28 June 2019


I seem to be getting into the swing of my "Friday Follow-Up" post, as its where I give you extra feedback on products that I've previously reviewed, 
which could have been a matter weeks or months after my original review.
I think it's important to update you, as not only do our likes and preferences change, 
but sometimes the products  and their effects can also change.

Today I'm including a night treatment that I recently reviewed and a mascara that has firmly become my No.1 Mascara of all time and I just had to do a follow-up post to inform
you about these two great products that I'm just loving more and more.



I posted my final review, only a couple of weeks ago, on this night treatment that 
not only fights the damaging effects of Blue Light, but also helps the skin to appear
 rested, whilst at the same time encouraging cell renewal.

I raved about this product then and I'm still raving about it today and I know a couple of you have purchased on my recommendation and have also fallen in love with this product.I've continued to use nightly and to be honest I am enjoying it even more and despite applying nightly now for months the jar is still over half full, so don't be put off by the R765 price tag, as this luxury night treatment from the french skincare brand PAYOT offers excellent value for money.


BADgal Bang!

I find myself raving about this mascara nearly as much as the above PAYOT product,
as I absolutely adore everything about it.
Having always been a huge fan of all things benefit,in my opinion 
they formulate and produce the best mascaras, back in February I reviewed the
 travel size of their most recent mascara addition 
BAD gal Bang! 

I have since purchased the full size, as it has quite simply knocked my current
 No.1 favourite mascara off its top spot. 
Yes another benefit mascara, Roller Lash was always my best mascara, but sadly I've had
to relegate it to my No.2 spot.

If you want to know more about this BAD gal mascara then I urge you to click on the 
pink link below

I have also complied my list of Top 5 Mascaras, so if you would like to know
what my fave, tried and tested mascaras are, then again click the pink link below

25 June 2019


I thought it was time I brought you up to speed on a couple of products that
I have been using over the last few weeks and that have made it onto my QPR post.
That being said they are both budget friendly and easily available from 
Dischem's countrywide


Price : R89.99

Even though this lip product isn't new its been a firm favourite of mine for a couple of years now and you will always find one in my handbag.
I was originally sent this product to review from the PR's of Catrice and I've both used 
and recommended it ever since, so I was excited to see that recently they've extended the range to include a selection of sheer tints and the beautiful deeper pink caught my eye.

It offers the same volumising and cooling feeling, but with a tint, as opposed to the previous transparent balm. Its great to either wear alone or over the top of pretty much any other lipstick shade and I'm loving the versatility.

Verdict : 8/10



Price : R265.00
Size : 50mls
If you are looking to maybe upgrade your skincare regime, but budget is limited
then MINERALINE (exclusively available at all Dischem's countrywide) is a range
to consider.I have used several of their products and I rate then in terms of 
"Value for not very much money"

Containing the usual trade mark Dead Sea minerals, Vitamin C, which stimulates the formation of collagen, The potent antioxidant properties of Vitamin C are boosted with those of Vitamin E and together they repair and prevent spots, lines, and other signs of oxidation caused by pollution, sun damage, and age. Vitamin B5 soothes, heals, and hydrates your skin.

Formulated to be used by all skin types it can be used morning and evening under your usual creams, however the key to using this product is to only apply a thin film and as I always say "less is more".
 Vitaserum is just the daily multivitamin your skin needs.

Verdict : 8/10

23 June 2019


One of my favourite home grown bath, body and home fragrance brands, for many years now, has been RAIN
and I've been waiting for sometime, with much anticipation I must add, to see just what
products they have conceptualised and formulated for their skincare line-up.
Apparently its been 3 years in the making and the wait is finally over.

The RAIN SKINCARE collection was recently launched locally and internationally 
(South Africa,Ireland and USA) 
with a range of multi-ethnic natural skincare products harnessing the power of wild harvested African botanicals integrated with probiotics to maintain skin health. 

The RAIN SKINCARE range includes natural cleansers, toners, serums and creams that are suitable for every step in your daily skincare regimen. This range is naturally fragranced with essential oils and has been specially formulated to maintain and support your natural skin structure while being gentle on the skin.

All the products in this range have been formulated to synergistically work together to create an ideal skincare routine for all ages. It is suitable for sensitive skin, specifically sensitivity resulting from stress, environmental factors (weather, pollution), harsh chemical ingredients, and genetics.

This product line is lovingly handcrafted in Swellendam, South Africa, whilst adhering to World Fair Trade Organization-principles and RAIN’s ethos of not using synthetic chemicals or animal products.

The appealing silver, white and grey packaging of this unisex skincare collection looks 
both sleek and chic.The prices of the products range from R220 - R890.

The skincare range will consist of 9 products, but I'm sure that more will be added with time:

Elevating Day Serum 
Leaves skin firmer and more radiant while feeling revitalised and noticeably softer.

 Relaxing Night Serum
Leaves skin appearing noticeably more radiant and even-toned, with less signs of stress.

Elevating Day Cream
 This invigorating daytime cream has an ultra-rich and luxurious texture, and will leave skin feeling revitalised and appearing more radiant.

Relaxing Night Cream
Calming and rich, leaves skin feeling moisturised and conditioned.

Brilliant Eye Cream 
Moisturises and hydrates the delicate under eye area while leaving it firmer 
and more radiant.

Botanical Cleansing Gel 
Gently removes any makeup and impurities while leaving your skin feeling clean 
and soothed.

Refreshing Complexion Toner
Remove any remaining impurities after cleansing leaving skin feeling clean and refreshed.

Botanical Micellar Water 
Removes impurities and makeup from your skin leaving it feeling refreshingly 
clean and soft.

Refreshing Facial Spritz
 Leaves your skin feeling soothed and rejuvenated.

I have been kindly sent from the guys at the Gateway store in KZN
their Relaxing Night Serum to try, so check back in a few weeks time to see
how I went on...

This skincare collection has been launched in South Africa, Ireland and the USA.

Here in KZN SA we have 4 stores:

Gateway Theatre Of Shopping
The Pavilion
Ballito Junction
Galleria Mall

20 June 2019


Sometimes curiosity can lead to a random beauty purchase and I was so curious 
about these Aésop Post Poo Drops,
that it led to a purchase from SpaceNK earlier in the year.

Aesop is an Australian beauty brand that I've heard many good reports about and especially on these wonder drops, that I couldn't resist putting them to the smell test.
I must say upfront, that they're by no means a "must have" purchase, but rather one of those 
"nice to have" products or is it?

First off these Post Poo Drops don't come cheap, as they weigh in at £20 a bottle
to basically mask unpleasant odours in the bathroom.
The Post Poo Drops come in a brown bottle with a pipette dropper, which I like
as you can control just how many drops you dispense. into the toilet bowl post flush.

The amber coloured liquid comprises of Lemon Peel Oil, Mandarin Orange Peel Oil
and other floral elements that all work together to neutralise unpleasant bathroom smells.

Super easy to use you just dispense three drops into the toilet bowl post-flush
and it's suppose to leave the little room smelling lovely and fresh and they also recommend that you add a couple of drops to the hand basin to intensify the citrus fragrance.

Sadly I was somewhat under whelmed by these little drops of promise, as I was expecting the fragrance to be stronger, they did however work slightly better in a small guest toilet area than in a larger bathroom and the fragrance was intensified once drops were added to the basin.

The Aésop Post Poo Drops are Vegan and Cruelty Free  
and are also free from:
Mineral Oils
and Silicones

It's certainly more discreet when you're at a friends house to use the dropper of these post poo drops rather than the give-away noisy air freshener blast to camouflage any bad odours, before the next guest uses the little room...
(If you feel the need you can carry the drops in your handbag, as they do come with with a very nice cloth bag)

There's also no doubt that they certainly look more stylish in the bathroom, but I do have difficulty in spending £20's on a product that is flushed or rinsed away, when I could spend the same money on a more important skincare product.

I suppose it's all about priorities and obviously mine ain't about combating a smelly
loo post poo, but this product has gained notoriety and I'm sure we can all bring to mind someone that this would make a perfect gift for...

Post Poo Drops




16 June 2019


There's a good reason why this product from 
is one of their Best Sellers and that's because it's good at what it's formulated to do.

Take The Day Off
Makeup Remover
for Lids,Lashes & Lips

is a multi-tasking remover that instantly dissolves and lifts away make-up whether its
on your lids, lashes, or lips.
Their "tug less" formula ensures that there is no unnecessary harsh movements required
to remove eye make-up or mascara and it even removes waterproof mascara quite effortlessly.
This bi-phase product does need to be shaken well and as always the dampened cotton
pad must be left over the eye lids or lips for a minute or so to ensure full removal.
Post removal it is advisable to wipe over the area with a water dampened cotton pad 
to remove any oily residue that can be left behind on the skin.

If you are a wearer of heavy eye make-up or matte type lipsticks then this
product is a "must have" to use for removal.

This product is Non-irritating, non-stinging. Ophthalmologist Tested and
appropriate for contact lens wearers.

Clinique is a brand that I have never used anything from before, so it would seem that 
chose well for my first product to try...

Take The Day Off
Makeup Remover
for Lids,Lashes & Lips





11 June 2019


This makes me sound old I know, but I remember when this prestigious skincare brand was called Dr. PAYOT
Back in the day there were many brands that were founded and formulated by Doctors 
and obviously their name headed the brand.Over the years the Dr. has been dropped
from many and today this highly acclaimed French cosmetic brand is known as

For those of you that have never heard of the brand before
 here's a very brief overview:

PAYOT is a cosmetic brand with an international reputation, born in 1920 of the extraordinary vision of one woman: Nadia Payot. Ahead of her time, she became one of the first female doctors.Nadia Payot early on demonstrated her commitment to using her medical, scientific and herbal expertise in the skincare products she developed.
Today, the brand has continued to occupy the international stage, with a presence in nearly 70 countries and more than 7,500 selective points of sale, beauty institutes, spas, perfumeries, department stores and pharmacies.

PAYOT is without doubt French skincare at its best, so you can imagine how excited I was to receive a Night and Mask product from their latest skincare launch Blue Techni Liss to put to the test. 
The Blue Techni Liss range (which consists of 5 products) has been specifically formulated to fight the damaging effects and impact of blue light on the skin and can be used on all skin types.
Blue Light emission is all around us and constant exposure to screens, a lack of sleep and in many cases a lack of exposure to natural light all play havoc with not only our skin but our bodies too...

Our increasingly hectic lifestyles desynchronise our biological clocks. Our biorhythms are turned upside down and it shows on the face: premature wrinkles, a dull complexion and dehydrated skin.
I'm sure all of you reading this post can relate, in so many ways, to the above 
I know I can, but how can we counteract these harmful effects on our skin...

BLUE TECHNI LISS a new chrono-active smoothing range that restores balance to your skin. During the day the skin needs protection and during the night and at weekends it needs regeneration.

All products contain the following:
 Encapsulated Chaste Tree Extract,fights the effects of desynchronised skin biorhythms and mitigates the impact of blue light on the skin, allowing it to regenerate easily.Wrinkles and fine lines are smoothed with the inclusion Hyaluronic Acids,which
promote skin regeneration to smooth both the surface and plump it from within.
Relaxing hibiscus oligo-peptide inhibits the movements of muscles responsible for the appearance of expression lines.
 Horehound Extract protects the skin against the effects of blue light.

I have been using the Blue Techni Liss Night for nine weeks now and there are three noticeable differences to anything else that I have ever tried, and believe me
 I've tried many night creams in my time.

The colour of the product is the most beautiful deep blue,that comes from pretty flower of the 
key ingredient Chaste tree.

The delicate  and beautiful fragrance of pear and delicate white roses immediately imparts that 
sense of softness.

Its deep blue gel texture miraculously melts into an oil on contact with the skin giving  a most ultra-comfortable smooth finish and one that I've never experience before.

The Techni Liss Night care contains nocturnal micro-algae, so it draws its 
strength during the night to allow the skin to rest and regenerate. 
Its formula is enriched with AHA hibiscus to smooth the skin and my skin definitely 
felt smooth in the mornings.

Having enjoyed using this delightful product, it's only one product from this range 
and without doubt the use of all 5 products combined will combat the effects of 
Blue Light more intensely.

I've been applying nightly for weeks now and there is still a huge amount left in the jar
so cost per application on this product is excellent 
I do also have the Renewing Peel Mask to try, in fact I have two, as I had bought one
prior to being sent one to review, so expect that review soon.

On a final note, I have always held PAYOT or Dr.Payot as it was, in high regard when it comes to 
good french skincare and guess what I still do...






PAYOT is available at selected independent beauty institutes and salons, 
and most Dis-Chem Pharmacies. 

9 June 2019


I've decided to change things a little with regards to my Sunday Sample posts
instead of posting, what I will be reviewing for that week on a Monday or Tuesday
I'm going to now post on a Sunday night and then that gives me a full 7 days to
try the sample or deluxe sample sized product out and then I'll post my follow up 
thoughts etc. on the following Sunday.

To kick this off I'm going to be trying out a product from 
YES you read correctly
It's not a brand I have ever reviewed before on my blog and the reason being,
 I have never used any of their products whether it be skincare, make-up or fragrance.

Take The Day Off Make-up Remover 
For Lids,Lashes & Lips 
is one of
Clinique's best selling products and hopefully it's a good product to try first 
and it so happened that I needed an eye make-up remover.

The 30 ml size that I'm trying out is more than a sample quantity and will last way
 longer than a week, but 7 days is enough time for me to be able to do a full review.

If you're curious to know how I get on with my first Clinique review then pop back 
next Sunday to find out...

6 June 2019


Being a huge fan, for several years now, of the iconic PIXIE Glow Tonic 
(which I use once daily)
I felt somewhat of a Glow Tonic Traitor when REN announced back in 2018
 that they were launching in South Africa their 
Ready Steady Glow Daily AHA Tonic

Having used several products from REN before, its a brand that I enjoy, so I was hopeful that the Ready Steady Glow Daily would be a good replacement for the
PIXIE Glow Tonic, which by the way, just lives permanently on my UK shopping list.

Simply put this skin-resurfacing toner will exfoliate and brighten your complexion,

 Lactic Acid and Willow Bark extract work together to smooth, tone and help reduce the pore size, while Azelaic Acid will brighten and help to even out skin tone, so if
your skin is lacklustre, needing to get its glow on and some energy back, then this 
could be one for you to try.
I for one love incorporating this type of exfoliating toner into my daily skincare routine.

This product is recommended to be used by all skin types and used daily.

Just swipe onto a clean skin around the face and neck, but avoid the eye area
and then follow with your normal skincare regime.
The packaging of this product comes with the nifty press down pump making
dispensing life so much easier.

My experience:

 Unfortunately I've had a slight problem with this product, despite not having a sensitive skin and using the PIXIE Glow Tonic for so many years, I found the Ready Steady Glow Tonic to burn the skin around my nose and on the cheek area, which wasn't a good start.

I was only applying once a day, despite REN saying you can use 
morning and evening. I persevered for a couple of days and that initial burn settled to a tingle, which is normal and acceptable with this type of active product.
I did find some interesting advice that REN have regarding use on a sensitive skin:

"For sensitive skin, limit use to once or twice a week. 

Do not use alongside another exfoliator. 
A slight tingle is normal, but please discontinue use if you experience redness or burning. 
Not sure it is right for you but eager to try? 
Do a patch test beforehand in a less conspicuous area"

I have continued using in order to give the product a fair trial, but sadly this product just "didn't do it for me" it didn't get my "Glow On".
Personally I found it to be quite harsh on my skin and even after following with my usual night treatments, my skin felt dry and slightly uncomfortable, 
all of which I have never encountered with my PIXIE Glow Tonic.

So it seems that my PIXIE Glow Tonic will remain on my UK Shopping List for the 

foreseeable future...

Ready Steady Glow 
Daily AHA Tonic






REN is available 
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Click Here

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REN is available in South Africa

and also at selected 
Woolworths & Clicks