31 August 2013


Umhlanga is fast becoming the re location choice of several of the Berea restaurants and I for one ain't complaining.
Mo Noodles formerly of Florida Road has been around for several years and has stood the "test of time", which speaks volumes about the popularity of this Thai Fushion eatery. I have eaten at mo's a couple of times when there were over the other side, and I have always enjoyed their food, so I was really looking forward to trying again in its new home!

Thursday evening at the end of the month and the restaurant was busy and vibey. We hadn't booked, but a table was soon found inside and before we even sat down we asked if we could have a table outside...why did we want to sit outside, you may ask....just one word...Noise! The noise inside the restaurant was horrendous and we could hardly hear each other talk. The double volume space inside the minimal restaurant just exaggerated and intensified the noise levels. So if you want to have a good catch up and natter with your girlfriends or better half, be prepared to shout in order to be heard!

Cute cutlery presentation

The menu is short but includes the obligatory Thai soups,salads, noodle dishes and Thai red and green curries. They also offer half and full portions of all their dishes and I opted for the half portion of their famous Feta and Lentil salad at R40. Alas the portion was small and to be honest, I make a better version myself at home.

Small half portion of salad R40

I think you can sense that the evening was starting to head south! Hopefully the Thai red chicken curry (half portion at R40/R75 full portion) would salvage the evening. My hubby enjoys a good  flavour filled Thai curry, as I do, but guess what....this curry wasn't filled with too much Thai flavours,so much so, that he sent the dish back as unacceptable and even though the waiter offered to put through an order for another meal, my hubby refused and sat "foodless" whilst I ate my very average chicken curry, which comprised of more sauce,green beans and coriander than chicken. Now I must point out that I am always the mouth piece when it comes to any problems,complaints or queries, so this action was unusual for my hubby!

2 strips of chicken in my Thai red curry

Whilst the waiters were attentive and efficient, the food, the atmosphere and the location just didn't do it for us, needless to say we won't be returning for a second visit. My hubby is of the opinion that opening a restaurant in Umhlanga does not give the owners Carte Blanche to churn out pricey, mediocre food and I have to agree with him.... after all... there are too many good restaurants in Umhlanga to settle for average!

Physical address: Shop 8, Beacon Rock, 21 Lighthouse Road, Umhlanga Rocks, KwaZulu-Natal
Tel.no:  0315611722
Opening Hours: Mon-Fri 12.30pm - 2.30pm 
                         Mon-Sun 5.30pm - 9.30pm

30 August 2013


This weeks" Friday Finds" is actually an Internet find and I was very tempted to place an order online,until I saw that they deliver to everywhere in the world except South Africa! 
So I will have to move onto plan B.

Inslee Haynes produces a beautiful range of boxed cards and note cards. Each collection is presented in elegant,simple gold and white boxes. 
They cost around $25 to $35 for a box of 10 A6 cards.

I would personally frame most of these cards, as I love all of her illustrations and as if it couldn't get any better, you can commission Inslee to create your personalised range of wedding stationary, from Bridal shower and wedding invites to sketches of the bridal couple and party. So guess who will be doing my wedding invites, next time, if I get married to a wealthy guy that is.....

Simple yet elegant

My "Fave" a mixed collection

Love cards

Have to have the Christmas set

28 August 2013


Here is another make up video by the Welshman Wayne Goss.
Today he focuses on applying eye make up to a mature eye area.
(That's a polite way of saying "old")

I fall into this mature category and it does become increasing more difficult to achieve a smooth make up look when the skin on and around the eye becomes more crapey and puffy with age.
I love the fact that Wayne applies the make up on himself rather than onto, an often flawless beauty.

27 August 2013


Many years ago I remember trying to apply my foundation with a foundation brush, as it was the new "thing" at that time. The brush was going to replace the make up sponge and the "good old" finger application. I had little success with applying my foundation with a brush and it was not due to the type of brush that I bought, but with my method of application. I clearly remember, gingerly painting the foundation onto my face with careful strokes, hence it was somewhat a disaster.....and that was the end of me using a brush and back to the sponge it was!

You may have seen on my blog, several make up tutorial videos by Wayne Goss a UK make up artist and it was through watching one of these tutorials, I realized where I had gone wrong all those years ago. He applies foundation using a brush and there is nothing artistic about the way he works the foundation onto the skin. He uses circular and up and down brush strokes and there are no delicate movements. 
He is also about to launch his own brush collection which I would love to get my hands on.

To view these tutorials click on the pink links below.

Believing that I could do the same, I armed myself with an inexpensive nylon bristle foundation brush from the QVS range at Woolworths and "Hey Presto" success was achieved. The coverage was good and even, with no brush strokes. I was able to dab the bristles into the corners of my nose and application under the eye was easy!


If like me, you are unsure, then try using a cheaper brush like the QVS and if its a method of application that you can master and enjoy, then great, if not, then you haven't spent too much on the brush. I can already feel that a new and no doubt a more expensive and proffessional brush is on the cards.

26 August 2013


Despite being the vital first step in any skin care regime, I have always proclaimed that cleansers are just one of the areas where savings can be made.If you are on a tight budget then rather channel your resources into buying good treatment creams and serums rather than spending on cleansers and toners. Now I am not saying...don't use,but what I am saying is, rather "down" spend if you need to.There are many good, affordable priced cleansing milks on the market.

Started in 1959 by Monsieur Yves Rocher , Yves Rocher was the first French brand to create plant based beauty products. Concentrated in Botanical actives,which not only respect your skin but also the planet, are guaranteed GMO free.Where possible all chemical ingredients are replaced with a natural alternative.The products contain no animal ingredients with the exception of Honey and Beeswax and priority is given to organically grown plants that are pesticide free. Dermatologically and Opthomology tested this brand has nearly 50 patents, some of which are pending and has more than 30 million consumers world wide.Their product range covers "top to toe" skin care proucts, hair care, make up and fragrances.

As we all know the growing trend is to use cosmetics from companies that are ecologically, environmentally and ethically responsible and Yves Rocher is exactly that.They do not use unnecessary packaging, they use recycled or recyclable packaging and more importantly they use only biodegradable foaming formulas.

I recently purchased an Yves Rocher 3 Detoxifying Teas Velvety Cleansing Milk and this is the first product from this brand that I have ever tried. Yves Rocher has been around overseas for many years, and in actual fact, it has been in South Africa, albeit "on and off" for many years also.
However the brand is now available at selected Woolworths,Truworths and Pharmacies countrywide.

200mls R100

As you flip the lid open and squeeze out a controlled amount of the cleanser, you instantly smell the freshness of the botanical ingredients. I could immediately pick the fragrance of the 3 tea extracts, Green,white and Madagascan. One of my favourite natural ingredients also appears in this product and throughout the range - Sweet Almond Oil, which is Organically grown. There are five cleansing products in this anti Ageing and smoothing range.

The cleanser was easy to use and glided effortlessly over my skin, whilst effectively removing all of my make up.....Remember a "double cleanse" is essential if you wear make up. On the second application I could feel the texture of the cleanser, which as they claim in the name, is velvety...
My verdict of this product.....excellent and at R100 for a 200 ml size, it's offers 50 years of Botanical expertise at an affordable price.
Visit one of  the Yves Rocher consultants and they will advise you as to which range will best suit your skins needs or you can click on the pink link to find out more about this iconic French Botanical range.

25 August 2013


If you have been following my Sunday Sketches posts you will be aware of the 
American Fashion Illustrator Inslee Haynes...and I just love her whimsical water colour sketches .
Here are some more to cheer up your Sunday, as they certainly cheer up mine!

23 August 2013


I found myself back at MUSE for this weeks "Friday Finds".
MUSE, located in the Kloof Village mall and is full of unusual and interesting home decor goodies.
Click on the pink link below to read my previous write up.


Outdoor Wave Chair R3,940
Design Team Cushion R450


Thorny hand made Bowls


Leather Chair R4,999
Cushions R450
Reversible Cotton Throw R 795


Corrie Hook handmade Ceramics 
Platter R495
Jug R260
Baobab Bowl R280

21 August 2013


Choosing a foundation has been a little bit of a "hit and miss" affair for many of us. I am sure we have all been victims of buying the wrong shade or tone of foundation. Don't despair as this little gadget will capture a photo of your natural skin tone and will team you up with a "perfect match" from a database of over 1500 foundations that the cosmetics and beauty retailer, Sephora stock.
However I can foresee a few challenges in regards to freckled skins, pigmented skins and 
will the match be suitable for the neck if only a photo is taken on the face. I am sure
that there could be miss matches, but in principle I do believe that
 this service would be a "godsend" to the majority.
How cool would this be if it were available as a service in somewhere like Edgars and Red Squares.
View the video to find out more...

20 August 2013


I came across this quote by Maya Angelou the American author and poet,who also just happens
 to be a great friend and confidante of Oprah Winfrey. 
After reading, it made me think, how would I cope with these three situations...

A Rainy Day : I don't mind a rainy day or two, but not constant rain.Last year on a trip to the UK it rained constantly for the two weeks that I was there and to be honest....it was miserable!
Constant rain and grey skies is not for me, but a single rainy day is bearable and if time allows, its great to snuggle up in bed with a nice mug of Hot Chocolate and listen to that comforting sound of the 
pitter patter of rain.

Lost Luggage : I don't want to tempt fate or anything, but thankfully with all my work and holiday travels in the past, I have never had to contend with a lost luggage situation. How would I react?...initially I would freak out, but always looking on the positive side I would hope that the airports tracking system would soon re route my luggage to its correct destination. However I have had my luggage broken into on a trip from Johannesburg to Durban, yet nothing was taken even though my suitcase had all my expensive fragrance,skincare and perfume in.

Tangled Christmas Tree Lights : Every year, for one evening in mid December I can guarantee that the air in my lounge will be "blue". Yes! you've guessed it...it's the annual ritual of putting up the family Christmas tree. These tangled fairy lights drive me absolutely insane, as no matter how much care I take to pack them away "untangled" they have a knack of "tangling" themselves again. It happens every year without fail.
Over the years I have sat literally for hours determined not to be beaten by the "fairy light " challenge. I gave up the fight several years ago and I am positive the majority of fairy light sales stem from frustrations of people, who give up and throw away perfectly good working lights. 
My other theory is....the manufactures use self twisting wires that set to work on the 6th January and by the time Christmas arrives your beautiful twinkly Christmas tree lights are well and truly deemed as "useless". 
The joys of Christmas...roll on December.

I am not sure what Maya would  learn about me after reading my three responses! 
How would you handle these three situations?
Let me know....

18 August 2013


I have been posting several make up tutorial videos recently by
UK make up artist Wayne Goss, which I have really enjoyed and I hope you have enjoyed them also.
Great news, he is soon to launch his own set make up brushes.
His collection of 8 soft brushes have been hand made in Japan
 and are made with cruelty free bristles and hair, which apparently has been very hard to source.
Watch his video to find out more.
I would love to get my hands on a set of these.

16 August 2013


It has been a few weeks since I gave feedback about some of the products that I have
 continued to use post their review.


This isn't a product, but I cannot stress to you how wonderful the Clarins Reed Diffuser has been. It is still going strong and diffusing its fragrance into the air. It has about a tenth of the sap left and this will be its 23rd week. That equates to great value in my opinion and has to be the "best" diffuser  on the market!
To read my review click on the pink link below.


If you read my review on the L'Occitane Sublime BB Cream you may remember that I made the comment that I may "ditch" my foundation and my SPF cream, well that's exactly what I did. Being a daily foundation wearer for as long as I can remember, this wonderful BB cream now has pride of place on my face everyday. Combined with an SPF 30 this product has worked perfectly on my skin during the winter months. To read my review click on the pink link below.


After many weeks of lying around in the bathroom ( I had intentions of taking them back to Pick n Pay for a refund ) I finally tossed the Colgate toothpaste and mouthwash into the rubbish bin! If you didn't read my slating review then click on the pink link below.

15 August 2013


This past weekend, was a weekend that I will never forget....
The highlight being a visit to the Le Sueur Cheetah Project situated in the Nambiti Game Reserve near Ladysmith in Kwa Zulu Natal, South Africa.
Below is a passage taken from their website and I couldn't have said it any better.

A truly life changing experience awaits you at the Kwa Cheetah Project. Meet our hand reared cubs and experience the ways they interact with people and each other. Get to understand their plight and amazing adaptations. Spend time with our Cheetahs, Servals, Leopard and Caracals. An eye opening hands on interaction or thrilling walk with our cheetahs while they hunt will leave you in awe.

The tour starts off with an informative talk regarding some interesting and shocking statistics about Cheetahs, after which everyone  gets the chance to touch, rub, brush and spend some quality time with the Cheetahs, Servals, Vega the handsome young Leopard, Caracals, and African wild cats.​​​ This very interactive tour lasts around 80 minutes and costs R200. 


Vega the young Leopard

What was so nice about this tour was that at no stage did we feel rushed and you certainly didn't get that feeling of it being a commercial, touristy, staged event, unlike a similar project in the Cape,where bus loads of overseas tourists pay a few hundred rands to have a 30 second interaction and photo taken!
  The passion for the conservation of these animals is very evident during the tour and something you may not be aware of.. 
The Cheetah is nearer to extinction than the rhino!

Here are some of those shocking facts:
The main goal behind the Kwa Cheetah Project is to repopulate cheetahs into the wild.  The reason they are trying to do this is because there are only between seven and ten thousand cheetahs left worldwide. About two thousand cheetahs are dying every four years due to three main factors:

The first factor: Natural predation

Lions, leopards, hyenas are the cause of countless deaths. Cubs are also taken by martial eagles, baboons, jackals etc. This is a natural occurrence and is not too much of a concern as it has been ongoing for hundreds of years.
The second factor: Humans

We are destroying their natural habitat at an alarming rate, farmers do shoot free roaming cheetahs as they do tend to catch livestock.  Mother cheetahs are killed so that the babies can be hand reared and sold on the black market. The biggest human threat to these cats is probably the trade in the east with skins, skulls and bones in high demand. This trade is as prolific as the trade in rhino horn.
The third factor is however of major concern: Genetics 

This is probably the biggest threat to cheetahs due to the fact that the world cheetah population was almost destroyed during the last ice age. Since then cheetahs have been interbreeding and today just about all the cheetahs worldwide are genetically related. This is causing huge problems for theses cats. Around 35% of all males born are born sterile, cubs are born with internal defects like liver, heart, kidney and lung defects, external defects like seven legs, no legs, and two heads. This is all a result of interbreeding. Due to the above mentioned problems, cheetahs in reserves need to be monitored carefully to stop family members interbreeding. 

Cheetahs are not only beautiful but they are the world’s fastest land mammals. They can reach speeds of 120kmph and can get from ​0 to 100 kmph in only 2.9 sec. 
How sad it would be if our great grandchildren only had photos of Cheetahs
to look at! 

At the Kwa Cheetah Project your support will help ensure the survival of these magnificent creatures and once you have felt the touch of their fur under your hand a piece of your heart will always stay behind...
I can honestly say, that the time we spent with these amazing animals,
 was a very special family experience and one that I highly recommend.
If you would like to show your support with a either visit or a donation then click on the link below.


14 August 2013


Not sure how to choose the correct foundation shade then
watch this tutorial by Wayne Goss.
He really does make it easy to understand the guidelines.

12 August 2013


Several Saturdays past I was invited along to the Lexus dealership in Gateway to test drive the new Lexus IS350

Now I must point out, that I am not a "fundi" on cars,but that doesn't stop me enjoying them...
I have driven a Lexus for a couple of years and I love my car!
My needs from a car are not based on performance, kilowatts or torque..whatever that all means!
My needs are simple, as I want a car that is available in colours that really like, it must be a little bit sporty, yet have a stylish and sleek look about it. Decent boot size and leather seats are a must and throw in a GPS, plenty of airbags for safety and everything else that opens and closes and I am happy driver!
My current Lexus IS250 has all this, but the new IS350 has so much more....

The new IS 350 sedan comes equipped with a powerful 3.5-litre V6 petrol engine delivering 228 kW of power at 6400 r/min. Built for lightness and strength, this highly refined drivetrain offers superb balance and durability, while twin exhausts produce an exciting engine noise. Smooth and fun to drive, the IS 350 will accelerate rapidly up to a top speed of 225 km/h, where legally permitted. Innovative D-4S direct injection and dual VVT-I valve control ensure power across the entire rev range.

We all got to test drive the new car and it was simply fantastic!

It was such a smooth ride, that you felt as though you were floating rather than driving along.
I hate to say it, but my affections are switching from my current IS250 to this new IS350.

Oh No! how can this happen? I feel like I have already abandoned my first Lexus "love".

Shame on me!
Now how much have I got in my "piggy bank"?

The long list of specifications and features can be viewed on their website


Retail Price 
(inc CO2 Tax and Vat) 

Lovely yummy breakfast pastries etc were laid on

A LavAzza coffee bar was
also available

This will be a perfect backdrop for my school
car park "mani".

What more could a girl want?

The multimedia panel shown above has changed
 from a "touch screen"operation to a "mouse" 
shown below.

6 August 2013

5 August 2013


As we approach spring in the Southern hemisphere we generally
 see a flurry of Limited Edition fragrance releases and
 this year is no exception. 
Here are two fresh/aqua female options to look forward to from the 
Thierry Mugler Universe!

Angel Aqua Chic

A floral oriental fresh fragrance
Pulpy freshness of rose water combined with a raspberry blossom-green apple granité accord

 Eau de Toilette 50 mls

Alien Aqua Chic

A floral amber fresh fragrance.
Solar lightness of orange blossom water blended with a lemon blossom and pink grapefruit accord

Eau de Toilette 60 mls

These Limited editions will be available from all Thierry Mugler stockists
from the 19th August 2013

Reviews to follow
If you can't wait until then and would like to know more then visit