6 August 2020


Having just finished another tube of the NUXE rêve de miel Hand & Nail Cream
and its prompted me to post as this weeks #TBT review their 
Comforting Cleansing Milk and Gentle Toning Lotion.

I reviewed these two products back in 2017 and even though I have converted somewhat
to cleansing balms/foams and oils I do still love a good luxurious cleansing 
milk or cream.
Similarly with toners, I have also moved on to more multi tasking, exfoliating
tonics, but the more traditional cleansing and toning combo's still
have a place in my beauty regime.
If like me you enjoy a food cleansing and toning duo then this is one to
certainly consider.

*I have updated the prices below*


The French skincare brand NUXE is slowly but surely creeping more into my daily beauty regime and 
I don't mind at all...
I have reviewed several of their products to date and non have disappointed, unlike some brands that 
I sometimes have a "love hate" relationship with.
To read my previous reviews on NUXE products click on the Pink Links at the end of this post.

NUXE Comforting Cleansing Milk & Gentle Toning Lotion with Rose Petals

NUXE has been around for the past 20 years and has become a hugely popular and well respected drugstore brand in France, but don't be fooled into thinking it carries a budget price tag here in South Africa, as the price point pitches itself somewhere between
 "high end" budget and the "lower end" of the more expensive French ranges available here.

I've been on a mission over the past year or so to bring you reviews on a variety of affordable drugstore cleansing milks and toners, all in an attempt to save money without comprising quality and having found some cleansing and toning "gems", I recently opted to up the cleansing stakes a little and purchased the NUXE Comforting Cleansing Milk and the NUXE Gentle Toning Lotion both with Rose Petals.
This paraben free duo is formulated for sensitive or normal to dry skins and was perfect choice for "moi".

Admittedly I was drawn firstly to the soft pink packaging, then the handy pump dispenser on the cleanser, which I wished more cleansers came with and then the mention of Rose Petals and I was "sold" before I had even tried the products.

Besides having a delicate rose fragrance the cleansing milk, whilst feeling gentle on my skin, had a rich velvety feel that very effectively removed make-up and impurities and left my skin feeling comforted, soft and perfectly cleansed.

Macadamia Oil is the key ingredient along with Damascena Rose flower water and Allantoin and these contribute to the 94.1% of ingredients that are derived from natural origin.
It can be used morning and evening all over the face, eyes and neck and can also be used to remove eye make-up, but I prefer to use a dedicated eye make-up remover as I didn't find it effective or speedy enough.
I enjoyed the luxurious softness and the comfort my skin felt after using this cleanser, which is often lacking in the cheaper options.

The Gentle Toning Lotion perfectly compliments the cleansing milk and as you would expect it leaves the skin feeling refreshed, soothed and soft.
Its alcohol and paraben free formula is also made up of 97.4% of natural origin ingredients.
This toner also works well to soothe and decongest, when a soaked cotton pad is placed over the eye area.

In between reviewing other cleansers and toners for my blog this cleansing and toning duo will without a doubt be my "go-to", especially as my previous favourite duo from the French brand Yves Rocher has been discontinued here in South Africa.

Available in selected Truworths and Woolworths countrywide

Cleansing Milk & Gentle Toner




4 August 2020


Here I am saying it again "I can't believe it's a new month", which automatically
means that I have some products to review and this month I have three and the one,
is A rather earlier than planned purchase, off my "Wishlist".
The other is a new skincare product launch from Avène and the third is a single dose
 face mask from L'Occitane, which I hope is isn't as disappointing as the last 
single dose face mask I tried from this brand...


Eye & Face Mask

I have to stop being drawn into buying sheet and single dose
face masks, that without doubt work out to be a more expensive masking option.
I was intrigued though by this new addition, which is both a Face & Eye mask
made with freshly picked Provencal Melon.
Be sure to pop back during the month to find out if it was worth the spend or not.
I will post the link below to my review on the last mono dose mask I tried 
from one of my favourite brands...L'Occitane.

To read my full review


Restorative Protective Cream

This is a new launch from the French skincare brand Avène and one that I'm excited
about, as it's a new version of their Cicalfate cream and now has the + added to denote 
all the extra uses for this cream, that can be, literally, used by all the family 
at some point.
It's a rich restorative, protective, barrier cream that can soothe even the most
 sensitive of skins. It's the go-to product for skin lesions and and dry irritations, 
so you can rest assured that I will be finding any family skin issues to test out 
the Avène Cicalfate+ .


SPF 30 

I cannot tell you how high my excitement level is to have my "beauty hands" 
on this BYTERRY foundation.
It went onto my "Wishlist" earlier this year, not long after its worldwide launch
and I can't believe that I'm crossing it off that list so soon.
This is now my 4th BYTERRY purchase and considering I've not been disappointed
with any of them I have really high hopes for this new addition.
This skincare foundation promises hydration, comfort,long wearing
 buildable coverage for flawless skin and I can't wait to give you feedback.

Let me know in the comments below if you have used any of the above...

2 August 2020


Having previously heard of the Zelens skincare brand I had never tried any of their products, that was until this past week, as I'd received some samples with a recent order I placed from 
Metropolitain Cosmetics
who also happen to be the exclusive retailers of the brand here in South Africa.

First let me give you some background to this next level skincare brand.

At the cutting edge of high-performance, age-defying skin care, Zelens products combine breakthrough active biotechnology ingredients with a unique blend of plant-derived molecules, to deliver proven, visible results. The brainchild of expert Dr. Marko Lens – a leading plastic surgeon and internationally renowned authority in the field of skin ageing and skin cancer – each and every Zelens product is rigorously trialled and tested, until the exact balance and synergistic action of ingredients is established to trigger the cellular processes responsible for regeneration and repair. Hailed as a ‘new dimension in skin perfection’, each jar is brimming with potent botanical extracts… and completely free from false promises.

This next generation, reviving treatment foundation helps reduce signs of stress and fatigue while creating a perfectly smooth, even-toned complexion with a glowing finish
and as I'm nearly into my 60's I understand more than any age the necessity of having
complexion enhancing ingredients and this treatment foundation has no less than 10 active and powerful ingredients to instantly add luminosity and smooth skin's texture. 
Many of the below inclusions, you will have heard of, but there are several that are new to me and as you read through, it doesn't take long to understand the strong emphasis on the treatment aspect of this foundation.

 This yeast-derived polysaccharide demonstrates multiple actions. Plays a role of a good antioxidant that helps protect skin from oxidative damage caused by free radicals. Beta-glucan boosts cellular respiration and promotes collagen synthesis and thus demonstrates strong tissue-repair and wound healing properties. 

 Natural molecules extracted from the root of the plant (Japanese evergreen spicebush, Evergreen lindera), commonly used in traditional Japanese herbal medicine (Kampo). 
Uyaku extract helps synchronise circadian rhythms, which are easily "de-synchronised" by aging, stress and lack of light.  
Uyaku is rich in alpha-glucans and flavonoids, molecules that demonstrate excellent antioxidant and soothing actions.

Sesame protein:
 This sesame-derived protein demonstrates an instant tightening effect with a noticeable reduction in the appearance of wrinkles. Effectively provides long-lasting moisture.

Hyaluronic acid:
 Zelens uses a low-molecular weight hyaluronic acid that boosts skin moisture, promotes skin elasticity and fills in wrinkles to help reduce their appearance. 

Shiso leaf:
 (Perilla, Japanese mint)
Rich in polyphenols and triterpenoids. It acts as a powerful antioxidant defending skin from free radical damage. It helps to prevent skin reactivity and soothes sensitive skin. 

Vegetable polyglycerides:
 Completely vegetable molecules derived from sunflower oil with exceptional skin conditioning and moisturising properties. Help maintain and improve skin barrier function.

Containing 16 essential amino-acids, proteins and polysaccharides, this hydrolised pearl helps maintain high moisture level while promoting skin smoothness and radiance. 

 Organic silicium-based compounds. Help to reconstruct skin architecture by stimulating collagen production and enhancing cellular communication between keratinocytes and fibroblasts.

 A trace mineral that helps strengthen skin connective tissues resulting in increased skin elasticity. Absorbs sweat and oil and prevents light reflection.

Diamond spheres:
 Micro-spheres with an entrapped photo-luminescent diamond core. When applied to the skin these spheres convert invisible UV light to blue light and settle into fine lines and wrinkles illuminating a blue glow. The result is an enhanced "soft focus" effect with reduced appearance of wrinkles, shadows and discolourations

Zelens Active Colour Youth Glow Foundation comes in a range of 5 shades.
 My shade was Beige which was THE perfect shade. 

Application: Youth Glow Foundation can be applied with a brush, sponge or fingertips over your preferred moisturiser and primer. To increase coverage, simply layer where
 and when it is needed. 

Oil-free. Dermatologist tested.

ZELENS Youth Glow Foundation is perfect for skins lacking luminosity and vitality or anyone who is concerned with visible signs of stress, dullness and loss of elasticity. 
Provides long-lasting, natural light-to-medium coverage, it felt remarkably lightweight, yet nourishing on the skin and I kept catching glimpses of my skin in the mirror and couldn't help thinking how radiant and smooth my skin was looking and I
loved what I saw...

I only managed 2 applications out of the sample, but it was enough to convince me
 that this "Youth Glow" foundation was all it said it would be and more.
I'm happiest when skincare and colour combine in a product and this for me is my
 "Happy Product".

This product is going straight onto my "Wish List", as with any serious treatment 
make-up it always carries a premium price tag and this product is no exception,
however for me, to have that beautiful radiant, soft focus, "your skin but better"
effect is well worth the extra spend.

I do have another ZELENS product review coming up this week, so here's hoping
 that it similarly impresses me.





Let me known the comments below if you have you used any products from ZELENS
and which you highly recommend, as I would love to hear.