30 January 2015


Body Shop are running a sale at the moment countrywide and its also on in selected Clicks stores. I am not a huge fan of Body Shop products, but I did enjoy one of their previous Christmas Cranberry collections, Cranberry Joy Shimmering Body Lotion and that was also on sale.Needless to say I couldn't help being attracted to the pyramid display of their Limited Edition Frosted Cranberry Bath Jelly for only R50 (was R130) for that price I couldn't not take one to try!

It's basically a jelly that you scoop out and drizzle into a running bath.The jelly did foam well and for those that follow my blog will know that the "bubble factor" is important to me!
The fragrance of fruity cranberries was really evident, but I personally didn't feel there were any moisturising elements to the product at all, despite it containing cranberry seed oil for doing just that.
 I am not sure if the frosted cranberry refers to the fact they use frosted cranberries or the jelly in the bath leaves you with a frosted shimmer look on the skin...if it was the latter I didn't notice it! 

Whilst this was a cheap "Friday Find" would I buy again? 
Probably yes at R50 and definitely no at its original price of R150. 

Body Shop Frosted Cranberry Bath Jelly

28 January 2015


This weeks Sunday Sample pick is another Kiehl's product, which I was recently given when I purchased my 
Kiehl's adopt a " try before you buy" policy and several sample or trial sizes are always offered to you upon purchase to suit your skin type.However in this case it was a generous trial size of a hair product that I was given and you've guessed it...it went in the sample jar. 
Pop back on Sunday and read my blog to find out what my views were on this 
Sunflower Color Preserving Conditioner.

25 January 2015


Not knowing too much about this brand, other than its French and available at Dischems, my first encounter with URIAGE was not planned. Taking great care not to over expose my skin to the sun, let alone burn it, I always apply the necessary products before my morning walk. Being in the midst of the South African summer the sun is up and ready to burn from the early hours. Same morning routine every walk, Cap tick, Sunglasses tick, Bioderma tinted SPF 50 applied on face and neck tick, Bioderma SPF 50 applied to shoulders and arms x, you've guessed it, an interruption meant this important stage was omitted. The realisation only kicked in half way through my 90 minute walk, which resulted in a panic stricken hurried dash to get back to the car. It was too late the tops of my shoulders were already burnt...
After sun products don't really feature in my skin care routine, but I remember receiving from a fellow blogger a blue tube of an After sun balm. After much rummaging I found the URIAGE BARIÉSUN After Sun Repairing Balm and it truly was a welcome sight, as I knew some relief was close at hand.

Uriage After Sun Balm R165 150ml

Here is some background information on this range.

Uriage Eau Thermale is a French brand that uses a unique ingredient, thermal spring water in order to produce hypo-allergic skin care products for even the most sensitive skin. The water is over 80 meters underground and so has not been exposed to any pollutants and is the perfect pH for absorption by human skin.The Uriage skin care range includes daily carebaby careanti-aging,depigmentation, and sun care, among others. The Thermal Water Spray is the number one selling product from Uriage. This spray helps to soothe skin redness and skin irritations.

This informative Uriage video shows a time line of developments over 20 years 

I found this creamy melt-in After Sun Balm to be immediately both soothing and calming on my red glowing sensitive shoulders. Suitable for all skin types and can be used on the face and the body! It's  easy to apply, quickly absorbed, has a pleasant fresh fragrance, nourishing and hydrating, yet left no oily residue on my skin. Active ingredients like the "magical" Uriagé Thermal water, Shea Butter, Vitamin E and Aquspongines all help to soothe, yet repair the damaged skin at the same time....and in my opinion this product delivered on all of its promises, as my shoulders very quickly return to normal, sadly I hope to never use this product again, but if my family or I suffer the consequences of the harsh South African sun then the cool blue tube from France will come to the rescue once again!

Having stumbled across this product by accident...literally a sun burn accident I now have real interest in trying more of their products, so expect some reviews in the future.

For more info visit www.uriage.com

22 January 2015


Ding Dong, Ding Dong the delivery man has just delivered my Rubybox for January. He was not the dashing handsome delivery guy that appeared last year in their tv advertising campaign, but I was excited all the same to open my surprise box of goodies.
I did a video reveal for the July Box last year, so I thought I would go down the photo reveal route this time.

Delivered to your door every month the rubybox contains either full, trial or sample sizes of beauty products and beauty related items.Its all a surprise and you don't know what you are receiving each month, however based on your beauty profile the box is customized. R169 per month and you will receive beauty spoils worth R250 or more. 

 This is what the outer box looks like, rather ordinary I know, but it does get better I assure you!


The amount of "goodies" in the box varies slightly, but this box contains
 three products and a Rubybox own brand foundation brush.

Item 1.
Rubybox Super Seemless Foundation Brush ensures a smooth and flawless application. 
Value R149.95

Item 2.
Mavala Cuticle Remover.Effectively removes excess cuticles 
Value R75.95 5mls.

Item 3.
Africology Body Butter made with 100% natural essential oils nourishes and softens the body. 
Value R44.95 25mls

Item 4.
Natural Lab SPF 30 Natural Face Cream offers daily protection with a tint. 
Value R39.99

All things considered I think this is a good value box....

To view my previous Rubybox post and video

For more info on the different box options and to sign up to receive your monthly Rubybox.

18 January 2015


Having worked with so many international brands over the years I have encountered many product names, some have you guessing as to what the product does , whilst others spell it out clearly.
Personally I prefer a name to tell you what the contents will do rather than a pretty,
 fluffy sounding "could do anything" type name! 

Kiehl's Powerful Strenght Line Reducing Concentrate

The Kiehl's Powerful-Strength Line Reducing Concentrate leaves you in no doubt as to what this product is all about...it's plain and simple...it's a powerful concentrate product targeted to very effectively reduce lines and wrinkles. This name definitely grabbed my attention some months back, but as with most things in life it's what's inside that matters. Even though we see products on the shelves and in the magazines that promise the "earth" for skin do they really live up to their name?

Having all the usual skin concerns that a woman on her mid 50's has, I was intrigued and decided that I had to put this product to the test. With any serum/concentrate that I undertake to review for my blog whether sponsored of not I can assure you that I only write my review when the last drop has left the bottle! Some results are instantly noticeable whilst others have a cumulative effect over time and it's only fair to the product and you as readers to allow it time to work its skin magic.

Now that we know what our expectations are from the name of the product, what are the Key Ingredients that will help achieve this:

Vitamin C (L-Ascorbic Acid)

Known for its affinity with skin and its powerful ability to improve the appearance of skin aging. 10.5% of Pure Vitamin C (L-Ascorbic Acid) is the key ingredient.


Glycerin is a by-product of soap manufacturing and is a clear, syrupy liquid, usually derived from vegetable oil and obtained by adding alkalies to fats and fixed oils. It is a solvent humectant and emollient in many skin care products, as it absorbs moisture from the air and thereby helps products retain their moisture. It improves the spreadability of products and has definite skin moisturizing benefits.

Propylene Glycol

Propylene Glycol is a common moisture carrying ingredient in skin care. It acts as a humectant by absorbing water from the air.

With use twice a day, morning and night underneath your usual moisturiser. 
(it can be used alone which,I did often in the evening) 
The Kiehl's Line-Reducer helps to reduce the appearance of marionette lines from the corners of the mouth, leading towards the chin, crows feet lines and wrinkles as well as sub-orbital wrinkles in the eye area,
 however this product is not for use over or close to the eye area.

This product comes in an easy to control, dark brown 
(dark in order to protect the product from the light and keep the vitamin c stable) 
plastic pump dispenser.One thing that I must point out is that upon application you will feel some warmth on the skin,which is both normal and strangely comforting!

Finally did it deliver on its "name claim"?
A resounding "Yes it did"

 I found the concentrate felt comfortable on my skin and I was hardly aware of its presence unlike some similar products. I visibly saw some softening of the deeper lines and wrinkles, but it was on the finer lines or marionette lines as they are often referred to, where I noticed the greatest improvement, so much so, that I have just started a second bottle.

Available at selected Edgars stores
Retails for R665  R895 (updated 4/17)

If you would like to read more of my good and not so good reviews on Kiehl's products click on the links below:

Kiehls Over Night Biological Peel Review

14 January 2015


L'Occitane en Provence produce by far the best collection of Verbena (Verveine) 
fragranced products in the world!
 Verbena is a unisex fragrance and is one of L'Occitanes "Best Selling" ranges, as it really is reminiscent of a
 "Provencal Summer in a Bottle". 

Organically grown in Provence this ordinary looking green plant, when crushed between your fingers releases the most wonderful, energising, citrusy, fresh aroma. 
This is what L'Occitane have managed to capture, so intensely in every Verbena product in their extensive range.

Verbena Plant

For those Verbena devotees and that includes "Moi", we look forward to the reveal each summer of the Verbena Limited Edition collection. Obviously Verbena is the key ingredient used , but it's what they combine it with that creates a new twist to the Verbena, which makes it so interesting. 

Summer 2014 was the year of Frisson de Verveine, which loosely translated means "excitement" or "thrill" of Verbena and I was lucky enough to be receive several products to try and review, 
tough job I know!

Frisson de Verbena  Body Mist, Ice Gel for legs and feet,Edt & Shower Gel

"Shock and surprise" 
were my initial reactions when I spritzed the Eau de Toilette...
because I feel that L'Occitane have ventured away from the usual dominant Verbena presence. "surprise" 
due to the inclusion of cucumber, yes you read correctly...
cucumber and as we know this is a symbol of cool.

Frisson de Verbena Eau De Toilette 100ml R740

Even when you look at the packaging and the juice, it's a soft green colour, immediately conveys a message of freshness and coolness before you even try the product.

The top notes of fresh Verbena and Bergamot are very evident, but for me it was the heart notes of cucumber and verbena that stole the show, adding a slight sweet dimension to the fragrance, which I found positively mesmerising, as it wasn't what I expected, but the combination works so well.

I will post reviews on the other products that I received in the near future, but overall the Frisson de Verveine is my summer fragrance of choice and it couldn't be a better cooling veil on those hot humid summer days in Durban.

Pop by your nearest L'Occitane boutique soon to experience the "cool" of a Provencal summer,
albeit in sunny South Africa.

11 January 2015


After a week of trying the Clarins One Step Facial Cleanser with Orange Extracts I must announce from the onset...it's a winner!
I was looking to try a new product that was both quick and effective for my morning cleanse routine and my Clarins consultant at Woolworths Gateway... Jennifer, who by the way really knows her stuff, suggested I try this product and I hate to admit the samples came home with me and went to the very top of the sample jar, but fortunately they were picked out for this weeks Sunday Sample.

This double-phase, no rinse cleanser gently removes light makeup, impurities and traces of pollution in one easy step. Thanks to the Orange extract which renews radiance and tones, the skin is left feeling clean, fresh and comfortable.The Orange Extract aroma is noticeable when using the product and was for me a pleasant and refreshing change. Another key ingredient of this cleanser is the Moringa seed extract, which helps to neutralise the effects of pollution and purifies the skin to restore its natural radiance. 
This One Step Facial Cleanser couldn't be any easier or quicker to use, however I need to point out that you must shake the bottle well before use, in order to combine the two phases. Otherwise the ultra fine cleansing oils will sit on the top and that's what you will pour onto your cotton wool, trust me as that is exactly what I did on the one application. 
To apply just soak a cotton pad and begin by gently dabbing over face to dislodge impurities. Turn pad over and gently smooth over face and remember there is no need to rinse off or use a toner.
Overall the product for me performed well in the morning as a quick cleanse and I was pleasantly surprised at how well it worked in dissolving and removing my makeup at the end of the day.
Initially I thought the product was rather pricey, but taking into account that this is a 2 in one product that's so convenient, great for travel or those in a hurry...I can confidently justify the price.

Size: 200ml

Available from all Clarins stockist countrywide and Online.

9 January 2015


2014 is all but forgotten and it seems like 2015 is well under way for the majority, but I was thinking back to some of the highlights for Beauty Shout Box over the past year. 
My "beauty and anything nice blog" is now into its third year of existence and stats show that most blogs fail within the first 12 months, so I suppose I am doing well, as I'm still standing on my box shouting about beauty and all things related.
I feel that I have matured with regards to what I write about and products that I accept from the different companies. Last year saw me turn down and refuse several offers of "freebies"... 
Yes I know its great to get free goodies, but there is a pressure attached in the form of a follow up post,Vlog , mentions on Twitter/instagram and facebook.
 I will now only accept and review products that suit me, my blog and of course you my readers.

Below are some of "My Highlights of 2014"


One of the real highlights of 2014 was a post I wrote about Christian Louboutins launch of his nail polish collection. The post itself was just an informative write up and not a review, but it's what happened after I posted an untagged link to my article on Twitter that was so special.
 I know this may not seem exciting to some, but it was to me... 
Out in "Twitter World" it got re tweeted by several followers and the next thing Christian Louboutin re tweeted my link to 1.392 million of their followers.
Now I know it's not the man himself but for me, it was as good as....


Several products stood out in 2014 and I know this product is "High End", but it really impressed me and as I have said before, being a more mature blogger I am not "easily impressed", especially as I have been in the beauty industry for over 35 years, so it takes something really special...

La Prairie Cellular Mineral Exfoliator Face

The Swiss Skincare and Body range La Prairie launched a range of 
Cellular Mineral Exfoliators in 2014 and I was lucky enough to try both the body and face versions. Now as you know I am a great believer in weekly exfoliation as it is, in my opinion, a vital step in anyones beauty regime regardless of age or skin type/condition and this La Prairie Cellular Mineral Face Exfoliator was SPECIAL.

To read my full Review


Not one to use any type of eyeliner or pencil on my upper eyelid, this past year I was introduced to the Clarins 3 Dot Eye Liner and you've guessed it...eyeliner now appears alongside both my upper and lower lashes and I have not looked back.
I still have my off days with "wiggly" lines but on the whole I'm now pretty good at joining the dots.

Clarins 3 Dot Liner

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This L'Occitane product stood out for me in 2014 as it really does work and for me it's a "must have"
to help aid sleep through it's calming and relaxing effect.

L'Occitane Aromachologie Relaxing Pillow Mist

To read my full review

Aromachologie Relaxing Pillow Mist Review


Travel was a highlight for me in 2014 with a trip to the UK,France
 and of course everyones love, PARIS.
As always, I came away both physically and mentally exhausted, there is so much to take in 
and as a beauty blogger it was a sensory and visual overload, 
which at times was overwhelming. 

What I did come away with were many "foodie" highlights along with a few extra kgs and I ain't talking about the luggage type!

To read about some of my Holiday adventures


Now onto drink and 2014 saw the launch in South Africa of the Swedish pear cider 
Rekorderlig and I fell in love with their Mixed Berry flavour. 
Prior to its launch I was introduced to this "drinkie" at the PicknPay Taste of Durban, which happened to be another highlight of 2014. I will definitely be attending the PicknPay Taste Of Durban 2015 and I suggest all "foodie and drinkie" lovers to do the same, 
as you won't be disappointed .

Rekorderlig Swedish Pear Cider

To read my full reviews


This next Highlight of 2014 really pushed me way out of my comfort zone, as I did my first Vlog. 
Even though I'm a chatterbox and I'm never stuck for words, this Vlog was positively nerve wracking, but I did it and I am very proud of it, as it has received nearly 4000 views. 
To many beauty vloggers that number is most probably pathetic, but it sounds good to me, especially as I really wasn't expecting more than a handful of people to watch it.


Just to round off My Highlights of 2014 
I have to thank those beauty houses that I have built up great relationships with over the past year and long may they continue to be beautiful throughout 

7 January 2015


Confession Time...in all the "Holiday" and "Birthday" mayhem of December I have forgotten to bring you my favourites from that month, so here they are albeit a week late...



My hubby and I went to Joburg for a few days and stayed at the Fire & Ice Hotel Melrose Arch
where I was introduced to their Milk Shake Bar and had a delicious Ferrero Rocher milk shake,
which was delish.

Ferrero Rocher Milk Shake R55



I was introduced to the Holiday fragrance, Arlesienne from L'Occitane en Provence in December
and the range includes some interesting products.

Arlesienne Holiday Fragrance



I was busy last month trying and reviewing several L'Occitane products and this product must not be underestimated and is well worth a try.

6 January 2015


Just as I thought I was making some headway with reducing the amount of samples in my sample jar it seems that over the holidays it's full again, not that I am complaining, as it provides me with "blog fodder" for the next few months.
This week I pulled out a 10ml sample of the Clarins One Step Facial Cleanser with Orange Extract, which I recently was given to try, for a quick and easy, different cleansing routine in the mornings.
So I will put this product to the test for the week, as I was given a weeks supply and my thoughts will be posted this coming Sunday.

3 January 2015


Style Icon Victoria Beckham and her three year old daughter Harper Seven Beckham can often be found at their "fave" nail salons having "manis and pedis" together.
 It's reported that the fashionista even sends her dog for "paw pedicures."
With her love for all things girly and especially nails, it seemed logical that at some stage she would launch a nail colour range and guess what... She has!

In December 2014 she launched a Limited Edition luxury nail colour collection in collaboration with Nails Inc. who just happen to be my best polish brand of all time.....can this get any better? 

Well it seems not, as for now, there are only two shades, the one being a tomato/orange shade called Judo Red and the other a pale shade named Bamboo White. 

Judo Red

Bamboo White

The nail polish comes in typical stylish VB black and white packaging and is inspired by the designer's upcoming Victoria Victoria Beckham spring/summer 2015.

Designed by Fabien Baron and Victoria Beckham, each bottle comes in matte black and matte white, and is created with fine Venetian glass, and is hand-frosted to leave a subtle reveal window. 
Bamboo extract helps nails regain their natural shine, reduces nail ridges and imperfections, and promotes nail growth. Stretch-To-Fit technology is an elastic-like polymer that provides a flexible, self-leveling finish and increases the stretching and tensing properties of the polish. The result is color that glides onto the nail and fits every contour, ensuring a perfectly smooth application.
I have no doubt that the quality will be exceptional considering the tie in with Nails Inc.
but do they warrant a price tag of £25?
Whether they do or not you can be sure of one thing...they will sell like "hot cakes" or should I say "hot nails".

 After all.. If Christian Louboutin can sell his nail colours for £50, then VB's seem well priced at 25 pounds.

  To Order Online

1 January 2015


Don't ask me to loan you a vase, as I only possess three unlike most of my friends who seem to have cupboards housing vases for every occasion, but who needs a vase when you have so many items that can be used around the home. 
So next time you need to display flowers think "recycle" (convert waste into reusable material) or "upcycle" (reuse discarded objects or material in such a way as to create a product of higher quality or value than the original)  as not only are these easy and quick to assemble, but they can be personalised and look great to.

Clean up an empty food tin and tie raffia

Empty Liquor Bottles for those long stemmed flowers

Place a container inside a paper/gift bag and decorate with rope,string or ribbon

Decorate an empty Consol Jar

Any drinking glass either clear or coloured will look stunning

Recycle an decorative empty jam or mustard jar

An empty fragrance bottle always makes a beautiful vase


Smack-dab in the middle of Joburg, the Protea Fire & Ice! is located in the hot lifestyle precinct Melrose Arch and I was lucky enough to stay for a night a couple of weekends ago.
 Our first night was spent at the African Pride Melrose Arch Hotel, where I have stayed several times over the years. 

Review African Pride Melrose Arch Hotel Melrose
Review African Pride Crystal Towers Cape Town

The second night was at the Fire & Ice, which is literally a block away from the Melrose Arch Hotel and both are ideally situated for shopping, restaurants and bars. 
Once you arrive at either of these hotels your cars are redundant for the duration of your stay.

The Fire & Ice brand falls under the Protea Hotels banner and having stayed at its sister Fire & Ice in Cape Town I was curious to see what Melrose Arch had to offer. The outside of the building does not give you any indication of the Glitz and Glamour that lies behind the office look exterior.
Silver screen heroes and heroines are the inspiration behind the luxurious decor and it really does offer a truly unique experience. 

As with most hotels today, the hotels under the Protea umbrella offer everything for the business and leisure traveller alike. As you can see from my pics below the 197 Luxury rooms are nothing short of fabulous with luxurious furnishings, in-room showers and beds that will swallow you whole and spit you out relaxed and rested! 
They all come with the standard Satelite tv, free wifi, air conditioner, black out curtains, hair dryer and a workstation. My only complaint is he lack of a bath, which for me is important as I love to wallow in my bubbles at the end of a busy day of retail therapy.
The hotel also has the usual restaurant facilities, bar, pool and a small gym, which I can assure you is needed after all the food and the milkshakes! 

The Milkshake Bar at Fire & Ice is infamous in Johannesburg and I can highly recommend a visit to try one of their decadent, delicious, calorific loaded milkshakes hence the need for the gym.

I would definitely stay again, as I loved the Glitz and Glam, its location and the vibe.....

Larger than life photos of movie icons greet you at the reception

Stylish black,white and silver decor

All important Workstation

In Room Bathroom

Seperate toilet

The Glam Public Lounge Area

Dining Area

Loungers ready and waiting by the pool

Milk Shake Bar

Ferrero Rocher Milk Shake