30 November 2014


I am not going to say it this month,but you know what I really want to say...
November has nearly come to an end and it makes way for the month of December, which I am sure is most peoples "fave" time of the year.

Here are some of the goodies that I enjoyed in November.



The Estee Lauder Holiday Blockbuster has been one of my favourites for 
as long as I can remember and this year is no exception.

Estee Lauder Blockbuster 2014



This is a beautiful body exfoliator by La Prairie, but it does come with a hefty price tag.

To Read My Review

La Prairie Cellular Mineral Body Exfoliator



Yet another Chocolate post, but this for me, was a sad one to write.

Cadbury's Chocolate Coins



Dermalogica has made me somewhat of a convert with regards to cleansers.
Find out Why.

Dermalogica Essential Cleansing Solution

29 November 2014


Having spent most of my life in the beauty industry I am thoroughly enjoying finding these vintage print ads on Pinterest and the internet.
This is a collection of ads from that household brand Avon, which believe it or not, 
has been around for nearly 130 years. 
Avon built its brand on a door to door, direct selling principle.
Avon is the world's leading direct seller of beauty and related products with a global annual turnover of over $10 billion. Avon sells products to women in over 100 countries through their independent sales force of over 5.5 million representatives - fondly known as "Avon Ladies".

The original Avon lady was always well groomed and would carry her beauty wares in a case.
 I even remember a TV ad back in the UK from the 1960's, which showed a well groomed female carrying her Avon case and ringing the doorbell of a house, it went something like this..
Ding Dong Ding Dong..."Avon calling".
I have managed to find a collection of TV ads on YouTube from the 60's onwards.

Today these ladies have had to step aside to make way for a 
new a new type of "beauty"
 the "brochure". 
Avon representatives now show the brochure to customers in their homes, at work, at social or leisure activities or to their friends and family. The representatives then send the orders to Avon and the products are delivered free of charge directly to the representatives' homes.


24 November 2014


My Dermalogica Gift

Some months back I received a  Birthday gift from Dermalogica and it wasn't even my birthday, they were celebrating 20th years of changing skins in South Africa by sending out these lovely presents.. 
I was very happy to be the recipient of their Essential Cleansing Solution. 
Now having a dry, mature skin I tend to use cleansing milks as opposed to soap type foaming cleansers that need to be rinsed with water. 
I was off on a trip to the UK and France soon after being gifted and upon further research I immediately realised that this would be a perfect product to take along.

The cleansing stage of any skincare routine is so important, whether it be in the morning or in the evening the skin must be a clean canvas before you apply any other treatment products.
I do wear foundation and make up, so a double cleanse is a daily "must" for me and always has been and whilst I normally use a cleansing milk or cream to double cleanse I decided that on my trip I would substitute my 2nd cleanse with the 
Dermalogica cleansing Solution
Dermalogica advocate the double cleanse method and make a Pre Cleanse product that is used prior to a prescribed 2nd cleanser, of which they have a several including some wipe options.

I am very aware of how much your skin attracts the dirt, grime and pollutants from the atmosphere especially in the bigger cities and how un balancing it can be to my normally well behaved skin. 
A couple of years ago I was horrified in London, as to how dirty my skin was at the end of each day, something I don't really experience in sunny, unpolluted Umhlanga.

Visiting Paris and several cities in the UK the Dermalogica Essential Cleansing Solution was really put to the test and I am happy to say "it passed with flying colours".
This "soap free" non foaming, rich, creamy cleanser gently lifts impurities from the skin and preps it for any products to follow.

R480 250mls

Moisturising Safflower Oil softens and conditions while invigorating extracts of Rosemary and Lemon refresh tired skin. Water-soluble, this soothing emulsion rinses off easily, leaving the skin clean, soft and supple. Formulated without artificial fragrances and colours. Its also good to know that every Dermalogica Cleanser is soap free, and pH-balanced to protect the skin's natural moisture barrier, which can be easily be stripped with harsh conventional soap type cleansers.

Thank you Dermalogica, as your gift to me kept my skin balanced and happy, in an otherwise potentially stressed phase, that being a hectic 3 weeks of travelling, over eating and drinking and being exposed to those nasty air pollutants.

21 November 2014


In my opinion the two houses that do the best value for money blockbuster sets at this time of the year are Estée Lauder and Elizabeth Arden.
I posted info about the Estee Lauder Blockbuster last week and here are the details of the Elizabeth Arden Holiday Blockbuster set.
This ultimate luxurious holiday kit boasts amazing value. The set contains mascara, lipsticks, pencils, brushes and powders amongst Elizabeth Arden's amazing Work and Play compacts to ensure you're spoilt for choice! 
Complete with a lavish zip up vanity case to make transporting your kit easy and stylish. 
The Elizabeth Arden Holiday blockbuster is a straight purchase at R900 
(unlike the Lauder which requires a qualifying purchase of a 50ml fragrance) 
This set is valued at R3000 and again the colours are chosen for their broad appeal.

Elizabeth Arden Blockbuster 2014

This set contains the following products:
Elizabeth Arden Work Compact - contains 8 eyeshadows and 1 blush powder
With a wide selection of subtle but rich hues, this compact is perfect for daytime chic.
Elizabeth Arden Play Compact - contains 8 eyeshadows and 1 blush powder
Work hard but play harder with this Play compact, with 8 stunning eyeshadow hues and a blush to brighten up your evening.
Elizabeth Arden Beautiful Colour Lash Enhancing Mascara in Black (7ml)
Formulated with a lash enhancing formula which dramatically thickens lashes, as it separates and defines. Won’t smudge, flake, smear or rub off, even after all day wear.
Elizabeth Arden Shimmer Wheel with Poof (4g)
Add a natural radiance to your cheeks with this lavish shimmer powder, complete with a poof for easy application.
Elizabeth Arden Makeup Remover (50ml)
Designed to gently but efficiently remove impurities and all traces of makeup from the skin, the makeup remover is fragrance free and dermatologically tested.
Elizabeth Arden 3 Piece Brush Set: Cheek, Eyeshadow, Angle Eye Brushes
Designed to give you even, all over coverage, this trio of soft brushes promise to give a perfect finish every time.
Elizabeth Arden Brush Pouch
Perfect for keeping your brushes safe and sound, this cute pouch is a must have.
4 x Elizabeth Arden Beautiful Colour Lipstick (3.5g)
In a range of four hues, these lipsticks are formulated with Volulip™ technology which delivers and locks in moisture for a fuller and plumper appearance, whilst a powerful blend of protective vitamins and soothing shea butter keeps your lips kissably soft and smooth.
2 x Elizabeth Arden Beautiful Colour Luminous Lipgloss (4ml)
Enhance your lips with a lustrous shine thanks to this duo. Enriched with Maxi-lip which supports collagen production for fuller looking lips, as well as mango and shea butters to condition and lock in moisture, your lips will be left looking and feeling soft and supple.
2 x Elizabeth Arden Lip Pencil (1.1g)
Beautifully define your lips with these two lip pencils, with a brush tip at one end to allow you to fill in your lips and blend colour effortlessly.
2 x Elizabeth Arden Eye Pencil (1.1g)
This duo of eye pencils feature a long-wearing, creamy formula with a soft powder finish. Use its smudger tip to smudge the colour and create a smokey look.
Elizabeth Arden Vanity Case
The ultimate carrying case for all of your lavish Elizabeth Arden goods, this leather look red bag has a secure zip fastening to keep everything safe.

18 November 2014


I couldn't resist giving this beautiful Gold Leaf Topcoat a try at the Dior counter in 
Edgars Gateway today. 
This forms part of their just launched 
Limited Edition,
 Golden Shock Christmas 2014 collection.
It can be used over any colour polish,on its own, but over a red it looks stunning and will certainly give your nails that festive party look. 

Whilst the gold leaf looks quite plentiful in the bottle it did require two or three applications in order to deposit a noticeable covering of gold flecks.
It does require a little care when applying as you need to press down the gold leaves onto the nails with the brush otherwise the leaves curl at the edges.
Don't expect a nice uniform look either, as each nail will have a a covering of various sizes and amounts of glistening golden leaves, resulting in your gold topped "mani" having a
 different and unique look every time. 
The top coat can be applied on all nails or an application to just one accent nail on each hand.
What was great about this product was the sticking power of the leaves, 
(I was concerned that they would peel or drop off) , but once applied they stay!

The packaging is stunning and reminds me of a Christmas ornament, so I really don't mind finding one of these beauties under my tree this Christmas...

Dior Gold Leaf Top Coat R375

If you would like to see more of the stunning products in Golden Shock 2014 Christmas Collection 
view this video and I guarantee that it will certainly spark some interest and curiosity and perhaps a visit to your nearest Dior counter to have a little splurge!

Available from Dior counters countrywide whilst stocks last....

14 November 2014


Since early last year I have been on the look out for inexpensive cleansers and toners to review and report back to you on. Unfortunately my good intentions were short lived, as I discovered this cleansing milk from the French brand Yves Rocher and have just recently bought another bottle making this my fourth or fifth re purchase. The fact that I keep re purchasing this inexpensive cleanser speaks volumes... I love it!

Yves Rocher Velvety Cleansing Milk


I am glad to report back to you that my L'Oreal Gentle Eye Make-Up Remover has 
finally come to an end...thankfully! 
You can be assured that I will not be buying another one.

L'Oreal Gentle Make Up Remover EYE

13 November 2014


The UK supermarket chain Sainsbury's have recently launched their extended Christmas tv ad.
It has become somewhat of a tradition for the larger chains to produce special videos at Christmas and last year I featured the Marks & Spencers ad on my blog.
This video was made in conjunction with the Royal British Legion and by all reports has been extremely well received and once you have viewed you will understand why.
The chocolate bar that appeared in the video will go on sale soon in all Sainsbury's stores.
It’s packaged in the same fashion as it would have been in 1914; it’ll cost £1 and the profits will go to The Royal British Legion.
So 100 years on from the 1914 Christmas truce, this campaign remembers the fallen, while helping to raise vital funds to support the future of living”.

Be warned.. it really is heart wrenching and yes I had a little "blubber".

12 November 2014


Well...I suppose the time has come to stop referring to my eldest son
 as a "Kiddiewink" on my blog. 
Twenty one years ago today at around 4pm I met my first Kiddiewink face to face.
 If he had his way we would have met 7 weeks earlier,but after a week in hospital hooked up to machines he was allowed to make his entrance into the world. 
My original due date was 25th December, but I got my gift of a 2.2kg bundle of joy early.
 It is true that no one can prepare you for all the emotions that you will feel and whilst I had a trouble free and enjoyable pregnancy, the ending was not what was scripted. 
Despite my unborns' impatience to make his appearance the outcome was all good. 
I had total confidence in my Gyny and the hospital staff and despite my week of monitoring, Kiddiewinks two weeks in high care and another week in intensive care I was finally allowed to take Lee home.
My only wobbly was when I left the hospital after a week "sans" my bundle. 
This is the part where the script got changed.The nursery was ready, but only just. (I had my baby shower on the Saturday prior to being admitted on the Monday) and that's when I burst into tears. 
I left the hospital empty handed to begin a three week, twice daily, one and a half hour round trip back to the hospital to feed, bath and bond with my baby. 
That was an exhausting 3 weeks both mentally, emotionally and physically. 
I was so lucky to finally bring home a healthy baby boy that today turns 21....

Happy 21st Birthday Lee
You will always be my eldest "Kiddiewink" that we love so much!

10 November 2014


I am approximately another week away (I am busy finishing off another serum) from starting my trial of the new addition to the L'Occitane Divine Anti-Ageing range that was launched recently in South Africa

Divine Youth Oil


I have known about this product for some time and being
South Africa's biggest fan of the Divine range (I have just bestowed this honour upon myself),
 I am super excited, as I have read and heard so much about this product,
 as with most things I don't get caught up in all the hype.
As a 50 something year old,  I want to see and feel the results for myself before
I jump onto any hype bandwagon.
Knowing how much I love the Divine range I am really expecting great things from this star product. (No pressure L'Occitane) 
For me using a product that helps to combat the signs of Ageing is serious business
and I take my reviews just as seriously.
Unfortunately you will have to wait till January to see whether this Divine Youth Oil from the French brand L'Occitane lives up to my "Divine" expectations.

If you would like to know more about the Divine Range then click on my video

To read my Review on Divine

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9 November 2014


It's out and in stores and available online now...
The 2014 Limited Edition Blockbuster from Estée Lauder. 
Every year this Christmas regular just gets better and better. Over the years I have bought many and in my opinion this has to be the best to date.
Valued at R5100 this blockbuster is packed with all the make up goodies a girl needs, whether you are  16 or 60 years of age.
The colour selection each year is carefully chosen in order to have a broad appeal to all and this years is no exception. 
This is such a great gift to both give and receive.

South African qualifier:
Buy any 50ml Estée Lauder fragrance or larger and you can buy 
the Blockbuster for only 

Estee Lauder Blockbuster 2014

This extraordinary collection includes:
• Deluxe Eye and Cheek Palette with 12 Best-SellingPure Color EyeShadow shades in (Sugar Cube, Sugar Biscuit, Riviera Rose, Ivory Slipper, Tempting Mocha, Lilac Whimsy, Hot Cinnamon, Nude Fresco, Wild Truffle, Amethyst Spark, Lavish Mink and Chocolate Bliss.) and 2 Best-Selling Pure Color Blush shades in (Peach Passion and Sensuous Rose.)
• 3 Pure Color Long Lasting Lipsticks (full-size, in Pink Parfait, Candy and Tiger Eye)
• Lip Gloss Compact (in Pink Kiss, Magnificent Mauve and Mod Poppy)
 Pure Color Intense Kajal Eyeliner (great for smoky eyes, in Blackened Black)
 Pure Color Nail Lacquer in Fallen Angel. 
• Sumptuous Extreme Lash Multiplying Volume Mascara (full-size) in Extreme Black
• Gentle Eye Makeup Remover (full-size 3.4 oz.)
• Advanced Night Repair Synchronized Recovery Complex II (deluxe travel size)
• Revitalizing Supreme Global Anti-Aging Creme (deluxe travel size)
• 2 Modern Muse Eau de Parfum Travel Sprays
• Look Card – to get started on your Holiday Look now. 
• Gold Crocodile-embossed Cosmetic Case
• Navy Satin Train Case

Available from Estee Lauder outlets country wide 
whilst stocks last


Cancel Christmas... Cadbury calls time on chocolate coins
Cadbury chocolate coins
Cadbury has decided to stop making chocolate coins - a Christmas favourite for many.Photo: Cadbury

Cadbury has decided to stop producing chocolate coins, prompting some distraught fans to declare that Christmas should be cancelled as a result.
A spokesman for the now US-owned company said that wrapping gold foil around a circular piece of chocolate was "fiddly" and that it was purely a commercial decision.
"We are sorry to see the coins go, but that's business," the spokesman told the Daily Telegraph.

I came across the article above and for all those that grew up with Cadburys Chocolate Coins will understand the sadness that I feel upon reading this.A bag of Cadburys coins was always a given at Christmas..in fact it's was a tradition, as every year my sisters and I all received a bag, and the dairy milk chocolate somehow tasted better and more special wrapped in the gold and silver foil. Perhaps they were sprinkled with that childhood "Christmas magic" but I for one remember with fondness many Christmas mornings waking to presents and always a string bag of chocolate treasures. 

"RIP my friends,your taste and the happy memories will linger on forever".

7 November 2014


I love this time of the year, as all the imported Christmas chocolate, biscuit and sweetie goodies start appearing on the supermarket shelves.
Can you sense my excitement? 
Me being a self confessed "Chocoholic" couldn't resist taking 
these photos today in my local Spar. 
Unfortunately the prices are somewhat steep due to our poor exchange rate, 
but there is no charge for looking. 

Bye the way...
I was getting strange looks from my fellow shoppers, but I wasn't sure if this was due to just me taking photos of chocolate, purring like a cat that just discovered the cream or me drooling....
I will leave you to decide!

Swizzels Matlow Love Hearts R37.99

McVitie's Milk Chocolate Mini Gingerbread Men R34.99

Paddington Bear Case of Biscuits

Bassetts Liqourice Allsorts and Jelly Babies R179.99

Terry's Chocolate Orange Minis R69.99

4 November 2014


For those of you that haven't heard about the Midlands Meander in KZN
where have you been hiding?
There is such a wealth of talented, creative and arty people living and working their "dream" along the roads and lanes of the beautiful Natal Midlands. 

Terbodore Coffee Roasters is housed in an old cowshed

Undoubtedly my "faves" are all the eateries, many of which have come and gone, but there are many watering and eating "holes" that have stood the test of time and Terbodore is one such place. I have visited several times for lunch and afternoon "cakeys" and it has never disappointed,
 but this past Sunday it was put to the test, as a crowd of 30+ hungry bikers on BMW's invaded the tranquillity of Terbodore for their weekly breakfast run.

Delicious Hot Chocolate

On arrival or should I say invasion we found hot coffee percolating away and the tables were laid ready for our hot breakfast to be served.
I have to point out that I don't actually drink coffee, so a Hot Choc was on order pour "Moi".
 Oh my... this Hot Choc alone, was well worth the ride....
as you may well or well not know, I am an unofficial fundi on Hot Chocs and take it from me....this was a good one, especially served with a coffee bean biscuit.

Bikers Breakfast

Breakfast of scrambled eggs, bacon, wors and rosti's went down well with all and there were no scraps from our plates to give to the infamous Terbodore Great Danes.

One of the resident Terbodore Great Danes

Terbodore is a very popular eating place on the Midlands Meander and
I for one (plus 29 other bikers) can highly recommend the venue, the service, the food and of course the Hot Choc and rumour has it that their award winning coffee is not too shabby either.

The very tempting shop

They also have a cute little shop selling "all things coffee" and of course all of their different types of coffee, including flavoured coffees, that they roast,blend and bag on site.

Terbodore Coffee Selection

For those residing in or near Cape Town don't feel left out as you have a Terbodore in Franschhoek.
All that is left to say...
great morning was had by all and that Hot Choc is worth a return visit soon, 
lets make that very soon.


Telephone: 033 330 2380

Cell: 083 551 3004 
Email: info@terbodorecoffee.co.za
Address: 87 Old Main Road, Curry's Post,
KZN Midlands 

Opening times:
Thursday - Monday 8.30am - 4.30pm


Telephone: 021 876 4716 

Cell: 074 172 1976
Email: info@terbodorecoffee.co.za
Address: Goederust Farm, La Motte, Franschhoek,
Cape Winelands, Western Cape

Opening times:
Monday - Friday 8:00am - 5:00pm

Saturday 8:00am - 2:00pm

For more info on their various coffee blends and prices 

To read past posts on the Midlands Meander :

2 November 2014


La Prairie Cellular Mineral Body Exfoliator

I know I sound like a stuck record, but La Prairie has been one of my favourite brands for many years and having worked for LP for several of my 35 years in the beauty industry, 
I feel I have enough experience with many Luxury brands to put this house at the top of my list.

La Prairie recently launched two new exfoliators; 
Cellular Mineral Face Exfoliator read my review and the Cellular Mineral Body Exfoliator,
 the latter is what I have been using this past week.
(It was a sample that I pulled out of my Sunday Sample Jar)

Cellular Mineral Body Exfoliator

This divine smelling pink pearlescent gel is formulated with pure diamond, amethyst powders, rosa centifola, smithsonite extract and exclusive cellular complex to polish and condition your whole body. Cellular Mineral Body Exfoliator has noticeable granules of various sizes, that gently refine the skin by removing dead skin cells that, as we all know, can dull the complexion.  
As with its face counterpart my skin was left feeling beautifully soft, silky and smooth to the touch. Scrubs and exfoliators disturb the skins natural hydro lipidic film, hence the necessity to always moisturise immediately afterwards, however what I find quite amazing with these two products is that they truely leave the skin feeling remarkably soft and moisturised unlike many that can leave the skin feeling dry and literally stripped of oils. 
Thanks to the inclusion of rose hips oil and camelia oil which help to soften and cushion the skin during treatment,they also leave a light veil of noticable moisture on the face and body.

I managed to get 2 uses from my sample and it is recommended to be used two or three times a week in the shower, either morning or evening, but taking into account the price and the effectiveness of this product once a week would be ideal pour moi. 

As with most body scrubs and exfoliators: 
  • Apply on a moistened body (remember more moisture will result in a more gentle treatment and vice versa) 
  • Massage using gentle circular motions paying particular attention to elbows, knees and heels. (I found this Exfoliator to be fantastic to use before any type self tan application)  
  • Rinse well
  • Pat dry and follow with a moisturising body product.

La Prairie is not in everyone's budget, I realize that, but this brand really elevates skin and body care frrom ordinary to extraordinary that I have never experienced with any mid price range products or even many of the high end brands for that matter and I have been lucky to have used many over the years.
If you are looking for an outstanding, high end body exfoliator then this is the "one" without a doubt.



To read my reviews