31 March 2013


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30 March 2013


Easter Sunday is traditionally a day where lots of chocolate is consumed around the world, mainly in the form of chocolate eggs or bunnies! I can assure you that I will be eating my fair share this Easter, after all I must "up hold" this Easter tradition!

Here are ten fun facts about Chocolate that you may not know:

Fact 1:
People spend more than 7 billion dollars a year on chocolate.

Fact 2:
Chocolate does not cause or aggravate acne, this is a myth.

Fact 3:
Dark chocolate is most popular among men.

Fact 4:
The largest chocolate bar ever manufactured was in Italy in 2000 and the bar had a weight of 2268 kilograms.

Fact 5:
More than twice as many women than men eat and crave chocolate.

Fact 6:
The first chocolate bar was produced by Cadbury in England in 1842.

Fact 7:
The word Chocolate comes from the Aztec word xocolatl, meaning, bitter water.

Fact 8:
71% of American chocolate eaters prefer milk chocolate.

Fact 9:
Chocolate makers use 40% of the world's almonds and 20% of the world's peanuts.

Fact 10:
Nestle introduced Chocolate Chips in 1939


29 March 2013


Check out these Easter nail art to get you into the Easter holiday mood!

28 March 2013


For those that aren't aware, I live in the "Fun in the Sun" city of Durban...well a few kilometers north actually, in the coastal town of Umhlanga Rocks. The year round climate is the best that South Africa has to offer and with winter monthly temperatures of between 11c-25c I am very spoilt, as I never experience cold winters!

So why am I writing a post about jerseys and jumpers from mine, and most people's favourite retailer Woolworths? Surely you need cold weather to wear a jersey? These are all the questions that I should have asked myself, when I went to their Gateway branch yesterday....but instead, I was fully engrossed in looking and trying on, their newly arrived winter ranges, the majority of which I wanted, so well done to Woolworths, your winter so far is looking good!

Predominantly, the greys and blacks feature, as to be expected for those colder months and these colours are, kinder to those extra pounds that we may be carrying..I think I may be speaking just for myself here! Yes I have gained more than a couple of pounds over the summer months...I think my SD (Strawberry Daiquiri) research is to blame.

I couldn't resist buying these three little "softies" to wear with jeans, leggings or trousers, when the temperature does drop or I move away from the sub tropical climes of my hometown! What I did like about both the grey and the peach jersey, was the shirt tail at the back, which is more flattering, as it covers a little more of the rear!

I do think, however, that I have enough to carry me through Durban's winter, so jerseys are now off my shopping list....now let me see.... boots, yes boots can be next on my list, then again maybe not!

27 March 2013


As of the 20th March, the Southern Hemisphere entered into its Autumn/fall season and you can feel that the warm summer evenings are giving way to the cooler nights and the sun is losing its late afternoon intensity. The air conditioner is used less and the windows and doors are being closed earlier and it won't be too much longer before I start to enjoy my fragrances more around the home.

As you know after exfoliation, my other passion is "all things home fragrance" and I definitely burn fragrant candles, use room sprays and keep my diffusers topped up more than in I do in summer, maybe it's due to the house being closed up more!
I am always on the look out for home "smellies" and towards the end of last year I discovered that one of my long time "Fave" houses, Clarins actually do a three product, home fragrance collection, which is available exclusively at selected Stuttafords stores around the country.
This has been a well kept secret, as the collection has been around for several years overseas!

Clarins unique range of products have been designed to create a beautiful scented ambience in your home. All of these products can be used alone or together in any room around the home and do not need to be confined to use in the bedroom or bathroom.

The Clarins Home range combines unique notes, extracted from the finest plants and features:

Egyptian Purple Basil - Refreshing notes, full of natural energy
Indonesian Patchouli – Woody earthy notes for sensual comfort
Lemon,Geranium and Clary Sage - Signature Clarins notes for warmth and well being

The range consists of:

Eau d’Ambiance
Scented Room Spray

RRSP: R395, 100ml

A spritz or two into the air instantly fills the room with a soothing scent. The woodiness comes through making this room spray appealing to males, as all to often home collections are florally and not to the liking of my hubby, this received a big thumbs up, even the "kiddiwinks" made comment!

Lumière d’Ambiance
Scented Candle

RRSP: R630, 180g

I mainly burn my candles either in my bedroom or whilst soaking in my bath and I find the flicker of the flame and the warm glow very relaxing and actually quite comforting. Now add the fragrance of the above ingredients and I was in "candle heaven". The candle burns for 40 to 50 hours. For more info re  Candle Care click here

Bois d' Ambiance
Home Scent Diffuser

RRSP: R685, 100ml

The reeds are simply placed in the bottle containing the fragrance in order to diffuse the enticing scent. Day after day the reeds absorb the fragrance and release the scent into the air around them.
The intensity of the fragrance can be adapted by using more or less reeds. I placed all ten of the reeds into the bottle and its been releasing its woody,warm fragrance for several weeks now. Unfortunately you cannot re purchase any scent refills, which is a problem I find, with many diffusers sets on the market, regardless of whether they are the "cheapy" or the more expensive ones.

This trio of the Clarins Home Collection, in combination, not only fragrances, but decorates your home beautifully but at a price. Home fragrance collections come in varying prices and in my experience you do get what you pay for, both in the quality of the fragrance, the packaging and the presentation of the products. For the Clarins loyal follower, of which there are many, this is an extension that enables you to beautify your home. This would also make a wonderful wedding or house warming gift, as over the years I have often opted for beautiful candles and diffusers for gifting and they have always been very well received!

Sorry to rush, but my Lumière d’Ambiance is flickering and my bubble bath is waiting!


26 March 2013


I love all candles, whether they are fragranced or not and I really enjoy having them around the home. My bathroom is a little shrine to all types of candles, as this is where I enjoy them the most.
The selection of fragranced candles on offer in South Africa has expanded greatly over the past few years and now "smelly" candles are available in every type of fragrance and at prices, to suit all budgets.

has an extensive and affordable range of fragranced candles, but beautiful and more expensive perfumed therapeutic candles can be purchased from houses like: Rain, Charlotte Rhys, Yankee Candles, Crabtree & Evelyn and L'Occitane to name but a few.

Are you aware though, that there are some guidelines to burning a quality candle? 
Chances are, like most people, you don't read the instructions!

Here are some of my suggestions for getting the most out of that expensive, often imported perfumed candle.

  • Remember that these candles are not designed for illuminating your room but releasing a wonderful aroma.
  • Always position your candle in a safe place before lighting.
  • In order to ensure an "even" burn, place in a draft free area, otherwise the candle will burn down at an angle.
  • Keep the wick trimmed, as this will help to prolong the life of the candle, as the flame will be smaller.
  • Fragrant candles are rarely designed to be burnt continually for hours on end.It's best to burn for shorter periods, as the melted wax will still fragrance your room, as it hardens, once you extinguish the flame.
  • Once the candle has finished remove the remnants of wax and recycle the container,as the more expensive fragranced candles often come in lovely glass jars.
I hope these tips help you to get the most out of your candles.


25 March 2013


Just as I brought you many of the chocolate delights that Lindt had to offer over the Christmas season, Chocoholics Christmas I am now bringing you some of their Easter "goodies". 
After all, just as Christmas wouldn't be the same without the supermarkets being full of the Lindt santa's and bears...
Well, Easter wouldn't be the same without the presence of Lindt chocolate bunnies!
Even as a self confessed "Chocoholic" and Lindt being my choc of choice, I must admit that I would struggle with a 1kg chocolate bunny, but I would manage... to eat it it all!

All of these are available from Woolworths countrywide....

R 499.95

R 89.95

R 169.95

R 24.95

R 29.95


24 March 2013


Rain is a truly African brand and as I wrote a post about it a couple of weeks ago,Rain Please Come is unfortunately not available in KZN, much to my disappointment, However I am happy to see that you can order on line and I did buy some "goodies" whilst I was in Cape Town recently.

You really are spoilt for choice when you enter a Rain shop, as all of their products are just irresistible and believe it or not, its difficult to make your selection as you want everything!

After much time spent browsing and sniffing I made my final choices.....

I love all bath products, so I bought a selection of bath salts Passion, Saffron Tangerine and Sun dried Lavender. The price per 100 g varies dependent on the fragrance . The fragrance from the salts, absolutely fills your bathroom with the most divine fragrance and it lingers long after your soak is over. I particularly loved the aroma of the Passion salts and lying, inhaling the Sun dried Lavender fragrance was so relaxing!

I also opted for several of the Old Fashioned Soaps, which are displayed beautifully and are hard to resist, plus they are a steal at only R12 each. I also couldn't leave without this Grey Rock Bowl candle at R85, which is a handmade grey, oval shaped bowl made from quarried sand and a binding medium. This looks great in my boys grey,black and white bathroom.

I can't wait to order more products , as everything I have tried so far, has been far from disappointing and best of all they don't "break bank" either. This was a "Rain" day that I thoroughly enjoyed!

To find out more about RAIN and to order on line www.rainafrica.com

23 March 2013


On the 14th of January, the SMG Group opened its very first KZN Mini dealership in Umhlanga Rocks and has been aptly named SMG Rocks.This vibey showroom not only houses plenty of sparkling mini's to drool over, but a great little retail shop that stock all things branded "mini".
So if your "car budget" does not allow you to purchase the "car", then don't despair as you can always find something amongst the imported "goodies" to buy and just when I thought it couldn't it couldn't get any better, there is even my fave hot chocolate on hand from the Vida-e-Caffe!
So next time you are in Umhlanga, pop into SMG Rocks for either a coffee, a little retail therapy and just to ogle at all those funky Mini cars, that are, believe it or not, still very reminiscent of the 1960's iconic originals.... Back in 1977 my first car was a Mini Clubman and what fond memories I still have of that fun, zooty, little car!

The shop is really well stocked and here are just a few of my many "fave" Mini branded goodies!


Mini Laptop sleeve/bag R267  (Pink, Black,White)

Ladies Mini T-Shirts R221  (Pink,Black,White)

Unisex Festival Boots R359

Long Sleeved Mini Rocks Shirt R359

There is nothing like making your babies and kids brand aware from an early age! Mini have the most divine selection of soft toys, sit on cars, clothing etc for all the spoilt "kiddiwinks" out there. 
Check out this Mini Cooper S Convertible red electric car at R2381.60 , which I do not think is expensive when you compare with similar, electric cars out there for sale!
Just a pity the adults can't fit into it!

Prices are correct as of the 19th March 2013
Contact SMG Rocks 031 561 3569 for more info
or visit www.smg.co.za


By now you should all be aware that today is Earth Hour,but what is it all in aid of and what does it mean? Hopefully this will clarify things and I hope you all participate in some way....

1. What is Earth Hour?

Earth Hour is a global movement uniting people to protect the planet. Towards the end of March every year, Earth Hour brings together communities from across the world celebrating a commitment to the planet by switching off lights for one designated hour.

2. When does Earth Hour take place?

Earth Hour 2013 will be held on Saturday 23 March between 8.30PM and 9.30PM in your local time zone.

3. What does Earth Hour aim to achieve?

Earth Hour aims to encourage an interconnected global community to share the opportunities and challenges of creating a sustainable world.

4. What does Earth Hour ask people to do?

Earth Hour encourages individuals, businesses and governments to show leadership on environmental solutions through their actions, to use Earth Hour as a platform to showcase to the world what measures they are taking to reduce their environmental impact. Earth Hour asks everyone to take personal accountability for their impact on the planet and make behavioural changes to facilitate a sustainable lifestyle. Taking the first step is as easy as turning off your lights. By switching off your lights for Earth Hour you are acknowledging and celebrating your commitment to do something more for the planet that goes beyond the hour.

5. Is the campaign more than just lights out?

Earth Hour believes that the symbolism of the hour is incredibly important in bringing people and communities together across the globe. But our aspiration from the beginning was to go far beyond the hour itself. In 2012, Earth Hour launched I Will If You Will, a platform to incentivise and inspire individuals to share their commitment to the planet with their friends, colleagues, leaders and networks. Earth Hour also encourages and promotes many other initiatives around the world, including the Earth Hour City Challenge, the Earth Hour People’s Projects and many national and local actions that take the campaign beyond the hour.

6. How long has Earth Hour been going for?

Earth Hour 2013 will mark the seventh year of the campaign. On March 31 2007, WWF-Australia inspired Sydney-siders to show their support for climate change action. More than 2.2 million individuals and 2,000 businesses turned their lights out for one hour in the first Earth Hour event.

7. Isn't switching the lights off dangerous? What about public safety?

Earth Hour only asks people to turn off the non-essential lights for one hour - not lights that affect public safety. Earth Hour is also a celebration of the planet so it’s important to enjoy the moment in a safe environment.

8. What lights can be safely switched off?

That is a decision that has to be made individually but usually the overhead lights in rooms (whether it is your house or a business), outdoor lighting that does not impact safety, computers, decorative lights, neon signs for advertising, televisions, desk lamps, the list goes on and on. There are a few lights we can say with certainty that should NOT be turned off, including safety lights in public spaces, lights for aviation guidance, traffic lights, security lights, just to name a few. We ask people to use common sense. Before you turn off any lights for public spaces Earth Hour recommends you check with local officials or community centres. In your own home, use common sense with respect to safety. Keep small night lights on for basic safety especially in halls and on stairs. Make sure you have alternative light sources handy before Earth Hour starts, like torches or flashlights. That way if you need to see, you have a light source close at hand, and you can still respect the spirit of Earth Hour and keep yourself and your family safe.

9. What candles should I use for my Earth Hour event?

If you plan on burning candles during Earth Hour, make sure you use 100% beeswax candles or soy candles, which are gentler on our planet - smoke free, non-toxic and non-allergenic. They are also made of natural products, not petroleum-based materials, so they are effectively carbon neutral (the CO2 they emit has already been taken from the atmosphere to produce the wax). If you're using candles, though, make sure you take care. We suggest you carefully follow these tips: • Candles should only be used under adult supervision • Candles should never be left unattended • Candles should be kept away from children and pets • Extinguish candles before going to sleep • Keep candles away from flammable liquids and gas-combustible materials • Candles should be kept clear of any combustible materials such as paper, curtains and clothing • Candles should not be placed in windows as they can be blown over. Blinds and curtains can also catch alight • Candles should be placed on a stable, dry, heat-resistant surface away from drafts

10. What is Earth Hour's position on safety?

Earth Hour wants everyone to be absolutely safe and never to turn off any lights or power that would in any way compromise the safety of any individual in a private or public space. So please put safety first when deciding what lights to turn off during your participation. For Earth Hour’s broader I Will If You Will campaign, we will not support challenges that are not safe, not responsible or not respectful. So if it is dangerous, damaging or defamatory please think of others and think of something else for your challenge. We don’t encourage or endorse irresponsible behavior. Remember! Positive for the planet, not negative for life or limb.

11. Will my city go completely black?

Earth Hour is not a black out. It is a voluntary action by its participants to show their commitment to an act of change that benefits the planet. For many businesses in city skyscrapers or for many government buildings, the lights are turned off at the end of the business day the Friday before Earth Hour. So Earth Hour is more of a fade-out in some ways than a black-out. There is usually no instant dramatic difference, but rather a gradual dimming of lights starting the day prior. Many major icons and neon signs are switched off for the hour and they are extremely noticeable. You may be able to see dramatic changes in large business districts or at iconic landmarks and buildings around the world and in your city.

12. If everyone turns their lights back on at the same time will there be a power surge?

People celebrate Earth Hour in a variety of ways for different lengths of time, with many continuing to keep their lights off well beyond the designated hour. Therefore, it is highly improbable that everyone will switch their lights back on simultaneously. However, we do work with energy companies and authorities around the world, who assure us that the unlikely scenario of all lights turning back on at the same time will not cause any issues. The load reduction should not be significant enough to disrupt supply post Earth Hour.

13. Is Earth Hour an annual event?

Earth Hour is more than annual event, however it culminates in an hour of inspiration held across the world towards the end of March each year.

14. Why is Earth Hour held in late March?

The second-to-last and last weekend of March is around the time of the Spring and Autumn equinoxes in the northern and southern hemispheres respectively, which allows for near coincidental sunset times in both hemispheres, thereby ensuring the greatest visual impact for a global ‘lights out’ event. Earth Hour 2013 will be held on Saturday 23 March between 8.30PM and 9.30PM in your local time zone.

15. How many cities/countries/landmarks took part in Earth Hour 2012?

Earth Hour 2012 took place in more than 7001 cities and towns in 152 countries and territories across all seven continents. Hundreds of millions of people switched their lights off for an hour, and the campaign experienced its biggest growth since 2009.


20 March 2013


I would like you all to think twice before throwing out your dented pots, dumping that old chest of drawers or disposing of that broken loo, as they could be recycled and in turn given a new lease of life as garden containers for plants. To me this is recycling at its very best, as each planter would be unique, fun and totally free of charge....
Maybe you have some other great ideas.....


An old pot

A perfect planter

Old metal teapot

This is is my favourite, as it's colourful,
offers good drainage and is weatherproof

An old stepladder gives height to the garden
and displays potted plants nicely

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19 March 2013


Sad to leave my dear friend Sharyn and the relaxing spot on the terrace of the Winchester Mansions Hotel, I was off to meet two more friends at the La Perla restaurant in Camps Bay. This restaurant has been a "landmark" on the Sea Point beachfront for as long as I can remember...in fact the restaurant has been in operation for over 50 years, now that has to be some kind of record in South Africa! I also have never eaten
here before!

La Perla has been a longtime celebrity haunt, but none were to be seen when I was there....but who cares, as I was catching up with an 80 and an 82 year old, who are dear family friends and they had far more interesting stories to tell...don't be kidded into thinking this was a boring, "turn your hearing aid up" kinda of evening! Both were very "switched on" and it was a case of 80 being the new 60 and all I can wish for is that I am like these two dears, when I reach my eightieth year!

We sat out on the terrace area, which gives you a great vantage point to both watch the sun go down and to people gaze, and I mustn't forget, the coloured light changing water feature that forms the focal point of this relaxing,casual seated area. No guessing as to what drink I ordered....and the Strawberry Daiquiri was given a 8/10.
To read this post click here

La Perla specialises in Italian and seafood and we chose from their extensive terrace menu, a mixed Bruschetta platter (R65) for a shared starter,which was very nice with the exception on the vegetable ones, the veggies were somewhat over roasted and rock hard, this resulted in little bits of the vegetables going back on the otherwise empty platter and went unnoticed by the waiter! The service otherwise was slick and efficient, as I would have expected.

We decided to then share the La Perla salad (R85) which serves four and we added on smoked salmon (R60) and avocado (R30) bringing the total to R175, it satisfyingly served three of us and was delicious. Having a sweet tooth I opted to order their Italian Kisses (R40) ,which were served (6) on sticks and on a bed of ice and again were very yummy! The one thing that I have noticed in Cape Town is that you often pay for the view, but in this case, it was worth it, and a great evening, quaffing a good SD, eating some lovely food, watching a perfect sunset and enjoying the good company.This was a perfect way to, round off "My Monday in Beautiful Cape Town".

For more info on La Perla click here

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18 March 2013


Last week Monday I was in beautiful Cape Town and what a glorious day it was.The skies were well....
sky blue, the sun was burning bright and there was no wind, a more perfect weather day, you couldn't have asked for!

Bantry Bay

Salt restaurant at the
Ambassador Hotel

My day began with a "slap up" breakfast at Salt in the Ambassador Hotel in Bantry Bay, overlooking the rocks below and the relatively calm waters of the cold Atlantic sea! Then it was onto the V&A Waterfront to take in the sights, drink in the vibey atmosphere and of course a little retail therapy was on the agenda. Even though I have been to Cape Town many,many times, I still enjoy, just sitting and looking at this view,which I believe takes some beating! Table Mountain provides such a wonderful backdrop for any photo opportunity...

View from the V&A Waterfront

View from the V&A Waterfront

I must tell you that it looks much better from afar rather than up close and personal,by this I am referring to my hike up the mountain a couple of days previously!This I will blog about another time.....

After several hours of shopping it was time for lunch....so onward it was, to meet my longtime friend Sharyn. We met at Harvey's at the Winchester Mansions Hotel just a couple of minutes away from the V&A, which is a Bistro by day and restaurant by night offering South African cuisine with a European twist. Harvey's has a great terrace which runs along the front of the one half of the hotel and these are the "hot" seats...and I mean this literally! Not only do they offer the view across Beach Road, the promenade and out to sea, which are highly sought after at the weekends and sun downer time, but the terrace can be very hot, as it was, on the Monday I was there! They have several umbrellas to shade you, but as usual I always end up playing musical chairs, trying to dodge the searing Cape sun!

South African Cheese Platter

The obligatory Strawberry Daiquiri was ordered to cool me down to read my SD review click here and we decided to share a South African Cheese Platter. The platter was perfect for two to share, as a light lunch option, as it offered us selection of local cheeses, grapes, biscuits, breads, blueberries, walnuts, gherkins and much more and it was most enjoyable at R75. It was a pity we had to leave, as I was very settled watching the world go by and nibbling on my cheese like a happy little mouse!

To Be Continued.......

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Ambassador Hotel
V&A Waterfront
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