29 August 2019


My first introduction to Mary Cohr was way back in the mid 80's so you can imagine
how delighted I was to be re acquainted with this French brand whose roots are firmly
embedded in salon, spas and skin clinics across the globe.

 You may not have heard of Mary Cohr, but the brand has been providing skincare solutions to women and men all over the world for over 40 years. Named after one of the founders, Madam Mary Cohr, a champion and ambassador for the profession of beauty therapy.

Madame Mary Cohr was the first beauty salon brand to create beauty treatments that are as natural as possible. They're GMO-free, paraben-free, chemical filter-free, with skin-compatible scents, so that your skin can obtain nourishment from the best and the 
most active of the secrets held within plants.    

Mary Cohr goes to the heart of nature to obtain the best for women's beauty.  
Mary Cohr laboratories indeed select the best plants, from which the very best active ingredients are extracted; the latter are then incorporated into our products at the optimal concentrations, in order to obtain the best beauty results for you.

I was kindly sent three products to review and here is the first and what a 
great product to start with...

 I.H.C. Incredible Hydrating Cream

I knew from the first application that this cream and I were going to hit it off.
I actually don't know where to start with my praise for this cream, so let's start with the outer packaging, which for me had "old school" feels, it's a simple heavy glass jar, that's sleek and not over busy with too much branding and info.
I found this quite refreshing, as some of the newer packaging out there can be quite finicky and to be perfectly honest I want to access and apply my moisturiser 
quick quick.

Next you will notice the amazing aroma the product has, which has been 
formulated using skin-compatible scents and it smells positively divine and it makes 
the product even more of a pleasure to use.

The texture is one of a light creamy soufflé which absorbs perfectly and leaves 
no trace of stickiness behind whatsoever, only a softness to the skin that's Incredible.
It's a product that just re-confirms again to me that the French
really do skincare the best  

As you can see from the active ingredients below Water retention within the skin 
is the products main focus...

Aqua Cellular Complex:
Reintroduction of the 3 basic hydration mechanisms:

    Water fixation: 
Water loss is limited by strengthening and restructuring the skin 

    Water diffusion:
 Stimulation of aquaporin synthesis 
(proteins that facilitate water flow).

    Water storage: 
Stimulation of fillagrin synthesis. This protein makes it possible to
    form molecules that are able to retain water in the epidermis.

Apply daily morning and evening to a cleansed face. 
It can be used by all skin types.

As you can see I'm singing the praises for this product and rightly so,
as my skin and I have fallen in love with it.
As you can see it comes with a very premium price and having worked for several 
years with premium skincare brands, this can take its place up there with the best and I really look forward to bringing you my thoughts and opinions on the other 2 products

Distribution in South Africa is through Salons and Spas and I suggest you visit 
their Facebook page to find out more about the brand and your nearest stockist.

Incredible Hydrating Cream


27 August 2019


We all know by now, or we should, that exfoliation for the face is a vital component
of any good anti-ageing skincare regime and its been a weekly step in my routine since I was in my early 20's.
The same applies for the body and to be blunt:
 "Who wants to see a relatively youthful face on an aged looking body".

Whilst I'm not so diligent with my body scrubs I do use one every couple of weeks
and this is an area I want to improve on and make it a weekly inclusion, as I just love the way they make your skin feel.
After a good body exfoliation/scrub/polisher your skin feels so clean, soft, refreshed, invigorated and above all very smooth.

I thought I would share with you my Top 3 products that I swear by.
My preference has always been a scrub that is quite granular in formula, so they slough off those dead cells really effectively and that's why I adore using the 3 below and have re-purchased many, many times...

As always I will leave the Pink Links below, so you can read my original thoughts and opinions, which I do advise , so you get all the important product info. 
*N.B. Prices may have changed since I wrote the original review*


Body Polisher

I reviewed this product way back and its been in my collection of Body scrubs ever since.
After use it leaves you with that feeling that you've just been to a wonderful Spa.

Packed with Essential Oils that not only promote a feeling of well being, 
as they smell amazing, but more importantly help to both respect the 
natural hydrolipidic film and nourish our skin post exfoliation.
The granules in this polisher are made up of a mixture of Sugar and Salt crystals
 from the Camargue region in the South of France.
This mixture is what eliminates those dead cells, whilst deep cleansing the skin 
to reveal a smoother, brighter and more toned skin.

Sadly it doesn't fall into every ones beauty budget, as it is on the pricey side, but one to consider adding to your "Wish List" for a wonderful Spa like experience.


Crushed Cabernet Scrub

This product had been on my "Wish List" for a couple of years and finally I got my
hands on one at the beginning of this year and it was well worth the wait.

As I said earlier I want my body scrubs to give a good invigorating exfoliation and the brown sugar and crushed grapes seeds do just that, however if you prefer the more gentle approach then just mix with more water to soften the exfoliation effect
Enriched with crushed grape-seeds and 6 essential oils, this natural body exfoliator 
leaves the skin smooth, soft and nourished.
In many aspects this Caudalie scrub is very similar to the Clarins, so you can see the type of scrub that I gravitate towards, which may not be for everyone.


Manketti + Starflower
 Body Scrub

This body scrub has been a constant in my beauty life since I first reviewed it 
back in 2013.

The Manketti & Starflower Body Scrub with Wild Harvested Mongogo Nut Oil, Jasmine and Cedarwood not only smells divine, but with the exfoliating Poppy seeds suspended in the
various beneficial oils makes for a super exfoliating product.
 Again this product is very similar to the previous two, but this one comes with a more affordable pricing.

Let me know in the comments below if you also love any of the above.

25 August 2019


If you know me or have followed my blog for some time you will already be aware of what a huge fan I am of the rain collection of luxury bath and body products and it was only a "matter of time" before they formulated a range of face care products and that "time"arrived some weeks back when rain launched their Skincare line consisting of 9 products and I have been lucky to have been testing out their
Relaxing Night Serum

All the products in the range are formulated to synergistically work together to create an ideal skincare routine.  
The aim of the Rain Skincare range is to:
Maintain good skin condition
Maintain skin health through probiotics (delivers good bacteria and nutrients to help balance skin)
Provide natural skincare for normal to sensitive skin.

This natural relaxing night-time concentrate, formulated with probiotics and botanicals known for skin conditioning, is naturally fragranced with grapefruit essential oil and was pleasant to use.
A light and soothing serum which quickly absorbs into the skin after application, leaves no trace of stickiness or oiliness and I found that due to it's liquid formula a little is all you need. When I initially used the serum I immediately thought that this would be an ideal product for men to use, as the all of the above tick many of the boxes that men are looking for in skincare products (quick and easy to apply, light and non oily or sticky)

Applied to the face and neck in the evening, I found it to work well under several of my usual night creams, but it's always preferably to use the corresponding night cream if possible and rain have a Relaxing Night Cream to work in synergy with the
 Relaxing Night Serum.

With this calming serum my skin appeared noticeably more radiant and I'm not sure if i imagined this, but as the products name suggests, it had a less stressed and more relaxed appearance.
African botanicals being the key formulation, it leaves your skin feeling soothed, relaxed and calmed.
Serums are always the most concentrated and active product in a skincare line and this serum from rain is no exception, as it's packed with an effective potent cocktail of skin loving ingredients.

Aloe Ferox: Calming, soothing, wound-healing, anti-inflammatory.
Bulbinella: Soothing, moisturising, protects, increases hydration and elasticity.
Baobab Oil: Moisturizing, conditioning, nourishes and softens dry skin, anti-irritating, non-sensitizing, contains Vitamins A, D, E & F, improves skin tone & elasticity.
Jojoba Oil: humectant, protects the skin, prevents moisture loss, has analgesic, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and antibacterial properties.
Marula Oil: moisturizing, improves skin hydration and smoothness, reduces skin redness.
Mongongo Nut Oil: revitalises, moisturizer, emollient, contains Vitamin E, linoleic and eleostearic acids which promote skin protection and hydration.
Rooibos Extract: antioxidant rich, contains Vitamin D.

I'm suitably impressed with this face care offering, as it has been a longtime in the making. Price wise its bordering on premium, however the appealing packaging and the product have a premium and qualitative feel and as a "home grown" face care range 
it also manages to hit the Unisex sweet spot perfectly.

This skincare collection is available in South Africa, Ireland and the USA.

Here in KZN SA we have 4 stores:
Gateway Theatre Of Shopping
The Pavilion
Ballito Junction
Galleria Mall





22 August 2019


Concealers just like mascaras can be a bit of a "hit and miss" affair for most of us
and I've had my fair share of "misses".
As with mascaras we are demanding so much more from a concealer, we want it
to conceal darkness, cover up redness, camouflage spots, freckles and blemishes, illuminate, moisturise, be a perfect colour match, it mustn't settle in our lines and wrinkles, in a nutshell we are demanding that it literally eradicates every flaw that we don't like to see on our face.

What works for one doesn't necessarily work for all and over the years I have found that these top 3 concealers work best for me, depending on what I'm looking to conceal, bearing in mind that I'm not discussing any coverage of spots or pimples, as I don't have
any to cover.

This list is always work in progress and as I discover new concealers, that I love then,
 the list will change and I'll update you over time.
As always follow the Pink Links for my original reviews
*N.B. Prices may have changed*


Lasting Perfection

Unfortunately this concealer is not available in South Africa and I only got to hear
about via UK beauty bloggers and all the hype is justified.
It's long wearing, conceals well, non drying, transfer proof, water resistant and best of all its as "cheap as chips".


Industrial Strength

In my opinion benefit are the best when it comes to concealing, so if you're not sure where to start then pop along to a benefit counter to check out their super selection of concealers for literally all concerns. 
INDUSTRIAL STRENGTH CONCEALER which, as its name suggests,
 is a full coverage "conceal it all" type of product and it's my favourite.
This is my "go to" for those serious under eye cover up situations, especially after late nights or the redness around the nose or to cover up broken capillaries, pigmentation



I did say that benefit are the best where concealing products are concerned and here's another of their magic creations.This is my first choice for everyday concealing under the eye area, as this creamy, soft to the touch, lightweight, sheer to medium coverage concealer melts into the skin seamlessly and doesn’t crease, cake or crack, perfect for under the eyes.

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21 August 2019


Having always had a passion for skincare, make-up and haircare I find myself with a never ending beauty shopping list on my phone of products that are not available in SA.
 It's a list that is continually being added to and then when I get the chance to find a cosmetic mule i.e. my London Kiddiewink or I travel overseas, then the list gets shorter, but generally not for very long.

Fortunately I'm off overseas mid September and I thought you might like to know what products are on the re-purchases list.

I will also be posting my list of products that are either new launches or products 
that I've just been dying to try.

I will add the Pink Links to my original reviews on these products.
N.B.Retail prices may have changed since my original review.



There was absolutely no hesitation in adding this product from BYTERRY to my 
shopping list. Last November I bought this set of 3 CC Serums from SPACENK
and it allowed me to try 3 of the 4  serums available and
whilst I enjoyed using all of them, for me the stand out was the Sunny Flash, however
if money were no object I would happily re-purchase them all.

To read my full review


AHA 30% + BHA 2%

For me this is THE STAR product from The Ordinary and deserves its place on 
my re-purchase shopping list and whilst I do use other exfoliants and peels, its this chemical one that does the best job and I tend to only use once every 3-4 weeks.

This a review that you definitely need to read



On my last overseas trip I bought two of the 30ml Caudalie Elixir not knowing 
whether I would like it or not, but I had a strong "beauty feeling" that I would.
I can honestly say that I didn't just like it, I absolutely loved it 
and replenishment stock is urgently needed, as my 2nd spray is dangerously low.



After trying several exfoliating toners including the REN Ready, Steady, Glow
 and ALPHA H I keep on reverting back to my PIXI Glow Tonic, as it just seems to suit 
my skin better than any of the others that I've tried.
As always I'm constantly trying to find new favourite products and until I find another
exfoliating toner that's better, then back up stock of my beloved PIXI will be purchased.



This Multi Bronzer from Autograph at Marks & Spencer Beauty, I received it in my 2018
 Beauty Advent Calendar, has been so well loved and used,that it's down to the pan and all but finished and this is the one product that I will miss the most until a back-up arrives.

Let me know in the comments below if any of the above are your "faves" also.

18 August 2019


My first job, when I landed here in South Africa back in 1983, was with the relatively then unknown French brand Clarins, and having worked for them for several years I can't help but have a beauty soft spot for this brand, but Oh My! how its changed since then.

Back in the day they didn't have a make-up collection, they were very salon focused
and let me tell you as permanent travelling Promotional Consultant it was hard work convincing customers of the virtues of this wonderful brand.

After many years of personal use I now enjoy reviewing many of their products in order to let you know whether they're worth a purchase or not and to be honest I don't think I've ever given a Clarins product a bad review.

The latest mascara addition to their make-up line up is their 
I have to say, the 4D in its name grabbed my attention and I was curious as to what
 Clarins had to offer with this product.

This really is a do-it-all, all-in-one mascara that curls, defines, lengthens and volumizes for that bold wide-eyed look, hence the 4D name.

The intense carbon-black mineral pigments give a long wearing colour whilst the inclusion of filmogenic Rose Wax ensures a long lasting hold. 

Clarins exclusive Lash Boosting Complex protects and promotes visibly thicker, longer-looking lashes even after you remove your mascara, however I can't comment on this, as it will only be noticeable over time.

The design of the precision sleek brush makes sure that no lash goes uncoated, which is soo important for those of us with sparse lashes.The wand is comfortable (a must for me)
 and lightweight in the hand.

After the first coat of mascara I was hooked, its buildable, doesn't flake or smudge
however being a moist/wet kinda mascara and considering the curl and length it gives I did 
need to do a little cleaning up afterwards but it's worth it for the overall look and finish.



Available in 2 Shades
01 Perfect Black
02 Perfect Brown






13 August 2019


L'Oréal Infaillable More Than Concealer 
is a recent launch here in South Africa, so as always, I feel I have buy one and put it to the test, just in case I'm missing out on the next "best thing" in concealers.

This concealer forms part of the hugely successful L'Oréal Infallible stable of make-up products and one of my personal faves when it comes to foundations

To read my previous reviews 



I purchased the Shade Cashmere, as it was a shade lighter than my natural skin tone
and it would hopefully be ideal for under eye concealing, as L'Oréal recommend.

This concealer however does make some serious claims:

Whatever your concern; blemishes, dark circles, uneven skin tone, we’ve got you covered with our NEW More Than Concealer. With 25 shades in the range you can find the perfect one to brighten, correct, contour & highlight, that’s why it’s our More Than Concealer.

Are we perhaps turning the concealing "corner"  with this latest multi-tasking product,
as it literally seems to offer everything in one?

The high pigment and elastic formula provides full coverage
 Natural matte finish
Ultra-blendable formula
Long-lasting weightless wear
Available in 25 shades (only 12 in SA)
Large doe foot applicator 

The positives about this product:

1. I really like the large doe foot applicator, its a nice alternative to the usual slimmer versions.
2. It says its full coverage and full coverage it is, so if you've got serious pigmentation,blemishes etc. to conceal then this is the one for you.
3. I cannot disagree with regards to long wearing, as it is, especially when used on the face.

The negatives about this product:

1. My major task for a concealer is to help cover up or at best diminish the appearance of dark circles under my eye area, but sadly this was the products downfall.
I should maybe mention here, that whilst I don't have major dark circles, I do have and being more mature, I want a concealer to both conceal and brighten that area.
2. I found the formula to be feel heavy under the eyes and not lightweight as they claim.
3. I experienced that "cakey" look as it settled into my fine lines and creases, so much so it gave me an aged look, not what I was looking for.
4. As an under eye concealer it performed poorly on the concealing front and I soon saw the product splitting and the darkness showed through

As you can see below this multi-taking concealer has several ways of use and I blended with both a blender, brush and my good old fingers, so here's a run down of 
How to Use

Using a shade that matches your skin tone, apply a small dot of More Than Concealer directly on to any blemishes or imperfections and pat in using your finger or makeup brush/sponge. 


Using a shade a level or two lighter than your natural skin tone, swipe your More Than Concealer under your eyes and blend out to conceal dark circles and help brighten your under eye for a youthful, lifted look. 

Use a shade two to three levels darker than your skin tone to contour & help add dimension to your face. 

No doubt there will be many of you, that have tried this product, that will disagree with me totally and that's ok, but for me this isn't a concealer I would personally recommend to anyone that is looking for a great under eye concealer and brightener, so regardless of age steer clear if you have plenty of lines and creases under the eye.

On the other hand if you are looking to cover pigmentation, blemishes and even out the tone of the skin then this is a great long wearing cover product.

With age I'm not sure if I'm just becoming harder to please or whether I'm just
not as easily impressed, because here is yet another concealer review that I'm unimpressed with.

Perhaps the products' name "More Than Concealer" led me to believe that this 
really could be the one and disappointingly for me it wasn't, as it's trying to be 
"all concealers to all people".

L'Oréal Paris 


More Than Concealer




£ 9.99