31 March 2020


If you haven't read my review on the Gatineau Gentle Silk Cleanser that I posted yesterday, then here's the link Gentle Silk Cleanser Review

As promised today I'm reviewing its partner the
Gatineau Gentle Silk Toner 

An alcohol-free toner designed to remove all traces of cleanser whilst respecting the skin’s pH and moisture levels. Formulated with soothing extracts of Silk and Cotton, pores are refined and the skin is left feeling refreshed and radiant.
Suitable for all skin types, especially sensitive.

The Gentle Silk Toner contains the same 3 core ingredients as the 
Gentle Silk Cleanser:
Silk Extracts – promote cell regeneration and improve elasticity
Cotton Extracts – leave the skin soft and comfortable
Sweet Almond Oil – nourishes and softens the skin

Having now tried and reviewed 3 cleansing products from Gatineau it's just as I remember,
 a good quality French skincare brand and if you are looking to introduce some luxury cleansing into your life then I can highly recommended my old friend Gatineau.
The Gentle Silk Cleanser and Toner make a perfect duo
and I must say it's a duo that, after all these years, I've fallen back in love with.




To read my review on the Gatineau Floracil Eye Make-up Remover

Gatineau products are available from selected
Woolworths/Dischem/Truworths counrtywide.

30 March 2020


I can't deny that I have a soft spot for Gatineau products it was a French skincare brand that I worked for over 30 years ago and back then Jeanne Gatineau,
as it was known, was held in high regard amongst skincare boffs and nothing has changed.

I recently opted to revisit three of their products and so far I haven't been disappointed.
Last month I reviewed the Floracil Eye Make-up Remover
today it will be their Gentle Silk Cleanser and tomorrows post will be on the
corresponding Gentle Silk Toner, so if you have ever been tempted to try Gatineau products these 3 products maybe a good place to start your 
Gatineau skincare encounter. 

Founded in 1932 by acclaimed Parisian skincare expert Jeanne Gatineau, they are celebrating 85 years as leading specialists in anti-aging skincare.
  Gatineau combine natural ingredients with cutting edge bio-technology to create
 highly effective skincare that delivers visible and lasting results.

The Gentle Silk Cleanser is enriched with delicate Silk and Cotton Extracts, this luxurious milky cleanser gently dissolves all traces of make-up and impurities whilst conditioning the skin. This salon-grade formulation is the most important step in the skincare routine to allow maximum absorption of other products and is suitable for all skin types, 
even the most sensitive.
Can be used both AM & PM and can be rinsed off with water or removed with cotton wool which is my preferred way.
The ingredients include:
Silk Extracts – promote cell regeneration and improve elasticity
Cotton Extracts – leave the skin soft and comfortable
Sweet Almond Oil – nourishes and softens the skin

After using this cleanser all those memories of my time with Gatineau came flooding
back and it's easy to see why this cleanser is one of their Best Selling products and 
if unlike me, you have a sensitive skin, then I highly recommend this soothing cleanser, 
as it left my skin feeling wonderfully soft, comforted and cocooned.




19 March 2020


This TBT post dates back to December 2018 when I reviewed the
Having purchased overseas 18 months ago it's finally available in South Africa.
I spotted it today in Dischem along with a Waterproof version, so it's the
ideal review for todays TBT Post.

I did include this mascara in my Top 5 Mascaras post to read that post 
I'm so happy to see it on the SA beauty shelves, as it's a great mascara.


Last years launch overseas of the L'ORÉAL Paradise Exactic Mascara
was a huge success and finally it's now available here in South Africa. 
It's only taken a year for it to arrive on our shelves, but as they say 
"better late than never"

This rose gold beauty made it onto my Top 5 Make-Up Products of 2017 
as I loved it, so much that I had organised several UK back-ups,
 so I wouldn't be without.
(so thankfully I don't need to do that anymore)

It seems as though I'm experiencing Dèja Vu as the same has happened 
again with another new mascara launch from L'Oréal. 

Unlimited Mascara
was recently launched in the UK and I managed to get my beauty hands
on one and yes I can announce already that it will be appearing on my 
Top make-up list for 2018.
So L'Oréal seem to be on top of their lash game and this mascara is a game changer.
and it's all thanks to the innovative brush, which was inspired by a make-up artist
hack, it bends at 2 different angles, allowing for precise application.

The Unlimited Mascara ensures that every lash is volumised,lengthened and
perfectly separated. 
The brush coats the lashes with a creamy, non-clumpy formula which glides on perfectly to volumise, lengthen and define every last lash. Top, bottom, inner, outer, long, short… no lash is left uncovered.

It makes applying mascara so much easier and I
can't believe just what a difference applying with a bendable wand has made.
I wish we had more brands adopting this wand technology
Possibly we don't see more bendable wands due to the cost factor and the only other similar mascara is the Lancôme Grandiose,which also have a bendable 
Grandiose Eyeliner.
(which happens to fall under the L'Oréal umbrella)

Initially I thought the bendable wand was a little gimmicky,
but I was so wrong as for me its revolutionised the way 
we apply mascara.

The bendable mascara wand makes for precise application
and reaches every lash from corner to corner.
It lengthens, volumises, defines and separates lashes
and the intense black finish is great for achieving 
high impact lashes.
The formula is long wearing and does need a little more
time on the removal front.

I have done an "about turn" on this mascara and I
highly recommend and I just hope it arrives in
South Africa soon...

Let me know in the comments below if you know of any
other mascaras that have a bendable wand.

Unlimited Mascara

Not available in SA