13 December 2018


or Dr.Payot as it was know for many years, has been around for as long as 
I can remember and has always been a well respected French brand, 
where serious skincare is concerned.
Over the years it has dipped in n out of popularity, but I recently picked up this cleanser and toner combo in Dischem who stock the brand in their larger stores, 
which I'm happy to see.

Having never tried any products from PAYOT I seized the opportunity 
to try a good French Cleansing Milk and Toning Lotion, which I do love.

Lait Micellaire Démaquillant
 Soothing Cleansing Moisturising Milk 
with Raspberry Extracts 

sounds delicious and after a 35 year career in beauty
 I can instantly tell the difference between a budget and a luxury cleanser,
 so I hope this one doesn't disappoint.

Ooh là là...
This cleanser was all I expected it to be, it was rich, creamy, luxurious and left my 
skin feeling comforted and hydrated. 
With a double cleanse my make-up was easily and gently removed.
Formulated to be used by all skin types it can be used with or without cotton wool 
both morning and evening followed by the Radiance Toning Lotion.

Lotion Tonique Rèveil
Radiance Boosting Perfecting Lotion
With Raspberry Extracts

The toning lotion completes the make-up removal and cleansing process perfectly.
This revitalising, cooling alcohol free toner not only smells "raspberry" fresh, but it prepares the 
skin for any further treatments.

This duo offers great value for money as they're both 400mls in size and when you work
out the cost per millilitre it actually comes in cheaper than many drugstore, mass marketed 
cleansing and toning products.
 An added bonus is, they both come packaged in the easy to control pump dispensers 
which I personally love.

Comforting Cleansing Duo


Available a selected Dischems countrywide or online

11 December 2018


I'm back home in South Africa and back into the swing of blogging and
I have to admit I did go a little crazy on the beauty shopping front, but along with those purchases came several free samples and this weeks trail product is a good one.

I was lucky enough to be given a couple of samples from the prestige brand
EVE LOM with my purchases from SpaceNK in London.

The Eve Lom RadianceTransforming Mask, which was launched during 2018, 
is first up and I'm excited to give this a try, as I've heard lots of great things about 
several of their now Iconic skincare products. 

My skin has been longing for some TLC since my return, so this Radiance Transforming Mask will be a much needed intensive treatment that claims to reawaken the skin with a megadose of Antioxidant rich botanicals.

So pop back on Sunday to find out if my slightly stressed post holiday skin has been "Transformed"...