16 May 2019


Unfortunately I don't have too many products to include in this QPR post,
but I do have two non skincare/make-up items and that doesn't happen too often, 
so lets see what I thought....


Product : Lemon Verbena Foam Bath
Price : R59.99
Size : 500 mls

I was so excited to see that Woolworths had launched their own range of Vegan body products that are based on Active Ingredients from Nature.
The assortment of products and fragrances is quite extensive and being a longtime lover
of all things Verbena I made a bee line for their Lemon Verbena Foam bath, which is
enriched with botanical extracts, Turmeric and Maca Root Extracts.
All products are free from: 
Parabens, added sulphates(SLS & SLES),synthetic colours and they're all 
Dermatologically tested.
(This range can be found in the food hall section of Woolworths)

Whilst the packaging of the products is appealing unfortunately I can't say the same for 
the contents.
I found the fragrance pay off of this foam bath to be poor initially and soon disappeared completely and the bubbles were poor at least.
However the price is affordable especially for a 500mls bottle, but that's all I can
say positive about this from bath, that I was so hopeful about.

Verdict : 4/10



Brand : Bath & Body Works
Product : Creamy Luxe Hand Soap
Coconut Mint Drop
Price : AED 42 Normal price (R167)
(I can't remember what I paid but it was less than half price)
Size : 236 mls

Having never tried anything from the USA brand Bath & Body Works I couldn't resist
buying a couple of things from one of their shops in the Dubai.As always the poor South African has to spoil our spending fun, but luck was in my side this time, as I was 
shopping on the Black Friday Weekend and I scored...
I bought a couple of their large candles and this Creamy Luxe Hand Soap and I
do love luxury hand soaps. 
Not only does this Coconut Mint Drop Hand Soap smell divine, it has a luxurious 
creamy feel and the fragrant bubbles reflect just that.
It certainly leaves your hands feeling soft,fragranced and moisturised.
Whilst I wouldn't go out of my way to purchase again, I would most certainly buy again
 if I was  fortunate to be travelling through a country that stocked Bath & body Works.
(Be warned their product range is huge, so allocate plenty of time when you visit a store)

Verdict : 8/10

Let me know in the comments below if you have tried anything from this brand,as I would
 love to know.

14 May 2019


I wasn't sure if I actually needed this product in my life or not, but I knew that I had FOMO
that "fear of missing out" feeling.
So many users absolutely rave about this make-up setting spray and to be honest
 I was curious, but cautious.
On occasion I have been known to be suckered into the beauty hype that surrounds
certain products, especially when the products have been gifted to Beauty Bloggers, 
however it's a different story when you still read rave reviews from bloggers 
that have taken their own cash and bought the product.
So I decided to take the R460 plunge...

URBAN DECAY have become one of my favourite make-up brands over the past year
and I haven't yet been disappointed with any of my purchases or items that 
have been gifted.

UD currently have 4 make-up setting sprays on offer, but it was the 
All Nighter
that appealed to me the most and the one that is most coveted by other brands.
All make-up wearers will agree that when we apply in the morning, our make-up looks good, but sadly the same cannot be said as the day progresses and even more so in hot humid climates 
(like Durban experiences in February)
 and this is where a make-up setting spray can really help...

The All Nighter Makeup Setting Spray claims to keep makeup looking like its been just-applied for up to 16 hours—without melting, fading or settling into fine lines.
Developed in an exclusive partnership with Skindinavia, their groundbreaking, tested formula is suitable for all skin types, free of oil and parabens, and features patented Temperature Control Technology. Yep, this spray actually lowers the temperature of your makeup to keep foundation, eyeshadow, blush and concealer in place—even in hot and humid or cold and windy conditions and it sounded perfect, but did it do all that it claims?

Yes, Yes and more Yes's
it lived up to all the hype, praise and awards bestowed on the product.
There was no transfer, no fading, no settling into the lines and more importantly for me no melting, your make-up stays in place literally all day and all night if needed.

I must mention here for those people that don't like to spray products onto their face, an important point of difference between this setting spray and others on the market,
the UD spray delivers a calibrated, microfine mist that goes on so light, leaves no stickiness on the skin and you hardly feel anything on the skin at all.

How To Use:
After applying makeup, shake bottle well, hold 8"–10" away and mist face 2–4 times, in an “X” and “T” formation. Close eyes before misting. If you want extra intense shadow colour, less fallout and even longer wear, then wet your brush with All Nighter before you apply.

My initial scepticism aside, after one application on a very hot and humid February day in
Durban, I  quickly realised that I so needed this product in my life and it has now become the final step in my make-up routine and just for the record I don't regret my 
R460 plunge at all...







Available from URBAN DECAY Boutiques countrywide and online

12 May 2019


This fairly new collection of Ultra Matte Liquid Lipsticks from L'Oréal are deliciously named 
"LES CHOCOLATS, yet despite their name they were not on my beauty radar until they were 
recommended to me very recently.

Les Chocolats Ultra Matte Liquid Lipstick is a collection of matte liquid lip colours in 12 chocolate-inspired shades (unfortunately only 8 are available in South Africa) all with an irresistible chocolate scent and I was hooked from the first whiff.
Matte lipsticks are generally not my first choice as like many, I find them too drying 
and they often flake or crack.
However that being said it is an area where huge strides are being made in research and development 
to find that easy to wear matte lipstick that provides comfort and all day colour 
and I think L'Oréal may have just cracked it with this one...

Initially I thought the shade range was perhaps a little too dark for my skin tone, but then I found my most perfect nude shade ever in the form of 842 Candyman, it was a perfect colour match for my natural lip shade, but just better.

Les Chocolates Ultra Matte Liquid Lipstick has a melt-proof formula so you can forget your lip colour smudging or budging, for up to 12 hours, as once its on its going no where
The lightweight lip colour formula is comfortable to wear and doesn’t crack, crumble or flake, its also enriched with ultra-saturated pigments for an intense colour payoff. 
The easy to use slanted teardrop shaped applicator allows for precise application whilst the pointed end allows you to outline your Cupids Bow.

Despite being a little sticky upon application, I have found myself reaching for this lipstick daily since I bought it and for all the right reasons
 It really does stay on all day, it doesn't smudge, transfer or bleed and most importantly doesn't dry out your lips 
and best of all it's Chocolate scented...

Here are a couple of tips to help when wearing a matte lipstick:
Ensure that you exfoliate your lips regularly as a matte lipstick doesn't
 like dry chapped skin.
If need be you can always apply a lip balm over the matte lip several times a day
to provide comfort and a little lustre.