31 January 2013


Fancy a "dotty" look for your nails this weekend? Well here are some of my favourites...

30 January 2013


Givenchy Hydra Sparkling is the last review of the four tinted moisturizers that I have been trying over the past few weeks, in my quest to find a tinted moisturizer...and will it be the case, that I saved the best till last?
This tinted moisturizer is just one of eight products in this Hydra Sparkling Skin care range.

Product Claims & Active Ingredients:

A moisturizer that is thirst-quenching, energizing and exhilarating! An exceptional technology that traps moisture within the skin through a sparkling “effervescence”. 

The skin is intensely rehydrated and fully re-energized, glowing with radiance.
Protects and Illuminates the skin whilst diminishing imperfections.
Evens out and enhances the complexion.
Ideally moisturized and preserved, the skin looks resplendent with light for an ultra- natural healthy glow effect.

Sparkling Water Complex - a unique and concentrated five-molecule compound that generates genuine 'sparkling water' deep within the skin. 

Moisturizing luminescence, light pigments and fine pearlescent particles  

Application & Texture:

More "liquid" than any of the other tinted moisturizers that I tried, it certainly didn't have any foundation like texture to it, but rather a good, light moisturizing feel. The application was similar, as it felt as thou you were just applying your normal moisturizer and no blending or care was needed. It was readily absorbed into my skin and left no surface stickiness.


This product offered a very light coverage and as they claim, it evens out and enhances the complexion. As with all the previous tinted moisturizers, I used both alone and as part of my daily make-up routine...and my skin especially enjoyed the Sparkling Water Complex which kept my skin moisturized and dewy throughout the day.


There are three shades available, I used the No 2 Luminescent Gold which was perfect for my colouring.



Overall Impression:

Yes ! I was impressed with the lightweight texture, light coverage and the radiant glow that it gave to my "mature"  skin.....plus it has the added bonus of an SPF 15. Since using this product, I am now curious to try some of the other products in the Hydra Sparkling Skin Care line...and experience the benefits of the Sparkling Water Complex!

When I started on my quest for a tinted moisturizer I expected it to be a fairly simple process, after all I was only trying four, so how difficult could it be?

Well! it really was more difficult than I first thought...I will do a follow up post, as to which Tinted moisturizers I will continue to use.

Available at Givenchy counters in selected Edgars,Red Squares and Stuttafords stores.

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29 January 2013


Next week sees the launch in South Africa of the new ladies fragrance MANIFESTO from the Yves Saint Laurent stable. 
Yves Saint Laurent is an iconic name in both fashion and fragrance, I am sure we can all name several YSL fragrances e.g. Opium, Rive Gauche, Paris, Jazz and Kouros to name but a few.
However MANIFESTO will be totally different to what we have come to expect from a YSL fragrance creation,it proclaims to have attitude, audacity, presence, an aura, it will be dazzling, daring and sparkling yet above all, it will be feminine.

 MANIFESTO has an unusual choice of ingredients.
The green notes provide modernity and immediacy. 
Jasmine brings extreme femininity
Tonka bean adds a dazzling sensuality.
 They claim that it is the encounter of these three elements that is at the heart
Another floral offering you may think, but
Anne Flipo & Loc Dong are the creators of this latest addition and say
"It would be simplistic to call it a floral fragrance, even
though jasmine is one of its main aspects.
Jasmine is a magical flower with many, many sides to it: ultra
feminine, incredibly rich, opulent and sensual. I think this is what enabled us to give MANIFESTO
so much sensuality and femininity".

It all sounds exciting and somewhat rebellious, I personally can't wait to try!
It will be available exclusively at Edgars and Red Squares from the 4th February and from the 4th  of March, it will be available from other Yves Saint Laurent stockists.

30ml Edp R675
50ml Edp R995
 75ml Edp R1150

MANIFESTO was launched overseas during the last quarter of 2012. Enjoy this video, which features the beautiful YSL Ambassadress Jessica Chastain , a recent Golden Globe "Best Actress" recipient. Oh! and the guy in this video ain't too shabby either....more details in my follow up post!

P.S. Fancy painting in a YSL couture creation...what a waste...or is that the MANIFESTO in her?

28 January 2013


I was gifted this beautiful box of Marks and Spencer Swiss Chocolate Collection for Christmas and what a lovely surprise to find it lurking in the depths of the fridge, surprised because it was the 25th of January and they hadn't been eaten! Now that was a record, as no chocolate ever lasts that long in a house occupied by three chocoholics.
Predominantly a collection of nut "choccies" its a perfect box of chocolates for me, as I love all types of nuts. Beware! as nine out of the twelve chocolates in the box contains nut,so anyone with nut allergies stay well clear!
This exclusive collection of milk, dark and white chocolate delivers an exquisite,smooth and creamy, melt-in-your mouth experience,a characteristic of fine Swiss chocolate.

The above description on the front of the box is exactly what each and every chocolate delivers, a real melt-in-your mouth experience.....my favourites were....all of them actually!
but how could a "nuttie chocoholic" not enjoy:

Comtesse : White chocolate with Almond cream filling and a Hazelnut Crocante.
Sienna : Smooth Almond and Pistachio filling in dark chocolate.
Triangolo : Hazelnut Gianduja coated with nibbed Hazelnuts and smooth milk chocolate.

And the list of delicious sounding and tasting Swiss chocolates goes on.......

Available at selected Woolworths:
125gr R69.95
250gr R119.95


25 January 2013


This weeks Friday Finds is a "foodie" post, a pastry one be be precise. It's also a very local post as Maison Caitlin can be found in the Sunningdale Village Centre, which also is the location of my favourite Indian restaurant Indian Summer. To read review click here

Maison Caitlin has been around for many months and I have heard wonderful reports about it,yet it's taken me until now to buy some of their pastries and bake.....yes that's correct BAKE....don't panic as they will bake for you.

The concept:
Direct sales to the public of HIGH QUALITY AND DELICIOUS:

French Croissants / Pain au chocolat
Danish Pastries
Belgian Profiteroles
Long-life creams for cooking, whipping and desserts
Mini milk portions
Jams and Condiments

Freezer to Oven
Conveniently packed in small quantities for home freezer storage
Ideal for family breakfasts, parties, decadent tea times, book clubs, social gatherings, desserts, general baking & decorating!

You Order, We Bake, You Collect
Having a function or a party. Place an order, specify the time you'd like to collect they will have your pastries ready.

I purchased the French butter croissants,defrosted them for 30mins,in the Durban heat it took about 10 mins and popped them into the oven and approximately 20 minutes later we had the most buttery,flaky,crispy croissants. Close your eyes and you could be back on a pavement cafe in Paris...bliss!
I also bought their new frozen half baguettes,which I haven't baked yet...mmmm imagine the smell of those baking in the oven. The smell of the croissants baking were divine and had us all "chomping at the bit" to take them out of the oven earlier!
My only complaint, is the convenience and ease of this whole process is too tempting and dangerous for me as, this is one of my many, many food vices..Their prices are very good,which makes it even more difficult to resist the French butter croissant temptation and reminisce.

Prices of their Popular Items:

French Butter Croissants
30g - Frozen - 6 Pack R 23.95
30g - Frozen - 12 Pack R 47.50
30g - Baked - Individual R 4.00
70g - Frozen - 6 Pack R 44.00
70g - Frozen - 12 Pack R 79.50
70g - Baked - Individual R 7.95

French Pain au Chocolat
30g - Frozen 6 Pack R 24.80
30g - Frozen 12 Pack R 49.00
30g - Baked - Individual R 4.95

You can order online For more info click here

Maison Caitlin
Shop 6, Sunningdale Centre,
Village Way,

031 572 2017

Opening Hours:
Weekdays 7am - 6pm
Sat/Sun 8am - 6pm

24 January 2013


I recently was invited to a three course birthday luncheon along with 19 other females to 
Marcopaulo,which has long been the local eatery for the many residents of the nearby Mount Edgecombe Country Club Estate.
For a couple of years this restaurant was always our preferred choice and then for some reason it fell off our radar of good eating places.We never ever had a bad meal there, in fact we always enjoyed their food, but I suppose others restaurants come along and there you have it's off our screen...

Marcopaulo has stood the test of time,where others have come and gone....and I believe its because they have stayed true to their ethos:

This Eatery is about passion, simply put ..."We Love Food!" Our objective is to share with you flavours that we enjoy in a style that is down to earth. We may dress up dishes from time to time and play with flavours, however our focus is on the sophistication of simplicity.We draw inspiration from many cultures whilst remaining true to the Slow Food movement and old world cooking. We are conscious of what we feed you we continue to believe in using fresh herbs, hormone free meat and poultry, organic produce and real butter in the preparation of our food wherever possible.
The menu is extensive and really does suit all tastes and fancy's...even vegetarians. This being a birthday lunch a selection of five of their starters were offered on platters for all to share,which suits me fine, as I love "tasters".

The crispy phyllo prawns with Asian Tartar were "delish" as the phyllo stayed crispy...
West Coast mussels with champagne butter....I don't eat mussels, but judging by the empty platters they were good! 
Camembert spring rolls with chilli tomato and ginger relish were a must for any cheese lovers...
Parmigiano  brinjal were cooked to perfection and a selection of Bruschetta completed the tasty offering.

Feeling quite full after the starters I then choose their Char grilled peppercorn fillet with cream and brandy, nothing light for me...lol...but "Hey" it was lunch time and I had walked for an hour in the morning! 

The other options were:
A wild mushroom risotto,which the risotto fans raved about...
Chicken parmigiano fettuccine...
Grilled line fish option...

Unfortunately my medium/rare order of fillet was mixed up with a medium/well order but enjoyable all the same.

The one option for a desert was a Creme Brulee which is one my favourites,so no problem deciding which to order.I remembered that they always made a "good one" in fact I had a beautiful delicate tasting Lavender Creme Brulee on a previous visit and it was heaven in a ramekin...

Other than the mix up with the fillet my choices were delicious and this luncheon has most definitely put Marcopaulo back onto my dining radar screen..

Starters  R42-R60
 Mains      R60-R130
Deserts   R39-R45

They also have a good selection of wines and daily food specials. They also do a lighter lunch menu and those prices vary between R48-R69.

P.s. I cannot deny that I over indulged and feeling guilty I walked for another hour in the early evening....so that made it all ok! I wished.....

Shop 3 Accord House
2 Golf Course Drive
Mount Edgecombe
031 502 2221

22 January 2013


Swarovski, an Austrian company, is perhaps most well known worldwide for their beautiful crystal figurines and jewellery. In 2011 they added a fragrance collection to its long list of Swarovski endorsements.
Following the success of its debut fragrance aura for women Eau de Parfum, this week saw the addition of an Eau de Toilette option.

Top notes of amber and litchi and rose.
Middle notes of tuberose and pink pepper. 
Base notes of amber, benzoin and white musk. 

The Swarovski Aura fragrance for women impressed me with its top notes of fruit and floral and then settled into a soft feminine "pretty" fragrance. I found it to be soft, non invasive and easy wearing, but unfortunately it didn't have the staying power on me...

The bottle is sleek,elegant and ultra-modern and would deserve pride of place on any one's dressing table.

Eau de toilette
30ml  R495
50ml  R595
75ml  R770

As with all fragrances its important that try in store before you buy.
Available at Edgars and Red Squares.

21 January 2013


My quest for a tinted moisturizer continues and my third review is on Elizabeth Arden's Pure Finish Tinted Moisturizer SPF 15.
I must be honest I really didn't like the look of this one as I squeezed it out of the tube...it looked "gloppy" and thick! The colour Medium also looked very dark...then there was the smell, not too dissimilar from some of the "self tan" products.

Product Claims & Active Ingredients:

Brightens and even out your skin tone. 
This hint of sheer, natural colour instantly transforms and perfects skin's appearance with a fresh, luminous glow.

Microlight Minerals –Naturally derived mineral pigments incorporate Mineral Mica, an optical diffuser, softening the look of fine lines and wrinkles.

Antioxidants and vitamins A, C and E : Moisturise and provide antioxidant protection.
Squalane: Botanically derived from olives, brings back the natural feel of skin's own moisture.
Jojoba Esters: Derived from the desert plant, acts as a barrier for water loss, keeping moisture in the skin.
Sodium Hyaluronate: A powerful moisturiser for the skin.
Oil free, talc free and fragrance free.

Application & Texture:

I retract my opening words..lol.. as the texture of the moisturizer was far from what I first thought.It was not "gloopy" or thick, but I found it to be light and almost had a "whipped" like feel and texture to it.
It glided on very easily, however it needed a little care with the blending in order to avoid any faint streaking. The initial smell disappeared within seconds of application,which I was happy about!


In my opinion this falls into the category of light to medium coverage, despite Elizabeth Ardens claim of being "sheer with a hint of colour". Perhaps if you compare this product to some of their foundation products, especially the Flawless Finish, this description would be accurate! Whether I used alone or used as a base, both ways worked well for me. I found the moisturizing aspect to be perfect for and I didn't need to use any moisturizer underneath. This could be a contender..
for me "ditching" my foundation forever...and this is quite a decision for me..


4 shades Light,Fair,Medium and Deep.Medium was a great shade for me now in summer, but I would move to a lighter shade for winter.




Overall Impression:

EA claim that this tinted moisturizer will brighten the complexion and I agree 100%, as my skin took on a "highlighted, radiant glow" thanks to the optical diffusers of mineral pigments, particularly the Mineral Mica. I noticed this more, when I used alone as a tinted moisturizer on the weekends.I often use products that contain light diffusers, as these help to reflect the light back, rather than absorb it and in turn your lines look softer, your skin appears more radiant and luminous....
I also found that this product to be lightweight on my skin, yet provided enough moisture throughout the day.The added bonus is the SPF 15 and the price of R235 is great if you consider it could be your Anti Ageing moisturizer, sunblock and foundation all in one. The Elizabeth Arden Pure Finish Tinted Moisturizer SPF 15 proved to be very versatile indeed and I enjoyed testing.

My next review will be on the Givenchy Hydra Sparkling Tinted Moisturizer...

20 January 2013







18 January 2013


I have been so busy recently that I have neglected my Sunday Sample posts.
This is what I dug out of the ever filling jar today..a huge sachet sample of NIVEA In-Shower Body Lotion Skin Conditioner and my review will be up on my blog on Sunday.


Several weeks ago I attended the launch of the revamped and enlarged Woolworths, at the Gateway Theater of Shopping and received a lovely bag of goodies...
In the bag was one of their own branded Aroma Essence "Live" Body Scrubs in a Juniper Berry and Lemon fragrance. To be truthful I had forgotten about it, as I have so many body scrubs on the go at the moment...for your info...my obsession with exfoliation does include the body,hands and feet, so how could I resist not giving this a try, as I could be missing out on a wonderful body scrub!

Firstly the aroma is not my "cup of fragrance" the Juniper Berry fragrance was more prominent and the Lemon fragrance too subtle....I would have preferred it to be the other way around, as citrus fragrances are more associated with energizing and invigorating.

I was able to exfoliate my whole body without adding any water to the product due to the exfoliating granules,which are quite large,being suspended in a very moisturizing creamy oil. I rinsed under the shower and luckily that saw the fragrance disappear. It left my body well moisturized and smooth. I personally was impressed with the exfoliating factor of this product, as I enjoy a scrub that you can feel, so if you have a delicate skin or enjoy a light body polish, then maybe you would not enjoy this one!

The best part of this product though is the price R59.95 for 200 mls which is excellent value.I have used many body scrubs that have been 6 times more expensive than this and have only delivered the same results. For me... It's a pity about about the fragrance , but it is well worth considering if you are looking for a very affordable and effective weekly body scrub....

16 January 2013


Tinted Moisturizer no.2 is from the French family owned and managed company, Sisley.
Founded in 1976 when the use of aromatherapy, phytotherapy, essential oils and botanical active ingredients was still a highly innovative concept. A relative "new kid" on the South African block Sisley is one of the few houses that I have no knowledge about whatsoever and this is the first product from their line-up that I have ever tried. After saying this my BFF in the UK has used Sisley for as long as I can remember and would not consider using any other range.....she swears by their products!

Product Claims & Active Ingredients:

The assurance of a healthy glow.
A perfectly natural radiance all day long.
Tinted moisturizer combined all the performance of a skin care cream with the radiance of a very natural make-up.

Long lasting hydration: provided through plant-derived Glycerine and mallow extract.
Ultimate comfort: the skin is nourished and softened with Sunflower Oil,Phytosqualane and Plum Oil
Matifying Action: a matifying powder absorbs excess sebum and prevents shiny skin, for a matte and velvety finish.

Application & Texture:

Again the application was very easy and it really didn't require any blending. I would describe the texture of this tinted moisturizer as being soft and lightweight and more like a good moisturizer with a natural looking tint in....This would be perfect for wearing on the weekend and ideal for using without make-up. Strangely enough though I found this Sisley tinted moisturizer to be quite a good base when I used it under the rest of my make-up.


It only evened out the tone of my skin slightly and didn't really provide any coverage, so it isn't verging on a foundation at all, but rather keeping to its name of a tinted moisturizer. Once on my face, even with some concealer and blush etc. I wasn't aware that I had anything on, but my skin felt comfortable and surprisingly nourished.


There are four shades to choose from and I used #03 Beige Cuivre. I often find the French brands make-up shades to sometimes not suit our SA market...and I think these four colours would be a problem for many skin tones and colours.



Overall Impressions:

This was by far the most expensive of my test products and also the least in quantity, as its 10mls less than the normal 50ml sizes, that most houses offer. It delivered exactly on what the product claims to do! I felt that it was a treatment cream with the added bonus of a light tint, so don't expect any more or less from this product. This would be well suited for a slightly combination skin due to the inclusion of the matifying powder, but I found it worked well on my skin which is normal to dry....What it doesn't contain is an SPF, so if you always use sun protection, you would need to use one in conjunction.

15 January 2013


The first review "on my quest for a tinted moisturizer" is from the well established French brand Clarins and one that I used to work for, back in the day when Clarins was a fledgling skincare house trying to enter the South African beauty market.
Clarins was created by Jacques Courtin Clarins in 1954 and has been in South Africa since the early 1980's. Initially they focused on skin care and body care products based on plant extracts and in 1991 they diversified into producing a make-up line. I recall in those early days Jacques and his son Christian said that make-up was not a field that they would ever enter....Oh my! how things change with time...

Product Claims & Active Ingredients:

A flawless complexion and healthy-glowing skin, moisturisation and radiance in one easy step.

Katafray Bark Extract: moisturizing.
Mineral Pigments: Colour the skin with a transparent and natural finish.
Correcting Pigments: Minimises fine lines,imperfections and any visible signs of fatigue.
SPF 6 100% Mineral Filter protects against UV rays, pollution and free radicals.

Application & Texture:

The first thing I noticed upon application, was the HydraQuench moisturisation factor of this product and when I used it without make-up, it was good enough to use alone as a "tinted moisturizer, especially on a hot humid summers day in Durban! In winter I would most definitely use a day cream underneath though. The product was easy to apply and blended well on the skin and provided a good base for other make-up application like concealer, blusher etc..


I would rate the coverage of this product as "light to medium" and in my opinion it is pushing the boundaries of being a tinted moisturizer, to being on the verge of a light foundation. Even though it felt comfortable on my face, it did feel as though I had a light foundation on throughout the day, yet it felt more lightweight than my usual foundation that I wear daily.


Its available in four shades to suit all skin types. I tested both 03 and 04 and would use the darker 04 shade in summer and the lighter 03 in winter.




Overall impression:

I really enjoyed using this product, especially as I was on a quest to find a tinted moisturizer to use on the weekends "sans maquillage", but I instead I have discovered a light to medium coverage tinted moisturizer that I would consider ditching my foundation for! However I don't believe this would suit anyone who is looking for a lightweight "barely there" tinted moisturizer.
I like the fact that this product contains an SPF 6 , even though it isn't a high number,it does provide some protection, but I would always apply my normal higher protection moisturizer underneath regardless! I did see a radiance to my skin, that I wasn't expecting from a tinted moisturizer, but that just shows the advancement of this type of product.
Well..what more can I say? other than..complete shock and surprise, as this was not what I was expecting to find during my trials, but I am glad that I did....see it just shows, that we are never too old to learn and discover new things!

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14 January 2013


Several weeks ago I decided to embark on a quest to find a good tinted moisturizer,but little did I know at the time that this would be no easy task and I must admit that it has taken me a lot longer to come to my decision than I thought it would!
What could be so difficult,you may well ask...to find a moisturizer with a tint in? This very same question is what I originally asked myself...I soon realised that tinted moisturizers are no longer what their name suggests,as they now offer so much more. Gone are the days of the moisturizer with the tint in....its now Hello! to the SPF's, moisture boosters, radiance enhancers and luminescent moisturizers with colour pigments in varying degrees.

As I soon found out, tinted moisturizers can range from literally being a moisturizer with a tint added to verging on being a light to medium coverage foundation! Many people are unsure as to whether you should still apply your normal daytime moisturizer underneath or not....my advice is to try both ways i.e.with and without, to see which feels more comfortable. A younger skin or a combination skin most probably won't need any extra moisture, but a more mature dryer skin will most likely need, as I found with all of the above tried.

A tinted moisturizer is perfect for someone who doesn't really like to wear a heavier foundation or any make-up at all, yet they would still like a "light" natural coverage product to just even out the tone of their skin. Also it's a good alternative to apply just on the weekends or on holiday...this is the user category that I fall into...

Armed with my "stash" of products off I went to Cape Town for 10 days,a perfect time to "test" or so I thought,but again I soon realised that this whole process would take much longer than that, simply because I wanted to try each product several times and not just the once or twice.I really wanted to give each product a fair trail, but at the end of the day I can only guide and advise you which ones I enjoyed from a professional perspective.
I tested all of the below both as a normal tinted moisturizer with no make-up and then I tried in conjunction with using my concealer,blusher,eye pencil,mascara,eye make-up and lipstick. The reason I tested both options is that many people look to wear a tinted moisturizer in place of a foundation or base before make-up application and I wanted to see how each product coped.

I tried and tested tinted moisturizers from the following reputable houses, but there are many more out there and hopefully I will get around to reviewing some of them:

Elizabeth Arden

Clarins HydraQuench
Tinted Moisturizer

Sisley Tinted Moisturizer
with Botanical Extracts

Elizabeth Arden Pure Finish
Tinted Moisturizer

Givenchy Hydra Sparkling
Tinted Luminescence
Moisturizing Cream SPF 15 PA++

The first review will be posted tomorrow ,so sorry guys you will need to wait until then to see what I thought of the Clarins HydraQuench Tinted Moisturizer.....

13 January 2013


Can you believe that I found some more weird handbags..lol..Which is your favourite?

The Black Cat Bag

The Cassette Bag

The Money Bag

The Parachute Bus Bag

12 January 2013


I am back with my "Friday Finds" post, well I would be if I had posted this on Friday instead of today Saturday.....despite many of the shops being depleted after the Christmas period, I managed to find the following items in my "fave" shop Con Amore.

To read a previous post on Con Amore click here

My eye was instantly drawn to these Maharaja Cushions..
I hope you can see on these photos the embellishment detail of diamante, pearls
and chains on the headgear and clothing.
They seemed to bring these cushions alive, no matter which angle you
viewed them from....

 There are three cushions in the collection
 "Man" "Woman" and "Children"
R450 each

Grey antique effect Rose Vases which make a pleasant change to displaying
your Roses in a glass vase.
R250 each

11 January 2013


I am quite excited to write this next piece about the Holmes bros for two reasons, the first being that, Laurie and Gary are home grown right here in Durban North KZN!
The second reason is that they also have a 50% Sale off everything until their stocks are cleared, to make way for their new stock.
The bros grew up on the East Coast, taking full advantage of the tropical conditions,surfing and hanging out on the beach. 
The Holmes story started when Laurie was 14 and couldn’t get anybody to shape the boards he wanted to ride and eventually in frustration started shaping his own boards in the garage.
His ultra thin wafers were an instant hit at the beach and soon he was shaping boards for all the boys.

A Holmes logo was developed for the boards and it was only a short step to putting it onto t-shirts and board shorts.The bros then went on to study fine art and textile design and started seriously getting interested in fashion.
After a wild year travelling the world the dream was finalised and Laurie headed home to get it together,Gary stayed on in London and three years later in 1999 returned to SA to join Laurie.

‘Holmes Bros’ the brand is essentially a young men’s and ladies fashion collection of product and accessories.
Best known for their t-shirts, which take a quirky look at SA culture, the brand has a multi-cultural,young fashion flavor.
The product range is designed and made locally in South Africa.

A Holmes bros t-shirt has long been a "must have" item of clothing and you could even say that they have built up a "cult" following of Holmes bros quirky t-shirt followers.I always spot a Holmes bros "T" whenever I am out and about and it always brings a smile to my face....just like the staff Byron and Jethro did today in the La Lucia store. Although the shop is small it provides the perfect environment for these two guys to showcase
their own "quirky" humour to match the brand image...and it was refreshing to see in retail today! Thanks guys...

Jethro was so excited when I said that I would include this photo,so here is your moment of "Fame" Jethro in the hat... Enjoy...
Byron has the cool hair cut...or shave, which ever....
Oh! and those were my four t-shirts purchased in the purple bag on the counter.The bag is made from the remnants of fabric left over in the factory...I always like a clever idea.

Holmes Bros have three stores nationwide: 

To visit their website and order online click here