30 November 2012


My "Friday Finds" this week are from CON AMORE, which can be found in La Lucia Mall and is full of wonderful and unusual home decor items including soft furnishings, furniture, lamps, glassware, silverware and so much more! There are all sorts of decor treasures dotted around the shop, so make sure you  check out all the "nooks & crannies", so as not to miss out on anything...

What does "Con Amore" mean?..........
Italians sign off their letters, love-letters, and postcards from far-flung places with the iambic duet, "con amore" - "with love". The owners have chosen this simple but passionate pairing of Italian words as the name for their international lifestyle brand simply because they embody the essence of what their brand is about - the things we love. Or more specifically, products that they have sourced with passion and which they will sell with passion. 

The items below caught my eye and I especially liked the Eau de Cologne bottles and the shell spoons.
I am also contemplating the Winston Cushion for my 19 year old, son's bedroom, as it somehow reminds me of his face,especially when its time to wake him in the morning!

Eau de Cologne Bottles small R120 large R250

Camper Van Surfer & Churchill cushions R295

Lamp R1669.50,Oval Shells R150,Shell Spoons R30
Shell Hearts small R69 & large R89
Shell Frames from R250-R295

La Lucia
Shop 201 • La Lucia Mall                                                                                              
90 William Campbell Dr • La Lucia 4051
TEL +27 31 562 1074 

2 Kramer Road • Kramerville 2148
Johannesberg • South Africa
TEL +27 11 262 0385

For further info visit http://www.conamorehome.com/

29 November 2012


This is the fourth and final part,I promise to my Midlands Meander adventure! 
I didn't realise that I had so much to tell you...

The Sunday dawned, as another lovely sunny day and off we set on our final day doing the Midlands Meander.

First we headed for the Nelson Mandela Capture Site & Museum which was opened in August this year and is situated on the R103, the old main road 5km from Howick, This is where he was captured on his return journey to Johannesburg. This is a moment and place in the history of South Africa, which has enormous significance. The uMngeni Municipality purchased the property opposite the actual capture site and there you will find this multi-purpose heritage site.


Marking the 50-year anniversary of what began Nelson Mandela's "long walk to freedom" 50 steel column constructions up to 9.5 metres tall was commissioned.The columns come into alignment to form a portrait of Nelson Mandela against a backdrop of rolling hills and valleys.
Definitely make a plan on your Midlands Meander to visit as it interesting!

After all that history I was in need of a chocolate fix! so off we went to Florentines Belgium Chocolate. I am not sure if this is part of the official meander, but Its always a pleasure to walk into this chocolate shop, as the cold air from the air conditioner hits you immediately. What a lovely feeling after being in the heat and sun of the day. 

Oh my! this is a "chocoholics" heaven....displays of handmade Belgian chocolates,truffles,pralines...how could I resist? 

You select your "sins" weigh and then pay, but beware that you don't go overboard otherwise your purse or even credit card will feel it!!

Champagne Truffle, Hazelnut choc, Pistachio creme
and I can't remember the other one but they were all

Feeling quite content after a few "choccies" as I had to eat them all otherwise they would have melted in the car...so what else could I do? 

Next stop was Tsonga for some more "retail therapy".

Tsonga shoes are "home grown" in Kwa Zulu Natal and each pair of TSONGA shoes are hand-stitched by the local village craftswomen. They have a shop where you can buy their bags and shoes, but the prices are the same as in their shops that they have around the country,so don't expect factory prices!

After a busy morning we had some lunch and leisurely drove home and "back to reality" as the song goes...

I must say now... that not all of the crafters and stop offs are worthwhile, but it is all a matter of taste, so I advise you to buy the Midlands Meander booklet R5 and its available everywhere,so you can plan your day,route and visits carefully..otherwise you can waste precious time....a weekend away, as we did was ideal and we managed to combine what we wanted to visit and some R&R time. There is plenty of accommodation to choose from, to suit all tastes budgets, but even to do sections of the meander in a day trip also works, but either way.. I hope you enjoy your meandering around the Midlands!

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28 November 2012


Trind Cosmetics is a Dutch company which develops unique products in the field of hand and nail care and is a range that I love! 
The Trind Caring Color Line offers a fascinating palette of fashionable shades for fabulous nails. Color Lacquer that has specially been developed as a maintenance system. 

They have recently launched a Limited Edition Spring/Summer 2012 Colour Range and I tried the lilac colour. 
The colour goes on nicely, but as with most pale colours you need to apply two coats for overall even coverage. It also seemed to dry quicker than other brands that I have used and "so far so good" with regards to the "chip" factor.
They will be launching any day now, another 48 nail colours in their top Edgar's 
Trind doors and they will retail for R123, so look out for those...

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27 November 2012


"Glitter Glitter on the wall who is the "Blingiest" of them all?
Well that honour must go to the 2012 Holiday Beauty Box from Lancôme
This bag literally does "outshine" the rest in appearance.

Following on from the Estee Lauder and Elizabeth Arden Holiday offers that I wrote about recently, I found this wonderful “Beauty Box” from Lancôme. It was the gold vanity case that first attracted my attention, as it really does sparkle, but unfortunately the photo does not do the “Bling” effect justice !

This collection differs from the Lauder and Arden offers, as it contains four skin care products, one being a full size Bi Facil Eye Make up remover for sensitive eyes and three deluxe sizes of other popular Lancôme products that can be used by all skin types. The only exception is the pale foundation colour which obviously will not suit all skin tones.

The Beauty Box contains the following:

 3 Mascaras
 1 Lipgloss
2 Lipsticks
  Blusher (full size)
 1 Eye Pencil
 Bi-Facil Eye Make-Up Remover (full size)
  3 Deluxe size Treatment products
  1 Foundation
  Gold Eye Shadow Palette (full size)
  Gold  Vanity Bag

The offer contains 15 items, three of which are full size retail products including this beautiful Gold Frenzy Eye Shadow Palette...

The offer is available at selected Edgars only and the “Beauty Box” sells for R960, yet it is valued at R2100, which I think is a great offer and I love the vanity case !

26 November 2012


R465 50mls

I'm sensing that I am getting a reputation for being the "Exfoliating Queen" but I cannot help it as I do passionately believe that one of the key products to anti-ageing, is the weekly use of an exfoliator or scrub!
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I worked many years ago with Guinot products, back in the day when it was called René Guinot named after the founder, who was a pioneering French biochemist in the 1960s.He realised that extracts of plants and fruit could slow down the skin’s ageing process. Over the years the name René has been dropped and now it is just known as Guinot..

recently tried the Gommage Biologique Peeling Radiance Gel…This product is full of little surprises, as it is not what you expect from an exfoliator...
What I instantly noticed was the distinct lack of any “fruity” smell despite the product containing Natural Fruit Acids, the product is fairly neutral in its aroma.
Only a small amount of the pearly gel is needed, as I discovered when I squeezed too much out, so therefore ended up using the product not only on my face, neck and décolleté, but way down on to my chest…..The gel is to be massaged and worked into the skin and as you massage the gel becomes warm and more emollient….and quite miraculously turns into an oil. You must massage for several minutes and then rinse with water and carry on with your usual routine. Use once or twice a week is recommended.

This Radiance Gel does not work on the same principle as most exfoliators do, as it has no granules or grains to mechanically remove the dead cells, but rather the gentle fruit acids exfoliate the skin and activate cell regeneration. It also contains Shea Butter which is great for nourishing and moisturising and Green Tea.

Would I buy this product?
Unfortunately not, but only due to the fact that I am not the correct candidate for this type of peel!

Would I recommend this product?
Yes! as it was easy, enjoyable & gentle to use and did leave the skin smoother & looking more radiant. It's perfect for a sensitive skin or if you do not like the conventional granulular types of exfoliators.

Available only through Guinot institutes.For more info re Guinot products and salons visit www.twincare.co.za

25 November 2012


This is the last of the "Weird Shoes" post, but next week I am starting "Weird Hats"...lol..enjoy!

Fuzzy Shoe

Bay City Roller Shoe

Flaming Shoes

Can't Make My Mind Up Shoe

24 November 2012


I recently attended the relaunch of the Woolworths store at the Gateway Theatre of Shopping, as it has been going through a transformation over the last few months...and finally its finished!

This evening event was open to VIP's only, which meant that we had free reign to wander around the whole store and shop till we drop..well 10pm, with far less customers than normal...and it was great!!

Lovely eats and drinks were provided along with this very generous "Goodie Bag" and a discount voucher to encourage a big shop!A good evening was had by all and a couple of these products below will be reviewed in the future....the only exception being the biscuits, as they have been "chomped" and I cannot remember how good they were...maybe there lies the answer, as they obviously weren't that memorable!

23 November 2012


To all  "Chocoholics" alike and there are plenty of you out there, I thought I would bring you some of the Christmas offerings from Lindt...The Master Swiss Chocolatier since 1845.

Lindt is my chocolate of choice here in South Africa, but the selection of brands is limited..and the options like Beacon and Cadbury's don't really do it for me! 
I have a long association with Lindt, as a child back in the UK, my best was a box of eight Lindt Chocolate bunnies or bears. I just remember at the time thinking how smooth and creamy the chocolate was. They still manufacture them and obviously the packaging has changed slightly and they have now named them Bobby the Bunny!

Christmas would not be the same without getting either a Lindt Chocolate Snowman or the Santa, with his special bell, on Christmas day.
My collection of those little gold bells on red ribbons grows every year, as you can't throw them away now can you? So, on the tree they go year after year!

Lindt Chocolate Snowman
Lindt Chocolate Santa

I have never seen a Lindt Chocolate Advent Calendar before and I got quite excited when I saw this in Woolworths, but at R249.95... even "I" thought it was a little expensive, but how nice it would be to find your little daily fix of Lindt behind every door.

Milk Churn filled with Swiss
 Premium Mini Chocs
R199.95 (350grms)

Mont Blanc Tin containing
Classic collection of
R149.95 (185grms)

Most of the above can be found at Woolworths  www.woolworths.co.za
Image Source

22 November 2012


I was excited to try this new Lauder fragrance ,especially when I had read that it contained Freesia...as this is one of my favourites! This beautiful smelling flower is often used in bridal bouquets and straight away, as I sprayed, I could pick up on the fresh Freesia top note....and guess what, it immediately transported me back to my Wedding day...and I knew immediately that I would like "Very Estee".

I blogged about "Fragrance Evokes Memories" a short while ago and Freesia evokes such a memory for me...

Very Estée is a luxuriously feminine & sophisticated fragrance. The alluring appeal of the modern woman is captured in the freshness of Lotus and Freesia. It is classified as a Floral,Woody, Musk fragrance. 
After my initial excitement of the Freesia, it settled to be, exactly what they said it would be, a floral middle note and a musky "dry down". Other ingredients that I enjoy are Bulgarian Rose and wherever you see Cedarwood in the base note you know that it will have some "staying power".
Very Estee is only available in an Eau de Parfum format and on me it developed into a warm fragrance, so personally I could only wear this fragrance during the cooler months in South Africa, as during the heat of summer it would be too much! 

        Top Notes:Lotus,Freesia,Juicy Cassis & Pink Pepper

 Middle Notes:Bulgarian Rose Oil,Rose Petal,Gardenia & Jasmine Petal

  Bottom Notes:Australian Sandalwood,Cedarwood,Cashmere & Sensual Musk

As with all fragrances you must try for yourself....and let me know your thoughts!

Available at all Estee Lauder stockists.
50ml Eau de Parfum R795
30ml Eau de Parfum R595

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21 November 2012


Opposite St Ives is where you will find the Piggly Wiggly Country Village,which is perhaps the most visited place on the Midlands meander and has enough to occupy you and the "kiddiewinks" for several hours..and is a "must" visit.The village is a mix of eating places, arts, crafts, clothing and decor outlets. Recently a "Piggy Putt" was added and forms the centre piece,which is in pristine condition, as is the rest of the village.

Piggy Putt

One of my favourite shops in the village is Free Range Interiors & Clothing...where each item is carefully sourced to offer the shopper an exclusive and unique purchase.They offer Go to town - country style, classic & comfy ladies clothing. Their decor items also reflect the same style..

Country Classic Home

Frankie & Delilah stock a wide range of beautiful and different gifting items. They are also official stockists of Trollbeads, Ice Watches, Havaianas, Hunter footwear to name but a few of their international brands. F&D has two other branches in Morningside and Bryanston, Johannesburg.

A visit to Piggly Wiggly would not be complete without a visit to the "Three Fat Pigs Cheeses & Deli", but again be warned that you will not be able to resist their selection of local cheeses,chutneys,pickles and the home baked breads,pies and quiches....all of which are very yummy! This is where we bought all our "goodies" for our picnic on our "Sundowner Island" back at Beacon Vlei. 

Armed with our "foodie" purchases, which were enough to feed a "sty full of pigs" we headed back to the guest house to have our picnic and open a bottle of Woolworths Bucks Fizz! Their we sat and watched the sun go down and this rounded off a lovely day spent on the Midlands Meander..

Sundowner Island

To find out everything about the village visit http://www.pigglywiggly.co.za

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To be continued...

20 November 2012


A perfume is a combination of fragrance components each with different degrees of volatility. The different scent ingredients are called “notes”.A good quality perfume is a delicate blend of top, middle (heart), and base (bottom) notes.

The shape of a pyramid can best illustrate the development and longevity of scent on the skin.

The evaporation process of a perfume is from the top- the very lightest and most volatile, to the base- the most stable.  The process should easily flow from one stage to another. A fragrance that “falls apart” in stages is poorly formulated and badly constructed.

The beginning should be neither too strong nor too discreet and played by a few carefully selected top notes which awaken the senses and attract the attention.

Then come the softer, mellower middle or heart notes which blend together to prolong the effect of the initial top notes or create a complete contrast.

The masterpiece ends with the lingering presence of the base notes which create the memories of the perfume.

The life of a fragrance on the skin, the development from top to bottom notes, is called “dry down”.

So when you are next trying a new fragrance remember to allow the different notes to develop before you rush into buying! 
The fragrance must be one that draws you "in" and if you keep going back to smell your wrist constantly, then the chances are its the "one for you".

19 November 2012


Firstly I must say that I am very cross with regard to this post about the Kerastase Elixir K Ultime Oleo-Complexe product.....and it has nothing to do with the product itself, but with my hairdresser Joyce!
Shame on you Joyce! that you only brought this product to my attention recently when I went for my usual highlights and K Mist treatment. I have been a Kerastase customer "on and off" for the past twenty odd years...and "She" casually just mentioned that she was going to use some of the Elixir on my damp hair before blow drying and afterwards as always, my hair felt wonderful. She gave me a sample to use at home and this would be the true test, as to how good this product was...simply because after my visits to Joyce, my hair always feels great and I am never sure if it is the K mist or the treatment products or just the fact it has been professionally washed and dried!

Before I used the product I did some research and by all accounts the product has been very well received, so much so, that it has won several international awards and some highly acclaimed rave reviews, so would mine be any different?

The product is not exactly new as it was launched early in 2011...in fact Kerastase

have just launched overseas their New Elixir Ultime Grand Crus range, which takes

 the product to a whole new level, but more of that once its launched in SA.

For now though let me tell you about the product itself....firstly the packaging is all gold which immediately give you a sense of "Luxury" and the price is also "Luxury" retailing for R420 for a 125ml bottle....however do not be put off by the price as one drop of this Elixir really does go a long way and 125mls would last me for 6-9 months which would make it very viable for me!

From the onset you must understand that The Elixir K Ultime Oleo-Complexe

Technology is a powerful cocktail of emollient and anti-oxidant active ingredients 

from Maize, Pracaxi, Camellia and Argan oils.

  • Maize Oil: Extracted from corn germs of Central America, Maize Oil delivers emollient and anti-oxidant active ingredients for ultimate shine.
  • Pracaxi Oil: Native to the Amazon, Pracaxi Oil brings shine, nourishment and deep conditioning to the hair.
  • Camellia Oil: Harvested in Asia, Camellia Oil helps smooth the hair fibre, resulting in incredible shine.
  • Argan Oil: Found in North Africa, Argan Oil helps restore strength to the hair and protects it from external aggressions

All of the above make this product the most wonderful, great smelling, versatile nourishing "dry" oil that will smooth, strengthen, deeply condition and give your hair the ultimate shine on all types of hair. The product is lightweight and leaves no oily residue on the hair whatsoever...

This product can be used in so many different applications:
  1. Use as a before shampoo treatment to remove impurities and deeply nourish
  2. post-blow dry smoothing aid 
  3. Use as a finishing touch for enhanced shine and frizz-control.
  4. Apply as a leave-in conditioner
  5. Can be used on damp or dry hair
  6. Apply multi-use elixir to dry ends throughout the day for ultimate smoothness.

So in answer to my question earlier "will my review differ?" 
No! I absolutely love this product, as it delivered on all of the above, on hair that has been highlighted,blow dried and ironed for more years than I care to remember.....so much so, it may make my "Must Have" list!

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18 November 2012


I found these new affordable "Blingy" bath and body products in @homelivingspace in Gateway. They always have such a well merchandised Bath & Body section, that always attracts my attention and lures me to investigate further...

The collection is called Bijou and is fragranced with Gardenia and Wild Jasmine, which is a pity as I don't care for the Gardenia scent, but the packaging alone would entice me to buy a set for a guest bathroom. The collection contains all that you would need including the basics like hand wash, soap, hand lotion and foam bath. I was surprised though to see shimmering bath crystals and a body souffle,which are not found in most ranges and a room fragrance, so if you like a little Bling, Gardenia and Wild Jasmine frgarance and you are not wanting to pay a fortune, then this collection you will love....

Foaming Creme Bath R89,Shimmering Bath Crystals R89

Luxury Bath Soap R39, Hand Lotion R55

        Boxed Shimmering Bath Crystals R85
Room Fragrance R39


This is getting even weirder....

The "Lego" Shoe

The "Swanning" about shoe

The "Mouse" Shoe

The "open toed" Shoe

17 November 2012


I wrote a post recently regarding me literally falling upon Yankee Candles from the U.S.A. in Mobelli furniture shop to read click here . The Americans do know how to do Christmas and their Festive candles are no exception! How can you resist any of these wonderful sounding aroma's:

Cherries In Snow
Christmas Tree
Winter Wonderland
Christmas Cookie
Mulled Wine
Christmas Cup Cake
Mountain Pine
White Christmas
Sparkling Cinnamon
Sparkling Snow

These are the small jar candles which sell for R145 but they do have this collection available in other sized jars.

Available at Mobelli Outside Furniture Shop.For further info and delivery contact John 
Shop 112 The Crescent Shopping Umhlanga Ridge, Durban 031 566 5996