Tuesday, 14 August 2018


I normally post my "Currently Under Review" posts right at the beginning 
of a new month, but after being "woman down" with flu 
I'm running rather late with this one.

This month I have a couple of Urban Decay lip products to try and as promised 
another product from BioNike. 
I also have a product from a brand, Dr Gobac and having never tried anything from 
this brand before, I'm looking forward to experiencing something totally new.


I recently went to the launch of the Urban Decay store in Gateway 
and I picked up several of their products including one of their
 infamous Vice Lipstick and a HI-FI Shine Lipgloss,
 so I'm going to give these two lip products a try and as always I will let you 
know whether they're worth parting with your hard earned cash or not.


BioNike is an affordable Italian face and body care range that's available
 exclusively at Dischem. I have reviewed several of their products and I was super impressed with their 15fruIT XSENSE Multi Sensorial Oil, that it even made it
onto my Top 3 Body Products List for 2017.
It's a brand that I've wanted to explore further and I've been kindly sent their 
DEFENCE HYDRA5 OPTHYDRA Nourishing Moisturising Cream
 to put to the test.


Dr Gobac is a South African Cosmeceutical skincare brand based mainly
 on botanical ingredients and I have to admit that I know very little about, 
so I'll need to do some research on this brand whilst trying out their Cleanser.

Sunday, 12 August 2018


Can you believe it after months of silence with regards to my 
"Recent Empties" posts I've now posted 3 in quick succession.
 Just recently I seemed to have several products that have all finished 
in close succession, so I thought it was time to tell you which they were
and whether I'll re-purchase or not.

I have included the PINK links to all of my original reviews below,
 so you can read more about the individual products, prices etc.
 and why they're all worthy of a re-purchase.


I recently finished my Bourjois City Radiance Foundation,
as I find I use this shade 04 Beige more in winter, but sadly it seems that
 Bourjois will no longer be available in South Africa.
I have already stocked up on another one, as they were selling Bourjois 
less 50% in Clicks several weeks ago and I do like this easy wearing 
foundation everyday during winter.

Read Original Review


Over the years I have tried and tested a huge assortment of concealers 
and concealing my dark eye circles and in particular one pigmentation spot
 on my cheek has become part of my daily make-up routine. 
I have found the
Benefit BOI-ING Industrial Strength Concealer 
to be the best for covering and concealing areas that really do need something more 
 on an industrial strength, as its name suggests.
Considering that I use this product daily it seems to have lasted forever, 
but I've already got a back up at the ready .

Read Original Review


 did finish fairly quickly, but it's only 40mls and I have been using this product often. 
I'm becoming a huge fan of this French brand and now after using several 
of their products I find myself leaning more and more towards it being 
my brand of choice when asked to recommend skincare for sensitive, 
intolerant skins and it is one product that I will re-purchase for
 myself without hesitation.

Read Original Review


Yves Rocher is an inexpensive French brand that I really enjoy, especially for 
affordable cleansing products, but sadly it's no longer available in SA, 
but I was excited to pick up one of my favourite  products for 
removing eye make-up their
 Yves Rocher Express Eye Make-Up Remover 
in Brugge Belgium last year, but it's all been used now which leaves me sad, 
as I adore this product and highly recommend it if you can get your hands on one.
The packaging has changed since my earlier review but the product is still
just as good.

Read Original Review

Let me know if any of these are your regular re-purchases.

Tuesday, 7 August 2018


For months now we have known that Urban Decay have been planning to open 
a store in Gateway Theatre of Shopping  (North of Durban), 
but little did we know that it's been a two year undertaking to find 
the correct position within the centre. 
Finally, in all its purple glory, it opened a couple of Friday's ago and I was lucky 
to have been invited along to the VIP opening prior to its officially launch
 on Saturday 28th July.

Urban Decay have 3 stand alone stores around SA and if I'm not mistaken
 their latest is also the largest. 
Urban Decay have been around for the past 20 years or so and their motto is 

Beauty with an Edge.

Urban Decay over the past two decades have never stopped experimenting
and now offer an endless array of high performance cosmetics that are much 
loved around the world and I'm happy to see we have our own store
here in Gateway.
 Their stores, besides looking fantastic are easy to navigate around and all of 
the products are well displayed
and the staff are super helpful irrespective of whether you're looking for an edgy
metallic look, a sexy smokey eye or a classic natural look.

Make-up junkies over 40 also want Beauty With An Edge, granted maybe
 not so much of the vivid bright colours, but there is so much more to UD
than that.
Urban Decay really do cater for all ages and all skin tones, so remove those ideas
out of your head right now if you think that UD is not a cosmetics
brand for you, as you will be surprised at the selection of products on offer
and the depth of shade selection they have.
(I was shocked to see that they have 40 Eye Pencil shades)

I was also excited to see a great selection of lipsticks and glosses
from deep-dark shades to bold bright to super versatile neutrals
(all in a range of finishes)
 there’s literally "Lipsticks for Africa" and something for everyone 
and I walked away with two. 

Hi Fi Shine Ultra Cushion Lipgloss in the shade BACKTALK 
and one of their popular
 Vice Lipsticks cream formula in the shade Violate, but I could have easily bought 
so many more and I'm sure I'll be back.

Urban Decay are perhaps most infamous 
for their Naked Eye Shadow Palettes (of which there are now several) 
and I've been eyeing the Naked Ultimate Basics Eye Palette for sometime now
 online and have even picked it up in Selfridges in London only to 
put it down again in favour of the IT Cosmetics CC Cream. (Sorry UD)

This palette contains all matte shadows, which are definitely more flattering
 on an older woman like "moi" and I'm hoping that once I've reviewed 
this palette it will be one that I can highly recommend as the
 Ultimate eyeshadow palette "go to" for everyday neutral and natural eye looks. 
As we were lucky enough to be gifted this palette,I thought I would buy 
myself the other palette that was on my radar, 
the more recently launched BACKTALK Eye and Face Palette. 

This collection revolves around soft nudes and pinks and I have to say I love the 
look of this pretty selection of eye and face shades.
I will be doing full reviews on both of the above and I'll be giving you my recommendations, as to whether they're worth the spend of R860.

 (I've just seen on their website that the Naked Ultimate Basics Palette has
been reduced and is now selling for R430)

My next purchase was an eyeshadow primer, as I know all too well that as we get 
older sometimes our eyeshadow doesn't stay in the same place, as we applied it 
or it has that nasty habit of creasing or collecting in the folds of the skin, 
that unfortunately only highlights any creepiness on the eyelid even more,
so I'll be putting the Eyeshadow Primer Potion to the test and of course I opted for
 the Anti-Ageing formula.

Over the coming weeks I will post my thoughts and opinions on these products
from Urban Decay, thus enabling you to make your own mind up as to whether
its worth spending your money on or not.
Just a spoiler though... I already give a thumbs up to two. 

Let me know in the comments below if you have used any UD products
 and which I should buy next.

Sunday, 5 August 2018


Here's my latest QPR post on 3 products that I've recently tried and tested
including one where I broke all my own rules when buying...


Brand : Catrice Cosmetics
Product : Ltd Edition
Price : R99.95

After me saying in a "zillion" of my posts how I rarely buy on impulse and how I 
always put prior thought into my purchases, well here is what happens 
when I break my own rule.

I even wrote a blog post very recently on How to Avoid Impulse Purchases
I end up buying things, that not only hugely disappoint, but end up not being used 
and this is exactly what happened with the Contour brush from 
Catrice Cosmetics.

 I was first drawn to how pretty this white contour brush was
 and how unusual the shape was (the bristles are longer on the one side) 
the idea is that brush picks up the product and then you apply to the cheek area
ensuring that you contoured in the correct place.

Unfortunately the application was a fail, as the bristles are too firm
making it unpleasant to use over the cheeks 
(I seemed to remove more of my foundation than deposit the contour).
 Obviously everyone's cheekbones are shaped differently and on me this brush 
was sadly totally ineffective.
It was a Ltd Edition and doubt that it's still available.

Verdict : 4/10



Brand : Dr. Teal's
Product : Foaming Bath with Pure Epsom Salts
Soothe & Sleep with Lavender
Size : 1000 mls
Price : R120.00

Having heard several good reports about the American Dr.Teals Epsom Salts
 (they combine the ancient benefits of pure Epsom salt with the 
revitalizing and restorative qualities of natural essential oils)
I thought I would give their liquid Foaming Bath with Pure Epsom Salts a try, 
as I love a good long soak in a bubble bath and it's even better if it 
comes in a Lavender fragrance.

There are several other therapeutic fragrant variants available:
Eucalyptus & Spearmint, 
Rosemary Mint, 
Milk & Honey,
 Ginger & Clay,
Pink Himalayan and Coconut Oil

However when it comes to foam baths I always opt for the calming,soothing 
qualities of Lavender over any other options.
This bottle is huge as its a 1 litre and whilst it produced great long lasting bubbles 
I was a little disappointed with the intensity of the rather weak Lavender aroma.
However this foam bath wins hands down on price versus quantity and I will for sure 
re purchase one of their other fragrances or perhaps opt for a bag of their 
Pure Epsom Salts.
Its a brand that offers so many different "well being" body and bath products 
that I may investigate into this range further.

Verdict : 8/10



Brand : Cotton On
Product : Double Wick Fragrance Candle
Size : 290 grams
Price : R249.95
R70.00 with any purchase

 I'm sure I'm like many of you reading this, in that I love a good fragrant candle, 
but I'm finding the price of some of my more expensive branded ones 
becoming a little prohibitive in terms of their pricing, 
so I'm always on the lookout for more affordable options, as I often have them
 burning either in my bathroom,bedroom, lounge or office,
 so as you can see it can work out fairly costly. 
I recently spotted these rather pretty candles in "Cotton On" 
that we're on special,
 (bought without any other store purchase they would retail for R249
or with any purchase R70) which I thought was a good price.
These medium sized, double wick,scented, Soya boxed candles came in an
 assortment of fragrances and unlit they both smelled amazing, 
so I bought two.The one above was Kiss (French Can Can) and the other I bought
was Wild ((English Pear Freesia)

They have burnt down evenly and the fragrance pay off is fairly good
and they also come in heavy duty, pretty pastel glass containers.
However I'm not sure if these will still be available, but it seems that
"Cotton On" change their candle range regularly, so if you see them again
for R70 with any purchase in the store then try one, but at their
full price of R249 I personally wouldn't pay that.

Verdict : 8/10


Wednesday, 1 August 2018


After not doing an Empties post for over a year I've managed to
write two in the last five weeks, which officially means I'm on an "Empties" roll...

Here are three skincare products that I've completely finished since my last post 
in June,which is always a good sign.
I have popped the links to the original reviews below each product so just
click on the Pink Link to find out all the details.

Daily Cleansing Pads

Whilst I enjoyed using these pre-soaked cleansing pads and they were incredibly
convenient in their own pot, I wouldn't re-purchase as the Glycolic acid of 2.8%
is too mild for me, as I have been using The Pixi Glow Tonic 5%,
but as I said in my  full review  these would be great as an introduction
to using a Glycolic acid product.

Micellar Water

I finished this Micellar Water from the skincare "boffins" REN some time ago
and only recently came across the empty container.
I'm not going to re-purchase, as I just found the Rose fragrance
too much for my eyes and  I have so many other
Micellar Waters on my list that I want to put to the test.
To read my review

Barrier Repairing Balm

As I said in my  original review I really enjoyed this product
 and still do and a re-purchase is on the cards.
I was surprised though at how quickly I used up all of this lip balm and
I had to remind myself that it's only 7.5mls.

Let me know in the comments below if you have used any of these products 
and have you re-purchased as I would love to know...

Sunday, 29 July 2018


Having bought four products from The Ordinary last year, whilst
in the UK, I thought it maybe of interest to you if I did a post 
on my overall thoughts and hopefully it can allow you to make
more informed choices about these serums.

Now... I understand that trying and using only four products is not a huge
deal in the bigger picture of the products they have to offer, but I 
feel its given me a good overview and understanding of why there have been
so mixed reviews since it burst onto the beauty scene
 a couple of years ago.

You can read more about the origins of the brand etc by reading my 
first post from a year ago.

I'm going to link my full reviews in the order that I posted
  enabling you to read my original thoughts and understand each 
product better.


The Ordinary claim that this combination of Caffeine and EGCG can help reduce
 puffiness and dark circles in the eye contour. 

Nearly a year down the line I'm still using this serum under my eye creams 
either am or pm or both, so it has worked out to be extremely good value in terms
of price and with regards to effectiveness I stand by my original review
where I mention that it all depends on the cause of the dark circles, as to how well
you feel that this product works.

Is it a product I need to have in my life?
Yes and No 
(which I understand may not help you greatly in your product 

I do enjoy using this eye serum and hopefully it is helping to reduce puffiness
and lessen my dark circles, but I'm only going to really know
once I stop using and to be honest for the price it's not worth me
 excluding it from my daily routine, however I'm not going to go panic if 
I can't re-purchase however if I'm going overseas 
i'll most probably pick up another bottle.


Out of the four serums that I tried this is without doubt my favourite
and is definitely a "gem" and I will be re-purchasing.
Again I've still not finished the bottle, so it offers excellent value both
on the price front and in terms of effectiveness.
I would advise caution when using this product as they advise 
not to leave on the skin for longer than 10 minutes.
Over this past year of using I forgot the one occassion and left mine on for 
10 mins and I could feel the intensity building of the tingle and the burn, which was the panic alarm to remove quickly.
I find that my max tolerance time with this chemical peel is around 8 minutes.


Matrixyl was the most difficult products to give
you feedback on, as it's a Peptide serum with Hyaluronic Acid, that silently
 works away and doesn't give you
any obvious quick results, it's a long term ongoing treatment.
I stopped using this serum, as I really didn't enjoy the formula,
so I won't be re-purchasing.

The HA serum review was only posted couple of weeks ago,
as I kept going back to the product to basically give it another chance to
impress me, but sadly it didn't.
This is one of the Hero products from The Ordinary and the one that everyone 
seems to raves about, but for me it was another fail due to the texture of the product 
and I wouldn't re-purchase.

 My reviews are like so many others that I've read as its 
of a mixed bag, of likes and dislikes.
The one factor that works in this brands favour is the price
and to be honest if you buy a product and it's not for you then you haven't
wasted too much money.
On the other hand I bought 4 products and I only found one that
is a real keeper in my beauty regime. I found it was often the sticky texture of 
the serums on my skin that let them down, they seemed to lack a 
refinement that other more expensive brands offer and to be perfectly honest
I would rather fore go the cheap price for a quality product that I will actually
 apply and enjoy.
However after saying that I would recommend that you give 
The Ordinary a try, as you may find a little gem as I found in 
product no.2 the AHA Peeling Solution.

This brand has, without doubt gained some very loyal followers
but its also been shrouded in controversy and 
if any of you have been following 
Deciem The Abnormal Beauty Company
 on Instagram you will know all about the strange and somewhat 
confusing rants by its founder and CEO
Brandon Truaxe.

The price point of their products is amazing and its allowed
previously prohibitive serums like
Retinols,Hyaluronic Acid,Vitamin C and so many more to not only
be more easily accessible but also extremely affordable.
But I have to say its left me feeling rather doubtful
about The Ordinary brand as a whole, as its lost some of its 
initial "serum sparkle" and in my opinion is over hyped.

Let me know what your views on this brand and what products
you have tried...