28 April 2014

27 April 2014


  • Several weeks ago I pulled out from my sample jar a sachet sample of NIVEA In Shower Moisturising Skin Conditioner, which I wasn't overly impressed with, so when I dipped in earlier in the week and out came another sachet sample from NIVEA I actually contemplated throwing it back into the jar and doing a re draw!
    The sample was the NIVEA Rich Nourishing Body Cream, which is formulated to nourish and protect dry,flakey skin. Now I don't generally have a very dry body skin, but I purposely used this product after lying out in the sun on Easter Monday. This particularly rich formula has caring ingredients which leave even the driest skin noticeably smoother and it did just that. I also felt it glided on well and absorbed easily and left my skin feeling nourished without leaving any traces of oil. 
    There are other formulas available in the NIVEA range of Body Care moisturising 
    products, but the rich formula contains HYDRA IQ and Almond Oil to soften the skin
    and help restore lost moisture.
     {HYDRA IQ technology promotes a non-stop moisture supply from within the skin.The formula supports the skin’s own water channels to enhance your natural moisturisation}

      • As world leading skincare experts, we bring you a revolutionary formula with HYDRA IQ technology to promomoisture supply from within the skin. The formula supports the skin’s own water channels to enhance your natural moisturisation.
        • Restores and replenishes lost moisture
        • Protects the natural structure of the skin and maintains its protective layer
        • Reduces roughness
        • Provides 24 hour plus moisturisation.

    This is definitely one to consider as it really won't break the budget!

    26 April 2014


    Woolworths have recently introduced another two Australian brands to their top stores around the country, Witchery takes its spot amongst the already established and very popular clothing lines of Country Road (my personal favourite) and Trenery.
    Mimco is an iconic Australian accessories brand and is at the forefront of delivering accessible luxury with its quirky designs and statement pieces. It celebrates unique design, eclectic styling, quality and collectability. The brand offers leather and non-leather handbags, evening bags, wallets, tech accessories, footwear, jewellery, timepieces and hair accessories.

    Mimco Gateway Woolworths

    I went to check out their range last week in the Gateway store and found these goodies in a beautiful soft pink and were just meant for me.
    Mothers Day is coming up soon...
    Hint Hint Kiddiewinks!

    1. Leather Fiction Envelope Pouch

    R 799.00 

    2. Leather Peek-A-Bow Key Chain 

    R 299.00 

    3. Patent Leather Flip Case For Ipad Mini

    R 799.00 

    4. Leather Woven Rebellious Wrist

    R 399.00 

    5. Leather Mini Origami Envelope

    R 799.00 

    24 April 2014


    I came across this interesting video by Wayne Goss on how to destroy your make-up brushes.
    I am happy to say that when I trained as a Beauty Therapist, many moons ago my parents bought me a very expensive set of make-up brushes that came in a beautiful cream silk roll bag, and I still have and use the powder brush today. 
    No doubt the others have been lost over the years and as for the cream silk roll.... 
    cream was not the correct colour for make-up brushes to be kept in, 
    so that didn't stand the test of time.


    22 April 2014


    As a more mature Blogger I have been contemplating for some time now about changing from a black eye pencil to a softer and more flattering brown one. The reason I had not made this leap was pure and utter laziness, as I couldn't be bother to troll the cosmetic counters looking for a suitable shade and one that has the correct softness and feel, which to me is important as excessive dragging around this delicate area at my age is not advisable....At the recent Durban Bloggers meet I must have had a "Make-up Fairy" watching over me, as in the depths of my humongous goodie bag I found a Stila Smudge Stick and yes you've guessed it...in lionfish, a deep bronze sheen colour.

    R225 1gr.


    After more years than I care to remember of using various shades of black, this move to brown really was a landmark moment. Thankfully Stila made this transition for me very easy, as the shade is perfect and the fact it's a Smudge stick gives me the options of using as a eye liner or smudging with my finger to create a smudged eyeshadow effect.
    The eye liner glides on smoothly {thanks to the moisturizing ingredients including Vitamin E} and doesn't drag the skin. Despite this eye liner being waterproof it does stay put, yet I found it relatively easy to remove with my regular eye make-up remover. Within the Stila range there are over 30 colour shades available,but there are only 11 shades available to us here in South Africa...
    I may just pop along to take a look at what is available, as I feel a purchase of a black may also be on the cards...
    what do they say about "old habits" etc?

    To order online:

    Available from selected Woolworths and Truworths around the country.

    21 April 2014


    Look what I pulled out of my sample jar for next Sundays Sample post...
    Another NIVEA sample, it's not that I have an aversion to this brand ,
    but I really was very disappointed with the NIVEA In Shower Moisturising sample that I tried a couple of weeks ago.
    Anyway here goes and my review on the Nivea Rich Nourishing Body cream will be up on Sunday....

    20 April 2014


    On Easter Sunday, Christians celebrate the resurrection of the Lord, Jesus Christ. It is typically the most well-attended Sunday service of the year for Christian churches.
    Christians believe, according to Scripture, that Jesus came back to life, or was raised from the dead, three days after his death on the cross. As part of the Easter season, the death of Jesus Christ by crucifixion is commemorated on Good Friday, always the Friday just before Easter. Through his death, burial, and resurrection, Jesus paid the penalty for sin, thus purchasing for all who believe in him, eternal life in Christ Jesus.
    Apart from this important religious aspect Easter for many it often means a 4 day long-weekend, allowing time to be spent with family and friends. Hot Cross Buns on Good Friday and the Easter Egg hunt in the garden on Sunday morning, but however you choose to celebrate....
    Just Enjoy!

    19 April 2014


    What is Holy Saturday?

    Holy Saturday is also known as Easter Even and the Great Sabbath.
    The term "Easter Even" was used by the 1549 Prayer Book. The 1979 BCP uses the title "Holy Saturday" for the Saturday before Easter.

    When is Holy Saturday?

    It is the Saturday before Easter, the last day of Lent and is the day when Christ's body lay in His Tomb. In the early church Holy Saturday was a day of fasting and preparation for the Easter Vigil.

    What happened on the day before Easter Sunday?

    This day was the Sabbath and the day which Jesus rested in the grave.

    What takes place on Holy Saturday?

    Many churches hold services on this eve of Easter Day.

    18 April 2014


    Why is it called Good Friday?
    The name may be derived from 'God's Friday' in the same way that good-bye is derived from 'God be with ye'.
    It is 'good' because the barrier of sin was broken.

    What happened on Good Friday?

    Jesus was arrested and was tried, in a mock trial. He was handed over to the Roman soldiers to be beaten and flogged with whips. A crown of long, sharp thorns was thrust upon his head.
    Jesus was forced to carry his own cross outside the city to Skull Hill. He was so weak after the beating that a man named Simon, who was from Cyrene, was pulled from the crowd and forced to carry Jesus' cross the rest of the way.
    Jesus was nailed to the cross. Two other criminals were crucified with him, their crosses were on either side of him. A sign above Jesus read "The King of the Jews."

    Christians believe that Jesus stood in our place. 

    His death paid the penalty not for his own wrong doings but for ours.

    What happens on Good Friday today?
    Since the early nineteenth century, before the introduction of bank holidays, Good Friday and Christmas Day were the only two days of leisure which were almost universally granted to working people. Good Friday today is still a public holiday in much of the UK. This means that many businesses are closed.


    Some Christians fast (go without food) on Good Friday. This helps them remember the sacrifice Jesus made for them on the day of crucifixion.


    Some Christians take part in a procession of witness, carrying a cross through the streets and then into church.

    Special Church Service

    Many churches hold a special service. This may be a communion service in the evening or a time of prayer during the day, especially around 3 o'clock as that is about the time of day when Jesus died.

    Many Churches hold services lasting three hours. They may celebrate the Stations of the Cross, or take part in Passion plays and dramatic readings.
    Churches are not decorated on Good Friday. In some churches, pictures and statues are covered over. It is seen as a time of mourning.

    17 April 2014


    Today is Maundy Thursday but what does today symbolize?
    Maundy Thursday - also called Holy Thursday, is the beginning of the three day celebration of Easter - the most important time in the year for Christians. This period is one big celebration, remembering the last supper, the crucifixion and the death of Jesus, and the Resurrection to new life.
    Maundy Thursday commemorates the Last Supper of Jesus Christ with the Apostles.

    On this day, Christians remember the Last Supper, during the meal Jesus took bread and wine and shared them with his disciples. Christians continue to share bread and wine as part of their worship in church.

    The Last Supper was probably a Passover meal – the meal which Jewish people share together to celebrate the time when God delivered Moses and the people from slavery in Egypt.

    What is the origin of the name Maundy?
    The name 'Maundy' is derived from the Latin word “mandatum”, meaning a commandment. Jesus Christ, at the Last Supper, commanded:
    'And now I give you a new commandment: love one another. As I have loved you, so you must love one another.' John 13:34


    15 April 2014


    The long Easter weekend is nearly upon us and hopefully we will have beautiful weather. 
    Here are some Easter Holiday inspired nails.

    13 April 2014


    This weeks Sunday Sample trial is on the NIVEA In-shower Body Moisturiser.Nivea claim it's a new convenient way to moisturise. This body moisturiser is used in the shower,as the wet skin quickly absorbs the caring formula with Sea Minerals;

    250 mls approx R40
      The sample that I tried was for Dry skin (they have one for normal skin) offered a very generous amount of product and thankfully I only used half of the sachet.Once opened you really notice the fragrance, but to be honest even though it was pleasant, I found it too highly perfumed and luckily I don't have a sensitive skin, however Nivea do say this product is Dermatogically tested.


    Even though I have read many good reports on this product since its launch, I found it to leave a rather unpleasant layer of grease that seemed to sit on my skin throughout the day rather than a pleasant moisturised feel. Whilst it may be convenient, quick and easy to use (wash,rinse,apply Nivea In-Shower,rinse,towel dry and you are ready to go) and for many affordable,
    I still prefer to apply my moisturiser post shower and one which leaves my skin feeling soft and nourished. 

    Confession: I actually showered again later that evening to remove the awful film on my skin.
    Sorry but this product was a huge #Fail for me....

    11 April 2014


    Having highlighted my hair  for the past 30yrs, every 6-8 weeks,
     I am not one to skimp on hair products, add to this chemical abuse, the ironing process and my hair is bombarded with harsh extremes hence my non reluctance to spend money. 
    Over the years I have alternated between the salon ranges of Redken, Kerastase and L'Oreal Proffessionnel.
    I have tried and used several products to help protect my hair from the heat of either the hair dryer or the straightening iron, all have been great, but recently I was persuaded by my hairdresser Joyce, (not that I needed much persuasion as I am a sucker and always walk out after every visit with a packet full of hair products)
     to try the Kerastase Nutritive Nectar Thermique. The Nutritive range of products is targeting hair that is dry or very dry and therefore needing nourishment and protection. 
    The Kerastase Nutritive Nectar Themique is a heat protective nourishing leave-in treatment for dry,very dry or sensitized hair,all of which applies to my unnatural golden locks. 


    What can you expect from this product:

    • Intense moisture to the core fiber of the hair
    • Adds smoothness and shine
    • Protects hair from heat styling tools and recurring drying-out process
    • Improves hair straightening and drying performance
    • Nourishes and softens hair

    What is the key technology of this product:

      • Royal Jelly Extract: Rich in carbohydrates, lipids and proteins for softness and shine
      • Gluco-Sleek: Xylose + guar gum for thermo protection

              How Do You Use:

    1. Apply a walnut size amount to towel dried hair.
    2. Massage paying attention to those very dry areas.
    3. Comb through the lengths of the hair.
    4. Heat style as normal.

                             For me, what makes this product stand out from similar products that I have used over the years, is the softness, the smoothness and the shine that this lightweight cream gives to your hair. 
    I generally don't write too much about hair products or treatments unless they really impress me, but maybe I should blog more about them, as over the years I have used most of the repairing,nourishing and protecting  products within the 3 brands mentioned above, so watch this Blog Space!

    Available from Kerastase Salons and retail outlets.

    8 April 2014


    This past Saturday twenty five Bloggers attended the first Durban Bloggers event at the #Hashtag restaurant in Durban.There was so much hype about the event in the days leading up to the "Big" day and all I can say is....
    "it certainly exceeded all our expectations and didn't disappoint and really was the most awesome event" and 
    a huge "Thank You" must go to the organizers 
    Verushka, Michelle and Nicola.

    The women that attended were a mixed bag of beauty,foodie and lifestyle bloggers,but another thing that we all had in common was the need for a computer,laptop or tablet in order to write our words of wisdom, so the fact that Lenovo were there to talk to us about their latest tablet was a perfect collaboration.

    I must make it very clear to everyone that I am not the kind of person that enters every competition out there, that was until, the Lenovo ladies told us that one lucky blogger could win the Yoga Tablet 8. 
    Entry requirements were simple, just tweet about something that you were prepared to give up in order to win this little beauty. 

    For those that read and follow me regularly know my absolute passion is Chocolate and that is what I was prepared to give up...yes you read correctly! They didn't say for how long, but I do eat too much and the scales are testament to that., so I was seriously going to give it up, especially in readiness for my trip overseas at the end of May. My rationale was to loose some weight in order to indulge in my 
    "chocoholic" tendencies overseas..

    Back to the competition...which lasted for the 2-3 hrs of the Bloggers meet. I had such a good vibe about this prize after all, I had a 1 in 25 chance of winning, so I thought I would share my tweets and you be the judge..
    I even tweeted a photo of a beautiful mug of hot chocolate, headache tablets and my lenovo laptop loving its new lenovo bag!

    (Read from the bottom screenshot up)

    Start of the Tweets on my quest to WIN with lenovo

    Unfortunately in the end I lost out to a charitable blogger, so you can imagine my disappointment...

    Not being an IT boffin, you won't be getting any of the high tech stuff from me, but I do remember that all of the following appealed to me as a blogger and especially as I have just started a career in Vlogging (well.. doing 1 Vlog is a start to my career)
    Once you read the below you will have a better understanding of what could have been...
    One consolation...I get to eat Lindt Chocolate bunnies at Easter!

    Dazzling Audio
    Unlike most tablets, the Yoga Tablet 8's speakers face front — toward you — rather than to the side or out the bottom (much better as my tummy won't block the sound whilst it sits on my lap) Combine that with Dolby® audio enhancement and you have a rich, immersive sound experience.

    Front & Rear Cameras
    The 5.0M rear and 1.6M front cameras let you take high-definition pictures.
    (great as it will improve my non existent photography skills) 

    Battery Life
    Up to 18 hours (which means I can happily blog away all day and then sleep for 6 hours and begin all over again) Yoga Tablet's unique, cylinder-shaped side chamber allows more room for battery storage (also doubles up as a grip, far better than the slippy fruity tablet I have at the moment)


    Integrated microphone with noise reduction (this sounds good, hopefully it will improve the sound of my voice)


    micro-USB, audio jack, micro SD card (a must) 

    Ultra Sharp Visuals
    The Yoga Tablet 8's  8" Vision Full HD (1280 x 800 resolution) display delivers sharper, more detailed images and high definition video with a 178° wide viewing angle. Plus, adaptive display technology auto-adjusts screen brightness and colors to match where you are, making reading more comfortable.

    Great Connectivity Options
    Intergrated Bluetooth, WiFi, GPS and 3G HSPA+ connectivity.(all important)
                                                    For more info on lenovo products

    6 April 2014


    I was recently given a sample of both AZZARO CLUB Men and AZZARO CLUB Woman, hence it was at the top of my sample jar. 
    Both of these fragrances were launched in South Africa during February 2014.

    75ml Edt R655

    Both my hubby and I are not of an age to be embroiled in the clubbing scene, but as I have learnt over the years, all the promotional and marketing "bumph" goes out of the window, if the fragrance is enjoyed by a person that doesn't actually fit the brief.

    This is what AZZARO CLUB Men say about their latest launch:

    An explosive composition that is simultaneously tonic, aromatic and sensual, AZZARO CLUB Men unravels in two facets; to spray endlessly to keep up the pace all night long: 
    - Aromatic Electro facet: sparkling and bursting with freshness, from the very first notes… A bold fusion awakens our curiosity: energizing lemon sorbet and biting green papaya. A sassy duo for a concentrate of positive energy. 
    - Nocturnal facet: the richness of hemp with the voluptuous woody notes and aromatic aroma of Hinoki wood (native to Japan). The radiance of crystal musk leads us into a sensual and luminous world, in which the first glimmer of daylight appears.

    So undeterred by either the name or the target market my "50" something hubby tried the sample and gave his opinion and simply put he:

    1. Didn't care much for the name.
    2. Enjoyed the initial top notes of fruitiness (he enjoys a fresh lemon fragrance)
    3. Didn't enjoy the woody elements of this fragrance.
    4. Felt that it didn't really have any staying power on his skin, contrary to the marketing blurb.
    5. Wouldn't buy a bottle.

    Thank goodness for fragrance samples, as I now know... not what to buy my "Non Club Man".