8 December 2019


December seemed to sneak up on me this year, due to October and November 
whizzing by in a flash.
We are already on the 8th of December and this post is coming to you way later than normal, thanks to the problems I've been having with my internet connection for the past week.
However I have 3 interesting products to put to the test this month.
As always I will put these products to the test and report back to you...


The Clean Reserve Citroen Fig is no stranger to me, as this is the 2nd bottle that I've purchased over the year, but I have never actually written a full review, so expect my perfume review soon and as I'm sure you can already guess, due to a re-purchase, I love this fragrance and its becoming a firm all time favourite of mine.

DERMACEUTIC is a brand that I have mentioned several times on my blog and I was kindly sent two of their products to try and they couldn't have come at at better time.


The DERMACEUTIC Sun Ceutic 50+ Universal Shade is a physical sunscreen with a tint that provides maximum protection for skin exposed to UV rays. 
Now I prefer a tinted sunscreen over a non tinted ,as it allows me to go pretty much make-up free for most of the summer and this is the product that arrived just in time, as I have been looking at several tinted sunscreens with maximum protection and this with an SPF 50+ ticks all of my boxes perfectly.


I also received another product from DERMACEUTIC to try out in the form of their
Derma Defense DD Cream
 Dermaceutic Derma Defense DD Cream with a light tint is a unique 3-in-1 formulation.
 It contains a high SPF, with pigments that even out skin tone, covering imperfections while providing optimal hydration.
It comes in 2 shades Light & Medium and I have the Light to try.
I have to say if my reviews on both of these products are good then I'll have pretty much covered all bases for my face protection this summer.

2 December 2019


 I tend to steer away from doing Christmas Gift Guides, but this year I've decided to
put together some of my favourite skincare gifting that I've come across and think
offer great value for money.
 Obviously they can be used as gifts for any skincare lover, but better still they could be a year end treat from You2You or even just a way of stocking up on your skincare essentials for the coming year at a cheaper price and in several instances you receive added products at no charge.



RRP R1,295
VALUE R2,148

(Available at selected Dischem Pharmacies and Independent Pharmacies nationwide and only whilst stocks last)

This is my absolute favourite skincare offer and the best for this festive season.
This year PAYOT launched their BLUE TECHNI LISS product line that focuses
on protecting and counteracting the damages on the skin from blue light that's emitted from computer screens, cell phones and laptops.Its suitable for all skin types and ideal as a gift for the man in your life.
I recently reviewed the night and the sheet face mask
 to read my full reviews

I'm tempted to buy this set for myself as it offers the day cream, the eye and the concentrate serum all at a saving of R853 and take it from me it's a great range
 from a great French brand. 

The Hydration Collection
50ml Hydra-Essential-All Skin Types  
15ml SOS Hydra Mask 
30ml Gentle Foaming Cleanser  
All presented in a Festive beauty pouch.

RRP : R675

(available from Clarins stockists countrywide and online)You really can't go wrong with any gift set from Clarins and they have several 
on offer in 2019.They cover a variety of skin types and price points and I've chosen the Hydration Collection because it focuses on intense hydration and radiance and whose skin doesn't need help with these areas...
The 50ml Hydra-Essential  retails for the same price as the set, which means you receive the SOS Hydra Mask (which I've tried and is great), the Gentle Foaming Cleanser (an iconic Clarins cleanser) and the beauty pouch free.

Divine Premium Set

Divine Cream 50ml
Immortelle Divine Youth Oil 30ml

RRP : R2,950
Value : R3,180

(available from L'Occitane Boutiques countrywide and Online)

It wouldn't be a very good Christmas Gift Guide if I didn't include a gift set from my favourite French brand L'Occitane.
For many years I used the complete range of Divine face care products and this set contains two of the best essentials, the Divine Cream and the Immortelle Divine Youth Oil.

Packed with concentrated anti-aging properties to help mature skin regenerate. 
This range fights the visible signs of ageing and the skin appears firmer, smoother,
more radiant and brighter.

Offering a discount of R230 over buying the products separately it could be the start 
of a Divine skincare journey.


50ml MY PAYOT JOUR (Day)

RRP R1,295

VALUE R1,650

(Available at selected Dischem Pharmacies and Independent Pharmacies nationwide
 and only whilst stocks last)

I have chosen another offer from PAYOT, with enriched antioxidant superfruit extracts, 
MY PAYOT skin care products meet all the expectations of stressed and tired skin. A comprehensive range to meet all the needs of dull skin to regain a fresh and luminous complexion.This set contains, in my opinion the 3 most vital skincare products,
 Day Cream/Eye Cream and that all important serum to give your skin a post
festive season boost.

Happy Shopping!

29 November 2019


Its been many months since I wrote a Friday Follow-Up post to let you know
how I feel about some of the products I have previously reviewed.
Sometimes I have extra to add to my review, on other occasions I grow to like
a product more with time, which is the case with my 1st product.
My 2nd was simply that I missed the way my skin looked and felt when using the product and Black Friday discounts came along that swung me to order the product..



I first reviewed this product back in March 2019 and despite saying in my review that
I wouldn't re-purchase, well guess what, I have repurchased.

As the months went by I found myself reaching more and more for this Peel Mask,
I also discovered that if I left the mask on for the recommended maximum time of 
10 minutes it really came into its own and its proved to be my favourite peel.

On my skin, it starts to tingle around 9-10 mins of being on and that's my cue
to remove.
It leaves the skin incredibly soft,smooth and brighter, which is what Caudalie
claimed it would do, but I simply wasn't leaving it on for the full 10 minutes to experience the full peel effect, so thankfully
I did eventually discover the absolute wonders of this mask.



I only recently reviewed this luxury foundation in the form of a 7 day supply that I
was sent by Armani Beauty and whilst I enjoyed the sample and couldn't fault the product
this is what I had to say:

"From my experiences with both high and mid priced foundations, they don't seem to offer much more nowadays in terms of formulation,coverage,luminosity etc. than some of the very good drug store foundations.
As always I prefer to invest my cash into anti-ageing skincare products than 
high end makeup"

Whilst I still stand by what I say in the above I'm going to make an exception
re this Silk Foundation from GIORGIO ARMANI, as I surprisingly missed using this
foundation once my 7 day supply had finished, so much so, that I have ordered one today
from overseas, on a Black Friday 25% discount, which softens the cost somewhat.
Call it my Christmas treat to myself...