29 November 2019


Its been many months since I wrote a Friday Follow-Up post to let you know
how I feel about some of the products I have previously reviewed.
Sometimes I have extra to add to my review, on other occasions I grow to like
a product more with time, which is the case with my 1st product.
My 2nd was simply that I missed the way my skin looked and felt when using the product and Black Friday discounts came along that swung me to order the product..



I first reviewed this product back in March 2019 and despite saying in my review that
I wouldn't re-purchase, well guess what, I have repurchased.

As the months went by I found myself reaching more and more for this Peel Mask,
I also discovered that if I left the mask on for the recommended maximum time of 
10 minutes it really came into its own and its proved to be my favourite peel.

On my skin, it starts to tingle around 9-10 mins of being on and that's my cue
to remove.
It leaves the skin incredibly soft,smooth and brighter, which is what Caudalie
claimed it would do, but I simply wasn't leaving it on for the full 10 minutes to experience the full peel effect, so thankfully
I did eventually discover the absolute wonders of this mask.



I only recently reviewed this luxury foundation in the form of a 7 day supply that I
was sent by Armani Beauty and whilst I enjoyed the sample and couldn't fault the product
this is what I had to say:

"From my experiences with both high and mid priced foundations, they don't seem to offer much more nowadays in terms of formulation,coverage,luminosity etc. than some of the very good drug store foundations.
As always I prefer to invest my cash into anti-ageing skincare products than 
high end makeup"

Whilst I still stand by what I say in the above I'm going to make an exception
re this Silk Foundation from GIORGIO ARMANI, as I surprisingly missed using this
foundation once my 7 day supply had finished, so much so, that I have ordered one today
from overseas, on a Black Friday 25% discount, which softens the cost somewhat.
Call it my Christmas treat to myself...

27 November 2019


This product was rather a random purchase when I was overseas recently 
and was not on my UK Beauty Shopping List.
Part of the vast Estée Lauder Companies stable, Origins was founded in 1990 by
Leonard Lauder, son of Estée Lauder.

Unfortunately Origins isn't available in South Africa, but I have heard that 2020 could see
its entry into SA, so lets wait and see.

ORIGINS is a Clean brand and their mission is to create safe, high-performance products that deliver visible results powered by nature and proven by science.

 Being a brand that I haven't tried before I was simply drawn to this product by its name plus I'm a sucker for eye products.
It told me exactly what the product would do and after a couple of long haul
 flights it spoke volumes to my tired eyes.
I've since found out this this product is one of ORIGINS Best Sellers.

GINZING Refreshing Eye Cream
 to Brighten and Depuff

A refreshing eye cream that's formulated to brighten the eye area by diminishing the appearance of dark circles and puffiness.

 This morning-after eye cream claims to help reduces dark circles, unsightly bags, and puffiness. It's formulated with coffee beans, panax ginseng, magnolia extract, and natural optic brighteners to rapidly wake up, refresh, and restore radiance to tired eyes.

After several weeks of using I do really enjoy this peachy tinged product, but I can't say that it delivers on all of the claims above, not yet at least.
Whilst its lightweight creamy formula felt comfortable around my eye area, but I wouldn't recommend it for very dry skin, as I didn't find it to be overly moisturising.

 I can't say that I've seen any noticeable improvement where reducing dark circles or puffiness is concerned. However it does feel refreshing when your eyes feel tired or after a late night or a long haul flight and for that reason it's a keeper,
but I'm not sure I would re-purchase, maybe time will tell and this could be one for my Friday Follow-Up post in the future.

GinZing Refreshing Eye Cream
 to Brighten and Depuff

N/A in SA



Please let me know in the comments below if you have used this product 
and what your thoughts are.

24 November 2019


I've been on the lookout for an Eye Mask for sometime now and whilst there are plenty
under eye patches available etc., I couldn't find too many specific cream masks that you apply around the eye and remove after 10 minutes or so and I finally opted for the


I've reviewed several items now from ELEMIS and if you want to catch up with my 
thoughts on the items already reviewed then click on the pink link below

I've been so diligent with eye creams/gels etc. since I was in my early 20's, as its always been my area of skincare concern,I really didn't want to have deep seated lines and wrinkles around my eyes and being such a delicate area it soon shows your age if neglected in your daily beauty routine.

I don't shy away from spending money on good eye products and hopefully its paying off,
as I feel my eye area looks far more youthful than many other women of my age. 

Clarins Eye Gel by the way, was my "go to" for many years and as you would expect,
 with age my eye game has stepped up to include both
morning and evening application and then I moved onto anti-ageing formula's, then I introduced under eye patch type eye masks to my beauty regime and now
I'm moving onto a specific eye mask that will nourish and smooth the eye area.

What appealed to me about this ELEMIS ABSOLUTE EYE MASK was the inclusion of
Precious absolutes of Rose and Mimosa that are blended with soothing Cornflower extract and Camellia oil to help counteract dullness and dehydration lines, leaving the eye contour revitalized and rehydrated.
This delicate treatment has been formulated to lift and support your eye tissue, increasing cell renewal,revitalising and brightening the eye area.

Can be used 2 to 3 times per week.
After the skin is cleansed, apply sparingly around the eye bone area. 
Avoid direct contact with the eye lid and inner eye area.
 Leave for 8-10 minutes and remove with moistened cotton wool pads. 
You may experience a slight tingling sensation on application
(which I didn't experience)
This product also has a very controllable pin point nozzle, which I love on
any product, as it controls the amount dispensed and not only avoids wastage
but makes the product go further and judging by the amount I've used already 
it should last me a long time and be cost effective in the long run.

The formula is lightweight and didn't cause any puffiness whatsoever which always a concern with eye products.
This eye mask has been a pleasure to use and has slotted perfectly into my beauty life and is a "must have" product for those tired travel eyes and especially when
experiencing cold winter climates.

Since using this eye mask its made me realise that I should have introduced early
into my regime.
So far with 4 ELEMIS products reviewed I'm enjoying the brand, so expect more
ELEMIS reviews in the future...


available at



Please let me know in the comments below if you have any Eye Mask recommendations, 
as I would love to hear from you...

20 November 2019


I'm not the best went it comes to writing posts about my "Recent Beauty Empties" 
due to the fact that when I've finished a product I throw it in the bin without a 2nd thought about keeping the empty containers for this type of post.

I'm sure there have been several other empties, however they're long gone now.
Maybe this should be another one to add to my New Year Beauty Resolution List,
 along with use sheet masks more regularly from my rather large stash...

As always follow the Pink Links that will take you to my original full reviews.


Express Eye Make-Up Remover

This is my favourite "all time" Eye Make-up Remover that's sadly no longer available here in South Africa, which means that I only get to replenish when I go to Europe, so I'm always sad when it finishes, as I'm never too sure when it will be back in my beauty life.
If you can get your hands on one, then DO, as its both affordable and extremely effective at removing eye make-up.


deep sleep
 pillow spray

This was a product that came out of a Beauty Advent Calendar last year 
and I do enjoy a good Pillow Spray,one that relaxes you and sends you off, hopefully,
into a deep, restful sleep.
Whilst this very popular one from thisworks wasn't bad, I just prefer the 
L'Occitane Aromochology Relaxing Pillow Mist, as it seems to live up to its name more.
Sadly it didn't warrant a dedicated post and formed part of my QPR 
(Quickie Product Review) back in January.



 I have recently finished yet another of my favourite Exfoliating Toners, which is on constant re-purchase and I'm so excited that I managed to pick up the 500ml size recently in the UK, so that should keep me going for many months.
I have finished so many PIXI GLOW TONICS in the past and despite trying other similar products I keep going back to this one, as I rate it, as the only one worth buying.

18 November 2019


I haven't tried many products from PIXI, but they do happen to make my favourite
exfoliating Toner in the form of the cult PIXI GLOW TONIC.
It's been a daily fixture in my skincare regime for several years now and despite having
a couple of "beauty detours" to try others, I always gravitate back, as its simply
The Best

On my recent trip overseas I picked up the latest skincare product from PIXI the
PIXI DetoxifEYE Depuffing Eye Patches
As you know, I always make a list of products that have caught my eye throughout the year 
from brands that are not available in South Africa and this was not on my
UK Shopping List.
In fact a very similar product was the
Peter Thomas Roth Water Drench Hyaluronic Cloud Hydra-Gel Eye Patches
Unfortunately they were out of stock in several places and I was convinced by the consultant to try these new ones from PIXI and they tuned out to be half the price of the Peter Thomas Roth ones.

Formulated to revive, refresh and rehydrate the delicate eye area for visibly smoother, soothed and fortified skin.
The inclusion of hyaluronic acid gives an instant surge of moisture that in turn plumps and smooths skin and fine lines, caffeine helps to depuff and diminish the appearance of dark circles while a host of hard-working plant extracts help to energise and refresh skin.

This jar of DetoxifEYE Depuffing Eye Patches (each container holds 30 pairs)  
Simply use the enclosed spatula to lift and apply each hydrogel patch to the
 under-eye area and leave for 10 minutes and discard after use. 
Gently pat remaining serum into skin. Do not wash off. 
Use daily, or as often as needed. 
Store in the fridge for extra depuffing effect, I can vouch, its bliss...

I must say that they are a little fiddly to lift out of the container, even with the spatula, as sometimes to you pick up two patches, but they're so worth the "fiddling".
These eye patches were my absolute "eye saviour" on my last trip to the UK, as lets just say "there were lots of tears" and without these magic depuffing green jelly pads my eyes 
would have been nothing short of a disaster zone, that only
an eye lift would have been able to rectify.
They did everything that the brand claimed and I would repurchase without
hesitation, but those Peter Thomas Roth ones are still calling my name... 

DetoxifEYE Depuffing 
Eye Patches
30 Pairs




17 November 2019


You may have noticed that over the past 12 months or so, that I've fallen in love
with the French brand Caudalie and to date I have reviewed around 12 of their
face and body products 
(all of which have been purchased by myself) and I'm happy to report 
that I haven't yet reviewed a product from Caudalie that
I didn't enjoy or wouldn't enthusiastically recommend to you, 
if you would like to read my reviews

Sadly that's all about to change with the 
Caudalie Micellar Cleansing Water
Whilst Micellar Waters form an important part of my skincare regime,
I don't use on a daily basis and for me they're ideal for travel, gym, 
as part of a double cleanse or just on those lazy skincare days. 

Caudalie say that this refreshing (which it is) daily-use (which it is) micellar water cleanses and removes make-up from the face and eyes in one single step (which it didn't)
I found this Micellar Water battled with both removing my face and eye make-up on those slightly heavier make-up days, remembering I'm not a full on, heavy make-up wearer.
Whilst it did remove, it certainly didn't do it in "one single step" as claimed.
So if you're a very light wearer of make-up or just want to cleanse the skin after gym etc then this product would be suitable.
Infused with soothing chamomile and moisturising grape water the skin feels comfortable after cleansing and leaves no feeling of tightness.
The fresh fragrance, which is pleasant, combines notes of mandarin tree blossom, lemon leaf, watermelon and fresh mint.

 Suitable for even the most sensitive skin types, the gentle, soap-free formula is made up of 98% naturally derived ingredients that respect the skin's natural pH balance. 
    Dermatologically and ophtalmologically tested.
    And as with all Caudalie products, no parabens, phenoxyethanol, phthalates, mineral oils or animal-derived ingredients are used. 

Whilst I will finish my product, I personally wouldn't re-purchase and sadly this is my
first Caudalie that I wasn't "Wowed by", but I sill adore this brand...

Micellar Cleansing Water



12 November 2019


Whilst I adore the idea of sheet masks I am so
lazy when it come to using them and instinctively go to grab a face mask in a pot
 or a tube for ease and convenience.
However this doesn't stop me being drawn to them, like a magpie to all things shiny, hence my large collection of sheet masks waiting for the day that I become more proactive and actually start to wade my way through my stash and use them.
Perhaps this could be my New Years beauty resolution in 2020
"Use Sheet Masks More"

(I was kindly sent this from the brand, however I had already bought one, so I now have
 2 in my "sheet mask stash", but I ain't complaining)


This mask forms part of their product line up Blue Techni Liss range, which helps to protect and fight the damaging effects of Blue Light on the skin, by allowing the cells to regenerate more easily and counterbalance the disturbances in the skins metabolism.

I recently reviewed their night cream Blue Techni Liss Nuit,which I loved
This peeling mask has been formulated to smooth wrinkles, renew and refine the 
skin’s texture. 
The star active ingredients of this peeling mask are:

Encapsulated chaste tree berry
Horehound extract
(Counterbalance the disturbances in the skin’s metabolism and protect it against 
the effects of blue light)

8% glycolic acid
(Eliminates dead cells on the skins surface and stimulates cell renewal
revealing a smoother softer more radiant skin)

Hyaluronic Acids
(The combination of not 1 but 2 Hyaluronic acids to smooth and 
to plump the skin from within)

Poorly fitting sheet masks is one of my reasons for my reluctance to use, as I inevitably
spend ages trying to make the mask fit to my face and for once this mask actually fitted well,didn't tear and was comfortable to wear.

Unfold the mask and remove the white protective veil. 
Leave on the face for 15 minutes, remove, and then rinse with water.
Contains No Parabens,No Toxins and is not tested on animals.
The 100% natural, recyclable, individually packaged sheet mask is suitable for all skin types and is ideal for weekend pampering.
It's travel-sized format and 15-minute action make it both fast and convenient!

Both my skin and I really enjoyed this mask and without doubt my skin,
 post application, felt softer and smoother.
This mask can easily be incorporated into any skin care routine.
Personally I think this would make a perfect stocking filler this Christmas for all 
"skin care addicts"
Here's to more sheet mask reviews in 2020.


1 Mask



Available at 

10 November 2019


Mary Cohr Paris skin care is the no. 1 in professional aromatherapy, and renowned for exceptional facial and body care treatments and products.
 Mary Cohr products take plant-based ingredients blended with scientific technology, creating formulas that provide effective anti-aging results. 

I was very lucky several months ago to be gifted 3 MARY COHR products and I fell in love with the IHC Incredible Hydrating cream and this hydrating cream will without question make it onto my 
Top Skincare List for 2019

The Expert Face Sculptor serum intrigued me from the start as it makes some 
hefty claims regarding re contouring and sculpting the face and for anyone
over 40 years of age this product is, no doubt, of great interest.

Sadly and annoyingly as we age our facial muscles become weaker with time, the 
loss of collagen, which gives skin its elasticity, and the loss of facial fat all cause the skin to become loose, our jawline loses its contour and our profile becomes less defined.

The MARY COHR Expert Face Sculptor Serum has been formulated to target these
issues and whilst I was initially very sceptical, I am a great believer in the powers of good skincare over reverting to any plastic surgery, etc. so I was extremely keen to put this product to the test.
MARY COHR Expert Face Sculptor
is a Slimming reshaping face serum/cream formulated 
to reshaped and resculpt facial contours.They claim that your features appear slimmer and visibly lifted, whilst ensuring that your skin feels comfortable and well-moisturised.
Formulated around the Slimming Sculpting Complex, which is a combination of high performance actives that slim down and resculpts facial contours by activating the fat breakdown process and promoting the elimination of water retention. 
Caffeine is an ingredient that we are familiar with, when it comes to slimming and reducing fat storage and its a key ingredient.

Firms facial features by forming a tensor film over the skin’s surface thanks to a 
Biotechnological Complex.

How to use:

Apply daily, morning and evening, to problem areas of the face and neck. 
Work into skin using upward strokes.
 Avoid the eye contour.

After religiously applying both morning and evening for 2 months now, I am
seriously impressed with this product. The texture of the serum is lightweight and its
 a cross between a cream and a gel.It does have a delightful fresh fragrance making it a pleasure to use. Its easy to apply and the pump dispenser is controllable re the amount you dispenser, so as to avoid wastage.

It worked well under my other products and there were several occasions where I used 
alone and it felt very comfortable on the moisture front.

No doubt you're dying to know did if it worked and are my contours more sculpted,
is my face slimmer and before I answer that question I feel I need to give you a brief
history of my skin.

As you most probably know I've taken very good care of my skin since I was 15years
old. ( soon to be 59) I have been very lucky in my beauty career to have worked and had access to some of the best luxury skincare products available.
I know for a fact that I retain water, especially in my my face and my face and neck are the first areas to show any weight gain, so lets be real here
I have a chubby, puffy face...

As with all skincare, results are not instant, but without any dieting I find my face
to be less puffy and I don't seem to be retaining fluid in my face, specifically on and above my cheekbone area.I look at my reflection in the mirror and think my face looks slimmer and my jawline more contoured.
Whilst the changes may seem subtle to family and friends, for me they're more
 noticeable, as I know my skin so well and when you read the above ingredients and their function I just feel that my puffy, chubby face was a perfect candidate for this serum to 
work its magic 
and for me it did..

Expert Face Sculptor


*As with all MARY COHR products in SA, they don't come cheap, however I must bring to your attention that this serum is 90mls of product, which happens to be 
10mls less than two 50ml serums 
(which is the normal size of a serum)
Taking this into consideration, if this bottle contained 50mls then its retail price would
 be just over R1000 per bottle bringing it into line with many French skincare serum on the market.*

I have used approx a quarter of my bottle using it twice a day for 2 months.

for more info and stockists.