31 October 2017


Without doubt the skin around the eye needs lots of TLC and it's an area where I've
paid extra special attention to over the years, in fact I have been using a specific 
eye product since being in my early 20's.

The skin around the eye is not only much thinner and more delicate, 
but also its very hard working and often abused,
more so than any other skin on our face or body and in my opinion it needs a 
dedicated treatment product.
(I know it's tempting to just use your day/night cream over the eye area, but unless
its been formulated to be applied to the eye area, then don't do it)

Some months back I was invited to the launch of a Demalogica Concept Store 
in Ballito Junction,Ballito,KZN.
I was gifted the full size of their AGE Reversal Eye Complex and it couldn't have 
come at a better time, as I had been researching Retinol eye treatments.

Being the first Retinol eye product that I had tried I was a little apprehensive,
as I hadn't yet dabbled into Retinol facial products, but as I'm in my late 50's,
I thought it was about time to see and experience what all the fuss is about.
This short video gives an overview of what Retinol is and why its becoming 
increasingly used in skincare products.

Dermalogica use advanced, microencapsulated Retinol to help 
smooth away the signs of skin aging around the eyes. 

This microencapsulation technology optimises Retinol potency and absorption to help 
reduce the appearance of fine lines

Microencapsulated Niacinamide and Ash Tree Bark Extract 
maintain hydration and reduce visible dark circles. 

A powerful Age Reversal Firming Complex works with the antioxidant Vitamin C,
 powerful peptides and botanical extracts to fortify and smooth skin.

 Formulated without artificial fragrances, colours or parabens. 
This product contains 1% Retinol, a form of Vitamin A.

On paper this eye product appeared to be what I needed to take my 
eye care regime to the next level and hopefully as the name suggests, 
reverse the signs of ageing around the eye. 

So how did it perform?

Let me just get straight to the point,
I have been using this product for over 6 months now and deserves its name 
and for me it's a 


Dermalogica advises that you start using alternate nights, for the first two weeks and
as the skin responds, build up to using nightly, for some reason I didn't follow these instructions,
 (not sure why) and went straight in using nightly and luckily 
I didn't have any sensitivity issues, which can sometimes happen, as not all skins 
can handle the inclusion of Retinol in products, especially ones to be
 used around the eye.

Part of the AGE Smart range, the Age Reversal Eye Complex is a highly-active eye treatment and for me 
I soon began to see results, especially with the fine lines and Crows Feet and 
the smoothness of the skin under my eyes was to me very evident.
The non greasy and light formula honestly didn't feel as though it would be 
enough to deeply hydrate as claimed, yet it did.

I can't say that I noticed any great difference to my dark circles and as for
reducing puffiness,I always find this a hard one to comment on
as puffiness comes and goes and is dependent on so many other factors.
(having said that I was just so thrilled with the other results
 that I didn't mind these short comings too much)

The tube has a needle point dispenser, which I love and allows you to control
the amount you dispense and negates any wastage.
Not only did I find this product to be highly effective, but also economical.
As with most of the Dermalogica products that I have tried a little 
really does go a long way and despite the initial purchase price, which is steep,
the price per application is in my opinion very affordable.
(I still have about half a tube left after 6 months of nightly usage)

It's advisable to use this product every evening, but be sure to use an eye product during the day that contains a high SPF, as the skin will be more sensitive to the suns rays.

Age Reversal Eye Complex




Available from authorised Dermalogica salons and spas

29 October 2017


I can't believe it's time, time again for my monthly favourites post.
Over the months of September and October I have discovered and fallen in love with
two recently launched products and one not so recent.
Unfortunately two of them are not currently available in South Africa, 
but it's well worth going to the trouble to either order from overseas online
 or get travelling friends and family to bring back for you.


I was very lucky to be sent the range of new Boi-ing concealers from benefit 
to try & review and whilst I really liked all of them, 
the Airbrush Concealer was without doubt my standout product.
It's a creamy concealing delight and easy to use and to find out more about
all of the Boi-ing concealers read my full review...


Unfortunately the Paradise Extatic Mascara from L'Orèal isn't available in south Africa
and I really hope it gets launched here soon.
It is as good as everyone says it is and I have another one on order 
with my UK Kiddiewink.
To find out more of what I thought then click on the pink link to read my full review...


This famous CC+Cream from IT Cosmetics is worthy of all the praise and accolades 
that its had showered upon it since its launch.
My love for this product wasn't instant, but rather grew with both time and use.
Again to find out more read my review...

25 October 2017


It wouldn't be the run up to Christmas if I didn't write a post about the
Estée Lauder Blockbuster.

For 2017 Estée Lauder have changed the Blockbuster slightly as it 
contains less products than in previous years, but does contain more full size ones
and as always it offers great value for money and
makes a perfect gift...

The pièce de résistance has to be the inclusion of their iconic
 Advance Night Repair Serum (30mls)
which normally retails for R850.

Advanced Night Repair Eye Gel Creme

Gentle Eye Makeup Remover (Full size)

 2 Pure Color Envy EyeShadow Palettes (Full size)

 Sumptuous Extreme Mascara Black (Full size)

 3 Pure Color Envy Lipsticks

Eyeshadow Brush (Full size)

Pure Colour Envy Sculpting Gloss (Full size)

Pure Colour Envy Sculpting Blush Palette (Full size)

All of the above is packed into this exclusive classic red 
Train case

Available Online


at any Estée Lauder counter countrywide







24 October 2017


I don't do too many "empties" posts for no other reason that I often forget
to keep the empty product, in order to do the photo for the blog post,
I'm just too quick to throw the empty into the rubbish bin....

Here are 3 empties that I have managed to save from that same fate.
Click on the pink links below to read my full original reviews.


I bought the Boujois Radiance Reveal Concealer back in March this year 
and I always have several concealers on the go at any one time, 
depending on what type of concealing I'm needing on the day
 determines which ones I use.
I did enjoy this concealer and would re-purchase it, but at the moment 
I have so many that I need to finish before I buy any more, but it's one to 
consider if you are looking to 
both conceal and give brightening radiance to the under eye area...

Read original review


I have already replaced the Avène Hydrance Serum with a new one, 
as it's become a permanent fixture
 in my beauty regime.I think for the price and the benefits it brings to the skin,
 this is a serum I can highly recommend...

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Being a huge fan of benefit, I was a little unsure about their eye product called
but I soon fell in love and I'm already on my 2nd one and again this 
has secured a regular place in my beauty life...

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22 October 2017


The IT Cosmetics CC+ Cream had been on my UK shopping list for quite some time now, as I didn't purchase one when I was over in the UK last November and I regretted it, so I had to wait until July this year to hand over my £30's for this iconic beauty product.(I could have guessed the shade and got my UK Kiddiewink to buy and bring over for me in February, but I am so glad that I didn't take that risk as they have 7 shades to choose from and when your paying in pounds there is no room for an expensive shade choice error)

So what is all the hype around this product, as internationally there's lots of love and high praise for this award winning CC+Cream.IT Cosmetics claim that its 
"Your Skin But Better"
It's developed with plastic surgeons and formulated to give full, flawless, perfect coverage and protect your skin with a SPF 50+ UVA/UVB broad-spectrum physical sunscreen.
But that's not all, as this product just seems to keep on giving in terms of treatment benefits and having a mature skin it seriously appealed to me on all counts.
It’s also infused with an advanced anti-aging serum made of hydrolyzed collagen, peptides, niacin, hyaluronic acid, antioxidants and vitamins A, B, C and E that work in harmony to diffuse the look of wrinkles, minimize pores and give you a more radiant, supple and flawless-looking complexion.

After several swatches at the counter in Selfridges's I opted for the shade "Medium" (the 7 shades go from Fair - Deep)and it's a perfect colour and apparently their most popular shade. 
My first impressions - thick, heavy and too full coverage for me and as you can imagine was somewhat disappointed, as I had such high hopes for this "do it all" miracle CC Cream. 
I soon realised, after several uses, that I was treating this cream as a foundation and there lay my problems, so once I played around and applied less and treated it more as a serum I soon found an application amount that I felt happy with.It was only then I truly could appreciate the full benefits of this amazing product.I now seem to reach for it most days over and above my other foundations.
It's consistency is rather thick and this may not appeal to everyone, but it glides onto the skin well and blends easily and has a slightly fresh fragrance, but nothing over powering. It felt comfortable on my skin with regards to hydration and it didn't crack or crease on the skin, which some full coverage foundations can over the course of the day.The coverage as expected is good,long lasting and it is buildable. It comes in a sealed tube with an easy to control pump dispenser.

The radiance is noticeable, so much so, that I often get compliments on how good my
skin is looking and I put it down to this CC cream.It just makes the skin look good
and at my age that's quite something!

I can now appreciate all the fuss and the hype, as it really does multi-task extremely well.
Even though it wasn't love at first sight, this product has really grown on me and 
I cannot find anything to mark it down on, other than that the fact 
we can't get it here in South Africa.

IT Cosmetics CC+ Cream with SPF 50+

Not available in SA



16 October 2017


For many years now I have been lucky enough to start my December off, here in South Africa,
 with 24 days of chocolate treats from one of the UK Chocolate Advent Calendars.
Their selection on offer each year just seems to grow and the choice becomes increasingly
more difficult and this year is no exception.

I have had a "choccy" calendar every year since being a child and it just wouldn't be  
Christmas without one.As you can imagine this tradition has been passed onto my 
"kiddie winks" and they too, along with hubby, all have to go through the
daily door opening ritual throughout December.

However since moving to South Africa its proved to be
 more of a challenge, but by hook or by crook I've managed to get four from the UK
every year, which makes opening those daily doors even more exciting.
(Yes I am in my 50's).

Below I have listed just a few of this years favourites, but the Baileys one would be
a problem to get out to SA. 

If you are a Baileys devotee then this advent calendar will most probably 
deserve a top spot on your advent calendar shopping list this year. 
It contains 23 mini Baileys truffles and a miniature bottle of the creamy 
liqueur behind door 24. 
Don't deliberate too long though, as this boozy beauty is fast selling out everywhere.

Baileys Advent Calendar 

We all love a Lindt chocolate bear and with this advent calendar you get to eat one Lindt mini animal 
everyday for 23 days in December and a big one on the 24th.
Lindt Teddy Bear Advent House

We will have a similar one available in South Africa

Godiva's 25 day advent calendar is chocolate luxury and features a selection of their creamy and 
delicious seasonal flavoured chocolates, as well as some of their classics.
Available at boutiques and concessions (including Selfridges and John Lewis) nationwide.
Godiva Christmas Advent Calendar 

This Lindt Lindor 24 doors chocolate advent calendar contains six different flavour 
Lindor truffles, plus a Milk Treat Bar on Christmas Eve. 
Exclusive to Sainsbury's.
Lindor advent calendar

This Fortnum & Mason's exclusive 24 day wooden advent calendar isn't strictly
 a chocolate advent calendar, 
as it comes filled with an 'exciting selection of sweets and chocolates' including sugar mice, 
dolly mix and chocolate coins.
If however you are more a sweetie than a chocolate lover, then this is a great luxurious 
and rather pricey, alternative option.

Fortnum & Mason's Wooden Advent Calendar


If I were to mention ingredients that are sourced from 
White Mushrooms, Arnica Montana Flower and Bakers Yeast, 
you may think that I was about to share with you a food recipe, 
but you're mistaken, as these are the three KEY components of a new mask that was 
launched earlier this month by the Skincare brand


also just happens to be the first product from this brand that I have ever tried.

This new mask from their extensive EVERCALM range has been formulated with the 
REN exclusive complex of ingredients and as the name suggests its focus is to 
instantly and forever calm, soothe, moisturise and alleviate the key signs of a sensitive skin.

White Mushroom Extract:
 A naturally derived painkiller for skin and contains elements that act as a topical
analgesics to effectively block the message of pain.

Reduces redness, inflammation, burning and itching.

(Bakers Yeast) Supports skin’s natural immune and barrier functions and
is also a potent anti-bacterial and antihistamine.

I personally don't have a sensitive or over-reactive skin, but that doesn't 
mean that there haven't been times where my skin has reacted
to the sun or a stimulating product and as I've always said here on my blog that
 any skin type can use products 
formulated for a sensitive or allergic prone skin quite happily
 and I have several in my daily beauty regime that I just adore.

Let's just touch on what a sensitive skin is all about, as it can be highly reactive 
to physical,environmental and lifestyle factors.
 This could be seen and felt on the skin as redness, irritation, itchiness or dryness to 
mention just a few the symptoms.
Often these can be experienced on a daily and more permanent basis, 
whilst others experience these symptoms only occasionally.
I'm sure most of us have experienced skin sensitivity at some stage and I know that
 on those occasions, we look for a product to bring comfort and relief to the skin.

The REN Evercalm Ultra Comforting Rescue Mask helps treat the cause of 
skin sensitivity, not just the symptoms, as it goes one step further to 
block the message of irritation to the brain, therefore preventing the
 symptoms that we see and experience as sensitive skin! 
With continual usage the mask will help to strengthen the natural protective 
moisture barrier, aid recovery and increase the skins own natural ability to cope 
with stress and ultimately re balance the skin.

This mask is packaged in a sealed pump container and it's easy to dispense an 
accurate amount of product (both of which I like)
The texture of the mask was surprisingly thick, yet creamy and somewhat heavier
 in comparison to other masks I've tried for sensitive and fragile skins.

Along with its clean fresh fragrance and its obvious "I've got a mask on" feel it reminded me of the
 "old style" non drying moisturising face masks and I have to admit it was a refreshing change to use.
It gives your skin that sensation of being bathed in soothing, calming comfort and 
I would imagine it would be an absolute blanket of relief to a stressed sensitive skin.
It left my skin feeling soft, whilst giving my skin a noticeable, more even tone.

This 10-minute rescue mask is a "best friend" for skin that is red, blotchy, 
irritated, sunburned, wind-chapped, dry, stressed, or jet-lagged.
I'm off on a beach holiday next month and this mask will definitely 
be coming along with. 

Apply a generous amount 2-3 a week on clean skin, avoid the eye area and 
leave for just 10 minutes and then remove the excess 
with a damp cloth or cotton pad, follow with your usual skincare and that's all it 
takes to have a


This product is cruelty-free, vegan, noncomedogenic, and formulated without gluten. 
Free from Parabens, Sulphates and synthetic fragrances, mineral oil.

This mask doesn't come cheap, but for a truly reactive and sensitive skin this will
be a small price to pay for the comfort, relief and ongoing strengthening that this mask will bring...

REN Evercalm Ultra Comforting Rescue Mask




Available in store from selected Woolworths and online