30 April 2018


The sample that I'm going to be putting to the test this week is another 
product from the Marks & Spencer Beauty Advent Calendar 2017.
Its also the first product that I'm trying from the French dermo-cosmetic brand

The MESO-MASK is an Intensive beautifying mask to illuminate and brighten,
smooth wrinkles and reduce the signs of skin fatigue.
Packed with collagen and elastin and other powerful moisturising ingredients
I feel that my skin is ready for some intensive treatment.
Pop back on Sunday to read if I enjoyed and whether my skin benefited or not.

29 April 2018


Without sounding like I'm repeating myself, I really have found
some great products over the past couple of months.
Just as a disclaimer, I do try out many products and whilst most do get
 a dedicated blogpost, some never even see the light of day on my blog.
Then there are those "stand out" products that are included on my 
Monthly Favourites post.
My aim with this post is to let you guys know which products I enjoyed and
ultimately enhanced my beauty regime and in some cases 
they're products that I can't live without.
As I always say let me Try before you Buy.



The Perfect Canvas by REN

This has been a pleasure to use and I'm applying it on the days I wear
foundation and I enjoy the non sticky texture and the longevity it gives 
to my make-up, all whilst being a treating serum.



RefectoCil Sensitive Eyelash & Brow Tint

Well.. who would have thought that I would become a DIY kinda person
when it comes to tinting my eyebrows, but I have.
Read my full review below to find out how easy and cost effective it truly is
with RefectoCil products.




This tinted sun product has surprised me in more ways than one and I can't believe
 that I'm raving about a Tinted Sun Cream, but I am.
It offers me the very high protection that I'm looking for especially living
in Durban South Africa.
It's not only a great shade, as it matches the skin tone of my body, but above
all it has a wonderful dry, non oily finish. It also allows you
to comfortably apply blusher or bronzer over the top and I have found myself
reaching for time and time again.




This is a "must have" repairing Lip Balm and one that the whole family can benefit
from and even though it's on the pricey side, its well worth the R170 investment
if you are troubled with dry, chapped lips or skin around your mouth.

26 April 2018


The chances are that if you've already heard of the French skincare brand
 it could be due to this one product that has now become somewhat of an
iconic, cult product in the world of chapped lips .
The Cicaplast collection of products have been formulated to soothe, 
repair and protect skin from infection. Ideal for dry, chapped or irritated skin and is suitable for use on 
rashes, grazes, eczema-lesions, dry patches and on post-procedural wounds and I was excited to try 

 Barrier Repairing Lip Balm

lesions, dry patches and n st-procedural wounds.

How I wished this product was available in South Africa a few years ago in my
cycling and running days, as chapped lips were the bane of my life.
The constant sun and wind exposure would result in me licking my dry lips
which in turn would lead to my lips drying out even more and this vicious
cycle of lick,dry,lick,dry would repeat its self over and over until 
my lips would be so red and chapped they would crack and bleed.
Despite all my lip balm and sunscreen efforts nothing seemed to ease or remedy my problem. 
The problem did eventually go away as my cycling and running days ended and since 
then I only suffer with dry lips in cold climates or during flights.
I recently put it to the test when I flew to Johannesburg, which is considerably 
colder than Durban and immediately I felt my lips becoming more dry.

The clear balm provides a protective and repairing barrier to nourish and soothe
the delicate lips and the skin around the lip area in order to prevent further chapping.
This fragrance free, paraben free lip balm contains amongst other
 lubricating and repairing ingredients
 5% Panthenol (Provitamin of B5) 
Shea Butter (one of my favourite nourishing ingredients) 
Thermal Water

The non greasy balm soon provided comfort and with regular application throughout
my flight and stay I had non
of my usual tell tale signs that dry and chapped lips were on their way.

The selection of mediocre or good lip balms on the market are endless, 
but "Great" ones are more difficult to come by and I have to agree
this product is deserving of the praise, as it's one of those 
This is a for sure a "must have" in every household, as it's a lip saver for
the whole family including children above 3 years of age.

I have these other LA ROCHE-POSAY products to try for future reviews

 Barrier Repairing Lip Balm




Available at selected Dischems countrywide

I have reviewed many Lip Balms,so click on the link below to read some
of them

24 April 2018


I'm sure, I'm not alone in the disappointment I feel when I discover 
that a product I use and believe in, has been changed. 
Worse than seeing the words "New" "Improved" "Reformulated" is finding out 
that a product has been discontinued!
I understand that the cosmetic research companies are constantly on a 
quest to improve on exhisting formulations etc., but I find it all a bit of pain, 
as it often sends the consumer on a hunt for a replacement perfect lip colour, 
light textured night cream or that flattering shade of blush.

I've used the Bioderma Photoderm MAX SPF50+ Tinted Ultra Fliud    
for several years and guess what...it happened, 
they discontinued my fave tinted face sun protection.

Over the years I have tried several other similar products, 
but the Bioderma has always remained my no.1.
They have a great reputation for offering a solution tailored to your needs 
to protect you from the harmful effects of the sun.
Depending on your skin type, the amount of sunshine (season, time of day) 
and the 
geographic conditions (altitude, latitude), Photoderm have a product for you.

They kindly sent me a tube of its replacement
Photoderm MAX SPF 50+ Tinted Aquafluid 
to review and I have to admit I was a little hesitant, as so often the "new improved"
or replacements don't ever quite match up to the original versions.

Available in 3 tints I opted this time for the Golden shade over the
 light and natural option.
I enjoy a tinted sunscreen, as it just gives me that much needed colour to an 
otherwise ghostly white face and I'm always on the look out for a shade 
that would match the tone of my much darker body.

Bioderma Photoderm Aquafluid SPF 50+ is a light weight maximum 
sun protection for the face.
It's a perfect protection for skin which is sensitive or intolerant to any kind of sun exposure 
i.e.very fair skin with freckles.
Ideal for skin subjected to maximum sun intensity during the heights of snow skiing
and mountaineering etc.
  Photoderm max offers optimum protection against UV rays 
(sunburn, sun allergies, etc.) Combined with an internal biological protection, 
The exclusive Cellular Bioprotection®* patent activates the natural defences, 
protects cells and prevents premature skin ageing. 

The Ultra-light extremely fluid texture is very similar with both the old and new, 
so there was no difference there,but the most obvious improvement was the
dry down and the finish.The new Oil Free Formula of the Aquafluid leaves 
no oily film, has a beautiful mattifying finish and is dry to the touch, 
which I loved.
The golden tint was perfect, as it evened out my complexion and covered
minor blemishes etc.and it matched more with my body skin tone.

Its also:
Fragrance free 
Water resistant.

Suitable for all skin types, even combination to oily skin.
As always its important to apply several times during sun exposure and don't 
forget to re-apply frequently, before and after swimming,
 rubbing and sports activities.

I must admit this "New" "Improved" version does deliver a very comfortable,easy
wearing, dry finish, very high sun protection and I'm sold.
So it's a case of "Out with the Old" and "In with the New", as the 
Bioderma Photoderm MAX SPF 50 Tinted Aquafluide 
has found a permanent place in my sunscreen wardrobe...

Photoderm Aquafluid Spf 50+ 40ml



Bioderma is available at selected Clicks and Dischem countrywide

22 April 2018


If there is one thing that I've learnt from working with fragrance for 35years, 
is that it's a very personal choice. 
Every fragrance smells different on each and every person and unfortunately 
it's often a case of "trial and error" before you find your perfect scent.

Here is my personal, yet simple tip as to whether you have found that perfect fragrance.
If you've sprayed a fragrance onto your wrists and you keep being drawn to smell
 your wrists constantly throughout the top,middle and base note phases of that
 fragrances development, then you've hit the right notes (excuse the pun) 
that mix well with your personal body chemistry to create something
 wonderful and captivating.
 For me this captivation is a good indicator that it's possibly worth a future purchase.


is a French fragrance brand dating back to 1963 and you will no doubt
 have heard of their candles perhaps more so than their extensive fragrance collection. 
I have been trying out for the past week, two of their scents and guess what?
 One did have me lifting 
my wrist to my nose to sniff more and more...

Eau des Sens

This Unisex fragrance was created in 2016 and is classified as a floral.
It contains orange blossom, angelica root, patchouli and juniper berry
It brings together all the dimensions of bitter orange, from the roots to the 
top of the tree, including branches, leaves and fruit.
 If some of these floral ingredients resonate with you, 
then Eau des Sens could be worth a try...

Eau des Sens




Created in 1999 this floral female fragrance spoke to me when I first read 
the name, as its ingredients are white freesia, carnation, guaiac wood and black pepper
 and I just adore freesias.

Interesting fact: 
Freesia is a “mute” flower, which means that no essential oil can 
be extracted from it and its scent must be reproduced using other raw materials.

This fragrance hit those notes for me and I was constantly being drawn back to 
my wrist throughout the day.

Several things that I can say about both of these Diyptique fragrances, 
they're long lasting on the skin and they're both statement fragrances and not
for the fragrance feint hearted. 
They also come at a price and are not readily available in South Africa.
They're far removed from the popular mainstream fragrances and are definitely 
more niche, so if that's what your looking for, something different and unique 
then Diptyque is a range to consider.

Great News..
This is a great international service offered by

Each fragrance purchase will now include a matching sample. 
Use the sample to test the fragrance on your skin before opening the full-size bottle. 
We will gladly accept unopened returns within 14 days of original purchase.




To find out more about 

Diptyque is available in South Africa 

17 April 2018


Last week on my quick trip to Johannesburg I purchased some beauty products
 from the recently opened
in Sandton shopping centre
 and into my packet they popped in some extra samples. 
Now, we all like free samples, but I have to say I did get rather excited about these freebies, 
as a couple were from the niche French fragrance house

is a Paris-based luxury goods company that produces a high-end line 
of scented candlesperfumes, face and body care and if you were wondering 
what the name actually means 
Diptyque is from Ancient Greek δίπτυχος (díptykhos) and refers 
to a painting or sculpture composed of two panels.

Their beautiful fragrant collections have been around since 1961 and their
 first fragrance since 1963, so Diptyque know a thing or two about
fragrance and especially candles.

I will be using these cute 2ml Eau de Toilette sprays of 

 Eau Des Sens 

and letting you know my thoughts on Sunday...

15 April 2018


If you love French skincare and have a sensitive skin, then
 may already be familiar to you. 
If not here's the low down...

Recommended by more than 25,000 dermatologists and in over 50 countries worldwide, 
La Roche-Posay offers a unique range of daily skincare developed with dermatologists 
to meet their standards in efficacy and tolerance with elegant textures that 
are pleasant to use.

Their skin care products are developed following their own strict formulation charter,
combining their unique antioxidant and soothing Thermal Water with ingredients 
proven effective and gentle on skin. 

I've been aware of the brand for sometime as it occupies space in many French pharmacies 
alongside other well known pharmacy brands like:

to name just a few.

Having recently launched in South Africa I popped along to Dischem to
 buy just one product, their Eye Make-Up Remover for sensitive eyes, 
but as often happens I walked out with more than one, in fact it was three. 
The reviews on those products will be coming over the next few weeks 
only once I've tried and tested them fully for you...

Where possible I opt for specialised eye make-up removers,
preferably for sensitive eyes, as it does tend to be the one area that 
flares up and having recently used an eye product that didn't agree with me,
 I was hopeful that this product would be soothing and gentle on the irritated 
and sensitised skin around my eyes.

Formulated to gently and effectively remove eye make-up, whilst also 
respecting the skins pH.It contains non of the usual irritants like alcohol, 
soaps, colourants and parabans.

I like the simplicity and the easy to use flip lid plastic bottle.
(my pet peeve,the size of the hole is small and doesn't let the contents gush
 out like so many liquid nozzles do).

I personally found this non fragranced product to be both soothing and comforting,
 especially as my skin was still feeling slightly irritated. 
Having continued to use the product post reaction I found it removed my 
eye make-up gently, but I'm not sure how it would fare with heavy eye make-up,
 but true sensitive skins generally tend to avoid heavy eye make-up anyway.

I can happily say that this product has now found a permanent place in
 my beauty regime and I'm happy it has a deserving place...

La Roche-Posay Eye Make-Up Remover
 Sensitive Eyes

Available at selected Dischems countrywide



P.s. I find the pricing here in South Africa to be very good in 
relation to other imported brands.

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