31 December 2013

30 December 2013


I know Hello Kitty is huge around the world and here is a collection of some Hello Kitty items that have been given a little bling...I must say I love the ipad cover and the powder brush.

29 December 2013


Sorry for the lack of posts this past week, but I have been "woman" down for 5 days now with flu...not nice to have at any time of the year,but in the 30 degree heat of a South African summer and over the festive season it couldn't have been any worse....but I hope you all had a wonderful and relaxing few days with family and friends.

22 December 2013


For all those MINI fans out there here a a few branded goodies that I spotted in the MINI boutique at SMG ROCKS in Umhlanga.
Great gifting ideas.

Doctors Bag R910.38

Flip Flops with racing stripes R229

Bulldog Plush Toy R260 Cushion R 238.88

YOU.ME.MINI T.Shirt R266.69 Towel R528.45


Over this past year I have been posting regular Sunday Sketches by Inslee Haynes.
Here is a collection of her Christmas sketches.

19 December 2013


If you are looking to paint your nails then why not add some Christmas Sparkle this season...
Look no further than the nails inc. collection of special effect polishes at selected
 Red Squares nationwide.
Here are just a few to get you into the festive mood.

17 December 2013


It seems like this past week I have purposely been focusing on reviewing coffee shops, but I can assure you neither of my visits were planned to either Bellevue Cafe  To read review 
or The Factory Cafe.
Several months ago I met a special friend at The Factory Cafe and I have been wanting to return for lunch and that day finally arrived last week with the same friend.

Now don't expect to find this place on the tourist or even coffee shop route, as its inside The Colombo Coffee & Tea factory situated on a busy main road in the industrial area of Congella, Durban, South Africa and is somewhat difficult to find.

The Colombo Coffee & Tea is actually a Roastery and Barista Training centre that houses the award winning Factory Cafe.The Factory is one of South Africa's only coffee destinations that doubles as an entertainment space and music venue. Fresh roasted coffee, exclusive teas & light meals for breakfast and lunch.
You sit amongst the roasting equipment and can literally smell the coffee... It's vibey, busy and just a different kinda place and great for people watching.
As you would imagine they have a great selection of both teas and coffees, which can all be purchased on site. A small food selection is available and it changes daily, but can be only found on the chalk board on the door, so a little advice...don't close the door as you enter the first floor of the factory.

Don't close the chalk board menu door

I ordered a very "delish" garlic and sage roasted chicken open sandwich with, a never had before, homemade Basil Mayo.....the combination of flavours worked really well on the slightly toasted ciabatta  bread. As you can imagine not a crumb was left on my plate and this "sarmie" alone would be enough to warrant a speedy return. Not being a coffee or tea drinker....sad I know, I am unable to comment on the bean and leaf beverages, but judging by the regulars and the newcomers around me, this is a tea and coffee lovers paradise.

R40 Garlic & Sage Roast Chicken "Sarmie"

However, my next visit will be with my hubby who is a coffee expert and feedback will be given.
I, on the other hand, will have to be content with tasting their Cocoa bean....so roll on winter!

367, Magwaza Maphalala (Gale Street)

Opening hours:
Mon - Fri 7.30- 4.30
Sat - 8.30 - 2.00

16 December 2013


In South Africa the 16th of December is a Public Holiday known as The Day of Reconciliation and came about in 1995. The first non-racial and democratic government was tasked with promoting reconciliation and national unity, hence its inception and is a significant day in post apartheid South Africa. Unfortunately after 18 years South Africans observe this day for the first time without the man that was the greatest reconciler of all... Nelson Mandela.

FW De Klerk and Nelson Mandela

As part of the Reconciliation Day celebrations planned in Pretoria today hundreds of South Africans witnessed the unveiling by President Zuma of a nine metre high statue of Nelson Mandela at the Union Buildings.

Zuma explains the significance of the design of this 9 meter high imposing statue that weighs 4.5 tons, took 9 months to make at a cost of R8 million.

“The stretching up of his hands and the footwork denotes that South Africa is now a democratic country. He’s advancing to the nation to say ‘let us come together, let us unite’ with both hands embracing the entire nation.”

Nelson Mandela will live on in the hearts of a Nation forever...

The unveiled statue of Madiba.

15 December 2013


Today saw the funeral of Nelson Mandela and nothing more needs to be said other than


This moving music video from a recent concert held by Andre Rieu is well worth watching and will definitely bring a tear or two to your eyes.

14 December 2013


Still excited about the M&S Christmas TV commercial, I thought I would share with you some more about the male lead David Gandy.
He sums up my sentiments exactly about the build up to Christmas.

11 December 2013


An impromptu meeting for coffee and cake with Nicola from
led us to the Bellevue Cafe in Kloof (situated next to Delcairn Centre).
It was my first visit, but it sounded like Nicola frequents this delightful place often and it's easy to see why! 

Chris Black of Aubergine Hillcrest fame is at the helm of this little "arty" gem. 
As soon as I walked through the tallest door I have ever seen, I got that feeling that I was going to enjoy this casual, relaxed eatery. Whilst waiting for Nicola I had chance to look through their varied, albeit small  menu, but nonetheless I spotted several dishes that I have to go back and try.
It caters for the "early bird" breakfast lover through to the mid morning coffee and cake crowd.
 Its also perfect for a casual lunch or drop in for afternoon tea and even a sundowner cocktail, followed by dinner. I must say that all the food being presented to the tables around me just looked more than "yummy" and the smells coming from the kitchen were just as pleasing.

Nicola and I fell into the coffee and cake crowd visiting mid morning, but there was a slight problem.....they had no water and being a rainy "mizz" day I was looking forward to trying a Hot Choc, but alas no hot drinks, so freshly squeezed on the premises orange juice it would have to be.

Lavender and Double Choc Tart R30

There was a "delish" assortment of pastries and it was hard to make a choice.
The Chocolate tart above won me over simply because that's what "chocoholics" always opt for, but I was also intrigued by the addition of the Lavender and let me tell you... it was to "die for", as the hint of Lavender just complimented and brought out the taste of the rich chocolate even more.
Definitely I will return purely for more of the same.
Nicola chose the Lemon Tart which tasted like a sophisticated lemon curd and was nearly as good as my choc overload.

Lemon Tart R30

I'm hopefully taking my hubby for a Sunday breakfast in the near future and as "pour moi",
 I will have to persuade Nicole to come with me again and we can slowly sample some of their other pastries, sarmies and salads and I honestly can't wait.
So Au Revoir Lavender and Double Choc Tart until we meet again....

Opening Times:

Mon-Fri 7am-9pm
Sat 8.30-9pm
Sunday 9am-3pm

5 Bellevue Road, Kloof, Durban
Call 031 717 2780

10 December 2013


Manketti & Starflower Body Scrub with Wild Harvested Mongogo Nut Oil, Jasmine and Cedarwood is my new found Rain love...I know I must seem like a stuck record keep reviewing products from Rain, but I have tried many over the past year from this African brand and have yet to find one that disappoints.
Exfoliation for the body is as important as that weekly exfoliation for the face and neck, both of which I never fail to make time for.

I prefer a body scrub that not only removes those drying dead cells, leaves your body soft and smooth, but also makes your skin feel invigorated after use. 
Manketti & Starflower Body Scrub is part of the Rain Biologie range and does just that.
 The Jasmine fragrance is what first hits you when removing the lid, which I personally loved. 

A good stir round is needed to mix the various oils and the exfoliating Poppy seeds. 
The degree of exfoliation is always determined by the amount of water the scrub comes into contact with, less water means a harsher scrub and more water means a more gentle treatment. 
Gently massage all over the body and rinse off under the shower, don't forget to concentrate on those rough elbows, knees and heels. 
(A full body scrub is a must prior to any self tanning process)
It really couldn't be any easier to use and the results are fantastic. 
Follow with an application of a good body cream or lotion and feel the difference.

As with most Rain products this is also100% Natural
 and the Wild Harvested African Oils are
Certified Organic Ingredients.

 Retail price 

Just a word of warning...This product comes in a screw top glass jar and unfortunately suffers from the same problem that several other similar products have and that is the oozing of the oil from the thread of the lid, down the sides of the jar, making this product somewhat hazardous for travel. 
I only took mine from the shop to my home 10 minutes away and the oil was already leaking, so treat this product with a little TLC.

8 December 2013


Do you need some inspiration for serving those cheese and veg platters over the festive season?
 If so then check out some of my recent finds on Pinterest.
 Even I can attempt some of these works of art.

6 December 2013


November came and went so quickly that I have forgotten to do my 
Monthly Favourites post.


One of my favourite finds in November was the
 Boutique Guest House Auberge Hollandaise


Being a mascara junkie here is my "fave" from November.


The Clarins Summer Make up Collection 
was recently launched nationwide.


5 December 2013


I couldn't resist doing this Christmas cupcake post. 
Just so I don't mislead you... I am not able to make, let alone decorate cupcakes myself, however I do keep those in business, that can.
My "faves" have to be the pink Christmas tree and the Santa stuck down the chimney cupcakes.

3 December 2013


One of my favourite places to go for a sundowner, at any time of the year, is The Oyster Box Hotel in Umhlanga Rocks. This 5* Hotel is part of the International Red Carnation Hotel Collection and commands undoubtedly one of the best views in South Africa.

The Ocean Terrace restaurant overlooks the crystal clear rim flow pool, the infamous Umhlanga Rocks Lighthouse and as though that wasn't stunning enough, the Indian Ocean lies beyond.

SD R70 Still rated "my best"

I have eaten at the hotel often, but this past Sunday we popped into have my usual Strawberry Daiquiri  sundowner and decided to stay and have a light bite to eat. The menu has just recently been changed  meaning that the prices have been increased pre the Holiday season plus my favourite chicken salad has been removed, so I decided to try the Traditional Fish and Chips, as did a "kiddiewink" and my hubby chose the Pukka Lamb Curry toasted sandwich. 

Traditional Fish & Chips R155

Pukka Lamb Curry Toasted Sandwich R140

At this point I must make mention of the price, yes you will hear me moan about paying too much for a terrible meal, but I don't often complain about how much a good meal costs, The fish and chips were excellent, the fish was perfectly battered and cooked and I have no complaints other than the portion was maybe on the small side,but I prefer quality to quantity, 
so what's my problem you may ask....
wait for it....
the Fish & Chips were R155 
and the sandwich, which my hubby said was not worth it,
 was R140.

Our total bill for 3 light dinners with drinks came to R960 including the tip.
I understand it's a 5* hotel, with stunning views, but the local patrons generally earn their money in Rands and not Pounds, Dollars or Euros.
Unfortunately, The Oyster Box as wonderful as it is, is pricing itself out of the local market and
sadly this is becoming too expensive for "Moi" to frequent casually anymore.

2 December 2013


The Swiss Skincare brand La Prairie have done it again this Holiday Season with some beautiful gifting ideas. I know that we are not talking about gift ideas under a R100 here, 
in fact more like gifts for under R20,000!
The Creme de la Creme of both skincare and gifting for this season has to be the 
Luxuries Platinum Moments Collection.
This ultimate rejuvenating Platinum range will visible lift, firm and transform the skin to look, feel and move like younger skin, thanks to the Colloidal Platinum, which recharges the skins's electrical balance, whilst a complex of mega-actives work with La Prairies Cellular Complex.Without doubt this is pure science at its best and offers unparalleled benefits.

Luxurious silver keepsake box containing:
Cellular Cream Platinum Rare, 30ml (full-size)
Cellular Eye Cream Platinum Rare, 20ml (full-size)
Cellular Serum Platinum Rare, 30ml (full-size)

This set comes at a price of R16,900 offers a saving of R3710.


Luxuries Caviar Moments
Powerful Caviar Extracts and Unique sea proteins transform the skin into a firmed, lifted and illuminated look of satin.
Luxurious silver tote  containing:
Skin Caviar Luxe Cream, 50ml (full-size)
Skin Caviar Liquid Lift, 10ml
Skin Caviar Luxe Eye Lift Cream, 3ml
Essence of Skin Caviar Eye Complex, 5ml

R4,900 offers a saving of R2,750

1 December 2013


I couldn't resist bringing you this fun post about Chanel branded items other than the usual clothes,shoes,fragrance and make-up. No doubt many of these are not legit!

Designer Rugby Ball

Classy Condoms

CHANEL Cotton wool pads

I want this toilet roll

Special CHANEL parking cone

Love these pencils and ruler

29 November 2013


As another school year comes to an end, its time again to think about those Teachers gifts.
Having had two boys go through the schooling system, the teachers gifting was a non entity once they started high school, but Pre, Junior and Senior Primary phases it was a highlight for my "kiddie winks".
They loved to choose that special gift for that special teacher and I wasn't always in agreement with their choices, but hey! it was their teacher and it was a gift to say thank you for putting up with them for the whole year....personally some deserved gold medals,but that's another story.
Here is a selection of some lovely gifting ideas for under a R100 for today's Friday Finds.
They can all be ordered online from Woolworths and at the moment all orders
over R700 are delivered free.




Traditional Turkish Delight 550g

R 99.95 


Liquorice All Sorts 1.2Kg

R 99.95 

Vanilla Hand Treatment Pack


 Dog Bag Charm