29 May 2016


I not only love a Little Black Dress (LBD), but I also love Inslee Haynes illustrations, 
so here is a combination of both for my Sunday Sketches post.

25 May 2016


My two favourite salon treatments are a back and shoulder massage and of course a pedicure, if you follow my blog you will know that I am continually in "Persuit of the Perfect Pedi"and if you missed the posts then click on the links below to catch up.

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I was recently sent an e.mail by the Nicolette, the owner of Tranquility Health & Beauty in Westville  offering me the chance to experience a Tranquility Back, Neck and Shoulder Massage and it was an offer I couldn't turn down.

 After several relocations due to expansion Nicolette has hopefully found her ideal, tranquil space in a peaceful residential area in Westville near Durban.
I  have to say that I was expecting the usual salon type fluffy/light Swedish back massage, which she is more than happy to do, but her forte lies with sports massage and knowing I have more than my fair share of tight tension knots the Swedish was quickly abandoned for a deeper more specific tension releasing massage. 
Nicolette's passion for massage and her knowledge of anatomy soon became evident, as it didn't take her too long to identify my problem areas, most of which are due to poor posture, especially whilst working on the computer, which I'm sure many readers can identify with. 

Any good massage therapist will adapt the pressure to your preference, but I knew that a firm massage was needed and that's just what I got.... Nicolette's hands, whilst being firm, had a positive energy and she also had good placement and contact with the body and in my many years experience, not everyone is blessed with that. Interestingly she also enquired about a couple of issues that no one else had ever picked up on, so as you can imagine I was impressed.
After the massage I felt temporarily drained and lethargic, so I knew that her hands had worked some magic.

Tranquility offer most of the obligatory salon treatments from facials, waxing, mani and pedicures, but if you are needing some specific massage work whether sports related or not then contact Nicolette via her 

or on

23 May 2016


Argan Oil 

You now find this wonder ingredient included in a variety of products ranging from 
hair & skincare to makeup and guess what!.... 
it's now in a depilatory cream.

 Nair have just launched in South Africa an interesting range of 7 depilatory products which all contain
Nair Argan Oil. 

Shower Power Cream 200ml R124.95
Upper Lip Kit 220ml R94.95
Face Roll-On 15ml R189.95
Facial Brush-On 50ml R84.95
Bikini & Underarm Sensitive Glide-On 100ml R89.95
Bikini Brush-On 60ml R99.95
Washable Roll-On Wax R279.95

Nair Argan Oil

It seems an obvious combination to me, considering that depilatory products do contain chemicals that come into contact with delicate skin, especially in sensitive areas like under the arms and along the bikini line. 
Argan Oil is known for its softening, soothing, nourishing and more importantly healing properties and these are all super beneficial to the skin when using a depilatory cream. 

This range of Nair Argan Oil products now cares for the skin whilst effectively removing any unwanted hair. The skin, post depilation, will feel softer and smoother 
and that sounds like a "no brainer" to me if I was faced with a shelf of hair removing products...some including Argan Oil and some without.

However as always I will be putting a product to the test 
and I will tell it as it is, so watch out for my review soon on the 
Bikini & Underarm Sensitive Glide-On.

Nair Argan Oil 
exclusive to Clicks countrywide.

22 May 2016


I don't believe that I'm writing yet another post about my love/hate relationship with the 
US skin and body care brand Kiehl's, 
but I am!

Over the past couple of years I've tried and written about several Kiehl's products and it still remains a brand that I can't get my head around, as some of their products are firm regulars in my daily skincare regime and I can't live without them, whilst others I just don't get along with at all. 

I have been in the beauty industry for over 35 years and in that time I have used so many products from many different brands and generally I either dislike a brand completely for whatever reason or I love a brand, but with Kiehl's I find my
self having one cheek on the love side and one cheek on the hate side 
(excuse the change of word, didn't sound right using the word foot) 

Unfortunately the 
Kiehl's Actively Correcting & Beautifying BB Cream with Vitamin C
has found itself on the hate side.

BB creams also happen to be a concept that I battle to get my head around, as I am sceptical about multi tasking miracle creams, which many profess to be, whilst others in my opinion appear to be glorified tinted moisturizers.

Actively Correcting & Beautyifying BB Cream with Vitamin C 30ml

KIEHL'S say that their Actively Correcting & Beautifying BB Cream is more than a BB Cream, due to its dual-action formula, which instantly conceals imperfections with lightweight buildable coverage and visibly corrects the appearance of skin tone irregularities on a daily basis.

I have been using 2 samples of the product for the past week and whilst I cannot comment on any cumulative effect that the product claims to have, I can comment on the immediate benefits.

I so wanted to like this product, but for me I could unfortunately only gleam 4 positives.


1. Delivers a Broad Spectrum SPF 50 PA+++ giving a good protection against any future damage from the sun.
2. Paraben Free, Fragrance Free, Silicone Free and Mineral Oil Free.
3. Contains Vitamin C which not only helps to brightening but has several anti-aging effects on the skin.
4. Available in a selection of 4 natural mineral pigment shades ranging from fair to dark.
(I used light which was the good shade for me)


1. This product has that distinct Vitamin C smell similar to that of fake tan, which was an immediate "put off" pour moi.
2. The texture, whilst feeling like a fluid upon application, felt incredibly heavy on my dry/normal mature skin. (I tried using less but it felt no different)
3. Whilst it is build-able the more you apply the heavier it feels on the skin.
4. It can be applied in the morning alone after your daily skincare products, however it left my skin feeling sticky for quite sometime, which was really unpleasant.
5. When applied under my foundation it still felt too heavy and made my skin look uncharacteristically oily and shiny. I battled to apply and blend my make-up evenly, especially powder blushers etc.
6. Sadly I didn't notice any beautifying effects on my skin and it failed to instantly conceal any of my imperfections and the coverage was more on the light to sheer scale and no better than a poor tinted moisturiser.

Final note...
I am still confused with this product, as I'm not sure who it is appealing to or what skin type its aimed at.Maybe the cumulative effects are amazing, but in the short term it was a complete and utter fail for me.

I cannot believe I am typing this, but it has to rate high up on my list of most disliked products EVER.

Maybe I am missing something with this product, so please let me know in the comment box below if you have used and what your thoughts are.

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KIEHL'S is available at selected Edgars stores

18 May 2016


I recently replenished some of my favourite KIEHL'S products and as always I came away with a selection of samples, so these two samples of Actively Correcting & Beautifying BB Cream haven't been in my sample jar very long and these will be put to the test this week.

Whilst I'm not a daily user of BB creams
I have a couple that I love and do use on a regularly basis when a BB cream is called for, but I still remain a little sceptical about these multi tasking products and do they really deliver on all of the claims that the brands advertise.

KIEHL'S say that their Actively Correcting & Beautifying BB Cream is more than a BB Cream, due to its dual-action formula, which instantly conceals imperfections with lightweight buildable coverage and visibly corrects the appearance of skin tone irregularities on a daily basis. 
(Unfortunately I won't be able to comment on the latter claim from the use of a sample, as it would need far more than a few uses to review)

 What does appeal to me though is the inclusion of Vitamin C and the high SPF of 50 and more importantly the word "Beautifying", so off I must go and start using the samples and I will report back to you on Sunday hopefully looking more beautified.....

16 May 2016


As you may well know one of my favourite French brands is L'OCCITANE and it will always have a special place in my 
"Beauty Heart"
 and that's all thanks to the founder Olivier Baussan. 
I wonder if he had any comprehension back in 1976, at the age of 23, just what he was creating, 
as this year L'OCCITANE celebrates its 40th Anniversary. 
This young man had passion, vision and armed with nothing but an alambic, a small truck and a solid knowledge of plants the L’OCCITANE journey began. 
With his distilled Rosemary essential oil he set off to sell his first of many products in his local boyhood markets in Provence. 
His first Boutique opened in 1981 in the small Provençal town of Volx and as they say the rest is history, as this hugely successful international brand has worked its way into many hearts around the world, just like it has in mine.

Along this journey Olivier Baussan ensured that L'OCCITANE nurtured simple values: 


This is more than a philosophy; it is a commitment that, over the years, has influenced many of the company's important decisions. 
All of their actions and choices have been guided by a twofold desire: to preserve and to pass on. 
It is this that gives the brand its life force, its meaning and its purpose.

One such decision was taken in 1997 and that, as a sensorial brand, was to feature Braille labelling on its products.Through braille labelling, it allowed L'OCCITANE products to be accessible to the visually impaired. 
The L'OCCITANE Foundation was set up and in 2001
partnered with ORBIS, an international NGO that fights blindness 
(The World Health Organization estimates that 80% of blindness is preventable or curable)

 L’OCCITANE South Africa have recently partnered with The South African National Council for the Blind to visit the Nokuphila Primary School in Tembisa Gauteng to provide comprehensive eye care screening, treatment ,spectacles, skills transfer to teachers and referrals to children in need of eye care support.

L'OCCITANE Cares Solidarity Pouch

continue to give back in conjunction with you their loyal customers and this 
L'OCCITANE Cares Solidarity Pouch
which just happens to contain two of my favourite products..
The award winning Shea Butter Hand Cream and the Pure Shea Butter.

If you have never tried these two amazing products then this is a perfect time to not only gift yourself, but with the proceeds of the sale possibly give the gift of sight to a child.

*100% of the profits will be donated. 
Sales price in store minus taxes, transport and production costs.

L'OCCITANE Cares Solidarity Pouch 
Shea Butter Hand Cream 30ml
Pure Shea Butter 10ml
Solidarity Foundation Pouch

Value R335

These pouches are available in all L'OCCITANE Boutiques countrywide while stocks last

13 May 2016


Quite recently I did my first ever "Disappointing Products" post and low and behold here is another one. However some of you may disagree with me, so here goes.....

All In One Concealer - The Body Shop 

I hate to say this..."I am not a Body Shop fan", don't get me wrong...I really want to be a fan and I have tried on several occasions over the years, but I have now finally resigned myself to the fact that The Body Shop and I just don't gel. 
The window displays and in-store visuals are always enticing and they draw me into the store and I always have a good squiz around but very little ever grabs my attention.
I was lucky enough to receive a Body Shop gift voucher at Christmas and in early January off I went to track down something good. I really didn't have any product in mind and after much sniffing and testing I ended up walking away with the 

All In One Concealer.

I know what you are most probably thinking, but I realised that I did need a new concealer, especially for the under eye are and to conceal redness around my nose.

The Body Shop claim :

1. It's an easy to blend concealer - which it is...thanks to it's formula including Vitamin E and Marula Oil. It felt much more moisturizing than some concealers which can feel dry and leave a cakey look on the skin.

2. Effectively covers imperfections and dark shadows - I don't have a huge concern with dark shadows under my eyes, yet on me it didn't cover too well.

3. The lightweight, but high-coverage formula stays in place for hours - Yes the concealer is lightweight, but I have to disagree on the next claim, as I didn't find that it lasted for hours. I found that I was needing to touch up under my eyes during the day and that's something I never need to do with any of my other tried n tested concealers.

Whilst the colour shade was a good match and the stylo pen applicator was easy to use, I have never finished a concealer so soon after buying. This could have been due to the gram content being less than usual, but I believe it was due to me having to use so much more product to effectively conceal my under eye area and other imperfections. 

Overall I found the All In One Concealer to be annoyingly disappointing and quite expensive considering its short life span.

8 May 2016


I think I have a slight obsession with nourishing Lip Balms and Lip creams, as I always have one close at hand, in fact I sometimes have two or three in my handbag and at any one time I could have 5-6 on the go. 
My lips go through phases where they feel perfectly quenched and comfortable one week and then quickly become parched the next, hence my need and desire to find and try different ones.

On a recent trip to Clicks (exclusive stockists of Avène) I bought this Lip Cream with Cold Cream from the French brand Avène
I have reviewed several of their products over the recent months and this brand is becoming a firm favourite of mine.

Avène Cold Cream Lip Cream

The motivation for buying this particular Lip Balm was my recent trip to the UK, as I just know the weather plays havoc with my lips during every visit. Not only does the long haul flight dehydrate your skin, but the cold UK weather sends my skin, especially my lips, into a state of shock. 
We left sunny Durban experiencing daily temperatures of 30c plus and arrived in London albeit bright, but a cold 9c....
I hope now you can understand why I wanted to find a product that would really comfort, nourish and prevent the unflattering  ugly cracked, dry lip look...

The Avène Lip Cream with Cold Cream forms part of a Cold Cream product line and is particularly indicated for dry, chapped or cracked lips following climatic aggressions or drying medical treatments.

This was lip balm was screaming from the shelf "Buy me" and I am so glad that this little tube found its way into my bag for its journey to the UK.
It made a perfect lip and travel companion as it was not only was easy to use, but thanks to the inclusion of cold cream it nourished, moisturised and the Avène Thermal Spring Water soothed and softened, but its benefits don't stop there as it also helps to repair.
 It was a lip "Life Saver" and one I would highly recommend for use where climatic changes play havoc with your lips and I can imagine that it would be a great comfort when taking medication that is known to dry and dehydrate the skin.

Exclusive to Clicks 

The Avène Lip Balm with Cold Cream
15ml tube
Retails for R99,95

To find out more about this product and brand

Just as a footnote to this post this photo was taken by the Thames on a rainy, cold day and you can see how cold it was by the look on my face.
Thank goodness for my warm coat and furry hood, but my hands were permanently in my pockets of which one housed my Avène Lip Balm for quick and regular application.

6 May 2016


I haven't done a Friday Feedback post for many months, so it's about time I gave you some follow up on products that I have previously raved about and more importantly do I still rave about them?


Top my list has to be my Glampalm iron and I'm still raving about it more than a year later and I am so glad that I made the rather reluctant switch from my GHD



In December I treated myself to the 2015 Estée Lauder Blockbuster and I have really enjoyed everything about its contents, with the exception of the Eye Make-up Remover.

I have used the bronzer, eyeshadow palette and lipsticks daily since December and even the vanity and the cosmetic pouch were put to good use on my recent trip to the UK, so if you are looking to treat yourself or gift someone then I can highly recommend that you take at look at the 2016 Blockbuster which usually comes out at the end of Oct, beginning of Novemeber, as it offers excellent value for money and I just love my 2015 Blockbuster...

2015 Estee Lauder Blockbuster

2 May 2016


In the blink of an eye March and April seemed to come and go and with Easter being at the end of March and my trip to the UK in April these past two months have literally flown by.


Way back at the beginning of March I decided to put my general dislike for cleansing wipes to one side in order to review the Garnier Cleansing Wipes and yes I am now a convert.

Garnier Cleansing Wipes


In March I was sent some much needed makeup brushes from GOSH COPENHAGEN and I was so appreciative, as I would never had looked at these synthetic bristle brushes from this Danish brand. I absolutely love all of them, but my "fave" has to be the Kabuki brush.



If you read my blog regularly you will know that I only bring you thorough reviews, especially where treatment products are concerned and finally after 7+ months of using the 
L'Occitane Sublime Perfecting Day Cream, in conjunction with my all time favourite Anti Ageing cream Divine at night, I was able to write my perfect duo post.

L'Occitane Perfecting Cream


This final product really did live up to its Velvet Touch name and is another impressive product from GOSH COPENHAGEN.