sensitive Developer Gel


Combo Pack

22 March 2018


My last QPR post was way back on the 1st January, so I think this
post is long overdue
so here is my one for March...

This is the first time I have ever given a score of 0/10 for any of the 
products that I have reviewed on my QPR.
Let me start with the hugely disappointing item first...



Brand : Cala 
Product : Bamboo Fan Make-up Brush
Price : R59.95

I have been on the look out for sometime now for a Fan make-up brush for 
applying powder highlighter, but surprisingly they're not that easy to find.
 I spotted this one in Dischem and thought it's not expensive
 I'll give it a try, with hindsight Dischem is where I should have left it.
The natural bristles are soft, in fact their too soft making it difficult for
 the brush to pick up any product and then it's just as difficult to apply
 to the cheeks. 
The only good thing that I can say about this brush - it's a fantastic brush to 
clean away the dust between the keys on your keyboard.

Verdict : 0/10



Brand : L.O.V.
Product : LipAffair Colour & Care Lipstick Shade 530
Price : R209

L.O.V. Cosmetics can be found in Dischem and on Takealot and I've used
several of their products now and I enjoy this high end drugstore range.
I still rate their nail polishes as the longest wearing and I also rate this
LipAffair Colour & Care Lipstick.
It has a quality heavy feel in the hand and has a click and magnetic 
clasp release.
The formula glides on beautifully and is enriched with Kendi Oil and
 Hyaluronic acid, the pigment is good and on me I found it to be long wearing.
Definitely one to consider if you are looking for a new lipstick

Verdict : 9/10



Brand : HASK
Product : Blue Chamomile & Argan Oil Blonde Care Deep Conditioner 
Price : R59.95

I actually knew nothing about this haircare brand and spotted quite and 
extensive range on the shelves in Clicks.
After a little research HASK is made in the USA and features exotic
oils and other unique ingredients from around the world
Free of: sulfates, parabens, phthalates, gluten and drying alcohol.
Bring back your color clarity with Hask blue chamomile & argan oil 
blonde care deep conditioner. 
This light blue violet treatment helps neutralize unwanted yellow tones
 and reduce brassiness. 
Formulated with blue chamomile to help lighten and boost blonde tones 
and argan oil to help repair and protect coarse blonde hair, leaving you
 hair feeling soft and silky.
I found the 50g sachet enough to condition my hair for 4 applications,
so its pretty cost effective.

Verdict : 7/10

18 March 2018


Since 2005 Sorbet beauty salons have popped up literally like "beauty mushrooms"
 all over South Africa and they now have over 170 salons countrywide 
and have even expanded their franchise to the UK.

Sorbet have, very recently, launched a range of make-up to add to their
stable of own affordable branded skincare, bath & body products, 
foot care and beauty accessories, they seem to brand it all...
So a make-up collection seemed the next obvious addition to the
 "Sorbet Empire".

This collection, especially the foundation range, has been created
with South African skin tones in mind and they have 
 Foundation Match Me activations in store to ensure 
that you get the perfect colour match.

I happened to pop into Clicks (Mount Edgecombe) on the day of their launch 
which wasn't intentional, but I caught sight of their rather impressive
back wall merchandising unit and did a detour 
 to take a quick look... 
First impressions of the new range, which includes face, lips and eyes
was aesthetically pleasing and they do have a good shade selection
across all 4 different foundation formats and that's what caught my eye.
The name of this foundation spoke to me, especially the +Serum part.

Face First SPF15 Anti-Ageing Foundation +Serum

Being launch day the unit and testers were all brand spanking new
 and despite a half hearted attempt by the consultant to help me 
select the correct shade, which I eventually did myself,(so much for
the Match Me service)
 I opted for the shade Honey and 
it hit me I noticed the price...
Yes Sorbet, which is being sold in a national chain of drugstores is retailing
a foundation for nearly R300. At first I thought it was maybe due to the fact
that this foundation included a serum, but all 3 of their liquid foundations
retail for R260/R298/R299.95

My immediate reaction was to put the product back on the shelf and 
rather add another R150+ and buy a better know international
 high end foundation from a department store.
Slightly bewildered I checked out all the price points in the collection 
and it's not alone, as this range of make-up unfortunately does 
not fall into the "affordable" category.
With the pricing of this make-up collection 
 a well know "affordable" South African brand, appear 
to be dipping their pretty little toes into the "high end" waters,
which I don't have problem with, but I don't think I've encountered a brand 
where the pricing of their make-up is pitched higher than their 
own skincare range.

 I worked in beauty and retail for 35 years and this pricing
strategy slightly baffles me, but what baffles me even more is why
would someone spend a considerable amount of money to
 "self serve" in a drugstore?
We all enjoy that "buying experience" and many cosmetic brands feed into
 that and I for one.. love it. 
In-store consultants, especially those working for the high end brands
are trained to make the experience of parting with our money 
more enjoyable (in most cases anyway)
 I love to be made to feel special, I love the extra samples the consultant
 slips into my beautiful branded packet and I always enjoy receiving 
 those personal invites to their special events and launches.

 call me old fashioned but that's what I like to get, in return for my
"spend", not a rummage through a badly merchandised unit,
with either missing or dirty testers and unfortunately that's what 
merchandising units
become like over time, in a self serve environment.

After saying all of the above I did buy the foundation and paid for it with my
Clicks rewards, which made it for me, justifiable.
The reason for the purchase was a simple one


Why would a local home grown brand market and retail 
a foundation for R300, could it be that this serum foundation is simply


Below are some of the features and benefits Sorbet give on their website
 and I've added my own findings and comments.

Medium coverage & easily blendable foundation
 It gives a medium, leaning towards high coverage,easy to blend 
with fingers (I'm not a big user of brushes or blending sponges)
It is buildable, but only to a point
 and in my opinion it looks and performs better when you opt for
the buildable coverage rather than a lighter more natural look
More on this point below.

 Anti-ageing benefits and soft focus for flawless skin
I love the fact that it contains that extra serum element, 
as not too many foundations focus on that. As for flawless skin, that's 
a big ask at my age, but it did give a smooth soft dewy finish, 
which I enjoyed.

High volatile content gives it a serum-like and non-oily feel
High Volatile is a strange term to use for the content, as it conjures up,
a negative view of the product.
Here's what the google search came up with:
Volatile (of a substance) easily evaporated at normal temperatures

I found the runny, liquid consistency on application
to have an oily feel enabling you to work and blend 
the foundation well, unlike some where you have to work 
really quickly before the foundation dries.
If you don't build the foundation,once dry and set, it left no
trace of oiliness on the skin whatsoever.
However if you build the foundation like I preferred to do,
the surface oils became noticeable.

Contains SPF 15 with sun protection
SPF is a "must have" inclusion in any anti ageing foundation, as the sun is
responsible for most of the ageing within our skins. I would personally like to see 
an even higher SPF to give even more protection from
the suns harmful rays.

Fragranced with natural Essential Oils
I can't say the foundation has a particularly pleasant smell, but it wasn't 
an issue.

Squalane – natural moisturiser from olive oil
Possible the reason for the oiliness when you build with the foundation.

Q10 & Peptides – anti-ageing
Vitamins A, C & E to fight harmful free radicals
All of these beneficial treating ingredients form the serum aspect
 of this anti ageing foundation and with daily continued use
there should be some cumulative effect on the skin, 
I like many women though tend to "chop n change" foundations
 depending on mood, the occasion and even the weather,
 which poses the question is a serum inclusion vital
in a foundation or is it a "nice to have" extra.
Maybe that's a post for another day.

Just to finish off this lengthy post I personally liked and enjoyed the foundation,
I found it easy to blend, it felt lightweight and comfortable
on my skin. The serum was noticeable within its texture and my normal to dry,
mature skin felt well moisturised throughout the day.
However I'm not sure an oily or even a normal, slightly combination would 
enjoy this serum foundation.
It worked well with the rest of my make-up application and seemed to last 
fairly well throughout the day, considering the Durban 
heat and humidity.

I found the overall simple packaging appealing, the bottle felt heavy 
and it does have a quality and a more high end feel to it.
As for the unique dropper applicator, it's a waste of time and frankly annoying 
when you're in a hurry to do your make-up in the morning.
The product also needs to be shaken very well before use.

 I'm also finding that the neck of the
bottle is becoming quite "gungy" and is constantly needing to be wiped. 
For this and several other reasons a sealed pump dispenser would have been
 far more practical and befitting for the price.

Did the + Serum render it 
and worthy of its R300 pricing? 

Sadly No 
and despite reading on the box that this particular product is made
in Thailand (I'm not sure where the other products are made) 
I personally would still prefer to either stick to my tried and tested
R200 drugstore foundations,and use my specialised serum underneath,
or add another R150+ and purchase from a higher end cosmetic brand.
Whilst I enjoyed wearing, I found
it to be only on par with other more affordable foundations, 
there was nothing that wowed me, hence I can't say it's a 
"must have" "go buy" "can't live without" type of product
unless you have an issue with shade matching.

If you constantly struggle to find that perfect match, 

in terms of skin tone,then it's worth checking out this extensive collection
of shades and if you find your match then "go for it" it's worth the spend.
It's never easy choosing the correct foundation and none more so than
when you are pushing the limits of your budget.

My advice to you on this foundation, would be to definitely pop into a 
Clicks and test the product as normal.
However I would then advise you to walk around and continue shopping
for quite some time and just keep checking on 
the coverage, the texture and the overall finish to see if it
 warrants you parting with R300

I hope you were able to stick with me till the end of this lengthy post
and please let me know, in the comments below, if you have tried this
or any of the products from the Sorbet range.
I would love to hear your thoughts.