15 January 2019


On my recent trip to the UK and Europe I decided to buy several long awaited Caudalie products and along with those purchases came some free samples.
During my last few days in the UK I've decided to put this
Caudalie Moisturising Mask 
to the test and after two back to back trips to the UK in winter my skin is crying out for some TLC.
Pop back on Sunday to see if this moisturising mask, from my new found skincare friend Caudalie, did the trick...

13 January 2019


This has to be my most enjoyable blog post that I write every year,
as it's where I get to tell you which 
5 Skincare products have impressed me the most over the past 12 months.
I have truly enjoyed all of the below and in my opinion they're all worthy of
a purchase if you are looking to buy new products at some point.
They may seem a little random, but then again my review products are sometimes
random but these truly are my top picks.
Now I have been pretty restrained with this list and have only mentioned 
my top 5 products,
but if you want to read more about my other "Monthly Faves" then check
out my full reviews on those recommended products Here

To read my full reviews on each product mentioned
 then click on the Pink Links below


Intense Soothing Care

LA ROCHE-POSAY has been a French Skincare brand that I have discovered 
over the past year 
and have thoroughly enjoyed every product that I have used so far.
It a no nonsense, no frills brand that brings comfort to sensitive or intolerant
skins no matter what skin type.
I highly recommend any of the products that I have reviewed so far and to
find out more Click Here 

The TOLERIANE range of products is targeted for the most intolerant
 and very sensitive of skins and brings immediate comfort and relief and their
TOLERIANE ULTRA Intense Soothing Care has been a pleasure to use on those days
where my skin just feels like it needs a break from active products or may have been
 temporarily irritated by an another product.
 Like me if you don't have an intolerant or sensitive skin, don't be put off experimenting
with sensitive focus skincare brands just because you feel that a range or product 
isn't for your "non sensitive skin" as our skin can always do with 
"wrapping in a comfort blanket" and that's how I can best describe this product.
LRP is both affordable and easy to find across South Africa.

To read my full review



This was one of my favourites for 2018 and I'm glad to inform you that its now
available in SA.
L'Oréal have a great range of budget beating face masks and scrubs
 allowing them to become a weekly or bi-weekly feature in your skincare regime.

To read my full review


Grape Water

I do love me a good facial water spray and this one from the French
skincare brand Caudalie did not disappoint 
(other than the fact its not readily available in South Africa).
So what made it different from many of the others that I've tried?
It was far more than a cooling soothing spray, as the grape content in the
water definitely lent more towards moisturisation and its one that, if you can get your hands on, I highly recommend.



This tinted very high protection sun product has become my, almost
daily, "go to" product on those no make-up summer days.
I have even recently discovered that it applies beautifully onto the skin with 
a beauty blender, so what more could I ask for...



I'm not always a fan of multi tasking products, but this Perfect Canvas Primer
from the skincare brand REN has helped me to become a little less sceptical 
about products that claim to "do it all".
I enjoyed the fact that a skin priming type product could also be a serious 
skincare serum and this packs in a lot of skincare benefits.

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