28 February 2019


Did I review some good products during January and February
Yes I did
and it's been a great start to 2019.
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The EVE LOM Cleansing Balm has been somewhat of a surprise love 
for me as I'm generally not one to favour a balm over a cleansing milk, 
but this one has totally converted me and I'm loving it.
Having been given a sample from SpaceNK in the U.K. I reviewed this product
as a "Sunday Sample" post and I have since bought the full size on my 2nd trip
to the UK in January.

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My favourite mascara of all time has been the benefit Roller Lash Mascara
but it now has some serious competition from its own creation
in the form of benefit BAD Gal BANG! Mascara.
It was launched over a year ago, so I was a little late to discover this absolute lash gem.


I hold my hands up as I have fallen "head over heels" in love with the 
French skincare brand Caudalie and especially this 
Caudalie Beauty Elixir.
This product can be used by everyone and whilst its
not a "must-have" item its certainly a "nice to have".

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Despite the colour of this product, in the bottle, not looking too promising
I have thoroughly enjoyed using these affordable and effective
L'Oréal GLOW MON AMOUR Highlighting Drops
I have been using them daily to add some extra glow to my skin and make-up

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Let me know in the comments below if you used any of "my faves" and what you thought...

26 February 2019


Yet another delight that came from my Marks & Spencer beauty advent calendar 
was this generous 28ml size of 
Living Proof Restore Mask Treatment.

Living Proof isn't a haircare brand that I've tried anything from before and its also a
brand that we don't get in South Africa.

Living Proof hails from the USA and has a string of award winning hair products and this Restore Mask Treatment sounds perfect for my hair, as it's
"A deep conditioning mask treatment that repairs dry, damaged hair by nourishing strands, leaving hair visibly healthier, 20 times stronger, and shinier."

Due to its generous size I'm only going to post my review in a few weeks
as I really want to use several times before I give you my thoughts.

So pop back in the future to read whether it made my hair 
visibly healthier and 20 times stronger...

24 February 2019


This is why I love a good Beauty Advent Calendar at Christmas time, as it provides
me with so many products to try and review for many months,
 some good and some not so good.

Todays reviews are all on products that came from Marks & Spencer Beauty Advent Calendar 2018 and the one is a bronzer and the other two are eye products.
(Unfortunately non of these brands are available in South Africa)


Brand : Autograph (M&S own in house brand)
Product : Luxe Multi Bronzer
Price : £12.50

When I opened the beauty advent calendar box that revealed this bronzer
wasn't ecstatic like I was about some of the other reveals, but how wrong I was to
have doubted this absolute gem of a bronzer,
This multi-shade bronzer features a range of soft, shimmering tones to create 
a gorgeous bronze glow on your skin. 
Select one shade and sweep across cheekbones or blend them all together.
I found this bronzer to be easy to use and so flattering with my skin tone, that Ive been 
reaching for it everyday.

Verdict : 8/10



Brand : EYEKO
Product : Lash Alert Mascara (Black)
Price : £19/£10
Size : 8ml/4ml

2017's M&S Beauty Advent Calendar also contained an EyeKo Mascara
Black Magic Drama & Curl 
which I thoroughly enjoyed and this year they have one of their other offerings
Lash Alert!
The curve brush separates, yet covers the lashes with product and it's buildable layer 
after layer with the added bonus of not a clump in sight.
It gives a very natural, lashes separated kinda look  and if that's what you like from your mascara then I can highly recommend the 
Lash Alert!

Verdict : 8/10



Brand : Diego Della Palma
Product : Eye Pencil (Black)
Price : £14.50

I was introduced to this Italian brand for the first time through the  
2017 M&S Beauty Advent Calendar with their 
Lash Booster Mascara

This year they have included one of their full size Eye Pencils in black.
Unfortunately I found this pencil to be quite hard and hence it dragged the skin around 
the eye, so I'm not a fan.
All I can really say 
"There are far better, softer eye pencils out there in the market".

Verdict : 5/10

21 February 2019


Finally I've got my hands on the
L'Oréal Glow Mon Amour Highlighting Drops 
as these have been on my "Highlight" radar since last year March.
My London "Kiddiewink" failed on his mission to bring me a bottle over on his last trip, but granted he did try several Boots and Superdrug only to encounter the the same 
"out of stock" situation everywhere.

I do love trying highlighting and radiance enhancing products as with age, your natural glow and radiance slowly gives way to a more dull and tired looking skin.
Light reflective particles in products do a great job of helping to restore that radiant glowy complexion, so make them your best friend...

There are 2 shade options available



Let me put it out there that this formula is highly pigmented, yet it's natural looking lightweight and blends super easily.
The dropper pipette allows for easy control of the drops and only a couple are needed to turn your normal foundation into a flattering glowy product.
 It only took me a couple of attempts to soon realise how many drops to add. 

Now having opted for the peachy shade Bellini, which does lean towards
 "dare I say it?"
an orange tone if too much is added,
 I found it to be ideal for me now during summer, but I'm not too sure
about Bellini with my skin tone for winter.
I found the Mon Amour drops to darken my shade of your foundation slightly, 
which I didn't mind as it allowed me to wear some of my lighter shade foundations in summer.

Overall I appreciated the amount of highlight it offered and it wasn't too shimmery, but my skin did appear more radiant and positively healthy.

This product multi tasks well as it can be can be worn alone, under foundation, 
or mixed with moisturiser all of which I have tried and liked.
It can also be applied to the cheekbones, brow bones and bridge of the nose for added depth and dimension.

If you enjoy a little or a lot of "Illumination" "Highlight" or "Radiance"
then don't hesitate to get your Glow on with the L'Oréal Mon Amour Highlighting Drops.

Glow Mon Amour 
Highlighting Drops

Again this is another L'Oreal product not available in South Africa



19 February 2019


I cannot tell you how long this cult facial product from the French brand Caudalie
 has been on my wish list.
Not being the easiest of brands to obtain here in South Africa, in fact the only official stockist is 
Skins Cosmectics in Sandton Shopping Centre Johannesburg.

At the end of last year, on a trip overseas I went a little overboard to say the least, 
with my purchases from Caudalie.
I purchased my products from various outlets including, Feelunique - an online beauty store, SpaceNK,
 a Caudalie boutique in Belgium and SkinsCosmetics in Amsterdam.

In total, I now have around twelve products to try and review, so expect lots of Caudalie content this year. In fact my March "Currently Under Review" post will comprise totally of Caudalie products, so you could say that March is going to be my Caudalie Month.

This pioneering French brand, from the wine region Bordeaux, harnesses the
 power of grapes, vines, leaves and seeds to create anti-ageing skincare 
that's natural, ethical and ultra-effective.

The Caudalie Beauty Elixir is much loved by beauty editors and beauty bloggers 
around the world  and I have to say that I join them wholeheartedly in 
their praise for this product.

This multi-tasking mist sets make-up, tones and tightens pores, smooths fine lines
 and gives the skin an instant boost of radiance. 
Can be used as a priming mist either under or over your completed make-up, 
enhancing its longevity and reviving tired and dull-looking skin.

Containing  extracts of grape, rosemary, orange blossom, rose, myrrh 
and organic balm mint this revitalising mist gives you an immediate radiance boost. 
Thankfully it was my skins absolute saviour on four long haul flights recently 
and truly makes a great travel companion.
The aromatic fragrance, which smells divine is both uplifting and calming for the mind and the senses.

My daily routine consists of setting my make-up in the morning and then
 just spritzing my skin several times during the hot summer days.
It would be a great "skin wake up" during those long days in the office.

Having gone through one of my two 30ml sizes already and I now wished that I had
purchased the 100ml for my dresser and a 30ml for travel.

Ideal for all skin types and loved by men also, this 100% Natural product turns out to
be one of  those items that you didn't realise you and your skin needed until you try it.
It's now a firm favourite in my beauty regime and as you can tell its a product that I can truthfully 
rave about, so if you have the chance to
get your hands on one... 

Caudalie Elixir

Unfortunately the Skins Cosmetics website was down
so I'm unable to give you accurate prices.
However the online 3rd Retailer MUSE Beauty have the 100ml
listed at R850 which is a ridiculous price.



17 February 2019


If you are looking for a statement "smell me when I walk into the room" kinda fragrance well this isn't the one for you. Eau Parfumée au Thé Vert is the exact opposite, as it's a understated soft, subtle fragrance.
 Eau Parfumée au Thé Vert created in 1992 was also Bvlgari’s very first fragrance for men and women.

On paper some of my favourite fragrance ingredients form part of
this creation.

  • Top notes: 
  • Bergamot, green pepper

  • Middle notes:
  •  Green tea accord, cardamom

  • Base notes:
  •  Beeswax, tonka bean

I personally enjoyed the initial top notes, as I do enjoy Bergamot inclusions, but sadly for me the dry down of the Green Tea and finally the Tonka Bean was all too soft and feint.
I found that it soon faded into insignificance despite being a fan of all of the notes, but perhaps just not in this format or concentration.

It is one to consider though if soft, fresh scents are your "fragrance thing"

Eau Parfumée au Thé Vert
Eau de Cologne

I don't think this fragrance is available in SA



13 February 2019


This coming week I'm trying out a unisex fragrance in the form of
an Eau de Cologne from the luxury house of 
Eau Parfumée Au Thé Vert 
is the chosen brand that's included in the in-flight amenities kit that you are given
 when flying business class on Emirates.

It's a deluxe 5ml sample and knowing that I enjoy a lighter more citrusy, green tea type
of fragrance I'm sure that I'm going to enjoy this one.

So pop back on Sunday to read my full review and find out if this 
Thé Vert (Green Tea) fragrance disappointed or not...

11 February 2019


Being a huge fan of the award winning PIXI Glow Tonic
 and having always been an avid user of toners, I was excited to find a 
50ml size of the PIXI Rose Tonic inside 2018 M&S Beauty Advent Calendar.

This PIXI Rose Tonic is a fairly new addition to the PIXI range and offers a gentle option for those that can't tolerate or don't require anything too active in a toner. 
You'll find the Rose Tonic to be naturally soothing and rich in nutrients and helps to tone, balance pH, minimize redness and calm skin. Rehydrates, replenishes and refreshes.

•Not tested on animals 
•Paraben free 

Now I'm not going to go into raptures about this pretty pink rose fragranced toner
 simply due to the fact that whilst it's a nice toner, it didn't wow me, but then toners generally don't do that unless it contains something extra like a Glycolic Acid, as in the Glow Tonic.
This toner does all that you require from a toner, but given the mid range pricing 
is the same for both the Glow Tonic and the Rose Tonic I would rather opt for the added benefits found in the Glow Tonic, but if you're skin needs some "Rosy" calm then the 
PIXI Rose Tonic could be for you.

Rose Tonic

Not available in SA

10 / 18

15 / 29

10 February 2019


When it comes to mascaras benefit have simply nailed it 
(they command number 2 mascara brand worldwide)
 and have cornered this market so well, with iconic products like their Roller Lash and they're Real! mascaras and even though I review many mascaras, Roller Lash still remains one of my favourite mascaras of all time and one that I'm never without.

Check out my two reviews below for more details, as to why the Roller Lash remains
a permanent mascara fixture in my make-up collection.

Not exactly NEW (launched worldwide at the beginning of 2018) the
 benefit BAD gal BANG Mascara 
made quite an entrance into this highly competitive cosmetic arena.

BAD gal BANG! claims to provide 36 hours of volume without weighing down lashes.
 It features a formula derived from space technology and includes provitamin B5, which encourages thickness and strength in the lashes.
Not wanting to sound too sceptical, even though I've been using the BAD gal Bang daily 
for several weeks now, I haven't put the 36 hours of volume to test 
(I'm not sure who would), so I can't vouch for that or the claim of the wonders of the inclusion of provitamin B5.
Lets set all the Space marketing waffle aside and get to the "nitty gritty" of 
How good is this mascara?

What I can confidently say about the BAD gal BANG! mascara is the following:
It can be layered easily
It creates Volume, Lift and Length
 Its smudge-proof
Water-resistant and flake-free
and I just love it...

The mascara comes with a plastic streamlined flexible brush and it ensures that all areas of lashes can be reached, which is essentially for those shorter corner lashes and it was a breeze to apply.
It's a pitch black wet mascara, which I personally prefer, and one coat does make a difference to lashes, but why stop at one when you can easily layer several coats
to create a bolder bigger lash.
I didn't find any clumping of the lashes with this formula and the removal did take
a little more effort, but then again with all its "Space" technology I would have expected
So if you love your mascara to be big, bold and dramatic then
BAD gal BANG is the one for you...

What I love about benefit...they make mini sizes and although they work out
more expensive, they do allow you to try their products at a cheaper price
initially and then you can purchase the full size if you enjoy the product,
which is exactly what I'll be doing soon. 

Mini/Full Size 




Available at selected Edgars countrywide

I have reviewed many products from benefit and it is one of my 
favourite brands, if you would like to read my previous products