4 March 2021


This is my first Monthly Favourites post of 2021 and I had no problem in
 choosing my top picks of the past two months, as 3 of the 5 products just
happen to be my most loved types of skincare products;
a Face Exfoliator, an Eye Treatment and a Lip product.
I also included a product from a brand that I was trying for the first time 
and it impressed me so much that it made it onto this "Faves" post.
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had to include my wonderful Stars of the Show Gift Set from ELEMIS.
The vanity/jewellery box housed 6 products from their
Pro-Collagen range and having said in several previous ELEMIS product reviews,
 it's a brand that I would love to discover more of and that is why I love 
this collection of ELEMIS products so much, as it enables me to do just that,
So expect more of ELEMIS in 2021.
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I did warn you... there would be more on ELEMIS.
After exfoliating products my 2nd product passion are eye products
and I was so excited to find this eye mask included, however it's way more than
an eye mask, as this 3-in-1 formula can be used as an overnight anti-ageing mask, 
a hydrating under-eye primer and a moisturising rescue balm, during the day.
For me it ticked so many of my "eye care" boxes  and I highly recommended.
If you would like to find out why and all the product details


Me and Lip Balms go back many years and I've discovered another brand 
that I can safely say I love, which isn't always the case with lip balms.
BURT'S BEES are the Lip Balm Queens (excuse the unintentional pun)
as they've been at it for over 30 years.
I'm so enjoying this lip balm, as it feels way more luxurious on the
lips than I expected it to and at only R67 I can now add even
more Lip balms to my ever growing collection or should I say addiction,
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Over January and February I put to the test 3 of the GENESIS hair products,
the shampoo I liked, unfortunately I didn't enjoy the conditioner, but I
highly recommend the DEFENSE THERMIQUE as its an Anti hair-fall intense 
fortifying blow-dry fluid for weakened hair, prone to falling due to breakage.
I liked this product very much and it's one that I would recommend, 
as it made detangling a breeze and my hair felt nourished and soft whilst 
not feeling coated or weighed down and then there is that amazing fragrance.
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I couldn't have chosen a better product to kick off my PATYKA skincare journey,
this Double Action Smoothing Scrub "was right up my exfoliation street".
It's a multi-purpose care product that can be used either as an enzyme mask 
to gently exfoliate the skin thanks to its fruit acids or as a mechanical scrub 
to be massaged onto the skin.
The PATYKA Double Action Smoothing Scrub is one of those large granular
type of exfoliators, which personally I prefer, as it leaves your skin feeling 
super clean and incredibly soft, smooth and bright, it also preps the skin 
to receive whatever face mask or cream you chose to then apply.
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2 March 2021


I have 4 products under review during March and of course there had to be 
another ELEMIS product from the Pro-Collagen Stars of the Show gift set.
If you would like to know what that wonderful set contained
I also have a newly launched product that amazingly combines 
Vitamin C & Retinol and promises to seriously brighten and correct the skin.
Another is a haircare product that I have been wanting to try for some time 
and is from a French brand that I love and lastly I will be reviewing 
a Lip Tint that was somewhat of an impulse purchase.


Christophe Robin 
Cleansing Purifying Scrub with Sea Salt

I already have 3 products from this French haircare brand and I
adore them all, so I was excited to recently find this generous 
sample in the Holiday Skins Cosmetics box.
It's a scalp exfoliator and shampoo that cleanses, removes buildup, 
and soothes sensitive, flaky, and oily scalps.
I sense this may turn out to be expensive again, as my splurge
on their Volumising Paste all stemmed from me trying the product
in exactly same way, so lets call it Deja Vu.
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Super C Retinol
Brighten & Correct
Vitamin C Serum

I was intrigued by this product from StriVectin as it has managed to combine
 the brightening power of Vitamin C and the correcting power of Retinol 
in one supercharged, lightweight serum.
I've been intending to re-introduce a Vitamin C Serum into my skincare
regime for sometime and I'm glad I hadn't, as this sounds like the
perfect combo. 
As always my review will only be up after at least 3 months of trial
however I will give regular updates over on my IG.

Cleansing Balm

I have heard so many great things about the Elemis Cleansing Balm
and being a fan of the EVE LOM Cleanser, which is very similar by all accounts,
so I'm extremely keen to try this award winning cleanser.
This was another inclusion in my Elemis Christmas Gift set and it came with 
it's own cleansing cloth. This gift just keeps
 on giving me luxury skincare products to try and review for you guys.

Water Lip Stain

I already sense that I'm going to regret this rather rushed purchase
and whilst my reason for buying this type of product was sound,
 I couldn't try the tester in store due to Covid Protocols and that's
where the problem lies.
Sadly I would advise against buying any new colour products
right now for this very reason, otherwise you could make
rather expensive mistakes.

28 February 2021


Having reviewed several products from the British skincare brand 
I can now official say that it's fast becoming one of my favourite skincare brands.
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I currently have under review a couple of products that came in my 
Christmas gift of the
ELEMIS Pro-Collagen Stars of the Show Set 
and it's a gift that keeps on giving and I love it...
I have many more ELEMIS product reviews coming up.
If you would like to read my post showing the contents of that set then

Everything in the set excites me, yet when it comes to eye products
I must admit I do get a little more than excited.

Eye products are often overlooked as being non-essentials in a skincare
regime and I often hear or read the following:
"It's an area where I can save money"
"I can't afford one"
"They don't work"
"I use my moisturiser or night cream over the eye area"
"My eye area is good I don't need to use one"
'I'll think about using one when I see the lines and wrinkles"

As you can imagine, as someone that has been using an eye cream
since my very early 20's I can but cringe when I hear these types of responses,
especially when that person is standing before me wearing super expensive 
shoes and clothes.
I'm sorry to be the one to tell you, but those clothes will be long gone when
you are 60, yet your skin will still be with you, so the choice ultimately
is your's to make, but I for one have been extremely happy with my
decision that caring for the skin around the eye area is as important
 as caring for the skin on your face and body.
Little Rant over...

Anti-Wrinkle Multi-Use Eye Mask - brightens - rejuvenates - hydrates

A serum-infused eye mask that minimises the look of wrinkles, whilst 
targeting the look of puffiness and dark circles.

This moisture-plumping eye mask is formulated with next generation 
Flash Filler Hyaluronic Acid, wrinkle-reducing Watermelon Snow Algae and antioxidant-rich Bush Clover to deeply hydrate and reduce the visible effects
 of tension and strain around the eye contour.

I have seen a noticeable difference with the hydration of my skin and I find
the bouncy gel texture to be both smoothing, comforting and refreshing.
There is absolutely no feeling of product left behind on the skin once applied.
The texture is also like no other that I have tried before, as it's almost 
"cloud like" and it was soon apparent 
that after the first application a "less is more" approach needs to be adopted
as a small amount covers a large area, making this product a very cost 
effective eye treatment, considering its a multi-use product.

For optimal results, use daily or a minimum of 3 times a week.
Apply a thin layer to the eye contour and either layer under makeup
 in the morning, over make-up during the day or leave on overnight.
What I really enjoy about this product is the versatility, as this
 3-in-1 formula can be used as an overnight anti-ageing mask, 
a hydrating under-eye primer and a moisturising rescue balm, during the day.
Personally for my mature skin I find I can quite easily use this as a 
nightly eye cream and I also like to apply during the day, especially
if I've been having too much screen time.
Due to its versatility its fitted perfectly into my current beauty regime
 and I'm reaching for it more often than I first thought I would.

Research & Development where skincare is concerned is changing
fairly rapidly, especially when it comes to multi tasking products
and I think ELEMIS have nailed it with this 
Anti-Wrinkle Multi Use Eye product.
If you are searching for an Eye Cream upgrade,
then this could be one to consider.





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