31 December 2019


The end of the year and the decade has come and all I can say,
 "its come very quickly"...

I would like to take this opportunity to say
thank you 
to all of you for following and reading my blogposts over the years and whilst I'm only a very small blogger I do love my "Happy Place"
and I hope to continue to bring you straightforward and informative product reviews in order to help make your beauty decisions easier in 2020

30 December 2019


Just in the nick of time here is my last QPR post for 2019


Product : Beauty infusion Purifying In-Shower Mask
Sea Kelp + Probiotics
Price : R140/R39
Size : 118/15mls
Available : Dischem

The Los Angeles based Freeman Beauty seems to have been around forever,
over 43yrs to be precise and for me they stand out as being the Face Mask brand, 
but they do so many more products for bath, hair and body.
Strangely I have never used one of their masks previously and to be honest if I hadn't 
been kindly sent one by their PR recently I most probably would have kept 
overlooking them on the shelves.
This In-Shower mask had my attention though, as if I can make my shower time, 
also time a time to mask, then it's a win win situation.
This serum-infused gel mask works while you shower. The Sea Salts and Sea Kelp get to work 
to boost,renew and clarify the skin.
Apply it to dry face and neck before showering and then at the end, gently massage to
exfoliate and rinse. Use twice a week.
Easy Peasy...

Verdict :  7/10



Price : R94.95
Size : 300mls
Available : Dischem

I have never seen this Spanish hair care brand or even heard of it, until a bottle arrived 
for me to try.

This shampoo with Phytoactive Complex and extracts of Ginseng and Aloe Vera 
nourishes the scalp and protects the hair. 
The Phytoactive Complex, derived from germinating Wheat and Soybean seeds and arelineenergy and the necessary nutrients for strengthening capillary growth.  
Aloe Vera extract together with Pro-vitamin B5 hydrate and protect both hair and scalp from external damaging factors while vitamins A, B3, B7, E, F and H maintain the scalp’s natural balance. 
Suitable for frequent use, it helps to strengthen fragile hair and prevent splitting.  
Hair is hydrated and left smooth and shiny.
Whilst I haven't been using long enough to comment on the strengthening aspect I can 
tell you that I've been loving this shampoo, as it leaves my hair feeling clean, whilst not feeling stripped of oils.
It does feel soft and looks shinier than normal and I was pleasantly
surprised yet again with a product line that I would normally overlook on the shelves of 
Dischem.This brand has a large selection of haircare products and I'm particularly interested
in trying out their range for hair loss, the bane of many peoples lives.

Verdict :  7/10



Product : Bionike Defence Body ReduXCELL Body Reshaping Boost
Price : R295
Size : 200mls
Available : Dischem

Its that time of the year, YES its Summer and time to squeeze into the cozzie.
Like many people I cast an eye over the body shaping lotions and potion isles
 and just move on, however this
Bionike Defence Body ReduXCELL Body Reshaping Boost caught my eye.

 This Anti Cellulite lotion has a lightweight, fast-absorbing texture designed to counter cellulite. Makes skin firmer and visibly improves the look of lumpy, dimpled skin. 
Based on the special “AlgaFor Shape Complex” set of ingredients, having a strong lipolytic effect, and comes with a massaging roller applicator, helps to reduce stored fat and counters new fat build up.
I must say that I have been enjoying using this product purely due to the roller massager being incorporated in the tube and not being a separate massager.
The lotion glides over the skin and doesn't leave any sticky residue, as for the reduction in
cellulite and dimpled skin I'm secretly hoping...

Verdict :  7/10