19 January 2020


Normally I find My annual Top Skincare list the hardest to compile, as I have previously kept it to only 5 products, but this year I've had to increase it to 10, as in 2019 I tried
too many excellent skincare products to restrict this list to only 5.

This is also the last of my "Top" list for 2019 and if you would like to catch up on
the ones that I have already posted, then click on the Pink Links below

For me 2019 proved to be a great year for skincare, as I've tried some great
products and in my opinion all of these 10 skincare items are worthy of a place on 
the list and equally as worthy of a purchase.
I do however highly recommend that you read my original reviews on each product
to find out all the product info and my thoughts.


Cleansers seem like a good place to start and I have two on my Top 10 list.
I found that in 2019 I ventured out of my comfort zone of using milky/cream cleansers and tried several different cleansing product formats, two of which have
seriously converted me, so much so that I find myself reaching less and less for my once beloved cleansing milks.

Whilst I reviewed this product back in December 2018, I didn't include it in my
Top Skincare Products 2018, but rather opted to leave it for my 2019 list.
Having originally used a generous deluxe sample size, I then purchased the largest size
back in January 2019 whilst overseas and as I said earlier I'm a covert.

The texture of this cleanser is a heavy dense balm and a little is all
you need to perform a good cleanse.
My skin felt super clean, radiant, smooth and not stripped of natural oils,
 which so many cleansers can do.
I enjoyed using the textured muslin cloth, as it not only helps with the product removal process, but it also stimulates and exfoliates the skin.
In my opinion the cloth is what makes this combo combo so effective.

I would actually go as far to say that its the "Best" Cleanser I've ever used and after
being in this business for over 35 years that's a BIG claim.


The Caudalie Make-Up Removing Cleansing Oil works to dissolve all types of make-up, including waterproof, whilst removing impurities and cleansing the skin.
Initially the Make-Up Removing Cleansing Oil wasn't a purchase, as it came as part of a free gift and I'm so glad it did, as I would never a opted to buy 
a make-up removing oil.
This product is not only quick to use, but its super easy and the skin
is left feeling nourished and comforted and
  "It's an absolute pleasure to use".


I have included a special toner in my list, as I have found this one to be the most refreshing and uplifting toner I've used in years and for that reason I have included it.
My original review below included both this Toner and its complimenting
 Elemis Rehydrating Rosepetal Cleanser, which I also enjoyed.


This nourishing toner effectively tones skin, re-balances its pH level and preserves the natural oils, without the use of alcohol or harsh detergents, add to that a wonderful
spritzing nozzle and ingredients that smell like a spa and I absolutely fell in love 
with this refreshing toner.


A Luxury French brand that has been in my sights for several years has been BYTERRY and during 2019 I was able to tick 2 of their iconic products off my Wish List.

Having purchased back in December 2018 a Christmas pack of 3 of the
 BYTERRY Brightening CC Serums it enabled me to decide which of the 4 shades suited
me the best and Sunny Flash came out as the winner.
I have since purchased a full size Sunny Flash and have also been kindly sent one from the PR of Metropolitain Cosmetics who are the exclusive retailers here in South Africa.

I couldn't write my top 10 list without including a Lip balm and this one from 
BYTERRY stood out head and shoulders above any of the others that I 
experienced in 2019.

N.B. I have also recently reviewed a make-up product from BYTERRY and I can already
 say that its 3 out 3 loves for this brand and one that I'm hoping to bring you more 
reviews on in 2020.


As you know skincare is my priority and this product
combines skincare benefits with luxury make-up, so for me its a win/win situation.
Infused with radiant rose stem cells, this advanced Brightening CC Serum is an 
illuminating primer that creates a flawless base with NO coverage.
 Optical glow technology blurs imperfections, evens out skin tone, intensifies skin radiance and neutralise redness.
For me this product has been an absolute winner and I'm so glad I've 
got back-up product.

Baume de Rose Lip Balm is without doubt the Rolls Royce of lip care and being a Lip Balm Junkie I feel I can say that, after having many years of experience in trying all types of lip products.
The balm has a velvety smooth texture and a non-sticky finish.
Formulated to soothe,repair, condition, protect, it even contains Hyaluronic Acid
to prevent dehydration.

I have no regrets about my purchase, however I do have one looming problem,
I'm starting to worry about the day my pot is empty...


Obviously it wouldn't be a great Top 10 of Skincare Products if I didn't include core
treatment products like a day cream, night cream and a more specialised and targeted treatment.
For these I have chosen two French brands which have a long established and impeccable history where skincare is concerned and it just goes to show that they have moved with
the times in terms of products they offer.


The Expert Face Sculptor serum intrigued me from the start as it makes some 
hefty claims regarding re contouring and sculpting the face for anyone
over 40 years of age.
The texture of this AM/PM serum is lightweight and its a cross between a cream and a gel.
 They claim that your facial contours and features are reshaped, appear slimmer and visibly lifted, whilst ensuring that your skin feels comfortable and well-moisturised.
This is one review you have to read in order to find out why it made it onto this list.


I knew from the first application that this AM/PM cream and I were going to hit it off.
The clue to this product is in its name - Incredible Hydrating Cream.
The texture is one of a light creamy soufflé which absorbs perfectly and leaves
no trace of stickiness behind whatsoever, only a softness to the skin that's Incredible.
It's a product that just re-confirms again to me that the French
really do skincare the best  


The Blue Techni Liss range (which consists of 5 products) has been specifically 
formulated to fight the damaging effects and impact of blue light on the skin 
and can be used on all skin types.
BLUE TECHNI LISS a new chrono-active smoothing range that restores balance to your skin.This deep blue gel texture miraculously melts into an oil on contact with the skin
 giving  a most ultra-comfortable smooth finish and one that I've never 
experienced before.
I happily found it to be one of the most cost effective products that I have used in ages,
as a little goes such a long way and using in the evening only, you have an excellent
night treatment for many weeks, if not months to come.


In case you were wondering I have included an Eye Treatment in the form
of Eye Patches.I have reviewed several good eye creams and eye masks in 2019, so this
was a difficult decision, but based on pure refreshment value and much needed depuffing, these from PIXI came out tops.

Formulated to revive, refresh and rehydrate the delicate eye area for visibly smoother, soothed and fortified skin, these eye patches came to my rescue and have done on many occasions since writing my original review.
Bought, somewhat as a 2nd prize, due to the Peter Thomas Roth Eye Patches being out of stock, I'm now glad that they were unavailable.


Finally my 10th highly recommended skincare product is not an essential
or is it?
Initially I believed the Caudalie Beauty Elixir was a "nice to have" kinda product
but I soon realised it was a "must have" in my skincare regime and even more so for travel.
I have used maybe 3 in the past year and thankfully I have a back-up stock.


This is the second inclusion of a Caudalie product on the 2019 Top 10 Skincare Products List and its a brand that I have written 12 or 13 product reviews on.

The Caudalie Beauty Elixir is much loved by beauty editors and beauty bloggers 
around the world  and I have to say that I join them wholeheartedly in 
their praise for this product.

This multi-tasking mist sets make-up, tones and tightens pores, smooths fine lines
 and gives the skin an instant boost of radiance. 
Can be used as a priming mist either under or over your completed make-up, 
enhancing its longevity and reviving tired and dull-looking skin.

Please drop me a message in the comments below if you have tried any of my 2019
favourites and if you agree with me or not...

16 January 2020


For me 2019 was a busy year for make-up, so much so, that I've decided to 
increase my annual Top 5 to a Top 10 Make-Up Products post.
Despite having a mixed bag of brands, products and price points I highly recommend
all of these items below.
As always the Pink Links will take you to the full reviews


Let's start with foundations, as that seems like a good place to begin, I
 discovered one at the beginning of the year and one towards the end.


L'Oréal have been a favourite of mine for foundations for many years and several 
have been featured on my Top lists in previous years.
This was a foundation that I bought in error, but it turned out to be a very good error.
L'Oréal just don't create any bad foundations and if it's a new affordable foundation you're looking for then look no further than the L'Oréal isle in the drugstore.
It offers a long wearing, full coverage, dewy, hydrated and fresh finish and has been
my go to on most days.


 What started out as using a free 7 Day free sample of the led to me saying that I personally wouldn't pay R800 for a foundation eventually 
resulted in a purchase with a less 25% from one of the overseas online beauty sites.

The formula offers an extremely comfortable long wearing, 
weightless and luminous natural finish to the skin.
It honestly feels like silk on the skin and I couldn't fault it other than on price.
I also found that once my 7 day sample had finished I missed not having this 
foundation in my make-up routine, hence the purchase.


There were two drugstore lipsticks that impressed me during 2019 and they have both been a constant throughout the year.


This was a rather a surprise, as I had previously tried a foundation
from Sorbet which I included on my Top 3 Disappointing Products 2018 list.
However this just goes to show how one disappointing product from a brand,
thankfully doesn't make the whole brand disappointing.
GET LIPPY is a beautiful, easy to wear, natural looking soft pink and it's one of those shades that will always find a place in my Lipstick wardrobe.
 It glides over the lips and considering it's moisturising and nourishing formula its surprisingly long wearing.


Les Chocolates Ultra Matte Liquid Lipstick has a melt-proof formula so you can
 forget your lip colour smudging or budging, for up to 12 hours,
 as once its on its going no where
The lightweight lip colour formula is comfortable to wear and doesn’t crack, crumble or flake. It really does stay on all day, it doesn't smudge, transfer or bleed and most importantly doesn't dry out your lips and best of all it's Chocolate scented...


It wouldn't be a very good Top 10 list if i didn't include a mascara or two and these
both impressed me in 2019 and have both been repurchased


This has been my fave mascara of 2019
What I can confidently say about the BAD gal BANG! mascara is the following:
It can be layered easily
It creates Volume, Lift and Length
 Its smudge-proof
Water-resistant and flake-free
and I just love it...

This really is a do-it-all, all-in-one mascara that curls, defines, lengthens and volumizes for that bold wide-eyed look, hence the 4D name.
After the first coat of mascara I was hooked, its buildable, doesn't flake or smudge
however being a moist/wet kinda mascara and considering the curl and length it gives I did need to do a little cleaning up afterwards but it's worth it for the overall look and finish.


Urban Decay remained one of my favourite brands throughout 2019 and three
products have made it onto my list and surprisingly one is a brow

Not being a huge brow person this was a quite an brow raising purchase
for me in 2019.
Brow Endowed is a double-ended tool that volumizes and sets brows in two easy steps:
 A primer fluffs and holds, while a tinted cream fills and shapes. 
The excellent long-lasting formula resists sweat and smudging for up to 24 hours.
It's surprisingly easy to use an I was amazed at how fluffier, fuller, tinted brows miraculously appeared.


If you're looking for a collection of flattering shades that will cover all your essential  nude/neutral/brown requirements plus a little extra, then this is the ultimate palette to have in your eyeshadow collection.
The selection includes soft mattes, satins, metallics and a little sparkly glitter is thrown in for good measure...

I was slightly sceptical of this make-up setting spray, as everyone was raving about it
and that makes me slightly nervous and all I can say is that it DID live up to all the hype, praise and awards bestowed on it.
There was no transfer, no fading, no settling into the lines and more importantly for me no melting, your make-up stays in place literally all day and all night if needed.
I soon learnt that this is one of those products that you didn't know you needed until you've tried it and I'm hooked.


Last but not least here is my final product for this 2019 list
and I've included an Illuminizing pen for a special reason.


The product has a fluid texture and is easy to apply with the click of the pen.
Having tried many similar products over many years
I wasn't prepared for the great concealing effect that it had on
the blue area towards the inner corner of my under eye.
(The blueness is always there, as its the capillaries that can be seen under the 
skin due to that areas skin covering being very thin) 
and I'm sure many of you can relate to this blue tinge and whilst it didn't cover 100%
(that's a very difficult ask from any product)
 it did an excellent job on me and that's why its been included in my list of Top 10 Make-Up Products 2019


I hope you have enjoyed reading what make-up products impressed me during 2019 and have led to several re-purchases in many cases.
I have also posted my other Top Lists

Let me know in the comments below if you agree or disagree with any of my choices
 for 2019.