23 September 2018


There are only 2 QPR's for you in this post today, but I'm so excited to tell you about the item that I've given a score of 10/10 
which I don't think I've ever given before, so let's start off with one of the best
 beauty discoveries this year.

Brand : Beauty Basics
Product : Make-up Brush Cleaning Mat
Price : R49

I can't believe that I'm so excited about a brush cleaning tool, yes a hand held 
silicone mat that does such a great job of cleaning make-up brushes of any size 
or shape and it makes me happy. 
It's turned the, once dreaded, chore into a pleasure. 
The mat has 3 different areas of textured silicone that allows for a change in the agitation, which in turn thoroughly cleans the brush. 
Apply your regular cleansing product to a wet brush head and massage away over 
the mat until the water runs clean, rinse and hey voila!
 you have lovely clean brushes in next to no time.
The mat is really easy to handle and sits securely in your hand whilst you
 massage the brush using your free hand.
The mat itself easily rinses clean and the whole process is not only pleasurable,
 but super quick and easy. This product is literally a life saving tool for users of multiple brushes and I highly recommend. It's the best R49 I've ever spent.

Verdict : 10/10


Brand : Bourjois
Product : Healthy Mix Foundation
Price : R265.95

Verdict : 6/10

18 September 2018


As some of you may already know, I've never used any skincare products from 

Elizabeth Arden

 so this past week I've remedied this previous judgement of error. 
It's not that I don't like Elizabeth Arden, but having a career in the cosmetic industry 
for 35yrs and working with many prestigious skincare brands, 
it didn't leave much room or time to try other ranges and I honestly can say that
 I was passionate and loved all of the skincare brands that I worked with 
and have remained loyal to many, 
hence "Elizabeth" never got a look in or a chance, but that's all about to change...

I was given a trial box of 7 Advanced  Ceramide Capsules Daily Youth Restoring Serum recently and I have been using them night and day for the past 7 days. 
Now I know that 7 days is by no means long enough to write a full review on any  
 Anti-Ageing product, so I will share with you my initial impressions on these
 "infamous" capsules.

I couldn't have been introduced to the Elizabeth Arden skincare range with a 
more ideal product for my age and my skins needs.

Advanced Ceramide Capsules Daily Youth Restoring Serum 

Elizabeth Arden literally started a skincare revolution with the development of these Ceramide Capsules – a bio-engineered, skin-identical ceramide formula available
 in a first-of–its-kind single-dose capsule and I vividly remember these being 
introduced to the market over 25 years ago and at the time they were the next level in terms of skincare anti-ageing technology. 
Elizabeth Arden have over the years formulated a complete skincare line
 around this Ceramide technology.

This iconic round almost pearl like capsule contains a surprisingly lightweight, silky-smooth serum that infuses skin with youth-restoring ceramides and potent botanicals for a visibly smoother, firmer and youthful appearance.(With age, ceramide levels drop, resulting in visible aging signs)
Each Ceramide Capsule delivers a triple the anti-ageing power with a concentrated
 blend of skin-identical ceramides and potent youth restoring ingredients
 and I'm hooked after just a week. 

To be used over the face and neck area (avoid the eye area)
 before any other day or night treatment.
With a light massage I found the silky serum, to not only absorb easily, it also
 felt incredible lightweight on my skin without feeling sticky or oily.
It also worked will with the other products in my daily beauty regime.

Now I'm not going to tell you that after a weeks use it made my skin look more youthful or felt firmer, as it's way too soon and let's keep this real, but when it comes to my skin feeling smoother and the hydration and moisture levels being enhanced, I have noticed a pleasing improvement, so much so that I'm curious to try more products from collection
Elizabeth Arden

Advanced Ceramide Capsules 

Daily Youth Restoring Serum 

      Available in various sizes

60 Capsules R840 
90 Capsules R999 

60 Capsules £64
90 Capsules £84

60 Capsules $78
90 Capsules $98

I'm also very keen to try their newly launched 

Retinol Ceramide Capsules

Line Erasing

Night Serum
 Available from Elizabeth Arden stockists countrywide

16 September 2018


The second post in my series on the Beauty Advent Calendars being 
launched in the UK includes several from my personal favourite beauty houses.
October will also see many of the calendars going on sale either in store or online.
As always many do sell out fairly quickly, especially those that are limited


It just wouldn't be Christmas in the stores without the advent calendar
from Molton Brown making an appearance.
An annual hit, it always contains a great selection of their
wonderful bath and body products, in fact you receive 24 gifts and do I spot 
a candle in this pic?


21st October 2018


This 24 day Advent Calendar doesn't look the most festive from
the organic natural skincare brand Susanne Kaufmann, but it excites me.
Having tried one of her face masks earlier this year
I would love to get my hands on one of these, as they say it
will contain bath oils, body products, salts and even festive teas.
(There will however be a different all-gold version available exclusive to 

Gold Calendar
(Exc to Net-a-Porter)

October 2018


One day I would love to receive this calendar from Dyptique 
seriously who wouldn't?
It really is the advent calendar of dreams.
25 days of fragrant excitement with a selection of their famous
candles and fragrance.


 15th October 2018 


This has to be the ultimate beauty advent calendar and along with the Dyptique
this is on my "Dream On" wishlist.
It's pure skincare luxury when it comes to its contents.
25 days will give you goodies from Huda Beauty,Acqua d Parma,
Sisley and the beauty luxe list goes on.
This collection carries a value of £680


 1st October 2018 

Source of pricing and availability info and photo credits
Marie Claire Magazine

12 September 2018


Dr Gobac isn't a brand that I'm too familiar with, other than having heard of the 
brand and knowing that it's a South African Cosmeceutical range retailed through
skincare specialists,salons,spas and dermatologists I know little else.

But first lets address what Cosmeceutical products are and how do they differ 
from Cosmetic products:

Cosmeceutical products contain key active ingredients in high enough 
concentrations to effect positive changes in the skin. 
These active ingredients penetrate into the deeper levels of the skin and act on 
the skin’s cellular structure, stimulating the production of healthy collagen. 
They are stronger than cosmetic grade products, but they do not require a medical prescription to dispense.  
A skin analysis and consultation with a therapist is recommended to address skin 
concerns and conditions before using a Cosmeceutical product.

I was kindly sent this cleanser by the PR company and as I'm always on the look out 
for new products and ranges to try and even more so if they up the anti 
with my existing anti ageing skincare regime.

Let me give you a brief overview of the ethos of DR. GOBAC® COSMECEUTICALS

The DR. GOBAC® COSMECEUTICALS range of products is created to be simple, 
easy to use, eco and health friendly and they are not tested on animals
The range is based on DR. GOBAC’s own experience as a medical doctor 
and practitioner of integrated health. 
After many years of intense scientific research DR. GOBAC and his team of
 chemists and scientists have developed this advanced and high effective
 skin care range.
DR. GOBAC® COSMECEUTICALS products are non-invasivenon-aggressive 
and offer a healthy approach to combating signs of ageing by
 stimulating and facilitating the skin’s natural healing process.

is formulated to cleanse gently but thoroughly while preserving the 
skin’s natural hydro lipidic barrier. 
This milky, fragrance free, soothing cleanser has both anti-bacterial and 
anti-inflammatory properties, making it an absolute pleasure to use. 
(This cleanser is used in the conventional way and can be removed
with either water or cotton wool)

I put this cleanser to the test in various ways and it removed 
heavy make up, as part of a double cleanse, with surprising ease.
Yet it was remarkably gentle when a single cleanse was all that was needed
 on those no make-up days.
I can only imagine how wonderfully soothing and healing this cleanser would be 
on a sensitive, delicate skin.
(They do have a face wash available if you're not a milky cleanser lover)

I really enjoyed the packaging, as it comes in an airless pump dispenser ensuring
 that it remains contaminant free, which is vital for a compromised skin, 
especially after any facial procedure.
Another plus for this type of container is that you can easily control the amount
 of product dispensed ensuring less product wastage and that feature
 always gets my vote.

Overall I was impressed with my first product from the 
DR. GOBAC® COSMECEUTICALS Range and whilst a cleanser is a good intro product,
they appear to have a highly effective,compact anti-ageing range
 consisting of Vitamin A & Regenerating Serums and even advanced anti-ageing
which I have to say, are all up "my skincare street".

Hopefully I will bring you some more reviews in the future.

is available at selected stockist s throughout Europe and the UK.
For a list of stockists or to order online 




10 September 2018


I recently posted on my IG Stories that I had never tried any products from 
Elizabeth Arden or Clinique 
and so many of you couldn't believe it, so much so, that when I went into 
Edgars at Gateway the Elizabeth Arden consultant kindly gave me a sample
 of their Advanced Ceramide Capsules. 

The box actually contained 7 Capsules, so I'm hoping to squeeze both a 
morning and evening application out of one capsule over the next week 
and I will give you a 1st impressions on Sunday on one of
 Elizabeth Ardens iconic products. 

I hope to also try some products from Clinique in the near future,
 as how can I call myself a "Beauty Blogger" if I haven't tried any products 
from these two huge International brands.

9 September 2018


I have a mixed bag of goodies to review this month that includes make-up,
 face and body products.


I'm excited to try one of Iconic Urban Decays Naked eyeshadow palettes, 
The Urban Decay Naked Ultimate Basics Palette 
which comprises of all matte shadows.
 I'm hoping this selection lives up to its name, so I'm able to recommend it,
 especially for those of you that love more subtle natural shades and being a matte formula they're far more flattering for a more mature eye lid that's showing signs
 of the dreaded eyelid crepiness.


I have so many body lotions and I honestly didn't need yet another, 
but I don't possess one that is fragrance free. 
The Avène Cold Cream Nourishing Body Lotion 
appealed to me firstly because it comes in a great 400ml pump dispenser
 and secondly it's totally fragrance free and I like the idea that it's a 
basic daily nourishing lotion for sensitive and dry skin.


Earlier this year one of my favourite French brands L'Occitane launched a range 
of face masks in a pod format. 
I'm going to be giving the
L'Occitane Pivoine Sublime Flash Moisture Mask
from the Pivoine Sublime range 
and as always I'll give you my opinions in a full review soon.


Eyeshadow Primers have always been a little bit of a hit n miss with me 
and to be honest I'm not a huge fan, as the few that I've tried have simply 
failed in their mission of priming your eyelids to enable your eye shadows to stay
 on longer, prevent creasing and keep their colour longer. 
However this Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion appealed to me, as its the Anti-Ageing variant and seeing I have a new UD palette to try I thought I would put it to the test.So here's hoping that it could be another product that I can
highly recommend for a crepey eyelid that doesn't hold shadows too well.

Let me know if you have used any of the above as I would love to hear your thoughts so leave me a comment.

6 September 2018


This is only the third time I've written a post like this, where I tell you about the products that I've bought and haven't been able to finish for whatever reason.

I, like many of you I'm sure , hate to waste money on poor performing products 
and whilst there are several that I maybe wouldn't buy again I am always 
able to finish the product, learn and move on. 
However the three below products are ones that I just couldn't finish, 
as they added no benefit or pleasure to my beauty life.
Also Considering how many different types of products I use, thankfully it doesn't
 happen too often.

Here are my three most recent products that have ended up in the
 "give to a friend" box, but after emptying the box I can't subject or insult 
my friends by giving away two of the below, that's if I want to keep them as friends, 
so sadly they'll end up in the trash.


L'Oréal Elvive Low Shampoo 
Gentle Cleansing Cream

I had high hopes for this Low Shampoo, as I really wanted to move away from
 the more traditional shampoos, but sadly I just couldn't get to grips with 
the fact that there was little or no suds to work with. 
I just felt that my hair wasn't thoroughly clean
 after each wash and whilst it may have been better in the long run
for my hair, it certainly 
wasn't better physiological for me...


Body Shop Instaglow CC cream

This product was simply a disaster for me as it didn't enhance my skin whatsoever,
 yet I've read reviews where the users have raved about it, but obviously 
I missed the appeal of this product. It was what I describe as a
 "nothing product".


Garnier Moisture Bomb Protect Mist

This was somewhat of an impulse purchase and if you read my blog regularly
 you will know that I normally do a certain amount of research about a product  
before I outlay any money especially on new products. 
In theory this product seemed to tick several boxes as a handy
 multi-purpose SPF spray, however again, for me it was a fail. 
I couldn't get past the initial spray stage, as it seemed so alien to me to
 spray a product on my face that resembles a deodorant spray.
 I also had my concerns about the evenness of the application where the 
SPF was concerned, as living in a sunny climate I needed to know that 
 the layer of sun protection was even and consistent with its coverage.

Let me know in the comments below if you have tried any of the 
above and whether you rate them or not...

4 September 2018


 "Spring has Sprung" 

in the Southern Hemisphere and it's the perfect time to do that all important 
task of checking the expiry dates on your make-up and skincare products. 
You know, those items that are in your make-up bag, bathroom cupboard 
and especially make-up in stored handbags (I find so many lipsticks in my handbags)
 Well now is the time to lift them out and check them.
This past weekend I've taken the time and done this very task and I have to say 
it always feels good, like any Spring Clean does.

If a beauty product has an expiry date on and many skincare products do 
then it's easy to work through your beauty stash, but if they don't, 
here's a guide.

If you have any of the below items (and we all have some)
way older than what the list recommends then de-clutter and toss them in the bin,
 as they have no place in your beauty life.

After saying that, I do have products that I have been using for slightly longer 
than the recommended timings and in my opinion they're still good. 

If you're in any doubt at all, then simply chuck it out, 
as it really isn't worth risking infection 
(especially from products that come into contact with the eye area)
 from any "Jimmy Germs" lurking.

3-4 months

Eye Liner & Lip Pencils 
12-18 months

Liquid Eyeliner
 6 months or less

Lipsticks and Lip Glosses 
1 year

Cream Eye shadows and Blushers 
6-12 months

Powder Blushers and Eye Shadows
 1-2 years

Liquid Foundations and concealers
 6-12 months

Nail Polish
 1 year

But how do you know, how long a product is good for once opened?
Many products now have a (PAO) Period After Opening  
and is represented by similar logos below. 
Period after opening (PAO) refers to the amount of time a product will remain
 stable and safe for human use after it has first been opened. 

If your product displays this logo then you know that your product is good for
 that number of months after opening.
(The problem can sometimes be remembering when you first opened the product)

However if any make-up, skincare or haircare products:

 Smell rancid or Waxy

   Have been exposed to really excessive heat

                                        The colour or consistency has noticeably changed 
                                                          Shows signs of visible mould

Then immediately discard.