16 October 2018



This is my favourite beauty advent calendar, as it always has the best 
of the brands that M&S Beauty sell..
The M&S Beauty Calendar is also one of the few that give you a gift everyday
of Christmas including the 25th December.
Last year my "London Kiddiwink" brought me over the 2017 version
and I loved it, its allowed me to try out so many great brands that aren't 
available in SA.
This collection of products is valued at £250 and it has to be the 
best value Beauty Advent Calendar yet again.

I highly recommend this years option, as I can already pick out so many
 iconic beauty products.

Pixi Rose Tonic,
L'Occitane Immortelle Divine Cream plus one of their Verbena Shower Gels
Eyeko Mascara, NUXE Body Cream,THIS WORKS Pillow Spray,
Leighton Denny nail polish
 and so many more products from great brands 
(including their own M&S brands)

I will be picking one up on my upcoming trip to London and I can't wait,
as its hands down this is the best value Beauty Advent Calendar for 2018

With a purchase of £35
(Cannot be food purchases)

 6th November 2018

In store or online

14 October 2018


No I haven't written a review on Christopher Robin, read again it's Christophe Robin and I'm sure like "moi" you're wondering who the heck he is.

I was a little sceptical to say the least about this rather obscure (obscure to me)
 unusually named hair cleansing product.
Christophe Robin Volumising Paste with Pure Rassoul Clay
and Rose Extracts 
is a deep cleansing treatment for fine hair lacking in density, which
is exactly how I would currently describe my hair.
It also has a rather unusual appearance, as it looks like more
an exfoliator or body scrub.

 This unique clay-to-foam shampoo is formulated to help create beautiful volume 
while absorbing impurities and oil from the scalp and
 give instant volume at the roots and density down the lengths.

Consisting of 85% natural origin ingredients this formula is a unique blend 
of pure Rassoul Clay, with densifying and re-mineralizing benefits, 
protective rose extracts and Limnanthes extract to help preserve and 
enhance the hair color.

This surprising paste-like texture transformed instantly into a light foam,
and its transformation was pure magic, as I was expecting to seriously work 
this product into my hair and scalp to have any foaming, cleansing effect.
Despite not looking too great in the pot the product has a slight rose fragrance
and more importantly for me, was easy to rinse.
I didn't do my normal double shampoo, as my hair and scalp felt cleaner than its
ever felt before just after one application.
It was easy to rinse despite using too much and having mountains of
from on my head and it certainly didn't add to my dreaded tangle situation
due to my hair being both long,fine and highlighted.

How To Use:

On wet hair: use a tablespoon worth of product (more or less, depending on the length
 of your hair) rub into your palms, and apply all over your hair. 
(As I found out on my first use, use much less than recommended)
With a delicate touch, make circular motions until you feel the paste turn to foam, 
and make sure you lift the roots. Add a little water, emulsify, and rinse well. 
For an intensified effect: let it sit for 2 minutes before you rinse. 
(which I did)

All products are Free from :


This product surprised me on so many different levels, its name, its appearance, 
the way the consistency completely transformed once applied to the hair and
the volumising results it gave down to the delicate fragrance it left
in my hair.
I was utterly blown away with this product and if you read my product reviews
regularly, you will know that it takes an outstanding product to make me use the
 term "blown away".
After using twice in the past week my hair felt soft, thicker and incredibly clean. 
I was also able to go longer between washes, which is a Win Win situation.
 I was so impressed that it's on my overseas shopping list. 

Please let me know in the comments below if you have used this product before
or the Volumising Shampoo, as I tempted to buy both.

Christophe Robin 
Volumising Paste with Pure Rassoul Clay
and Rose Extracts 





Available in South Africa from Skins Cosmetics