Sunday, 24 June 2018


Another product that came from my Christmas Beauty Advent Calendar is the

PÜR Correcting Illuminate and Glow 
Face Primer

  and its from a brand that I have heard of, but have never tried any of 
their products.
Unfortunately PÜR is not available in South Africa. 

Let us get up to speed, as to what the PÜR brand is all about:

PÜR is a USA born and bred mineral based skincare and cosmetics brand 
and from its inception the PÜR Minerals approach has been founded 
on naturally beneficial minerals and associated vitamins.
For over a decade, PÜR has brought woman of all ages ground-breaking 
products that not only help them look their best,
 but actually improve their skins’ appearance.
 Combining the finest ingredients in nature with the latest in skincare technology, 
PÜR multi- tasking formulas work to correct, prevent and interrupt 
common concerns for radiant results you can see you can see
 even after the makeup comes off.
They offer wholesome products that don't incorporate potentially aggravating 
synthetic chemicals in their skincare formulations. 
Clinical studies have shown that regular and proper use of PÜR Minerals products 
can result in significant improvements in the look and feel of your skin
 as well as reduce the risk of dermatological irritation. 
These mineral-based makeups are free of parabens, lanolin, formaldehyde, 
and the brand is vegan friendly and 100% Cruelty free.

It was apparent from my research that this brand is so much more than
what I experienced from using my generous sample for the past week.
I feel that it's really not adequate to just review one product, as this brand is
more of an ethical lifestyle choice and based on its principles
it would be difficult to judge from the use of one product.

As you know though I'm a sucker for anything that helps to illuminate and brighten 
my mature ageing skin and
this Correcting Illuminate and Glow Face Primer preps
 skin and minimizes the appearance of pores, lines, wrinkles and imperfections
 with age-defying Ceretin Complex®, plus key vitamins and antioxidants, t
hat PÜR are known for.

It prime objective it to give dull, ageing skin a more even balance, radiance,
hydration and an overall dewy healthy looking skin.

The light textured tinted cream is suitable for all skin
types and is easy to apply. It certainly felt comfortable and sufficiently
moisturised thanks to the inclusion of one of my favourite ingredients Shea.
The slight tint helped to even out the skins tone, whilst Mica particles
reflect the light, which is key to giving an older skin a more radiant and less 
tired appearance.

PÜR do have a stable of colour correcting products and whilst this correcting
primer, only slightly corrects with regards to evening out the skin tone
 it is "big" on illuminating and glowing front.

Personally I enjoyed this product more when I wore it alone over my
 moisturiser for a blurring, brightening natural look more so 
than under my foundation.

This product is apparently great to wear under their iconic
 PÜR Mineral 4in1 Mineral Foundation and perhaps this is where this product
literally shines.
Would I rush out to add it to my UK Shopping list? 
Unfortunately not,as I have tried many good glowy primers, however if the 
ethos of the brand fits in with your
lifestyle and beliefs then PÜR is for sure worth visiting.
I would however like to explore their foundations, especially the 4in1.

PÜR Correcting Illuminate & Glow Primer

Not available in SA


Wednesday, 20 June 2018


My last QPR post was back in March,so I thought it was time to bring you
up to speed on some products that I've been trying since then.



Brand : Mineraline
Product : Invigorating Aloe Vera Gel
Price : R125

Aloe Vera is well known for treating burns, skin abrasions and irritations,
by quickly cooling and soothing the affected area.
My tube of Mineraline Invigorating Aloe Vera Gel was put to the test recently
 when the London "Kiddiewink" arrived for a month's holiday
 and managed to over expose his skin, in other words he got sunburnt.
Initially this soft green tinted gel feels quite sticky on application
but when it dries down the stickiness disappears and leaves the skin
feeling soothed and calmed.
It turned out to be a life saver and the inclusion of Dead Sea Minerals
and Vitamin B5 ensured that the skin was left feeling moisturised.
I've been using as an all over body gel and I'm loving both the consistency 
and the cooling effects of the gel.It would be great for a Summer body gel.
Apparently it can also be used to calm an irritated scalp.
This product offers great value for an affordable price of R125
for a generous 250mls of product and is definitely one to add to 
your shopping list.

Verdict : 8/10



Brand : Dove
Product : DermaSpa Goodness3 Hand Cream
Price : R49.95 (Current price as its 20% off at Clicks)

Dove have recently launched a hand cream as part of their 
DermaSpa range of products.
On application It immediately smells spa-like, as it's fragranced with Vanilla,
Musk and coconut and blended with Omega Oil.
Without doubt it leaves your hands feeling comfortably moisturised and velvety
soft.It's fast absorbing and great to massage into your cuticles and nails, its
like giving yourself a hand spa treatment at home.
This is, a good affordable hand cream backed by the research and development
of Dove. 

Verdict : 7/10



Brand : Rimmel 
Product : Lip Liner 1000 Kisses
Shade : Cappuccino
Price : R95.00

On a previous QPR post I reviewed the inexpensive Ultra Last Lip Liner from
Essence and I was suitably impressed and it encouraged me to try
another lip liner, this time one from Rimmel.
Not being "big" on lining my lips I only have the essence one to compare
this Rimmel one to.
I found this one to be a much harder pencil and not as long lasting, despite
the colour being good, I much prefer the texture of the essence and it
comes in way cheaper than the Rimmel. 

Verdict : 5/10

Monday, 18 June 2018


I'm slowly working my way through the items in the 
2017 Marks & Spencer Beauty Advent Calender. 
The travel sizes are proving to be ideal for my regular Sunday Sample posts. 
Many of the brands included are not available in South Africa, but that only makes 
it more interesting for me and hopefully for you the readers. 
I know from my analytics that I have many followers from the UK and there 
are plenty of readers here in South Africa that travel frequently overseas and
 it's always good to see what other skincare options are available outside of SA. 

is a US mineral based make-up and skincare brand that's not available in SA,
 but I'll be trying this
 Correcting Primer over the next week, so be sure to check back on Sunday 
to see if this product is worth a purchase or not.

Sunday, 17 June 2018


Over the past couple of years and much to my surprise, Micellar Waters have 
become an important part of my beauty regime .
 I previously relied on them mainly for travel, as they provide a quick and practical solution for 
removing face and eye make-up on the go. 

I also turn to a Micellar Water on those "full make-up" days, as part of a 
double cleanse, however my favourite way to use a Micellar Water is in the morning. 
I find a quick wipe around the face with a soaked cotton pad cleanses my skin
 and preps it for my morning skincare routine.

As you can see Micellar Waters are so versatile hence their rise in popularity
 over the past few years.
 Most skincare ranges now include a Micellar water in their product line-up 
and over the last couple of years 
I have tried and tested several of varying prices.
I have reviewed several products from LA ROCHE-POSAY recently and have enjoyed
each one and for those that suffer from a fragile, sensitive or intolerant skin,
then I highly recommend this affordable French skincare brand. 
Just to re-cap in the ethos of the brand:
La Roche-Posay is a French Dermatology skin care company recommended by more than 25 000 Dermatologists worldwide. Their promise is to make a better life for Sensitive Skin. Every product is unique in its inherent active ingredient – thermal water from the natural springs of La Roche-Posay, which contains high levels of Selenium – a mineral proven to protect cellular metabolism with its powerful antioxidant properties. 

The LA ROCHE-POSAY Micellar Water for Sensitive skins has been my
Micellar Water of choice for the past few weeks.
The Physiological Micellar Solution acts as a fresh cleansing solution 
and make-up remover in one, for face and eyes and can be used whether
 you have a sensitive skin or not.
It's the perfect product for people in a hurry.

The gentle non scented water formulation is suitable for all skin types,
 as it respects the skin’s physiological & pH balance.
Key ingredients are Citric Acid to gently cleanse and exfoliate and of course the
soothing LA ROCHE-POSAY Thermal Spring Water.
This product contains no

I found this product slotted perfectly into my morning regime as my 
cleansing water
and I'll be sorry when it finishes, as it will be time to move on and review another
Micellar Water from another brand.





Available in South Africa

Tuesday, 12 June 2018


Father's Day 
is a celebration honoring fathers and celebrating fatherhood, 
paternal bonds, and the influence of fathers in society and in several countries 
around the world it's this coming Sunday 17th June.

I've put together some gifting ideas to help provide you with some inspiration 
and the quick links to all websites are in pink.


Single Ficus Ginseng in Ceramic


For the green fingered dad, a Ficus plant in ceramic 
from Woolworths may just be 
the perfect gift. as its one that continues to give.


Crabtree & Evelyn
City Zen Candle



Help dad escape to a quiet zone and retreat from the hectic demands of 
modern life with the Oriental floral notes in this luxurious fragranced candle from 
Crabtree & Evelyn. 
The spiritually calming and sensorial inspired from Hong Kong’s exotic
 ginger flower mingle with warm and spicy cardamom and black pepper. 
Cleansing notes of bright lemon finish the scent, transporting the mind to 
places of peaceful tranquility.


Beard Oil



One of my favourite local brands rain have recently launched
a Mens G Range and this Beard Oil is a perfect gift for the bearded dad.

Rich in Argan and Baobab essential Oils this will keep the facial hair nourished 
and protected, whilst moisturising the skin beneath.

Other interesting products to look out for are their Soap On A rope
and a new shaving format in the form of a Shaving Milk.


Festive Touch Travel Mug


If your dad already has an Nespresso machine or even if he hasn't 
this Travel Mug makes a perfect gift for "coffee on the go".
Holds 375mls and is cool to the touch and keeps your coffee or any
 hot drink piping hot.I bought this for my hubby at Christmas and its
been a huge hit.


Leather Benjamin Weekender


If you are really wanting to Splurge on dad then this 100% leather 
weekender bag from Woolworths will be a gift that will
not only be useful for the travelling man, but will last for years to come.
Available in Black or Brown leather.



Verbena EDT


R 890.00  

With a zillion male fragrances out there to choose from this 
unisex clean,fresh, citrusy scent is a hit with all the males
in my life and I honestly don't know of anyone that
doesn't like the uplifting Verbena EDT from L'Occitane

Sunday, 10 June 2018


This past week I have used a product from the Marks & Spencer's own skincare range Formula 
The Radiance Reveal Peel forms part of the Formula Innovate range which features the latest ingredients and textures taken straight from the lab, with proven results to boost your regime. 
Formula Skincare is created with more than 20 years of expertise with results proven by real women. Formula Innovate features the latest beauty finds straight from the lab taking inspiration from around the globe. Expect the latest textures, newest ingredients and proven results.

Now I love a good exfoliation and its been a weekly part of my beauty regime for 37 years and I enjoy trying new ones, so this Radiance Reveal Peel is right up my "beauty street".  Formulated with unique transformation technology this smooth gel activates on contact with the skin to roll, lift and sweep away dead skin cells,
instantly leaving the skin brighter and smoother.

My initial impressions, this clear ultra gentle gel is another of those peels that
have very little or no effect on your skin, but
somehow this peel is a silent operator, as it leaves you skin feeling incredibly 
smooth and soft, with little effort.
As always a "roll off" peel is a little messy and some can be slightly hit and miss
with the peeling effect, however this product seemed to remove, both
thoroughly and easily, from all areas of application. 

Suitable for all skin types and gentle enough to be literally used 
whenever dull skin needs a lift and I've used several times this past week.
On cleansed and dry skin apply the peel and massage until the transformation is 
complete, then rinse with warm water to leave skin perfectly prepared for your
usual beauty regime.
Not tested on animals BUAV approved
Dermatologically Tested
Paraben Free

These type of peels are not my first choice when it comes to exfoliators, 
but this is by far the most effective one that I've used in a long time.
Will this product be added to my UK Beauty Shopping List?
Unfortunately not, as it's just too gentle for "moi" and to be honest,
there are so many others on the market that I have to try and of
course tell you about...

Innovate Radiance Reveal Peel