29 November 2017


How I wished online shopping was a "thing" twenty years ago when my children 
were at school, but it wasn't and I remember all too well that frantic
last minute shop to buy teachers gifts before the last day of school.
Buying a gift for your child to give to their 
teacher generally spans those years between pre primary and senior primary
 and thankfully it's not cool in high school,which was fine by me...
I recollect the excitement of my two "kiddie winks" eager to rush off to school on 
break-up day just so they could hand their pressie over to their (in most cases)
much adored teacher.

I was recently introduced to a South African website
that seems to answer all your gifting needs, its literally your One Stop shop for body 
and bath,accessories and gifting solutions, so no more rushing from store to store.

The schools in South Africa break up for their long Summer holidays at the end of next
week, so head on over to their website and have all your gifting items 
delivered to your door in a matter of a couple of days.

I have chosen several items that I personally love and I'm sure you'll 
find plenty of gifts to suit your budget whether it be for the teacher,
 stocking fillers or the office Secret Santa, so I hope this post will help inspire
any last minute buyers amongst you...
Good Luck and Happy shopping.

Foot Therapy Spa in jar 
(60ml heel balm, 65g scrub, 65g foot powder, 60g foot soak)

Rose underwear bag 
(Soft satin fabric)


Teachers Appreciation - Large Jar 
(A Teacher Gives, A Teacher Shares, But most of all a Teacher Cares) 

Inspirational range Pamper Jar 
(200ml Foam bath, 200ml body lotion, 200g soap bar, 30g mesh sponge)

Lightbulb Bath Salts 
(May your day be merry & bright)
Oversized Pens

Christmas - Wine bag 
(Naughty is the New Nice)

28 November 2017


I'm on a bit of a roll with my Sunday Sample posts, as I have several new ones in my jar and seeing 
it's the run up to Christmas I thought this recently launched fragrance sample called
would be a good one to try out this week. 

As always the Christmas season is huge for
perfume sales and even for me, someone who has spent my whole career dealing
with fragrances, I still find the array on offer sometimes daunting and often confusing.
We are bombarded with advertising and promoters in stores eagerly waiting to spritz what's new on offer, that it can sometimes make for a rather unpleasant and expensive experience.
I did write a post several years ago that was aimed at males, but it can be just as useful
for females and I hope it helps to clear the fragrance mist...

 Check back on Sunday to find out more about LA MIA PERLA.

26 November 2017


Last week I picked out of my overflowing sample jar a very cute 10ml miniature
of the Aroma Cleanse Essential Cleansing Milk from 
the French face and body care brand DECLÉOR.

Back in the late 1980's I worked for a short period as a rep for the brand 
here in South Africa and since those early days this brand has firmly 
established it's name as the world’s largest cosmetic Aromatherapy brand.

DECLÉOR Aroma Cleanse Essential Cleansing Milk with Neroli Essential Oil has a 
luxurious light-texture with the most wonderful fresh sparkling aroma.
This cleanser makes light work of removing make-up and impurities and leaves 
the skin feeling exceptionally clean and smooth. 

Active ingredients include detoxifying Green Tea Essential Water to help remove dirt 
and tighten pores for a clearer, more radiant complexion, Sweet Almond Oil 
to leave skin beautifully soft and comfortable, and heavenly-fragranced 
Neroli Essential Oil to help protect, repair and fight against dehydration.

Neroli Essential Oil helps protect and repair stressed, dehydrated skin cells 
to leave it moisturised and radiant.
Sweet Almond Oil rich in essential fatty acids, helps to gently remove make-up and

 soothe skin.

DECLÉOR Aroma Cleanse Essential Cleansing Milk's paraben-free formula is suitable 

for all skin types. 

If your budget allows then this cleanser deserves to be considered as it gets 10/10
for both its efficacy and aroma (which I wish I could bottle and wear as a daily

Aroma Cleanse Essential Cleansing Milk



23 November 2017


To all my readers and followers in the USA, this message is coming to you
 from the sunny island of Mauritius, where I'm currently on vacation
I hope you are all having a wonderful day and enjoying spending time with your
 family and loved ones...

22 November 2017


 Who doesn't love a beautiful fragranced candle and I hold my hands up,
as I'm a bit of a sucker when comes to buying. I literally have several
in every room of my house in the various stages of a "candles" life.
I thought I would give you the "low down" on my three current
favourites that I have burning this summer...

If you would like to know more about how to care for your
candles then check out my tips at the end of this post. 

Parfum de Maison Scented Candle 

I recently purchased this lovely presented candle in a glass
 jar with a metallic lid and it comes in 3 fragrance variants and this fruity,
floral Summer Breeze is a perfect summer candle.


    Yankee Candle

    Medium Pillar Candle


    One of my much loved and most purchased candle brands is Yankee Candle 
    and you can't get any more 'Summer" than with my personal floral "fave" 
    Fresh Cut Roses ,which reminds me of an English garden in summer.
     This medium Pillar candle not only looks great in the home, 
    but provides up to 95 hours of true summer floral fragrance enjoyment.



    Votive Candle


    Verbena, in my opinion, is the ultimate fragrance that conjures up all that summer
    has to offer.
    This fresh, lemon, sparkling scented candle made with all natural vegetable wax
     will be much burned over the summer and gives 17hrs of pleasure.

    Here are some of my suggestions for getting the most out of a perfumed candle.

    • Remember that these candles are not designed for illuminating your room but rather to release a wonderful aroma.
    • Always position your candle in a safe place before lighting.
    • In order to ensure an "even" burn, place in a draft free area, otherwise the candle will melt down at an angle.
    • Keep the wick trimmed, as this will help to prolong the life of the candle, as the flame will be smaller.
    • Fragrant candles are rarely designed to be burned continually for hours on end.It's best to burn for shorter periods, as the melted wax will still fragrance your room as it hardens, once the flame has been extinguished.
    • When the candle has completely been burned and finished remove the remnants of wax and recycle the container,as the more expensive fragranced candles often come in lovely glass jars.

    I hope these tips help you to get the most out of your candles.

    Enjoy your Summer Candles !

    21 November 2017


    Back in the mid 1980's I briefly repped for the French skin and body care house
    and it's a brand that I hold in high regard, but sadly I haven't used any of their products for many years.
    Recently I was invited to a wonderful breakfast at the Oyster Box Hotel for the launch of
    Decléor, which is now available in their award winning spa.

    Included in the "goodie" bag was a sample of their 
    Aroma Cleanse 
    Essential Cleansing Milk with Neroli Essential Oil.
    It's only a 10ml sample and I will probably only get one use from it, but I will let
     you know on Sunday what my initial thoughts are on this cleanser.

    19 November 2017


    If you're a lover of Honey infused products then the French skincare brand NUXE
    have a range, rêve de miel that's dedicated to the benefits of this sweet
    fragrant, golden gem of an ingredient derived from nature.
    This ultra-nourishing collection of products both comfort and soothe 
    the face,body and hair
    thanks to the precious oils and of course that special ingredient- honey.

    For this past week I have been using a sample of their Hand & Nail Cream and its
    simply divine...

    This paraben free non greasy, melting, velvety cream envelopes your hands like a comforting soft glove.
    Tested in extremely cold climates the Honey, Sunflower, 7 Precious Oils and Vitamin E
    all work their magic to ensure that the hands are soothed and nourished.
    If your hands need lots of TLC or even if they don't,then you can't go wrong with this 
    repairing and protecting hand and nail cream.

    It was a pleasure to use and I feel 2 x full size purchases coming on, one for "moi"
    and one as a Christmas pressie for my mother.
    I think it makes a great gift, as it's one, that just keeps on giving 
    cos a little bit of honey... is all you need.

    NUXE is available from


    NUXE rêve de miel Hand & Nail Cream




    To read my previous reviews on NUXE products:

    NUXE Ultra Nourishing Lip Balm

    NUXE reve de miel Ultra Rich Face and Body Wash

    NUXE Comforting Cleansing Milk and Gentle Toning Lotion 

    NUXE Creme Fraiche de Beaute Mask

    16 November 2017


    Beauty Shout Box is heading on vacation to the island of Mauritius in a couple of days time and I can't wait. 
    Having been several times before I'm curious to see just what's changed since my last visit 12 years ago.
    Over the 9 days I have scheduled several blog posts and
    I will be posting lots of pics over on my Instagram account @beautyshoutbox 
    (click on the IG icon on the side bar)
     so if you want to follow my island adventures then head on over and follow. 

    14 November 2017


    I've had this sample of the NUXE rêve de miel Hand and Nail Cream for some time now,
    and I've held off trying, because I wanted to save it for use on my upcoming holiday
    in Mauritius and I want to keep my bulky skincare and cosmetics to a minimum for packing and 
    samples are perfect for travel.
    Having tried several products from the French brand NUXE I'm sure this won't
    disappoint ,so check back on Sunday to read my review.

    12 November 2017


    I have 3 products this month that warrant an inclusion in my QPR post.
    I was sent the first product from Catrice to review and the other 2 were 
    purchased by myself.
    Let me know in the comments below if you have used any of these and whether
     you liked them or not...

    Brand : Catrice
    Product : Volumising Lip Balm
    Price : R89.95

    Verdict :
    This delicate natural pink lip balm is soft and creamy and feels comfortable on the lips
     thanks to the inclusion of Shea Butter, but I'm not
    sure that it had any volumising effect on my lips.It does however have a cooling
    effect that makes the lips have a slight tingle, which I enjoyed.
    This balm is ideal to keep in your bag to either use on its own or pop over any 
    colour of lipstick.I loved the outer packaging of this lip balm, but unfortunately the bullet 
    doesn't wind fully down and you have to be careful every time you place the 
    cap back on otherwise you take chunks out of the lip balm.



    Brand : NYX
    Product : Soft Matte Lip Cream
    Price : R120

    Verdict :
    I'd heard only good things about this Soft Matte Lip Cream from NYX and I was
     impressed, as the name suggests it's soft and creamy and glide on easily,
     which isn't always the case with matte lip products.
    The longevity of the colour was good and it didn't dry out the lips.
    I was unsure of which shade to opt for and the shade Stockholm 
    (the shades all have names of cities) wasn't ideal, 
    as it's a little too brown for my colouring, but I would definitely repurchase 
    another more suitable shade.



    Brand : Wet n Wild
    Product : photofocus Foundation
    Price : R99.95

    Verdict :

    Not a brand I've used any product from before and
    I'm not really the target market for this foundation, but I had heard some 
    good things and I wanted to try and see for myself.
     As the name suggests its perfect for when you need to be "photo ready"
    and that includes ready for "selfies". 
    It's formulated to cut down on any flashback from a camera or sun and in turn
    provide a flawless and picture perfect finish.
    It also comes in a great array of 20 shades.
    For me this foundation is full coverage and offers a matte finish which I don't
    generally wear.The packaging feels more high end and the paddle spatula allows 
    for easy application, which I like.Its fluid yet heavy consistency was easy to
     blend and if I were many years younger, then this could well be a
     foundation of choice.

    However - what it has made me realise even more,
    there's a good reason why the dewy and light reflecting foundations are better suited 
    for the older womans skin.


    7 November 2017


    Christmas and chocolate, what a perfect combination and here are some
    of my "fave" Lindt offerings this season and they're all dressed up, looking festive and 
    ready for giving.

    Every year Lindt features hugely in our house and has done so for many years,
    and 2017 will be no different.
    The larger Lindt chocolate bears always appear in everyones stocking 
    (even the adults), whilst the mini bears find a temporary home at every place 
    setting on the big day
    and I can't forget the LINDOR Balls, which are scattered down the centre of 
    my Christmas table
    (albeit not for very long)

    So whether you are looking for a stocking filler, secret santa gift,teachers
    Thank You gift or a just an easy and delicious table decoration, you only need
    to look to Lindt this year and you've got all of the above sorted...

    LINDOR Gold Range Pillow Box R59.95 100g

    Lindt Teddy Milk Minis R44.95 50g

    Lindt Teddy Bear Girl R49.95 100g

    LINDOR Milk Coronet R89.95 200g

    HELLO Santa Milk Minis R44.95 50g

    Available at Lindt stockists countrywide

    5 November 2017


    This months review products are doubly exciting, as I'm off to Mauritius 
    later this month and this has influenced the products 
    that have been included in this months "currently under review" post.


    I'm not normally a huge fan of a waterproof mascara, but if there is ever 
    a time to pack one in the make-up bag, its when you're off on a beach holiday.
    Its minimal make-up packing for me, but I will be putting this 
    Catrice Cosmetics Glam & Doll False Lashes Waterproof Mascara 
    through its waterproof paces.

    *Now Posted*



    I can't wait to try this award winning Avène SPF50+ Sunscreen Spray
    on myself, hubby and the youngest "Kiddiewink" in Mauritius.
    As always I will write a blogpost giving you the low down on this sun product
    from one of my favourite affordable French skincare brands Avène.


    BioNike 15 fruIT Xsense Multi-Sensorial Oil 
    is a multi-tasking oil that can be used on the face, body and hair and contains
    a 15% concentration of oils rich in vitamins (A, E), antioxidant ingredients, 
    omega-3 and omega-6 essential fatty acids
      and this "multi tasking" oil definitely deserves a place in my luggage.

    *Now Posted*


    Sun, Sea and Sand, as wonderful as they sound, all take their toll on our skin
    and this BioNike Soothing Mask for Couperose-prone skins and will be ideal to
     soothe and calm my no doubt flushed, hot skin at the end of the day.