30 January 2019


Despite having never used anything from the British brand Ciaté London I had heard of
this WONDERWAND Mascara, as it's one of their best sellers.
So you can imagine how excited I was to find this full size mascara behind door 23 on 
my feeluinique beauty advent calendar.

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Firstly I must make mention of the beautiful packaging of this mascara, its
silver mirror style wand covered in white stars is simply stunning and the
product feels both heavy and quality in the hand and for this I give

The Ciaté WONDERWAND Mascara is an intensely volumising mascara and makes some serious claims with regard to its performance based on a consumer panel survey.

After using the Ciaté WONDERWAND Mascara the panel reported:

x19 more volume in three coats

95.4% saw 24hr long wear results

96.4% saw intense lash volume and curl

95.5% saw extreme lash length 

I found this carbon black formula to coat the lashes well and be long wearing, smudge and flake proof, however with regards to the "intense lash and curl" I personally found the unique shaped brush too large for my length of lashes,therefore I couldn't achieve the grip on the lashes to put the length and curl claim to the test.
I personally found this mascara to have a very wet formula and needed some cleaning up
after application, both on the brush and around my eye
 which can happen with many wetter type mascaras.
I also had to wait in between coats for the mascara to dry otherwise it just 
formed clumps on the lashes.
With regards to the removal, I had to try several of my eye make-up removers in order
to find one that removed the mascara fully, as its not the quickest or easiest to remove.

Even though I generally prefer this type of formula over a drier formulation I just found it to be too much work...with application and removal.

Ciaté WONDERAND is Paraben & Gluten free, Vegan Friendly and Anti Cruelty

If you are looking for a high drama false lash look then certainly
give this WONDERWAND a try, but sadly it wasn't my ideal mascara.


Not sure who stocks Ciaté in SA
Foschini and Woolworths use to, but I couldn't find any products on their



28 January 2019


This weeks Sunday Sample EMMA HARDIE Moringa Cleansing Balm has been hanging around in my cupboard for over a year now
 and the reason - I just wasn't into Cleansing Balms.

However all that has changed since receiving a sample (with a muslin cloth) of the 
EVE LOM Cleansing balm from SPACENK on my recent trip in November.
I loved it so much that I have since bought the full size and without a doubt this product
has converted me, from a staunch cleanser and toner kinda person,
to now incorporating a cleansing balm into my beauty regime.

To find out why I make the claim that this is the best Cleanser I've ever tried then 
click on the pink link

This award winning EMMA HARDIE Moringa Cleansing Balm was an inclusion in the
 2017 Marks & Spencer Beauty Advent Calendar and I'll be putting it to the
test this week, so check back on Sunday to see what I think.

27 January 2019


During 2018 I found myself reviewing and trying more make-up products
than I have in any previous year, making this a tough category to keep to
only 5 items.
I've discovered many new products and brands that I've incorporated into my
make-up bag for daily use, but here are my 5 most used and loved items.
As always to read my full reviews click on the Pink Links


Urban Decay 

Having been caught out, in the past, by a couple of hyped up products from various brands I was a little wary of buying into this eyeshadow and blusher palette
 unseen online from Urban Decay and then they
opened a store literally on my doorstep and all resistance crumbled.
Having now bought several products from Urban Decay I have to say I'm
 absolutely loving this make-up brand.
I knew that this palette would make it onto my Top List for 2018
after a just a couple of uses, as that's how much I love this collection of eyeshadows,
blushers and highlighter, it's as though it was made for me.
I reach for this palette daily, all shades are used and it makes a perfect travel companion, however this was a limited edition and I'm already panicking as I've hit pan on a 
couple of shades.


Urban Decay
VICE Cream 

Another Urban Decay products has made it onto this list in the form of the
Vice Lipstick, which again I just adore the texture and this particular shade Violate
makes it my go to since purchasing it.



Again I just knew early on that this was a mascara for me.
I love the formula and the fact that the wand can be angled, so much easier for
 I've already bought "back up" stock on my recent trip to the UK and hopefully
we won't have to wait too long for it to be launched in South Africa


Bonjour Nudista
Awakening Skin Tint
I had been searching for sometime for a product that gave me that
"no make-up make-up" look, you know the kind I mean, well I found it
with this skin tint from L'Oréal, sadly it's not available in South Africa.
(I have contacted L'Oréal PR to try and find out about several of the products
that I've reviewed to see if they're scheduled to be launched in SA or not, but
sadly to no avail)
I do reach for this product most days and its also great to mix in with my
usual foundation, just give an extra glowy radiant look to the skin.

To read my full review


Defence Colour

Now BioNike is not a brand that you would automatically think of for make-up
unless perhaps you had sensitive, rosecea or intolerant skin, which I do not have,
 but I was sent this blusher at the beginning of last year,
from their Defence Colour range and I found myself
reaching for it everyday that was until the Backtalk palette came along in the 
middle of the year.
I found it to be such an easy,quick to apply and flattering everyday shade.
There you have my Top 5 Make-up products for 2018, let me know in the
 comments below if you have tried any of the above.

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24 January 2019


This is my first QPR post of 2019 and as a reminder
this type of post is where I do quick reviews on products that don't in my
opinion warrant a full dedicated post.

All of these reviews are on products that came from my Feelunique 
Beauty Advent Calendar.
(if you want to see more of the 24 beauty products that I received, then follow me over on Instagram and all of the daily openings are on the Beauty Highlights reel)

Unfortunately these 3 products are not readily available here in South Africa


Brand : Sigma
Product : P82 Precision Round Brush
Price : $14

I thought this was a great inclusion in the feelunique beauty advent calendar
as who doesn't love a good quality professional make-up brush and this 
Sigma brush feels so good in the hand.
I found this precision round brush to have small dense bristles
making it ideal for applying cream eyeshadow base or primer onto the eyelid.

I don't think we have any stores retailing Sigma brushes in SA,however
are the authorised online retailer in South Africa and I may be checking out 
more Sigma brushes in the future.

Verdict : 8/10



Brand : This Works
Product : Deep Sleep Pillow Spray
Price : £18
Size : 75mls
Now I love pillow sprays and have used them on and off for several years.
My personal fave has been the Aromachology Relaxing Pillow Mist
by L'Occitane 

Designed to inspire a rejuvenating and deep sleep, this pillow spray is formulated with 100% pure essential oils of Lavender, Vetivert and Wild Chamomile.
 Spray onto your pillow before bedtime to aid a more natural sleep. 
Having heard such good things about this award winning pillow mist I was really excited to see the inclusion of a 10ml spray in the feelunique calendar and whilst I like the fragrance, it just doesn't
relax me as much as the L'Occitane one does.

Verdict : 6/10



Product : Facial Radiance Polish
Price : £20
Size : 100g

What I love about beauty advent calendars is the exposure you get to so many
new brands and many that we don't get here in SA.
FAB First Aid Beauty is one such brand and again I was excited to see the inclusion
of a generous 28g size of their Facial Radiance Polish.
 Using only natural exfoliants, including shea nut shell powder and willow bark extract, it gently buffs and polishes the skin leaving it smoother, brighter and with a more even finish. 
This polish gently exfoliates, purifies and cleanses the skin, leaving it clear, soft and renewed. Gentle is the key word here, as it can be used daily, I just found it too
I have no real complaints about this product other than its earthy fragrance,
  I think that there are so
many good exfoliants and scrubs out there to choose from, that this just wouldn't 
be one of my choices or recommendations.

Verdict : 5/10


23 January 2019


EOS is instantly recognisable to most of us, as lip balm in a sphere or for me a ball.
 Yes you've seen them around and many brands have since copied the design of the 
EOS Lip Balm. 
EOS stands for "Evolution of Smooth" I didn't know that either and it hails from the USA.
(I'm not sure if they're even available in stores anymore in South Africa however
they are available from online retailer MUSE Beauty)

The one I received in the M&S Beauty Advent calendar was the Pomegranate Raspberry flavour, which would have been my second choice after the Strawberry Sorbet.
 Having never used any lip products from EOS before I was curious as to what this one had to offer over other lip balms.

I strangely found the ball shape not only fun to apply, but much easier to find in my handbag,
 than a lipstick type lip balm.
In terms of the nourishing levels of this balm it really didn't WOW me, despite 
being enriched with natural conditioning oils, moisturizing shea butter and antioxidant vitamins 
C & E to soften, hydrate and nourish the lips.
Initially my lips felt soft and comfortable but that feeling soon wore off and for
me, gave no long term benefits.

eos products are certified 
100% Organic
Petrolatum and Paraben Free 
Wax Free
Not tested on animals

 Whilst I've enjoyed the fun aspect of using, there are far better lip balms on the market. 
I will finish the product,so it won't end up on a "Products I Didn't Finish and Why" post. 
I have to say they do have a great selection of fun flavour offerings including:
Sweet Mint,First Snow,Coconut Milk,Sugarplum and many more delicious sounding lip

Lip Balm




To find out more about 

20 January 2019


After buying several Caudalie products whilst overseas in November I was given 
several samples to try and the Moisturising Mask was amongst them.
 I purposely left this sample to take back over with me, as I knew that two trips back to back could potentially throw my skin into a bit of "skincare spin".
Fortunately my "skincare spin" didn't happen and that was partially due to
other Caudalie products that I'm trying out (but more about those in the future).

Originating in vineyards in Bordeaux, Caudalie recycles the grape seed oil usually thrown away during harvesting to produce pioneering natural formula's that create an effective and luxurious beauty range.

Having used a couple of Caudalie products previously I now
have several more to try out and I can already see that this French Skincare brand
is going to be a firm favourite of mine.

 After 3 weeks in the cold winter of Europe and then home to South Africa 
for just 3 weeks and back again to the UK for 3 weeks you can imagine my skin was feeling parched, and somewhat stressed.
This surprisingly lightweight Moisturising Mask is the ultimate treatment and certainly packs a beauty punch for dehydration. 

Enriched with powerful, antioxidant-rich grape extracts – vinolevure to soothe and strengthen, grape seed oil to nourish and hyaluronic acid to attract and retain much-needed moisture – this revitalising mask infuses skin with precious nutrient to restore radiance and leave skin looking plump and dewy. 
My skin felt super moisturised,comforted, soothed and after two applications there were no signs any of the climatic damage that had taken place
 over the pat 9 weeks.
Hopefully I will have purchased the full size before I head back to SA.

The sachet sample allowed for two generous applications and is applied in 
the normal way
Apply a thick layer twice a week on face, neck, and around the eye area. 
Leave on for 15 minutes, then massage in the excess. 
Follow with serum and/or moisturiser.


(Available at Skinscosmetics
Sandton Shopping Centre)



15 January 2019


On my recent trip to the UK and Europe I decided to buy several long awaited Caudalie products and along with those purchases came some free samples.
During my last few days in the UK I've decided to put this
Caudalie Moisturising Mask 
to the test and after two back to back trips to the UK in winter my skin is crying out for some TLC.
Pop back on Sunday to see if this moisturising mask, from my new found skincare friend Caudalie, did the trick...

13 January 2019


This has to be my most enjoyable blog post that I write every year,
as it's where I get to tell you which 
5 Skincare products have impressed me the most over the past 12 months.
I have truly enjoyed all of the below and in my opinion they're all worthy of
a purchase if you are looking to buy new products at some point.
They may seem a little random, but then again my review products are sometimes
random but these truly are my top picks.
Now I have been pretty restrained with this list and have only mentioned 
my top 5 products,
but if you want to read more about my other "Monthly Faves" then check
out my full reviews on those recommended products Here

To read my full reviews on each product mentioned
 then click on the Pink Links below


Intense Soothing Care

LA ROCHE-POSAY has been a French Skincare brand that I have discovered 
over the past year 
and have thoroughly enjoyed every product that I have used so far.
It a no nonsense, no frills brand that brings comfort to sensitive or intolerant
skins no matter what skin type.
I highly recommend any of the products that I have reviewed so far and to
find out more Click Here 

The TOLERIANE range of products is targeted for the most intolerant
 and very sensitive of skins and brings immediate comfort and relief and their
TOLERIANE ULTRA Intense Soothing Care has been a pleasure to use on those days
where my skin just feels like it needs a break from active products or may have been
 temporarily irritated by an another product.
 Like me if you don't have an intolerant or sensitive skin, don't be put off experimenting
with sensitive focus skincare brands just because you feel that a range or product 
isn't for your "non sensitive skin" as our skin can always do with 
"wrapping in a comfort blanket" and that's how I can best describe this product.
LRP is both affordable and easy to find across South Africa.

To read my full review



This was one of my favourites for 2018 and I'm glad to inform you that its now
available in SA.
L'Oréal have a great range of budget beating face masks and scrubs
 allowing them to become a weekly or bi-weekly feature in your skincare regime.

To read my full review


Grape Water

I do love me a good facial water spray and this one from the French
skincare brand Caudalie did not disappoint 
(other than the fact its not readily available in South Africa).
So what made it different from many of the others that I've tried?
It was far more than a cooling soothing spray, as the grape content in the
water definitely lent more towards moisturisation and its one that, if you can get your hands on, I highly recommend.



This tinted very high protection sun product has become my, almost
daily, "go to" product on those no make-up summer days.
I have even recently discovered that it applies beautifully onto the skin with 
a beauty blender, so what more could I ask for...



I'm not always a fan of multi tasking products, but this Perfect Canvas Primer
from the skincare brand REN has helped me to become a little less sceptical 
about products that claim to "do it all".
I enjoyed the fact that a skin priming type product could also be a serious 
skincare serum and this packs in a lot of skincare benefits.

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