31 October 2013


Halloween is upon us, so here are a few ideas to hopefully inspire you.


30 October 2013


If you are planning to colour your hair any time soon, then read on...
Schwarzkopf have been around since 1898 and I do have some sentimental attachment to this leading German hair care brand. I know I am a sentimental type and I cant help it! Many years ago I studied City & Guilds hairdressing in the UK and one of the first "big" hair companies that came to do a product training was Schwartzkopf.
It was a two day training on their ground breaking salon permanent conditioning colour range
called Igora Royal, which they still have today, obviously it's advanced somewhat since then. 
So after all these years I find myself telling you about their new Color Mask,
 which is the first permanent DIY hair colour in a jar!

This revolutionary new Color Mask is the first hair mask colourant with threefold, indulgent care for intense, lustrous shine and long-lasting colour.For triple the care Schwarzkopf Color Mask comprises a trio of nourishing goodness. The Colour Cream with strengthening Amino-Active-Protein reinforces the hair fibre; the Developer Cream with Combability-Booster significantly improves combability, resilience and tangible smoothness, and the Hair Mask enriched with a Vitamin-Oil-Complex provides extra care for a silky smooth hair feeling.Its Developer Cream comes in a convenient jar, similar to a hair mask and one simply adds the Colour Cream to the developer to mix the colour.The mask-like texture is quick and effortless to apply with even distribution on the entire head, even on those hard to reach areas.Without any dripping or drab disasters the formula becomes a creamy hair colour mask with proven performance. 92%* of women are convinced of the intense and beautiful colour results even after four weeks.

So if you are one of the 6 in 10 women that colour their hair at home, then consider the all new Schwarzkopf Color Mask.It comes in 10 gorgeous shades and is exclusive to Clicks stores countrywide and retails at R129.99 per application.

27 October 2013


I have decided to do a "spur of the moment" giveaway, as my blog has gone past the 40,000 views. When I started on this adventure just over a year ago this number of views seemed not only so far off and somewhat un-achievable, but a landmark that other blogs reached and not mine! 
Well guess what,I have made it and it's all thanks to those people that
 read and follow my blog so.....

Estee Lauder Giveaway

This Estée Lauder gift contains:
 A full retail size:Lip Shaping Gloss Pencil Sheer Rose
30ml Perfectly Clean Splash Away Foamng Cleanser
30ml Take it Away Total Make Up Remover
Lipstick Champagne Rose
Eye Shadow Quartet
Moden Muse Edp Sample


I couldn't resist, so here are some more weird shoes.

Revolver Shoes

Confused Shoes

All "tied up" Shoe

The Feminine Spike Shoe

26 October 2013


I have posted several beautiful cupcake "piccys" over the past year and I just keep finding more
 that I just have to share with you. 
How can cupcakes not make anyone feel Happy.
 Take a look at these "rosey" ones and let me know how they made you feel...
My "fave" is the beautiful pink rose cupcake on the heart serviette,
but they all make me feel happy.

22 October 2013


I was recently asked to answer some questions by Nicola Meyer who nominated me for a Liebster Award. 
Nicola has recently started her own blog called Run On Coffee, so check it out.

I had already responded to Fay's nomination from The Sparkling Labyrinth, 

to read the nomination post 

but I thought I would just answer Nicola's questions anyway.

The questions are aimed to reveal more about the person behind the blog...so here goes and I promise I will try to respond intelligently and seriously....

1. What shop can you just not walk past, you HAVE to go in?

Well that depends on where I am shopping if it's in:
Gateway - it has to be the new RAIN shop that recently opened.
Umhlanga village - I cannot pass Saint Lori (clothing)
La Lucia - Con Amore (decor) pulls me in every time
Ballito - Mr Price home as it has great bed linen 
Kloof  - its got to be Muse (decor)

2. Do you have siblings?

Yes I have 3 sisters living in the UK & France.

3. Are you a coffee and cake person or a tea and scone person?

Sorry not a simple answer to this question, I don't do coffee or tea, so can I change the question to include Hot Choc?
Cake definitely and scones...infact anything "cakey" and sweet.

4. Mug or tea cup and saucer?

Oops, will need to change it to a Hot Choc mug

5. Local or international holiday?

Anywhere, I am a Saggitarian and we love to travel..

6. Ice cream or frozen yoghurt?

Can't choose as I love both, but I only eat frozen Yoghurt from Bella & Boo, as it's the best.

7. Movies at home or at the cinema?

Lol neither! I cannot remember the last movie I went to see or watched at home.

8. Would you adopt an animal from the SPCA?

No, as I have enough thank you.

9. Where do you do most of your grocery shopping?

Woolworths mainly, Pick n Pay and sometimes Checkers

10.Were you cool at school?

I'm not too sure as you would need to ask my school friends, if they can remember that far back!

Thanks Nicola for these questions.

21 October 2013


Sadly "soap on a rope" is no longer popular and to be honest, you battle to find a soap on a rope in South Africa, let alone find a good one. I have always enjoyed this type of soap format and prefer it to a conventional bar, especially for showering. Overseas you have such a wonderful variety to choose from, but I have found a delightful Mango "soap on a rope" from one of my "fave" shops Rain.

To me its a "no brainer" why have a bar of soap slipping through your fingers, when you can hang this fruity smelling soap around the temperature control arm or tap. The "Kiddiewinks" and my hubby love this "life like" mango hanging in the shower, as its really quick and easy to use. This glycerine soap does not contain synthetic ingredients that will cause skin irritations. 
For those who have sons that go through that horrid stage, where soap isn't in their thought process this has been a "god send".
I highly recommend this mango as it does encourage them to actually use soap instead of just standing under the shower and expecting the washing process to miraculously happen! Some of you will read this and understand where I am coming from, whilst others will be just plain horrified!
 Only having boys I cannot vouch for girls, but I can't imagine that girls go through this "no soap" phase. Either way R89  is all it takes to get those bodies smelling clean,fresh and fruity. 
             Just had a thought.....maybe its only my children....oops! 

Available from rain stores countrywide or Online




19 October 2013


I was recently nominated for a Liebster Award by Fay from The Sparkling Labyrinth 
check her lifestyle blog out. 
Read her original nomination post The Sparkling Labyrinth
Thanks for the nomination Fay! This new badge will blend in beautifully on my blog.
Fay set myself and 9 other bloggers the following questions to answer. I must now nominate other bloggers and give them a few questions to answer, all of which will help us to find our a little more about the person behind the blog.
Fay's questions were:
1. How often do you read other blogs?
Daily and I read quite diverse blogs not always on beauty.
2. What is your favourite topic to blog about?
Well! my blog started out primarily as a beauty blog with smatterings of foodie topics, but the food topics especially Hot Choc, Strawberry Daiquiri and restaurant reviews have featured more than I intended, but beauty reviews are still my focus.

3. When do you usually write posts?
I generally write several over the weekend and then they are ready for the week.

4. Your favourite social media platform?
I really enjoy my Facebook page but Twitter is still a little daunting for me..Oh! and I love Pinterest its an endless source of inspiration.

5. Recommend one blog that you personally love reading
I enjoy reading Kissblushandtell

6. Tag a fellow blogger who supported you in your journey as a newbie
Unfortunately I can't tag anyone, as I can honestly say that I have done this all on my own, as I didn't know any bloggers at the time.

7. What has been a highlight for you as a blogger?
This past year of blogging has been one long highlight.At nearly 40,000 views over 13 months, I still cannot believe it!!! I cannot deny that highlights are being invited to launches and events, but I hate having to turn down those that happen in Johannesburg and Cape Town, as that's where its all happening!

8. Describe your blog
A Beauty blog written by a 50 something year old, who loves eating,travelling,Strawberry Daiquiris and all things chocolate.

9. What is your favourite book?
I am not a big reader of books but I love all magazines.As a child, the book that made a huge impression on me was "The Day of The Dolphin". You did ask!!!

10. Do you have any pets?
Yes a 2 year old Daschund, that answers to Abby (real name), Abs, Poppy, Pops, Poppet, Popsy and two African Grey parrots Barney and Frikkie.The latter two are such messy and irritating pets and I don't recommend to anyone.Give me another sausage dog any day.
Shew! that wasn't too difficult 
Thank You Fay...
I would like to nominate these varied bunch of fellow bloggers that hail from Cape Town, Johannesburg, Durban and Port Elizabeth several of whom have been nominated already, but I would love them to answer my questions anyway:

1.   Nicola runoncoffee
2.   Inge snapsizzleandcook
3.   Jane janetennet
4.   Loren hellominkys
5.   Jennifer pinkerjen
6.   Odette osoinspired
7.   Bronwyn mothercitymom
8.   Claire missclaira-bella
9.   Desle divadesle
10. Charlene geewhiskers

Ok here goes... My questions to you guys are:

1.  You are trapped on a dessert island, which 2 skincare products would you want with you and why?
2.  What is your "fave" chocolate or sweet?
3.  Which is your International or local News channel of choice.
4.  Soap n Water vs Cleansing milk?
5.  Have you ever had an allergy to any cosmetic?
6.  Bath vs Shower?
7.  Where do you mainly find inspiration from to write your posts?
8.  Do you leave your hair to dry naturally, blow dry or use an iron?
9.  Which make up item could you not live without?
10.Where would you like to see your blog in the future?

17 October 2013


This is a perfect day to post this, as it's pouring down in Durbs!

For those that don't know "Wellie Bobs" is another name for Gum boots,Wellington boots, rain boots or just plain wellies and guess what..living in Durban I don't own or really 
ever need to wear a pair.....

The conventional industrial green or black rubber footwear has taken on a new lease of life in recent years and the good old Wellington boot has become somewhat of a fashion accessory. 
This now jazzy, multi-coloured boot is now worn by celebs and fashionistas around the world, as well as the likes of you and me...well perhaps not me! 
Any item of clothing can be worn today with a pair of wellies as there is no fashion limit to its pairings.

Probably the most well know name around the world is the "Hunter" boot which hails from Scotland and they are available at selected outlets around South Africa, at a price.
Below is a selection of designs just showing how far the humble "wellie bob" has come.
You can also find cheaper, pretty and funky wellies from the major high street retailers.
  I am actually feeling quite deprived now, that I have no use for a pair, as I want!
Maybe I could wear a pair, when watering the garden or cleaning the pool,
 but they would have to be pink..of course!

Hunter and Tom Jones

Even designers like Marc Jacobs,Gucci
and Burberry are in on the scene

16 October 2013


Several weeks ago I bought my first product from the French brand Yves Rocher to read review I have to admit upfront that even though the brand has been around for 50 years overseas and in South Africa for several years, I have never been attracted to any of their products, for no other reason than I find the brand to be confusing. This confusion isn't due to the french names etc, as I did french at school and have worked with French products my whole working career, so that's not where my problem lies. I think the colouring and the packaging is what I have a problem with. I find it to be a "mish mash" of colours and messages all being presented in a slightly "cheap" way. The saying "Less is More" springs to mind, so hence, I have been overlooking this brand.  

Once I looked deeper into the product offering and spoke to a consultant, I started to get an understanding of the Yves Rocher brand.  
My first purchase was their Velvety Cleansing Milk -Smoothing Effect containing 3 Detoxifying Teas.               

R100 200mls

I have since bought the matching Perfecting Toning Lotion - Anti Fatigue Effect. Yves Rocher has surprised me yet again, (my first surprise was the price point of this imported brand) the toner isn't a liquid as with most toners, but it has a gel consistency. It did feel a little strange when I first used as my brain has been programmed to associate liquid with a toner, but I can honestly say that I prefer this toning gel over a conventional toner.As with all toners, it effectively removed all traces of my cleanser and left my skin feeling refreshed and ready for the next step. I don't need to remind you that I am not an advocate of using toners that contain alcohol and this is alcohol free. It can also be used over the eye area and has been tested under Dermatological and Opthalmological supervision.

Another bonus to using a gel, there is little wastage, as the gel sits on top of the cotton wool pad and doesn't get absorbed and ultimately thrown away. I have used the toner for a couple of weeks already and I have used far less than my usual liquid toner, so its really economical. This 200ml Toner retails for R100 and is the same price as the cleanser and both offers "Great" value for money!
If you want my advice - the next time you walk past an Yves Rocher counter in Woolworths, do yourselves a favour and STOP! As I would hate for you to miss out, as I did.. .p.s. just look past the colour/range confusion and look a little deeper into this affordable imported skin care range that's somewhat of a well kept secret.
I have earmarked other products to try, so I will keep you updated with my reviews.

15 October 2013


If you are a Gwen Stefani fan or just a fan of OPI products then read the below article from
Are you ready for a Gwen Stefani nail polish collection? If you answered yes (and why wouldn't you?), then you'll be excited to hear the singer has just inked a deal with OPI! And as with just about everything Gwen does, you can expect a punk twist to the collaboration, which was, incidentally, inspired by the 2013 Met Gala theme, "Punk: Chaos to Couture."Launching in January, the limited-edition lineup will include the following Gwen-centric polishes: Hey Baby and I Sing in Color, both glossy crèmes; Love.Angel.Music.Baby. and 4 in the Morning, both semimatte satins; Push and Shove, a bold chrome that comes with a complimentary base coat; and In True Stefani Fashion, a sparkly glitter.There will also be a special boxed set featuring Over & Over A-Gwen, a bold red lacquer that pays homage to Gwen's signature red lip, and Swarovski Elements, a nail art kit consisting of nail glue, black crystals, and metallic studs in bar, circle, square, and diamond shapes."OPI wanted to create a collection as dramatic, diverse, and glamorous as its namesake," said OPI's artistic director, Suzi Weiss-Fischmann. "With crème and glitter hues, new satin matte texture, a mirrored chrome, and Swarovski Elements, Gwen Stefani by OPI presents the latest in pigments and finishes, while combining elements of haute couture and street fashion." 

The Swarovski Elements sound interesting!
I am not sure when it will be available in South Africa, but I will keep you informed! 

14 October 2013


A year has passed already since the Danish brand GOSH arrived in South Africa.
One of my favourite nail polishes Bubblegum comes from GOSH, but recently I decided to try one of their mascara's.
An easy enough decision you may think, but think again, as they have 5 on offer.

 I have been an Estée Lauder mascara fan for many years and jump between the Double Wear Lengthening and the Sumptuous Bold Volume Lifting mascara's depending on my mood and occasion. My decision to change was not due to any other reason than I thought I would try out some of the newer brands that have appeared in SA over the past year and GOSH is one of them.
I have to be honest and upfront, I am a mascara's worst nightmare, not because I have sensitive eyes, but for me its all about the brush. In short it mustn't be too long, it must feel balanced in the hand and the bristles or the brush not too large and must be able to coat my lashes with ease.
More importantly the actual mascara
cannot be "clumpy", it must also be a wet formula and not too dry. 
Oh! I nearly forgot it also needs to have a pleasant smell, as so many don't!

After spending quite some time I chose the
GOSH Amazing Length Mascara

A smooth, rich and very staying mascara formulation.Makes your lashes look visually longer and intensely coloured.
Waterproof and very staying.
The well defined brush separates the lashes while applying a fine layer of mascara and makes the lashes look longer.
Can be applied again and again to make lashes look thicker and longer.

You will be happy to know that all of the GOSH mascara's are perfume free.

It took me some time to get used to the length of the mascara wand and it was a little dryer than I would have liked, but it coated my lashes on one application. Me not being a "one coat" kinda girl, several coats are always applied of any mascara I use and with each coat the lashes do become thicker, but I am not sure that too much length was achieved.

GOSH Amazing Length n Build Mascara

I have a confession to make "I am not a fan of waterproof mascaras" and guess what I unknowingly bought?
Yes, this mascara was "waterproof" Argh! horror and shock!
The last time I used a waterproof mascara was several years ago and it was from YSL  and was just for those occassions where waterproof was a "must".
What impressed though about this waterproof mascara was the ease by which it was removed. I used my normal non waterproof eye make up remover and it removed the mascara perfectly.
As they claim, it did "stay put" on my eyelashes at the times when I needed it most, during exercise and during the sad episodes of Downton Abbey.

Would I buy again?
Yes, I would, if there weren't so many new mascara's out there to try and maybe next time I should put my readers on, so I can see that all important word "waterproof".

GOSH is available from selected Red Squares and Edgars


12 October 2013


For those that follow my blog regularly you will know that I love all things Strawberry and especially a good Strawberry Tart.Unfortunately I have not had the opportunity to write about these red fruity tarts, basically because I haven't really found any in South Africa worth writing about.
No one can beat the Europeans when it comes to "Patisseries" and for those that have been to France, 
you will know exactly what I am talking about...
I just love to gaze into those Patisserie windows filled with the most beautiful Gateaux, pastries and macaroons. I am salivating just thinking about it....

This leads me to tell you about my Strawberry tart from Vovo Telo, 
which recently opened in Umhlanga Rocks.

To read Vovo Telo review

Each time I pay a visit to Vovo Telo I keep missing the Strawberry tarts, they even posted a "piccy" on Twitter last week to announce that these illusive yummy's were available and selling fast....
I finally got to try one on Friday evening after we had eaten dinner there with friends, who by the way also loved the place.
As we were running out of time we bought the last two and took them home to eat.
I have to be fair to Vovo Telo, as these Strawberry tarts were bought at 9pm, were the last two and were looking a little tired. However it didn't affect the taste whatsoever and a huge thumbs up, as they were really "delish". The pastry was firm and not soggy, the custard or Creme Patissiere tasted great and my only complaint would be that the tart could have had a couple more strawberries on, especially as they had used only half Strawbs and not whole.
At R22 per tart another 2 halves = 1 more whole strawberry, wouldn't have been too much to ask! 
Was it worth waiting for? Yes and I will be back for more and hopefully it will have that extra strawberry on.

9 October 2013


I recently went to the Oyster Box Hotel for High Tea and its not the first time either, but it is the first time that I have blogged about it. 
The Lighthouse, Strawberry Daiquiri's, High Tea and Skabenga are what spri'ngs to my mind when anyone mentions the Oyster Box Hotel.
The Lighthouse is an Umhlanga landmark, the hotel serves the best SD'S, Skabenga is the resident fat cat that lazes around the foyer and the High Tea is....well just great!

Don't bother wasting your time going if you are on a diet, as this is a calorie overload of note and its my "kinda" heaven. I had better let the photos do the talking...Enjoy this feast for your eyes, as much as I enjoyed this feast for my tummy!


High Tea is served daily from 2.30pm tll 5.00pm in the Palm Court and costs R185 per head. (9/10/2013)
What better way to spend an afternoon than relaxing, eating and be entertained by the pianist.
I advise that you book well in advance especially over the weekends and during the holidays.

                   The Oyster Box2 Lighthouse RoadUmhlanga Rocks 4319KwaZulu-NatalSouth Africa

8 October 2013


I know that some of you may enjoy this post and others won't, but I do enjoy a little "bling" and there is no easier accessory to customize than your cell phone.Yes some of these are over the top and totally impractical, but my favourite is the Tiffany cover, which no doubt is one of the most expensive...
Dream on...

Source Pinterest