27 June 2015


For this weeks Sundays Savings I spotted these pretty soup mugs on Woolworths website and they are all 20% plus an extra 10% WRewards when you order online only. If you are looking for stylish new soup mugs/bowls this winter and here a few that caught my eye, then visit Woolworths online

Striped Soup Mug


Less 20% R44.00
Less 10% WRewards R39.60

'Moroccan' Soup Mug

R 69.95

Less 20% R 55.96 
Less 10% WRewards R 50.36 

Spot Soup Mug


Less 20% R47.96 
Less 10% WRewards R43.16 

Café Soup Bowl


Less 20% R36.00
Less 10%  WRewards R32.40

26 June 2015


I always say that I have a Love/Hate relationship with the American brand Kiehls...
I either "Love" a product or "Hate" a product.....
I wouldn't say that I really "hate" as that's a harsh word, its more a dislike for some of their product offerings.
After saying that, I do rate several of their products very highly and after being in the skincare and cosmetic business for the past 35 years I don't bestow praise or accolades to easily!

Being a brand that markets slightly differently with a "Try Before You Buy" concept and no Gift with purchase....I suggest that you don't miss out on the Kiehls 20% Off Promotion this weekend in South Africa and if you are not sure what to buy then read my reviews on some of my "best" picks from this brand.

The Discount promotion lasts for two days
 27th & 28th June 2015
is available at:

  Sandton City
 Canal Walk


I, along with many of you out there, love all things YANKEE and my recent find are these Car Vent Sticks. I always have hanging in my car a Car Jar read my review, but I saw these recently and bought the Garden Sweet Pea variant which also has hints of pear, peach, freesia and rosewood and is one of my favourite fragrances (It could have something to do with my childhood memories of an aunts garden and home filled with freshly cut sweet peas) 

Yankee Candle Garden Sweet Pea Car Vent Sticks
4 sticks R95

Simply fasten a vent stick to your vehicle's air vent, where it will remain secure and barely noticeable while providing continuous fragrance for up to two weeks. 
However as with the Car Jar the sticks fragrance lasts so much longer than they claim. 
My Vent Stick has been in my car for over a month now and is still smelling great, however I would image it would vary from fragrance to fragrance.

A pack retails for R95 and comes with 4 vent sticks and for me its small price to pay to be surrounded by a memory filled fragrant car....

For local stockists or to order online visit

22 June 2015


Created by the manufacturer of one of the world’s biggest brands, Glampalm, is currently the most advanced flat iron on the market. That's what "they" say and having used one of those world's biggest brands I was curious to see what the Glampalm fuss was all about. 
I have to make it clear that my GHD hair straightener has been a most faithful hair companion for
 8 years and more and has never let me or my hair Down....it has however unintentionally burnt my fingers on occasion along with overheating my hair to a point of "too Hot to Handle".
It's this point that has been a cause for concern for several years now. 

If you read my blog or follow me on social media you will know that I do review and use some wonderful high end hair products including heat protectors in order to counteract any damage caused by continual use of my hair dryer and iron.

I had been considering for sometime buying a new hair straightening iron as technology with regards to irons must have improved greatly over the past 8 yrs. In all honesty the GHD would have been my go to brand, but I have read reviews about the Glampalm and what caught my eye was their promise of virtually NO DAMAGE thanks to a unique and patented secret in all their products called “Healing Stone” – This is the magical ingredient for unmatched performance. 
This had my attention and on further investigation this is how it works..
"Healing stone is a natural mineral found deep in the mountains of South Korea. Special ceramic plates are then infused in these minerals through a delicate process that takes weeks to complete. “Healing Stone” in the Glampalm plate enables the device to function optimally at 200 degrees instead of 230 degrees and is known to produce better and longer lasting results than competitor brands."
Could this be the end of my "too Hot to Handle" hair?

Then by magic I was approached by Glampalm earlier in the year to review their standard magic iron, but I had to delay until I came back from overseas in May and as promised my new 
"Glam" iron arrived in its glamorous packaging.

As you know I do thoroughly test every product I receive and this was no exception. 
Along with the iron you receive a Glampalm clutch, 2 sectioning hair clips and clear, protective stickers that fit over the ceramic plates if you have had keratin treatment.

Glampalm Standard Magic Series Iron

I received the Glampalm Standard Magic Series Iron, which is recommended
to straighten and curl short to medium hair, so this could prove to be a challenge for my long, fine and thick hair!
Being much narrower than my wide GHD I found it surprisingly easy to handle and was able to get exceptional smoothness and with that came a softness to my hair that I never experienced  previously. I was able to get more lift at the roots and I loved this new found "lift" and it certainly lasted longer than I anticipated.
Manoeuvrability around the head is made easy thanks to 3 metres of 360 degree Swivel and Pivot cord. 

Glampalm Temperature Control

The Glampalm heats up quicker than its competitors, but what I really love about this hair straightener is the temperature control feature, which allows you to set the temperature....and guess what..I have no more "Too Hot to Handle" hair

At no point did I feel like I was "frazzling" my hair and I for once had complete control over the straightening process whereas before I always felt that the iron and the excessive heat,
 controlled "Moi"

I never curl my hair, so I cannot comment on the curl ability of the Glampalm, but I am sure it's as good at curling as it is at straightening. 
Who knows though the curls could be coming soon.

Glampalm also features a unique Vibrate Mode that allows for better product penetration.

  The Glampalm has another nifty little safety feature called - Hibernation mode and automatically switches itself off after 30 minutes if not in use.Thankfully I have never accidentally left my hair straightener switched on, but I am sure this feature will appeal to many. 

I have to say that I am now a Glampalm convert and having initially thought I may have been better with the Wide Magic Iron Series, I love the standard width. 
Only time will tell about the promise of virtually no damage, but I have a feeling that Glampalm will deliver on this promise and on a final note 
my hair and Moi couldn't be any happier!

Glamplam is manufactured in South Korea, offers a two year full guarantee and free delivery within South Africa.

If you would like to know more about the Glampalm products or to place an order then visit

Don't forget to use this discount code in order to receive 

R200 off your order.

Enter Promo Code 

Glampalm Standard Magic Series Iron R2,400
Glampalm Wide Magic Series Iron R2,500
Glampalm Magic Wand R1,699

21 June 2015


This weeks Sunday Sample to come out of my jar is a product that I have only read wonderful reports about and have been longing to try for sometime and that time is 

Huile Prodigieuse 

is an iconic multi purpose dry oil from the French brand Nuxe and was included in a recent Rubybox and this 10ml size is generous for use on the face and on your hair, but it certainly won't go very far on my body!
Just having finished using another French skincare Oil I am very curious to compare the textures and the absorption abilities of each.
I generally don't review a skincare product after only a week, as I like to trial for at least 2-3 months, but I anticipate that the Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse won't disappoint, so tune in next Sunday for my Sunday Sample review.

Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse 10ml

19 June 2015


This weeks Friday Finds are not to be found in SA but rather in the UK....
As our poor South African Rand gets weaker by the day our spending power when overseas is getting less and less. I am sure some of you will know that awful feeling that you get when something catches your eye in a shop and you speedily, yet reluctantly turn the item over to check the £ price and following a quick mental calculation you put it down just as quickly, as it's too expensive.
Part of my holiday is always spent looking for appealing, inexpensive and lightweight gifts to bring back for family and friends.
On my recent trip to the UK I visited several coastal towns where there happened to be life boat stations, which have small gift shops attached selling the cutest RNLI branded items.
not only are some of the gifty items quite affordable, but you are helping a very good cause.

So if you find yourself passing by a Royal National Lifeboat Institute station at the seaside,then why not do a little side step and pop in, as you may just find some of those appealing, inexpensive and lightweight gifts that I mentioned early.


All weather cell phone case


Billy Hug Me Bear

These were my three RNLI purchases:

The Pottery Money Box £5

Cotton Shopping Bag £1

Metal Pin £1

17 June 2015


Fathers Day is just around the corner in South Africa (Sunday 21st June)  and here are a few of my picks from Woolworths to spoil dad on his special day.

Artisan Tapas Board

R 180.00 

This Oak board is handmade by artisans using techniques perfected over time; each piece is alive with character and originality. Perfect for serving Tapas food in rustic style.

Enamel Mug with Coffee Plant

R 99.99  

Master Chef South Africa The Cook Book

R 350.00  

Number 1 Dad Milk Chocolate Medal 


R 19.95  

15 June 2015


My daily cleanse routine is and always has been, to double cleanse using a creamy cleansing milk, as I'm not a "rinse off" cleanser or a "soap and water" type of person ,
 but there are exceptions and when I travel overseas is definitely one of them...

Living in the coastal holiday village of Umhlanga Rocks, Durban I don't encounter too much air pollution, which is great for my skin, but when I travel overseas its a another climate and a different routine. 
I always take a "wash off" type product to use prior to my cleansing milk. 
On my recent trip to London and Paris the Dermalogica Precleanse came along with.
 (I must be the only beauty blogger in SA not to have reviewed this product) 
These two cities must be right up there when it comes to the amount of skin damaging pollutants floating around in the air. It is so obvious to see on your cotton wool the dirt and grime that is left behind after cleansing.
 I sometimes need to do a triple cleanse in order to get my skin SA clean. 

30ml R160

The Dermalogica Precleanse is very unassuming, it's a colourless, non foaming, minimal fragranced, plant based cleansing oil, but don't be fooled, it's incredibly good at the job it's designed to do - Deep Cleanse!
It makes light work of melting away layers of excess sebum (oil), sunscreen, waterproof make-up, environmental pollutants and residual products that build-up on skin throughout the day.

Its so easy to use, with your hands just massage the product over a dry face and then add some water, continue to massage concentrating on congested areas and watch its consistency change into a light milky emulsion and rinse with lukewarm water. 
Your skin is then ready to receive the second cleansing product and Dermalogica have an extensive range of soap free cleansers to choose from...

Interestingly this is one of the few products that can be used over the eye area to gently yet very effectively remove waterproof eye makeup.

After using the Dermalogica Precleanse this "wonder" product has now found a place in my beauty regime and unbeknown to my youngest Kiddiewink he will be using this oil busting emulsifier as a part of his daily routine to help with his oily skin....

It available in two sizes and the 30ml was ideal for my travels and retails for R160, but for daily use the 150ml pump dispenser at R520 is more economical.

Precleanse R520 150mls

If you are a fan of the convenience and ease of cleansing wipes then your in luck, as Precleanse wipes are also available to use without water.
R250 (20 wipes)

20 Precleanse Wipes R250

Available from Dermalogica Salons and Concept stores around South Africa.

9 June 2015


Despite knowing that you shouldn't brush your hair when wet and always to work gently from the ends up to the roots to remove any tangles and knots, I still end up with various sizes of clumps of broken or shedded hair in my brush.

Denman - The Hairdressers Brush has always been my brush of choice since I was a teenager and over the years I have bought the correct styling brush for my hair type and length and have built up quite a collection and have always been very happy. 

I wasn't really in the market for yet another hairbrush let alone a detangling one, but my hairdresser used the Pro Select Wet Brush last week to detangle my just highlighted wet tangled hair and what a difference!

The Wet Brush R140

The unisex Wet Brush can be used on both wet and dry and the brush itself is very lightweight. 
The bristles are not firm or rigid, thus enabling the bristles to actually flex and glide easily and smoothly through the hair resulting in far less pulling, snagging and pain.
This brush must be a gift from "Hair Heaven" for mothers of kids with long knotted "birds nest" type hair, who brave the daily traumatic ritual of hair brushing and
R140 seems like a small to price to pay.
However proof for me was in the brush and needless to say there were only a couple of strands of hair left behind. Obviously you will lose hair naturally as part of the hairs life cycle, but I'm now confident that my "detangling brushing" is not aiding breakage and premature hair loss through tugging and pulling and that has to be a good thing.....

With regards to the Wet Brush claim of being the
 "Worlds Best Detangling Brush Ever"
 it seems like it could just be, but what I do know is - this brush does a good job for my long locks.

There is a selection of brushes available for different uses and in various colours.
Available in selected salons countrywide.
I bought mine from 

Sands Hair & Beauty 
 Umhlanga Sands Hotel
Umhlanga Rocks

031 561 5663 

Wet Brush funky colours

4 June 2015


I love receiving a gift, who doesn't and even more so if the giver has taken the time 
to create something extra special. 
I have found some beautiful gifting ideas that can be easily replicated, even for the likes of "Moi", hopefully making me now the giver of  some wonderful gifts.
Hope this post inspires you to get a little creative

Homemade or shop bought baguettes and jam wrapped in a kitchen towel

A brides Kitchen Tea utensil gift

An extremely useful Wedding Gift

This collection of Jam making goodies is bound to impress any home exec

A Fathers DIY Bucket

1 June 2015


I took a months break during April, so this is my first Monthly Favourites post since March.


First up is my wonderful morning that I spent in the Oyster Box Hotels Spa, I am still raving about it and rightly so, as it truly was memorable on so many levels.



The Eye Slices were my best travel companion and have become a "love" of mine.



These two Garnier products could just find a permanent place in my life, but I wish they would sort out the hole size....read my review below to find out more!